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Vacation Night #1  

JPW102862 61M
2 posts
5/29/2021 12:24 pm
Vacation Night #1

My wife and I decided to take a vacation. We came up with several plans and finally decided to go to Las Vegas. My wife had always said that she had wanted to go there and do the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" thing. So I asked her, what would this involve, she replied that she wanted to visit a couple of adult clubs, take in a few other shows, and do some gambling. So we made the plans, and found ourselves a good room at a reasonable price. Nothing too fancy, but it was a very nice place we had chosen. And, I had made some side plans that I did not tell my wife about.

The days leading up to our flight to Vegas seemed to disappear at a rapid pace. Of course, during that time my wife and I had more than our fair share of each other. We didn't even have a third person during this time. My wife was crazy with excitement over the fact that we were going to Vegas. That excitement transferred into extra enthusiasm in our play room.

When the day for our flight finally arrived, my wife was so horny that we fucked till there was about an hour and half before our flight was due to leave. We hurriedly showered and got dressed and hopped in the car and zoomed off to meet our flight. We were able to get to the airport and through security in a short period of time. We had made it to the gate with 20 minutes to spare. As we were checking in for our flight, I noticed the crew was already heading down the gate to board and prepare for boarding. I saw 2 stewardesses from behind, one a red head, the other a brunette. I caught a glimpse of the brunette as they turned to get on the plane, and I could see she was very well built. She had a heavy chest, a narrow waist and very shapely hips with legs to match. My wife noticed I was smiling and poked me in the ribs. She asks, "Who are you ogling over?" I replied back, "You'll see honey."

No sooner are we checked in for our flight, they called for boarding. All the passengers got in line and we ended up being at the end of it. I deliberately did this just to get a good the brunette.

When we finally got down to the airplane to board, the brunette was there to greet us. The brunette throws her arms around and kisses on the lips. I am looking my wife with complete and total surprise. My wife is shooting a of "who is this and why haven't you shared this with ." The brunette finally breaks the lips lock and says "JP, my god, I haven't seen you since our freshman year of college!" When she said that, I still did not have a clue as to who she was. The brunette could tell that I had not recognized her. She leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Remember that sorority party where a lady ended up puking all over your shorts and insisted you stay to have them washed and she tried to take them off you in the middle of the living room with all the other sisters there?" I replied in a low whisper, "I vaguely remember that, did anything else happen?" The brunette looked at me, shook her head, and said, "Well I saved you some seats here up front, please sit down, I'll give you another clue once we are in the air." We take our seats. My wife leans over, "Now where did you find her?" I replied "Honey, I think I met her in my early days of college, but I don't remember her." My wife says, "Well you had better remember her." I could tell by the look on her she was interested in meeting this woman from my past. As I think about it, I start to smile the fact that my wife has been really eager to embrace my past, along with all my sexual exploits, and has been willing to add our own to the mix. My wife sees smile and asks "What are you smiling about?" Looking at my wife I reply, "Oh, nothing dear" as I buckle up.

Soon, the brunette is standing up front going through the motions of explaining the safety features of the plane. I am looking her over and see that she has dark green eyes, almost the color of pine trees, long curly brown hair that she has up with a hair clip, with the blouse hugging her features quite nicely. I notice her belly is quite flat making her tits look bigger than what they are. My guess is she is a 36DD. Her flat stomach also enhances the knee-length skirt she is wearing. The skirt covers a very shapely waist and hips. Her butt forms a perfect upside-down heart leading to very firm legs. Overall, I think she could have been a model in a magazine easily.

Soon, the flight attendants are done and we have taxied out to our place on the tarmac. I hear the engines roar as we are pushed back in our seats for take-off. Soon we are in the air, and during this whole procedure of taking off, the brunette is staring at with her legs parted enough for to see up her skirt. I can see she isn't wearing any panties, and I can tell she shaves.

