Chocolates Vanilla  

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5/17/2021 11:40 am
Chocolates Vanilla

For the past week I have been seeing someone as often as I can. We get together as much as possible since this flame requires no accelerators top set the bedroom on fire. What started off as just sheer<b> curiosity </font></b>for me in just an innocent flirt to let her know that she has a new admirer.
First of all she is married and they are members of the site. I went ahead and sent am IM and shortly there after I got a response and it has been on since then. We have exchanged quiet a few e-mails also and our lust letters are steamy to say the least as we seem to love playing on each others imagination. It's hot how sexy we look together, hands locked in public, public affections but even more so when my black body is on top of her white body, and how she spreads her legs wider in the air so my athletic performance has us panting and grunting, I feel her cum gushing and she squeezes and presses on my black ass to completely block her hole and fill her up with my semen. The millions she allows me to release inside her. The next couple lines are just some of what we wanted to do and still are doing it, but our words are certainly filling.....
HER: "I can just visualize you coming into our home at 4 am and telling my hubby to go into the other bedroom. I look at you disrobing and seeing your gorgeous dark skin and the gorgeous cock hanging. You crawl into bed next to me as I wrap my arms around you and deep kiss you telling you how much I need my lover. Our contrasting skin is a thing of beauty. I feel your cock growing and rubbing against my pussy. Taking my head you push it down to meet your cock. "take it in your mouth and show me how much you love my dark skin cock". My tongue circling the head and kissing it. You shove my mouth down taking you in. You will experience how much I love dark skin cocks as I devour my lover. After sucking you for a long time and tasting your pre-cum you tell me to spread my white legs so you can see what belongs to you. You rub your cock against my moist pussy lips. I tell you to bite my nipples, am so horny for you that I beg you to fuck me. The head parts my pussy and slowly eases in me feeling my pussy being stretched to accommodate you. So wet thinking about your dark cock invading me turning me into your sex toy to do as you please with me. I beg you to let me fell your cock pulsate as your cock floods me with your seed, gushes of cum filling me. You know at this point I am yours. I will be yours for as long as you want, you will be my lover and we will go out to show people I am yours. i will finally have my dark skin lover. Our life will be one continuous foreplay."

ME: "I’ll satisfy your hunger more than you think, even when u act greedy for it, because darling we seem to share the same passion in interracial sex, but the thing is I really wish you were my neighbor also. I wish you cld see my dic live right this minute baby, you’re gonna get me in a frenzy, and this result shld be displayed on my web cam later. The part about how my dic contrasts between your legs is absolutely right, I marvel at the sight and the thought but even more about my pink mushroom head contacts in/on your flesh and as u grab my waist and ass to take me inside you slowly. How we see us becoming one complete body and my stiff shiny dark goes deeper and we exhale or catch our breaths.. mmmmmmmm. Babyyyy perfect. How your body feels laying on top of me as we look in the mirror, holding onto us, gyrating and moving in rythmn.. I swear I want to give you breeding seeds. I want our essence to be of the same frequency and I can feel it baby, I hope you can too. Foreplay will make u always cum twice before I submit to filling your hunger. The type that make sure you hold the position when our sex pings both our ears, seriously.. that is pure magic and oneness love. "

....And since then we have been back and forth. sharing fantasies and lusts. We exchanged pictures and videos but we need our time again soon. This hunger she awakes in me is like I'm back to being that hot blooded 21yro and she makes me hard and stiff.

That's all for now, I need to calm my nerves a bit and go have a lunch break. I know for us that later will be greater tho.. so much more greater.


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