Jadzia11 52F  
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11/27/2021 11:15 am

There are many forms of<b> control. </font></b>Everything form simply restraining hands during foreplay or sex, to the total mind fuck that some can give or receive from others.

I do not mind some<b> control </font></b>over me, but I will not allow you to mess with my mind. I am too damn stubborn and yes even sometimes arrogant. I know what I like and what I do not and you will not convince me to do something because you want it. If I want to try it, I will but that is my choice not yours.

So I have questions about what some men are turned on about when it comes to<b> control. </font></b>I know what does and does not turn me on.

I love to be blindfolded and then have your way with me. This does require trust and me knowing you are not going to try anything I am not comfortable with. I love doing to same to a man. I love the<b> control </font></b>of having him at my mercy and to be able to tease him mercilessly for a long time.

But there are other forms of<b> control </font></b>that men do not realize that despite what they think, the woman is the one in<b> control </font></b>and not them.

There is one in particular that I had a conversation about with someone. He wanted to have me after I had sex with another man. I have been approached by this before and never really understood the attraction. You WANT sloppy seconds???

This is only something that could happen IF the woman allows it. So it is all about her<b> control. </font></b>She is the one that decides to let one man fuck after another has already been there. Neither man is in<b> control </font></b>of that situation. Again I am not sure I understand the attraction to this situation, but to each their own.

In the above situation, Guy A does his thing and is gone the guy B comes and takes over. Guy A has no clue. Guy B is only told that the woman has already had sex with someone else before he got there. The woman is in<b> control </font></b>of both men and the timing. Guy B gets a bit more information than Guy A but not much. Just enough to satisfy his fantasy.

Then there is the situation where Guy A wants to watch the woman get fucked by Guy B. Both are present, but again it is the woman's decision if this is going to happen. She controls the man's desires in that situation. Guy A is watching Guy B. There are many options that can occur concurrently or afterwards. Again it's a woman's<b> control </font></b>on what she allows, letting Guy A just sit and watch or if he gets to participate at all or at certain times or has to wait until afterwards.

My personal tastes in<b> control </font></b>run at a different angle. I am more of the one man under my thumb type of situation if we are going to do that. I do not need this, but with the right man there is a lot of fun to be had.

I was seeing one man, he had lead a very vanilla lifestyle before we met. He wanted to explore different options but had no clue what he might like. This for me was a lot of fun, because I could test his limits and see what I could do and/or get away with. A HUGE<b> control </font></b>situation for me. And yes the trust was absolutely there and safe words were set in place. I did not take this responsibility lightly.

We started out slowly, but with each time, we would try new things, test new limits. Some ended quickly as he did not care for them. Others were tested to the limits and pushed him to places he did not know he could go. Some of his orgasms were extremely intense. I loved having him in my<b> control. </font></b>But is was not something we did all the time. Sometimes when together is was just sex an enjoying each others bodies.

Then there is SOOOOOO much to say about the<b> control </font></b>a woman has with giving a blow job. A man is literally in her hands and under her<b> control. </font></b>I can drive a man to the edge of an intense orgasm and then back off and take him back to that edge multiple times. I can let him finish that way if I choose or I can make him wait.

That feeling of being in<b> control </font></b>while I have a man in my mouth is like no other. I have heard there are women that do not like giving blowjobs, but damn do they not know they can have almost anything they want at that moment in time.

Men will agree to many things when you are keeping them from cumming because of the<b> control </font></b>you have. They want that orgasm and they are thinking about the price they are willing to pay for it. Again depending on the situation what that price may be, but we woman set the market on that. And the better you are with that blowjob, the more a man is going to give.

And the thing I find funny from a conversation with a man, the thinks he is the one on<b> control </font></b>in that scenario. He said he won't take me to dinner. One blowjob later, we are in his truck going to the restaurant of my choice. He thinks he he won, but damn man, do you not realize I made all the choices. I wanted to go, wanted him to take me and knew just how to make him do it. My<b> control </font></b>not his. Without even knowing it he caved to everything I wanted. Was a nice dinner as well

Yes we women can use sex as a weapon. The true beauty of<b> control </font></b>is using it in a way that men think they are the ones in<b> control </font></b>and then they are happy, When in reality darling, we are absolutely the ones in<b> control. </font></b>We just let you think you are.

There may be some women that read this and hate me for spilling their secrets, but even knowing the truth, men will continue to be controlled by women, because of their desires.

Yes there is abuse of that<b> control </font></b>and I am dead set against that. This kind of<b> control </font></b>does benefit both. The men in my life have never complained about a blowjob for whatever reason. Whether it was because I wanted you to take me to dinner or just because I wanted you to fuck me.

I like<b> control </font></b>in its many forms. Yes we both benefit from it, but in the end if I am not in the mood, once again, my<b> control. </font></b>You are shit out of luck until next time.

guy03234a 53M
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11/28/2021 4:47 am

I enjoy having the woman in control... not like in dominating fashion all the time, but in the sense that she knows what she wants, and willing to ask for it. If she wants me to do a specific thing to her, or she wants to ride me in a particular way, it's a huge turn on. Whether we have a quick orgasm or long drawn out explosion of lust is a lovely experience. I love reading your thoughts... I guess in that way, you're controlling my thoughts right now.

openfreethinker 62M  
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11/30/2021 3:21 am

About sloppy seconds; I think this is a primal urge to be the one that breeds the female, even if breeding is not actually what takes place or is intended. The second man's attempt is more vigorous, as if trying to expel the first man's sperm. I have experienced that, a pussy already wet from man cum feels extra special and slippery yet will make man 2 cum quickly.
I once had a woman who delighted in the fact that when I thought I was in control of my orgasm, she could work her muscles and finish it in a flash.
Would love to be edged, delayed orgasms the best.

HallPassInLowell 56M
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12/3/2021 9:20 am

My wife used to go out and get fucked, come home and tell me about it (how many times they fucked, did she cum and, if so, how many times, ...). Then it would be my turn to fuck her. She always felt better after someone else had already fucked her. I also enjoyed her sexual desire and confidence that she was showing by fucking whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted.

scc1965 56M  
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12/23/2021 9:41 pm

I like a woman to be somewhat dominant. It is a rush to feel wanted. I had a gf onetime come up to me...she motioned me to come over with her finger...come here...I went over to her. She grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my ear down the her mouth...and whispered..."I want to jump your bones" was HOT!

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1/10/2022 4:55 pm

Very interesting and we agree on alot

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