My tale of late nite,, interstate, hitch hiking, fukk mate!  

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4/10/2021 12:45 am

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My tale of late nite,, interstate, hitch hiking, fukk mate!

I got picked up hitch-hiking around wildwood fl. In 98. It was a white van that pulled over off the side of I-75. I ran up to the van so glad someone stopped to pick me up. It was like 1am in the morning. I hopped in the back with my huge Marlboro bag I'd been dragging for 2 days, coming from Missouri back to tampa. I can't remember the hot chicks name in the passenger seat, but she was mid to late 30s. The driver was a long haired guy named Dave or John. He was a little older than her. They told me they had been at the resort all weekend and was heading home, back to hyde park or Tampa. They owned a floral shop. The van was their vehicle used to deliver arrangements. There was a mattress in the back of the van I recall as well. So they asked me if I get high, I told them he'll yeah, they smoked a huge tater with me and as we were riding out heading south on 75 towards Tampa. I noticed she kept looking at Dave and almost silently they were speaking to one another. Then she says hey I'm gonna jump on the back it looks more comfortable. The driver just turned up the radio and nodded. So here I am stoned as fuck and sitting in the back of this van with an older, hott fukin babe in a little short sun dress, no panties. Next thing I know she's rubbing on my cokk through my jeans. I asked her what's Dave going to say, she told me it's ok. Baam!!! Now she's sucking my cokk and I'm just fukin loving this shit, next thing you know she bends over on all fours and tells me to fukk her. So being the fukin 22 yr old fukk machine I was and still I beat the brakes of her ass. I think I drilled her tight, fukin ass and pussy for 45 mins. It was fukin soooo good. I blew my nut in her hot tight ass and she fukin loved it. My dikk still gets rock hard thinking about that ride. They let me out of the van right at i-4, 75 exit. As I got out.of the van I closed the back sliding door and told them thanks for the ride and the buzz. And of course I thanked them for the smokin hott piece of ass as well. I wish I could find this couple and tell them that I've never forgot what they did for me that night. I've some of my buddies what had happened when I finally got home. And of course none of them believed me. But I swear that every word of this is true and factual. If anyone heard or may know of this couple, possibly was told a similar story by either of them. Let em know I'd like to hang out and see them again. Goddamn that was one hell of a fukin ride! I've never forgot that night. Any ways this is my first attempt at writing what happened so please<b> forgive </font></b>all of my spelling and improper placement of hyphens, periods, commas, and so on. Take care hope you enjoyed my tale of late nite,, interstate, hitch hiking, fukk mate!

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