Getting back to the real me,  

IbgurlORboy4U 32M
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10/9/2021 8:18 am
Getting back to the real me,

I'm about to be released from Georgia department of corrections after 2years of being incarnated. And for 2 years I was forced to live by state rules and basically had to take what I've best about me and bury her so as to not damage her..My<b> feminine </font></b>side has been running my life for years and I have cum to love living in her shoes( she fond of heels) ita erotic and kinky to love this way. So om getting out and im havi.g to start completely over on both gender sides. But I was lucky enough to get to a TC and was able to save sum so I can get a new wardrobe for myself and any lucky guys I choose to lay with. It sucks to have to start over but online shopping is going to it easy to do I hope.

IbgurlORboy4U. Amber

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