Chained to Men...  

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11/3/2020 11:48 pm
Chained to Men...

I met this guy online, we chatted for a few months and he seemed quite okay but intense compared to what I was used to with hubby. He said he was very dominant in the bedroom, into using restraints, inflicting moderate pain, using toys and was looking for a submissive. Messaging each other definitely peaked my interest with the things he was into and wanted to do with me.

He was kind of alright looking which was a big plus for me, his cock pics showed ample length and girth and the headless body pics he sent me of his four friends who also wanted to play weren't too bad either. There was something about him that stood out, when I spoke to him on the phone I was captivated by his self confidence, his ability to make me feel so comfortable, his assurances making me feel safe, he made me feel I could trust him so after a of times I eventually accepted his invite to meet with him and his friends for a little play time fun.

This was my first time with these guys so we all met a bar for a few drinks first. He was nice enough but his friends were a little on the quiet guarded side, hardly saying a word the whole time we were there. Back then I normally went , became drunk and just hooked up with any random men hubby told me to hook up with for a little play time fun then not see them again because it kept things simple. I wanted to experiment a little, I wanted a casual but regular thing with one of men and thought what this guy wanted could be fun. He wanted to restrain me, render me completely helpless and use me for a little rough play. I was totally fine with that but wasn't sure about doing that type of thing by myself. I was really excited though and looking forward to it but I don't think hubby was as keen and did have some concerns. He told me to wait for him until he arrived at the bar from work to go with me but like a foolish little I went against his wishes and left the bar before hubby arrived. that time I was naively trusting of everyone and thought hubby was just being a little paranoid.

We were at the bar for around two hours, flirting a little and just getting comfortable with each other and the men seemed fine. This guy I met was very dominant, a little arrogant, very self assured and somewhat a little different too. When messaging or talking to him he seemed fine but in person he came across as a little dismissive, treating me as someone insignificant which did annoy me a little but I was kind of swept up by his self assured ownership of me as if he already knew I wanted to play and didn't need any convincing.

The night started off quite slow at the bar but things did change once I was taken back to the room. I just wore a simple full length backless black dress which had a kind of gothic tone about it with my blonde hair down, dark red lippy and quite heavy makeup emphasizing the depth of my eyes. Not to brag but I did exceptionally stunning and attracted a huge of attention at the bar. It was so obvious his friends were dying to get back to the room and the sexual tension between everyone was seriously intense so the pressure to leave before hubby arrived was mounting. As usual, yet again, hubby was annoyingly very late and with the of pressure these guys were putting on to head to the room I simply couldn't stall them any more or hide my own eagerness to want to leave with them too. When I finally did agree to leave the bar with hubby it felt like a huge load of pressure had been lifted because I simply couldn't stall any longer and was worried they would leave.

Looking back, I definitely wanted to be there more than them, I was doing all the chasing and even kept begging for them to stay a little longer to wait for hubby. Without even realising I was already being controlled by them, behaving like a silly eager in love doing anything for her boyfriend.

They took up to the hotel room in this very plush place and I did feel quite nervous as we made our way there. I kind off felt like a working with the exception I wanted this more than them and the closer we came to the room, the deeper the guilt set in leaving the bar without hubby. I truly felt like a cheating wife, a cheap slut about to walk into a room with five strangers and have sex with them for my own pleasure. I kept checking my phone for a response from hubby telling him I was on my way up to the room but there was nothing. I was praying for hubby to message me and forbid me to go ahead with this, stop me before I couldn't turn back. I was becoming angry at myself for being so stubborn with hubby and not changing the night to meet up but it was too late now.

I was escorted into the room in an almost business like manner. not a complete and did message the room to hubby as I walked in but in my haste I unknowingly messaged the wrong which was apparently several rooms further down the hall.

I was ushered into the room where I humbly stood in the open space the end of the bed. I stood there quietly, not knowing what to do or expect, my head lowered, just waiting, unknowingly holding my breath in these very tense moments of silence. I was super excited, yet feeling just as scared, vulnerable, knowing I probably couldn't change my mind, or more to the point, they wouldn't let me. When I heard the heavy hotel door click close my stomach sank, I could feel my heart racing and I started feeling a little faint. I had to keep reminding myself to breath.

