Vacation Night #2 Part 2 (Dinner)  

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6/4/2021 2:25 pm
Vacation Night #2 Part 2 (Dinner)

After my wife has taken her shower, I take mine.

We get dressed and go down to the lobby and get a taxi to Frangioni's. The restaurant looks very nice with its very Italian looking structure. It has vines growing along the outside, arched windows with brick, and stucco.

We walk inside and see a very relaxed atmosphere. We hear people laughing and enjoying themselves. We move up to the hostess and tell her we are a part of the Shannon reservations. The hostess smiles and tells us to follow her.

As we follow the hostess, I notice she is a very black . She is very slender and very tall. She’s almost as tall as , but a few inches shorter, but not by much. Even though the clothing is rather drab for a uniform, they do accentuate her figure.

Walking behind her I notice a very round, but firm, ass. The sway of her hips suggests she has some training in dance, maybe even a cheerleader.

I glance at my wife and see that she is biting her lower lips. This usually tells me that she likes what she is seeing. I can also tell that she is fucking this in her mind considering what we just did no more than an hour prior to us getting here.
Soon our little trip is over and we see that Shannon is there with her fellow stewardess, the red head. Shannon introduces us to the red head and she says her name is Rosie. Rosie says it’s really her nickname and that her real name is Roxanna.

Rosie is almost as gorgeous as Shannon. The top she is wearing is the kind that ties behind the neck and has a band that goes around the chest to cover up a very ample set of tits. Tits that, I might add, fill this top very nicely. Her shoulders are bare showing that she has the typical red head skin, very pale with the very lightly colored freckles all over. I also noticed stomach was very flat and her hips and waist were very well rounded. Shannon, on the other hand, was wearing a nice blouse with near floor length skirt. This also accentuated her figure as well. I could tell both Rosie and Shannon took good care of themselves and took pride in their appearance.

We looked over our menus and order. Soon our topic of conversation turned back to me being at that sorority party when I was in college. My wife Tracie, and Rosie, sat back sipping their drinks as Shannon and I started to talk about the sorority party and what happened when we were back in college. When we got to the part where my pants were dropped and everyone was staring, Rosie spoke up asking "Why was everyone staring, were you hung or something?" Shannon was a little embarrassed and leaned forward and just nodded her head yes. While my wife was sitting back smiling over the whole thing.

Rosie speaks up saying, "I don't believe it (shaking her head no), and no one has a dick that big to make a room quiet down."

Just as Rosie says that, our food arrives. We all get a refill on our drinks and commence to eating our food. To my blessing, we didn't return to that subject for the entire meal. About half way through our meal, my wife and Rosie got up to use the ladies room. When they came back, I noticed both my wife and Rosie had big smiles on their faces.

Soon, I found that I needed to go to the restroom. I got up and excused myself and headed for the restroom. As I am coming out of the restroom from doing my thing, I hear a "Sir?" I turn to see the hostess motioning to me. I step over to her and ask, "Ma'am?" The hostess says "My manager says that he needs to speak with you about a private matter." Bewildered, I ask, "What’s the problem?" The hostess says "Well he would not tell me. So, if you could follow me." I say, "Ok, lead the way." I follow the hostess in back past the kitchen. Hearing all the sounds and noises, I think on how is it anyone can work in this environment. But, I wasn't too focused on that, my eyes were glued to the hostess’s ass swaying in front of me.

The hostess gets to the door for the manager and knocks. I didn't hear anyone respond, though the hostess opened the door. She told me to go ahead and step and to take a seat. I step in and didn't attention to the door closing. I was more worried about what it was that the manager wanted to talk about wondering if my had been denied somehow.

The next thing I feel is a pair of arms wrapped around my waist with the hands slipping into my pants feeling my cock. I down and see the slender arms and hands of the hostess. She had reached inside my pants and was firmly stroking my cock. I turn around to her but get and mouthful of lips as she kisses , pushing her tongue into my throat.

I place my hands on her shoulders and push her back. Not showing any anger towards her, I ask, "I didn't know my cock was such an urgent matter." The hostess gets a shy, but hurt on her . She said, "I heard that black lady and the red head talking about you in the restroom. The black lady said you have a " dick and an outstanding tongue. I noticed your cock as you walked in, you still seemed hard. So, I decided to find out."

This whole time she had my cock in her hands and was stroking me. I really couldn't fault her for her observation. I was still semi-hard after my afternoon session with my wife, and this gorgeous creature was not helping matters one bit. I looked at her and said "Do you like what you have in your hands?" She replied with an impish smile, "Yes I do sir." I looked behind me and saw a chair. I grab the chair and place it so I can sit down. I pop off a shoe and step out a pants leg. I take a seat.

I tell the hostess "Well Hun, please continue." The hostess smiled and got down on her knees as she reached out and started to stroke me again. Soon, without using her lips and using her hands, my cock was fully erect. I could tell by the marvel on her that she had not had the chance to handle a dick as big as I am. I ask the hostess, "So I can see you like my cock." She says "Yes. I have never handled one this big. Most of my boyfriends are much shorter than this." I knew she was talking about . I her and say, "What do you want to do Hun, suck ?" She smiles back, "No sir, I want to ride your cock."

