Hubbys Sex Puppet...  

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6/18/2021 11:27 pm
Hubbys Sex Puppet...

Hubby suggested it, although, I didn't exactly argue with him when he said he wanted bring these guys home.

I had been out drinking with my friends and I knew hubby would be horny when I arrived home because I had been sending him pics night long of with these random guys I kept meeting. There was this really powerful sexual chemistry between me and these particular that was impossible for ignore and I thought these guys would be perfect take home so hubby could watch them fuck me. It wasn't a planned thing like we have done before but they were just perfect, the situation was perfect and I knew hubby would want me bring tthemhem home. They knew why I wanted them come back with me because I was very honest about everything and told them which hubby and I have found is always the best thing to do otherwise it can create problems.

They were young hot looking bulls in their very early twenties, totally full of themselves and arrogant as hell with their sexual prowess to prove and I just knew altogether they would be awesome sex trying their best to out do each other. They were very keen to get back to my place and fuck and I had to keep taming them until I gently teased hubby enough to convince him to invite these guys to our place which is something we don't normally do but these guys were just sex waiting to happen!

On the way home I thought they were going to fuck me in the car before we even arrived because the blue dress I had on was very thin and flimsy making me virtually naked and made it very easy for them to maul my body touching every part of me as I giggled and feebly fought back trying to stop them. I was very drunk and by the time I did arrive home I had already swallowed one guys massive amount of cum which he spilled deep in my throat. Hubby knew I was bringing these guys back to the house and when he opened the front door to see my breasts being slobbered all over by one of them he just looked super pleased! He had this massive smile on his face and I knew he was already excited because as I walked in I could see his hardness in his trousers.

At first the men I brought home were excited about fucking me but then when they met hubby I think they felt a little intimidated and things suddenly became a little awkward but hubby quickly lightened the mood again with his super friendly nature. He offered them a drink and talked while I went to the bathroom to check how I looked and by the time I walked back into the room hubby was showing them some gangbang footage he had of me with his friends from months before. I was kind of a little embarrassed while I stood there half naked with them listening to hubby so proudly telling them how many men fucked me that night and saying they can do whatever they wanted with me and he won't intervene.

Hubby then went into the kitchen to get himself a drink and by the time he came back I was already sitting on the couch kissing one guy next to me with his hand between my legs fondling my pussy and another sitting on the other side gently caressing my breasts with the third standing back watching. I saw hubby walk back into the room and I smiled at him as these guys continued fondling my body and becoming more relaxed with hubby being there. Hubby sat in his "viewing chair" with his drink in hand reassuring these guys they can have as much fun with me as they wanted because despite their earlier bravado and confidence they were being a little apprehensive.

Hubby sat in his chair mostly obscured by the dim lighting of the room but still being able to clearly define every detail of what I was doing from the lamp next to the couch. It was by no accident the room is set up the way it is because hubby had deliberately and very thoughtfully done everything just the way he likes it to be. It took these guys about twenty minutes to regain their sexual dominance over me again and when they did they certainly did not hold back one bit! They very quickly worked out I loved being fucked like a slut because that's what hubby always wants me to do and anything is allowed!

The rougher they became and the more verbally dominant they were toward me the more hubby was loving watching what they were doing wth my body. I could see he had his drink in one hand with the other down his pants playing with his cock as he watched me enjoying letting these guys do whatever they wanted! They very quickly worked out they had full control and could do as they wished with me and I could tell they were really starting to enjoy putting on a show for hubby.

I was sitting spread legged on the couch with one guy either side of me really pushing their fingers as deeply into my pussy as they could and taunting hubby watching from his chair only two meters away. They were being a little disrdisrespectful toward hubby or maybe they were just getting into the sex with me because of how much I was showing that I was loving being mistreated by them and they kept both finger fucking my pussy as hard as they could making me scream out and would ask hubby if that's what he wanted. They were definitely enjoying having free sexual reign over me and the more intensely verbal I became responding to the things they were doing the more excited hubby became watching these men fuck his wife. I was starting to lose myself in the sex with these men as I straddled one with his cock deep inside my pussy and another behind pushing his cock deeper into my ass. I was screaming out loudly in absolute ecstasy in this high pitched squealing drowning out the music, the grunting and groans of the men then above all that I heard hubby yelling " FUCK" as he cum yet again over himself!

I looked over at hubby and he had this expression on his face like he had been a naughty boy which instantly turned embarrassment when the guys fucking me started teasing him about how many times he had already cum in such a short amount of time. I knew why, because hubby has told me the more I'm enjoying the sex the more excited he gets. I love showing hubby how much I'm enjoying the hot physical passion he allows me to have with other men. I'm not afraid to experiment with other men, or show the unbridled lust I have when I'm fucked by other men and that is what I think hubby loves. He loves the fact I am now so sexually uninhibited and willing to do anything for him.