Nick and his four friends encircled me, moving very slowly around me, studying my body, touching me with deliberate purpose, almost like they were preventing me from quickly running away. Together they had already subdued my mind, taken control of my body and were in the process of making me their sex toy for the night. I continued to stand there quietly as they slowly removed my dress, feeling every touch upon my body as a command. I remember like it only just happened hours ago, I was then naked, standing in this room with five men standing closely around me, Nick then stood behind me and placed a blindfold over my eyes and as he stepped away lightly ran his fingers over my breasts and nipples sending a massive shock wave of intensely focused vibration through my entire body. l kept feeling their breath upon the back of my neck, my thighs, my pelvis and upon my throat. They lightly touched my entire body almost like they were searching for a weak spot, a way in, a way past my gaurded tense shimmering stance. So desperately trying to fight off the sheer terror I was feeling, to try to relax and enjoy what was happening. They knew I was terrified and I was secretly trying to think of an excuse to leave, I simply couldn't speak, almost like my voice had been muted. Their touch upon my body became a little more focused, a little more direct and so much more determined. One of the men tied my wrists together behind my back, I tried to stay calm but couldn't, I could feel my stomach heaving, my breathing was very heavy and my legs felt like lead weights. I couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe and I couldn't move, totally paralyzed from fear, but was it fear?

I was taken to the bed, I could feel fingers inside my pussy and I could feel my pussy was drenched. Maybe I had been mistaking fear for excitement! Maybe not knowing was what excited me most, feelings of shame, vulnerability, anticipation, submission to strangers, giving them my power was the excitement for me, it was that night I started to truly learn what my desire was with men. It was like I had been in the by a rock, the shock realisation it wasn't the sex that did it for , although that was great! It was being controlled by hubby, or any man really that made !

I started to relax a little and just let things happen. They took to the bed, then the mood and atmosphere changed! They were no longer nice to and they were no longer gentle with . They had now and were there to use for what they wanted, they were there to punish my body with their cocks, with their toys and with their sexual mindset of brutality.

I almost felt guilty being used by them without hubby to witness it and enjoy watching his wife being gangbanged. They grabbed my hair and fucked from behind, holding by my arms, and pulling on like they were deliberately trying to hurt my body. I didn't know who was fucking but I knew they kept swapping with each other. I could hear the voices, the tone of how they said things and the manner in which they spoke made start to worry a little. I could hear the message tone on my phone going off which no doubt was hubby looking for me.

These men were brutal with me, relentlessly fucking me hard in every hole, using massive dildos, vibrators and straps. Slapping my ass red raw, slapping my breasts and fucking until I would gag and choke on my own throat spew. They delivered everything that had been promised to and kept yelling to do this or do that and I kept forgetting my safe word for them to stop so they wouldn't until I had to scream at them to stop! The sex was harsh, not soft, not like I was used too. These men knew what they wanted from me and just took it and did it in such a way I was given no choice but to consent.

For me, the sex was amazing! Five powerful men all using my body all at once, commanding me to do things for them and just taking me at their own leisure, fucking me then throwing me away for the next one to use my body. I had become their property, their sex slave, theirs to own and it felt so intensely satisfying. It felt like I had been sexually set free, I felt unencumbered with these men, I felt I had found my place.

I started to have one orgasm after another in this session of intensity sex with these men and especially after I mixed a few things with the alcohol consumed it just put the sex I was having or more to the point these men were having with me on a level of impact intensity like I had never experienced before. I was fucked all night by these men and was left in the room by myself after they left. Incapable of moving, totally drained of energy, my mind trying to make sense of what I had just done and feeling a little lost. Feeling like I had been missing before, feeling like what I had been doing with hubby was kind of tame for me and thinking to myself, maybe I shouldn't be so stubborn and boring, just maybe I should start doing as hubby asks, rather than question all the time. Maybe hubby was telling the truth and was only trying to free me of my sexual inhibitions.

After that night things did change in our relationship together. I became a lot more willing to accept things and change for hubby. I was a lot more willing to adopt my role as a submissive sex slave for hubby, a slut to other men and obedient wife to myself.

A role I now intensely enjoy!

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11/4/2020 6:58 pm

Great description of intensity resulting in forgetting your safe word

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11/4/2020 3:42 am

I love that they used massive dildos on you.

tablesexisbest 47M
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11/4/2020 12:43 am

Guess I always think of people on here knowing what they want, but yes guess we're always exploring and changing when not really knowing what we want

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