Very Interesting.  

Janet80sGirl 49F  
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1/14/2020 3:38 pm
Very Interesting.

The other day i was on FriendFinder-x and i had a guy message me on IM he literally said:

"God your so fucking ugly im glad you didnt respond to me!"

I responded:

"Good. im sorry you feel the need to come at me this way. I am secure in the person that I am. I will pray for you and best of luck to you. bye."

and proceeded to block his dumbass.

I seriously dont get why guys do this? did he think was going to come to my senses and be all

"OMG wait please! im so sorry please let me suck your cock?"

NOT! >.<

NJGUY08090 55M
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5/7/2020 4:58 pm

Some guys are just complete assholes. I have had some incredible relationships with women that I just connected with. It had nothing to do with looks - Hers or Mine. This is a place where we can just have fun. No need to ever make anyone feel bad.

guy03234a 52M
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8/10/2021 3:16 am

So sad that some people think they can only make themselves "better" by pushing others down and away, I certainly don't get it... Beauty is more than just a centerfold picture. Confidence is sexy, imagination is sexy, curves are sexy... and a good attitude is especially sexy. Smile... you're sexy! Love to chat some time. XO

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