As soon as we are in the air, the attendants are up providing the drink . The brunette comes over to tell me, "As soon as I am done with serving drinks, I'll be over to remind you who I am." I can tell by the way she smiles that she deliberately opened her legs for me to , which I must say was a pleasurable experience. No sooner than the brunette is gone, my wife places her hand on my lap rubbing up and down. She lightly runs her hand over a very hard cock. She looks and says, ", how is it she has you so hard?" I say to her, "Well besides you stroking right now, she let up her skirt, and yes she is bald." I knew my wife would want to know so I killed the question before she could ask. My wife playfully slaps my shoulder and says, "Now that was not what I wanted to know?" I say, "Oh really, any other time a women flirts with me; you ask me what color were her panties." With that she closes her mouth knowing I had caught her, but my wife had not removed her hand from my lap. I reach and grab my coat and place it in my lap to cover up her hand as she starts to grope my cock through my pants.

It was a good thing I covered myself up, because the brunette was back with the drink cart. She asks, "You still drink a 7&7 right?" I reply that I still do. My wife chimes in saying she will take a burgundy wine. The brunette takes our order and I for the drinks. She comes back with our glasses and we take them from her.

The brunette sits down across from us and asks us how long we have been married. My wife chimes in says that it will be 2 years next week. I put on this of feigned surprise and say, "Oh my god, I completely forgot. Damn it, I knew something was coming up." My wife gets this on her of "Oh, you will for that", and I know that I will for it later, even though she doesn't know about my side plans I made for that .

The brunette says "Ummmmmm, sorry about that didn't mean to get you in trouble." My wife says, "Darling, he's been in worse trouble with me, but I love him dearly. By the way, my name is Tracy, and yours is?" My wife had put her hand out for the brunette to shake which the brunette did and replies "Shannon."

Then the bell goes off in my head. I remember in vivid detail the party and how all the sorority girls there were staring at my cock that night as she had lowered my pants and I had decided to go commando. I feel the blood rush to my and I see both women staring . Shannon says, "Now you remember me huh." I reply, "How can I forget the most embarrassing moment of my life." Shannon says "Well, I did do that." Tracy, my wife looks at me and asks "What did she do." I reply, "It’s a long story, but the gist of it was, she got drunk and puked all over my pants, and then stripped them off me in front of all the sorority girls, and I wasn't wearing any underwear." Shannon shakes her head yes while saying "Yep, I did that, but you did get quite a bit of pussy that night." My wife says, "Oh honey, you are going to have to tell me about that." I reply, "Yes darling, as soon as we get back from this vacation."

Shannon looks at us and says "Hey, I need to make a round on the plane here" as she gets up. I say, "Ok honey we'll be here" as Shannon walks off. My wife looks at me "Honey, don't worry about the anniversary ok, just taking this trip is good enough for me." I say, "Thanks darling" and kiss her passionately on the lips. When Shannon finally gets back she says, "Hey, I have a few orders here to take care of, but we are landing soon, can I see you outside the gate after we land?" I look at Shannon, she had leaned over and her tits were practically falling out her blouse, and say "Ok, we'll wait for you."

It wasn't too long after that and we were landing in Las Vegas. The flight hadn't taken all that long but we were the final flight of the ; we had arrived :00 PM. It was pretty cool that we were the first ones to leave. When we were up the gate, I noticed that no one was at the gate so we took a seat near the exit doors. Soon, everyone had filed except the flight crew. It was another 20 minutes before we saw the flight crew coming up the ramp. I could see Shannon was leading the way. She seemed eager to want to speak with us. Once Shannon was up the ramp and the doors she asks "What are you guys doing tomorrow?" My wife says "Probably not much, we may be recovering from the flight in our room." Shannon says, "Well, if you like, I have the all to myself tomorrow and I would love to show you 2 around town?" My wife, looking , says, "Well since we really don't have anything planned, why not take her up on her offer?" I reply, "Sounds good to ." Shannon replies, "Good, I will see you guys tomorrow." I take a receipt from my pocket and scribble on it the hotel we are staying and give it to Shannon. She says, "Thanks" and hurries off to catch up with her crew.

We make our way down to the car rental desk and pick up our car. As we are going down the rental lot, my wife asks "So where did you find that gorgeous woman?" I reply, "We met at that sorority party, she wasn't nearly as well built as she is now. I think she was around 18 or so, and I remember her not looking as athletic as she is now." My wife says, "Well sweetie, I think she is gorgeous and we will have to do something with her while she is here." Thoughts started to run through my head about what my wife wanted to do with her and as those thoughts started to get decidedly wicked, a smile broke out across my and I voiced a little snicker. My wife looked up and slapped my arm, speaking "Ohhhhh, you nasty man, get those thoughts of your head!" that, I laughed and as we approached our car she said, "Well let’s get to our hotel; I need something to eat and a hot shower." The thought that ran through my mind was along the lines of a hot and taco munching party.