And with that she stands up and strips off the wrap around skirt she is wearing to reveal a very bald pussy barely covered by a thong. She pulls the thong aside and places a foot on one arm rest of the chair I was sitting on. She shows some very extraordinary flexibility as she lowers her pussy down to my cock. She takes me in her hands and places the tip of my cock on her pussy and gently lowers herself down on me. I can feel her pussy is really tight as my head slips into her. She slowly works herself down my cock. As she gets about half way down me, she starts to ride me up and down. Slowly I see my cock disappear into her tight pussy. Her tightness drives me nuts. Soon I am feeling a load building up just from her tightness alone.

After a while, I see my cock finally disappear fully into her lovely pussy. I up her noticing her nipples are fully pointing through her tight blouse. I see she is biting her lower lip as she is now riding my full length in long deep strokes. Through no volition of my own, I see the hostess' body start to shake and quiver. I feel her pussy clamp down on as she rides my cock up and down. The increased tightness drives over the edge. She feels my cock start to spasm as she lowers herself down on a final time. She sits on my cock letting me fill her pussy.

I see that she is breathing hard, her chest is heaving and her nipples are standing . After a minute, she lifts herself off . She puts her thong back in place and re-dresses quickly. The hostess looks and says, "That black lady was right, you do have a wonderful cock and I would love to fuck you again, soon. Are you available tomorrow?" I smile, "Well darling I will have to ask the black lady if we are available, ok." The hostess now gets really embarrassed. Looking at , saying, "Is she your wife?" I smile in reply, "Yes darling she is." As I point to my ring. I cut-off the hostess and say, "Darling, she liked you, thought you were very pretty. And as it turns , we have a very open relationship, though I will tell her about what we just did." She smiles a little embarrassed, but feeling a little better over doing what she did knowing it wouldn't get her in trouble.

I see a scratch pad on the desk; I take it and write down the hotel we are staying at and the remaining dates we would be in the city. I tell her that we would be heading back for the evening and that she could come by anytime she wanted as I handed her the piece of paper. I notice she placed it over her left boob for safe keeping. I get up and dress quickly. I take the hostess in my arms and kiss her passionately and tell her thanks for the surprise. She smiles back saying that I was welcome. I get an idea and tell her to come by after she gets off work.

We rush to get out of the office, and I get back to my seat. The ladies and I can tell that they were wondering what took so long. I say, "Hey, I had to get a load off my mind." With that the ladies muffled their giggles and went back to having their drinks. I finished my dinner and my drink. My wife says, "Honey, we decided to go back to our hotel, Shannon and Rosie here wanted to see the room we got." I say, "Ok, no problem. Shall we go?" My wife says "Sure."

She takes payment and places the appropriate of in it, and calls for the waiter. She tells the waiter to keep the change as we all get up and go front to catch a cab. As we pass the hostess stand, my wife waves and smiles at the hostess there. It's the first time I notice the hostess' name. It’s Arlene. I go over to her and tell her we had a wonderful time and that we will probably return. Arlene smiles and says that they forward to it. I lean in and whisper to her quietly, "See you the hotel." I turn to go the door and my wife says, "What did you tell her?" I reply, "Oh, it’s nothing honey."

My wife gets this on her that she didn't except what I said. So I pulled her back and whispered to her, "She heard you and Rosie in the restroom talking about ." My wife perks up saying "Oh really what did she do?" I smile broadly and tell her that she pulled into the manager’s office and proceeded to fuck . I tell her that she has a very tight body and an even better looking pussy. I also tell my wife that she may be by later this evening. And with that my wife grins evilly saying, "Hmmmm, looks like some carpet munching will be in order then." I look back at her, squinting my eyes, thinking she has something planned though I do not know what.

It was at this moment that the cab came up. I hear Shannon say, "Hey lets go." We all pile in to the cab. Shannon sits on the far side, and I somehow end up in the middle with my wife on my lap, while Rosie take the final spot on my other side. The driver asks where we are going and I tell him the hotel. AS we take off we ask the driver to put up the window between us and him to which he graciously replies.

Once the window is up, my wife says "Ladies, did you see the hostess that brought us to your table." Shannon says ", she's a very pretty lady. She looks like she is about 21 or 22." My wife’s says, "Well she overheard Rosie and in the restroom as we were talking about him." She pokes in the chest for emphasis to the statement. My wife continues, "Well she got curious, and pulled my husband here to the manager’s office and proceeded to fuck him." I blush furiously and I can see the other ladies smiling rather broadly. Rosie chimes in "No wonder he was late coming back from the restroom. He was busy eating that ’s pussy I bet." I reply, "No I did not eat her pussy, we fucked, and she was amazingly tight. Oh, and by the way, her name is Arlene and I invited her to come by when she got off work tonight."

My wife smiles broadly looking the ladies, "Shall we find how Arlene's pussy tastes?" I all the women in the back seat here and wonder how my wife is going to accomplish this feet. I see my wife get between my knees. She unzips and unbuckles my pants, and then lowers them revealing my cock to Shannon and Rosie. Next I know, my wife is deep throating me, and then Shannon and Rosie are leaning over and licking my balls. I lay back and hear the intercom come on with the driver saying "Ladies, we should be at the hotel here in 2 minutes, you might want to stop ok." And with that I am dress up quickly as we approach the hotel.

We all get , and I the driver. I turn to see my wife was between Shannon and Rosie walking up to the entrance to the hotel with her hand on both, Shannon's and Rosie's, butts, and their arms draped over my wife's shoulders. I follow them in and up to our hotel room.

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