The Handyman's smile  

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11/6/2021 9:46 am
The Handyman's smile

When he got out of his truck and started walking towards , I knew I was in trouble already. His eyes were mesmerizing and that smile said he was confident but also mischievous. I was going to have a difficult time behaving myself.

I showed him the work that needed to be done and he started taking some measurements. I was fascinated by his efficiency and movements. He was my height and well built. This is a man that takes care of himself. He had a note pad and was writing info down on it as he went.

As we talked about supplies and what needed to be done and when, I was having some naughty thoughts about him, tools and projects that had nothing to do with the work I was hiring him for. I had to keep telling myself that this man was here for the job at hand and not to be sexually harassed by me.

We did a walk through the house to the back room, where there was more work to be done. We passed my bedroom and I was embarrassed that I had not made my bed this morning. I quickly pulled the door closed hoping he had not noticed one of my toys sitting there on my dresser.

After showing him what needed to be done I turned quickly and almost bumped right into him standing there. I felt stupid just staring into his eyes. He asked me a question, but I had no idea what he said. I gave myself a mental shake and ask what? Knowing I sounded like a moron and he could probably figure out why. This man was sexy from the word go and he knew it.

He then asked me what was behind the other closed door, and I just replied a spare bedroom, but you would not be interested in that. Nothing to do in there. He quietly said you might be surprised. I turned and looked at him again, once again thinking I sounded stupid asking what. This time I had heard him, but was not sure what he meant.

He chuckled and smiled and said there is always plenty to do in any bedroom. I was sure my mouth was hanging open at this point. Not sure what to do, I stood there just looking at him.

He moved so quickly, I was not prepared and his lips were on mine. The kiss caught me off guard and when he opened his mouth and put his tongue in mine I did not resist. I might have even moaned a bit. The kiss quickly became much deeper and he was exploring my mouth and I felt his hands on my sides.

I shivered, the excitement was shooting through my entire body and if I had not been before because of those eyes, that kiss totally did it for me. He pulled back and looked at me asking if I was ok. I could not speak. I wondered what he must really think of me.

He took a step back and towards my closed bedroom door. He turned grabbed my hand as he pushed it open and pulled me in and turned to me and said we are going to mess that bed up even more than it is. I hope you are ready for it. I nervously said I was very ready.

He pulled me toward him and lifted my shirt up and over my head. His head dipped between my breasts and started kissing and licking me. I could not hold back the moan that escaped. He reached behind and unhooked my bra, pulling it off my shoulders. He then took one of my nipples in his mouth suckling on it while he used his other hand to massage the other breast. Then he switched.

He then smiled with his mouth merely an inch from the nipple he had in his mouth and told me I should use my hands to touch him. I immediat4ely grabbed the bottom of his shirt and slid my hands underneath it. I could feel the soft hair of his<b> chest </font></b>in my fingers. I ran them all over his<b> chest </font></b>and grabbed his nipples and started playing with them.

Once again he stopped, stepped back and pulled off his shirt. I was feeling a bit exposed, standing there with no shirt on. He then smiled at me again, that smile could melt the polar ice caps. He grabbed the front of my jeans and started undoing them. Once they were unzipped, he told me to take them off. As I did, he was undoing his as well.

Now we were standing complete naked in front of each other and he turned me, pushed me back until the bed was against the back of my legs. One more push and I was now sitting on the bed. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back again, I was lying on the bed looking up at him.

He grabbed my legs and spread them open, Before I had any more time to think, his mouth was on me. His tongue found my clit and immediately started playing with it. I could not help but squirm. He grabbed my hips and held me while he worked his magic. I was cumming in no time. The release was hard and fast and I could not help but yell out as it happened. He did not stop, he kept going and before one orgasm finished, the next was right on its heels. I soon lost count of how many times this happened. I could not think.

All of a sudden, he was moving up the length of my body and kissing my lips. I could taste me in his mouth. His face was covered in my orgasms. Then I felt him, slowly push himself into me. He was rock hard and filled me nicely. I knew it would not take much for me to cum again.

He was moving in and out of me with a steady and rhythmic pace that kept me right on the edge of yet another orgasm. He pulled back a little and put my legs on his shoulders so that he could have more control of the movements and increased the pace. I let him know I was going to cum He just smiled and continued. Yet another orgasm ripped through me and he rode it out with that smile on his face.

When the trembling subsided a bit, he pulled out, turned me over onto my knees and came up behind me and once again I felt him push all the way into me. He grabbed my hips and leaned over me whispering in my ear, now I am really going to fuck you.

He was hard, fast and deep and I could not help but cum again shortly. At one point he had grabbed my hair pulling me back onto him as much as he could while pumping in and out of me. The pace increased even more, I did not think it was possible, but what a sight it must have been to see him in and out of me so fast.

I knew his orgasm was building and I was excited about feeling him explode inside of me. I let him know I wanted to feel him, all of him deep in me. He did not disappoint me. One last deep and hard thrust and I could feel his release. He stayed still and I could feel him moving in me as his orgasm kept him pulsing.

He slowly slid out of me and I literally fell down on the bed and he layed down beside me. we were both covered in sweat. I looked at him and again that smile was right there. He laughed and said I hope that was as good for you as it was for me. This time it was my turn to just smile.

My new handyman is getting a lot of work done around the house for me. But he is also taking care of some more personal needs each time he visits me. That smile never disappoints.

guy03234a 53M
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11/7/2021 1:31 pm

Mmm... I'd love to be handyman in this story!

guy03234a 53M
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11/7/2021 2:31 pm

Here's my take on the handyman's point of view. [post 4423488]

agelesssexylegs 78F  
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11/7/2021 8:39 pm

Oh yes lovely story,i always lean toward a sexy handyman,as they good with their hands as well as the dirty look about them,better still if they wearing their tool belt

Midnite528 49M
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11/17/2021 4:34 am

Now that sounds like a good fun time

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