We got into our car. I plugged the keys in and turned the car over. Before we left, we pulled up the pop up navigation screen and entered the location of our hotel. The route the pop up navigation screen showed us took us right through downtown Las Vegas and to the far side. I could see my wife looking wild eyed at all the displays of lights and water all over the place. I noticed a few strip clubs along the way. One of which I had planned on taking her too later in the week. We finally arrive at our hotel and give the keys to the valet and walk inside to check in.

After we had checked in, we went up to our room. It was up on the 21st floor and had a spectacular view of the strip. My wife opened the curtains and took a deep breath at the view. Standing behind her, I say, "This is going to be a very fun vacation." My wife replies, "Yes it will honey."

I turn to look for the room menu. I notice my wife is already stripping her clothes, and she had not bothered to close the curtains. It dawned on that my wife is very much a show off for anyone that will watch, and her lack of inhibition made her sexier in my eyes. Smiling as I open up the room menu I ask my wife what she wanted for dinner. She tells me to get her a burger and a Diet Pepsi as she walks past without a stitch of clothing on to the bathroom so she could take a shower. I dial up room and order ourselves 2 cheeseburgers and 2 Diet Pepsi's. After I have ordered, I finally get a around our room. Besides the CA King Size bed, there is a very nice sofa and love seat arrangement in front of a large flat screen TV. I grab the remote and turn the TV on. As the screen comes up, I see the selection of movies they have is very extensive. I even see a category for adult films. Having never expecting to see such a thing here in Las Vegas, I selected the category just to see what they had. My wife has come of the bathroom and had taken a seat next to . She says, "Found the good stuff already?" I say, "Yes, we'll have to check some of the previews just to see what is playing." At that moment we hear a knock at the front door, my wife jumps up and stroll over to answer. I notice the robe she is wearing is flowing around her body showing she was still naked. As she opened the door, a lady comes in pushing a cart with our late night dinner on it. I could tell she was trying not to my wife's body (Hell, even I find it hard not to her and she is my wife.), but as she stood up she got a full view of my wife. As her turns very flush, my wife gives her a hug and thanks her for the delivery. As the server turns to , I notice she is about the same height as my wife, as a matter of fact, from the neck down she could have been a total body double for my wife, the difference being she was a blonde with blue eyes and she was wearing the staff uniform that did nothing for her, while my wife was naked and I know all the curves of her body. I say to the server, "Ummmmm, my apologies, my wife is very forward sometimes." As I the server, she says "That is not a problem sir. I am just as forward sometimes as well." I give her a hefty tip for the embarrassment my wife caused and as I walk her to the door, she says "I will be your server for the next couple of nights, just ask for Cindy." I reply, "Well thanks; we will make a point of it."

As I close the door, and prop it open, I see my wife has uncovered our plates and has taken one over to the couch and is flipping through the channels looking for something to watch. I go to the cart and grab my drink and plate and go to the couch as well. Taking a seat next to my wife, I take a sip of my drink and set it down. I take a bite of my burger and chew as I look at my wife. I see she is absent mindedly chewing her food looking at the screen, she doesn't notice some ketchup and mustard has dripped on her nipple.

I say, "Hey sweetie?" as I take her plate from her and set both my plate and hers on the coffee table in front of the couch. She looks at me quizzically saying "Yes honey." I lean up over her and take her nipple between my lips and suck off the ketchup and mustard. I hear her moan as I suck and nibble her nipple. I work my way over to her other nipple to suck that one as well. I feel my wife running her fingers through my hair, pressing her nipples to my lips. I start working my way down her belly, my tongue making little circles, probing her belly button. I feel my wife spread her legs from beneath me as I work my way down between her legs.