These men were making me hot by just looking at them. Their sexy well groomed bodies, the tattoos and more so just the manner in which they were sharing me amongst themselves was making me squirt and I was amazed at how turned on hubby was watching these guys fuck me. I was on my knees on the floor between the two couches situated parallel to each other and I had just been fucked by one guy who emptied himself deep inside my pussy from behind whilst I was giving the other two a blowjob on the couch opposite hubby. My pussy was facing hubby and I could feel his f├Čngers playing with the cum that I knew was dripping from my pussy. I had my ass high in the air, my legs spread wide with my pussy pushed out just praying hubby would do what I was hoping he would do. The two guys I was giving a blowjob to were daring hubby to lick my cum drenched pussy and I looked behind me to see hubby poised behind my pussy with his face only centimeters away looking so intently at the cum oozing out my pussy that he has such a fascination about. It is like an addiction to him to watch another man's cum drip from his wifes pussy!

I kept moving my hips trying to push my pussy in hubbys face and I was begging for him to lick it but he wouldn't. He would only tease me holding my hips tightly in place with his hands as he kissed and ran his tongue over my previously cum smeared ass. He wanted to lick my pussy but wouldn't and I had become so worked with the sexual anticipation that when hubby slipped his whole hand inside my pussy from behind my whole body just suddenly shuddered and I had these spasmotic fits that just wouldn't stop making go insanely crazy! I bit down hard this guys cock that was in my mouth and grabbed the other with this vice like grip as my body simply spasmed and bucked uncontrollably from hubby fist fucking my pussy from behind. I had absolutely no control over myself at as I was thrust into this world of sexual suffering at the hands of these men and hubby, being physically teased, tormented and pleasured in ways only sexually aggressive men know how, making the pain feel so pleasurable on so many levels and leaving me with nothing more than a clear conscious as I drowned in the deep depths of forbidden lust and knowing what hubby and I are doing is so very wrong making the sex so much more deeply gratifying.

In amongst the heavy breathing, self gratification, uncontrolled climaxing and involuntary releases hubby then in the heat of the sexual moment suddenly grabbed me by the ass and shoved his face into my very wet, very sloppy, cum filled pussy and started to slurp on my juices mixed with the other men's cum. His eager tougue delving deep into my pussy and I could hear him slopping away and grunting like an animal swallowing the mixed juices. The men I had brought home for sex had almost become a side event for me, simply a means of sexual stimulation for hubby, trigger the passion he has for trapped inside his complex mind. Everything I did that night with them I did for hubby, tormenting hubbys desires, like we were feeding off each others sexual kinks and meshing as one. My deep addictive desire to have sex and fuck every male alive and hubbys need to watch me do it making us a very rare compatible couple simply enjoying physical pleasures to continually strengthen our emotional connection.

I went on having sex with these men putting a deliciously deliberate display for hubby as he watched the vile manner in which they treated bring him so much satisfaction. With his ever increasing involvement and guidance I was sexually degraded, abused and fucked hard in every possible scenario between all four of them as the bond between hubby and these men grew with one common interest in making me suffer sexually for their own personal amusement and gratification. I was bound, whipped, throat fucked, ass fucked and made beg for them stop, at hubbys provocation.

I was kneeling on the floor in front of hubby sitting on couch and bent over his knees with my head in his crotch and his soft cock in my mouth. He was holding there in that position by my hair telling he hadn't finished with yet. Then he told spread my legs, reached over for his leather strap and told close my eyes. I could feel the long leather laces being dragged over my back and I braced expecting be whipped but wasn't. Then he told spread my legs even wider and asked if I enjoyed being a slut for him. I replied yes, then I felt the sharp sting of the tips of the individual long thick leather laces slap against my already swollen sensative pussy creating this intensely amplified, sharp, long producing sting that just lingered making winch from the pain.

Hubby thought I had enjoyed the sex with these guys a little too much or perhaps he was just jealous, or maybe he just wanted an excuse to punish for behaving so eagerly. He whipped my ass and pussy again and again and I could feel his limp cock starting grow inside my mouth. I started suck his cock but he told stop and pushed my head down over it forving it into my throat. He kept asking if I liked the sex I had and every time I answered yes he would whip my ass and pussy from where he was sitting and said he took joy in watching me flinch with every strike. The other had finished with and left leaving alone with hubby and his further punishment that night.

I found pleasure from the excruciating pain hubby so very meticulously inflicted upon my body make confess the things he found disturbing. He wants fuck other men but doesn't want me enjoy it, but if he doesn't see enjoy it he becomes disappointed, so I do express my pleasure but if I show too much pleasure he becomes jealous and punishes me for it!

It is a delicate balance being a for hubby...

John1110p 48M

9/13/2021 2:07 am

Damn girl you're such a fucking sexy slut bitch loves the fuck and suck cock and eat pussy I need to get the best. I know that I love sex you're just the best bitch baddest bitch in the world

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6/20/2021 9:58 am

Amazing!!!! HOT!

RobK2006 54M
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6/19/2021 7:18 pm

Loved the fisting.

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6/19/2021 3:18 am

What a lovely blog really enjoyed reading it got me horny thou

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