As I am about to start eating my wife's pussy, I hear her shout "COME IN!" Evidently, I did not hear the knock at the door. I hear someone say, "Ummmmm, sorry did not mean to interrupt." I look up to see the blonde that served us, Cindy, standing there and notice she was not in her servers uniform. My wife says, "Eat my pussy Hun." I go back to licking and nibbling my wife's clit. I hear my wife says "No please don't go, please stay." Cindy replied with a very uneasy "Ok" that I could barely hear. I look up from my wife's pussy to see that she had drawn Cindy in and was kissing her passionately on the lips. I go back to nibbling and flicking my wife's clit. I hear a muffled moan as she is kissing Cindy.

As I am eating my wife, I see Cindy strip down, and I was right she could pass for a body double of my wife with the exception of her skin tone. My wife starts to grind her pussy on my lips as I work my tongue deep into her. I see Cindy sitting on my wife’s watching as I eat my wife . Concentrating on my wife's pussy, I soon see some blonde hair as I am sucking and nibbling my wife’s clit. I hear Cindy above my head give small moans of pleasure from the work my wife does on her pussy. Soon, my wife gives loud wail "OH MY GOD," I see her body shudder and then her pussy convulses all over my tongue as I try to lap up all her juices.

As soon as she is breathing more easily, I sit back to watch Cindy dive down on my wife. Watching these to gorgeous creatures go at each other is amazing, soon I move to a spot next to them as they 69. I see my wife is really working Cindy's pussy over making her moan pretty loudly. I up to see the door was open a little farther than it should. So I get up and go to close it. As I get to it I see another guy standing outside the door, he is stroking a rather massive hard on. I open the door nodding my head towards the ladies working each other over, saying "Is that your girlfriend?" The gentlemen puts his cock back in his pants looking a little embarrassed says "Yes she is." I say, "Well get in here and get naked like the rest of us. By the way, nice cock you have there." I closed the door behind him not wanting anyone else peeping in unless it was through the windows.

As I watch Cindy's boyfriend strip, I started to do the same. I walk up to Cindy's boyfriend and extend my hand and say, "The name is JP, and you are?" He replies, "Mine is Sam." Shaking Sam's hand I say, "Nice to meet you." I look up and see the ladies are looking over at us. My wife says "Nice to meet you Sam, nice to eat your girlfriend Cindy here" as she leans in to kiss Cindy passionately on the lips. As we approach from different side of the couch, I see Cindy has her fingers working my wife's pussy.

Cindy speaks up "Sam, you told me you don't mind a guy sucking your cock, you even told me you would fuck a guy. So here is your chance. Tracy told me her husband (pointing at me) likes to get fucked in the ass by a guy sometimes." I look at Sam, he get this look of embarrassment about liking what he can do to a guy sometimes. I tell Sam, "No need to be embarrassed bud, if you like it, you like it, that’s all there is to it." I walk up to Sam and kneel before him. I reach up and take his cock in my hand and gently stroke him. I feel the 2 women sitting on each side of me. My wife leaning in saying in one ear, "Suck his cock , I know you can throat him." While Cindy leans in and whispers into my other, "He loves to be sucked, play with his balls too." I lick the head of Sam's cock and start to suck him between my lips. Just the first couple of times in my mouth I could tell he was truly excited by having his girlfriend watch him get sucked by a stranger and his wife.

I up Sam with his cock in my mouth and see that his eyes are closed savoring the feel of my lips on his cock. I pull his cock out with a pop and tell him to sit down. As Sam takes his seat, I spread his legs and start to work his cock again. Throating as much of his cock as I can. I over to see my wife had gone over to her bags and pulled her favorite strap-on and was putting it on Cindy. I continued to suck Sam's cock, and I started to play with his balls. I feel a pair of hands start to caress my cock and balls. I down and see my wife preparing to suck my cock. As my wife throats my cock in one motion I do the same to Sam. I work him in time with my wife, massaging his balls. Soon I hear my wife moaning all over my cock.

I pull Sam's cock to behind and I see Cindy placing the head of the strap-on in my wife's pussy and starting to pump in and . I see Cindy place her hands my wife's knees and lean into her starting to pound my wife. I go back to working Sam's cock; I can tell he is watching his girlfriend in wonderment. I think he has never seen his girlfriend act this way, and I do have to agree this is a very unexpected seen for us as well. As I am working Sam, I feel a small pair of hands grabbing my ass. I feel Cindy lean into me, her nipples grazing my back, as she says "Yes, that’s it suck his cock really well, because I am going to fuck you in preparation of him fucking you next." I start to work Sam's cock rapidly in and my mouth now. I close my eyes, picturing this scene in my mind - I am getting sucked by my wife, I have a blonde woman (Cindy) getting ready to fuck my ass with a strap-on, and I am sucking Sam's cock - thinking this makes for a very nice impromptu anniversary gift.

Soon I feel Cindy taking a bottle of lube and spreading it liberally all over my ass. Cindy finds my asshole and begins to work her fingers into . As I feel Cindy's fingers enter my ass, I feel my wife throating my cock. I let a low moan all over Sam's cock as I suck it. After Cindy has worked her fingers in and of a few times, I feel the strap-on placed on my ass. I feel the gentle pressure on my ass as the strap-on slides into my ass slowly burying itself to the hilt. I hear Cindy say "Oh my, that was easy." I feel her place her hands on my hips and starts to work up a steady motion of working the strap-on in and my ass. I try to time myself with the ladies working my ass and cock, but I fail miserably. Wanting to rock back and have Cindy fuck me harder, my wife increases her motions on my cock, and never having this kind of situation, I close my eyes savoring what the women were doing to me. I resign myself to rapidly stroking Sam's cock to keep him hard. In no time the women have me cumming down my wife’s throat. Breathing hard, my wife moves from and looks Sam's saying, "Go for it Hun, he likes it doggie style."

We all get up and move to the other side of the coffee table so we can have some room. I get down on all fours, and soon feel Sam kneeling behind me. I feel Sam place his cock on my ass and gently push in. I feel his cock easily enter me. I lower my head and shoulders to give him better access. I hear a "Honey" and open my eyes to see my wife looking my . I smile in pleasure and she leans in to kiss tenderly on the lips. I feel my wife starting to rock back and forth as we kiss. I behind her and she is getting fucked by Cindy. I can see from Cindy's that she loves the work she is doing on my wife. Looking behind I can see that Cindy and Sam are working to maintain the same rhythm. I smile at my wife as we both start to get slammed harder now. I am feeling Sam's urgency. I reach behind myself to spread my ass more, loving the feel of his cock in me. Moaning loudly, I hear my wife beginning to moan as well. Soon, I am hear Sam grunting really hard as he is slamming my ass. Soon he pulls me down hard on his cock and I feel him spasm and start to shoot his load deep into my ass. I my wife's and see that she too is having a body wracking orgasm as well.

I pull myself off of Sam, and over my wife. I see my wife is doing the same thing, taking herself off the strap-on. Soon we are all sitting around looking each other. I say to Sam and Cindy, "Thanks for the Welcoming Committee." Cindy says, "Well, we weren't expecting to do this, and this was pretty wild even for us." My wife Tracy says, "Well we appreciate you joining us and adding to our adventure." Sam chuckles and says, "Well, this was definitely an adventure for us." Cindy looks at her watch, "Hmmmm looks like we need to get home and go to bed honey." Sam says, ", I have to be up for work in about 7 hours." I say, "Hey, I know that feeling all too well." I see Sam and Cindy get up and get dressed. My wife and I them to the door, not bothering to dress. My wife kisses both Cindy and Sam. She says, "Well, before we leave, we'll give you our and phone . We would love to hear from you." Cindy asks, "How long are you here?" My wife says, "For the next days." Cindy says, "Well, I know where you will be in the mean time." My wife says, "You 2 can come by and visit us any time." Cindy says, "You can bet on that." And with that statement we all start to laugh.

We watch them leave, and as I close the door, I turn around take my wife in my arms and brace her up against the wall. My wife reaches down and takes my cock and places it at the entry to her pussy. I don't need any encouragement as I begin to drive my cock up into her. Soon, I feel that familiar tingling of a load getting ready to unload. My wife, breathing hard, starts to kiss me passionately as I slam into her. Just before I am about to unload in my wife's pussy, I slam her a few more times and then I hold myself there unloading into her.

I pull myself out and set my wife down on her feet. We stumble over to the bed and rapidly fall asleep.

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