Park and RIde  

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11/1/2021 8:45 pm
Park and RIde

This past weekend I went to the Park and Ride off the Long Island Expressway in Brentwood. Usually, there's a plethora of "straight" men looking to give and/or receive oral sex with other "straight" or gay men. But what brings me to the Park and Ride is the self - display of the occasional male/female couple.
I pulled up and parked my car a few parking spaces away from a huge Ram 1500. It was parked a space or two beneath one of the street lamps in the lot. Looking up from my relatively smaller Honda Accord, I could see the silhouette of a women bouncing around the back seat of the cab to see if I noticed her and her man.
She proceeded to plant her face in his lap as the driver's side rear window rolled down to further encourage me. It was still too difficult for me to see because the tinted window only went down halfway, and the street lamp created a glare that I tried to combat by placing my hand above my forehead.
This thrill seeking couple also attracted the attention of a car that was passing behind us both. The driver made a left turn in an effort to pull alongside the passenger side of the truck. Apparently, the driver was also consumed with what was going on in the back seat of the Ram because he struck the Audi that was parked next to the Ram.
The ensuing crash sound and ringing alarm caused the woman to lift her head from her man's lap and repeatedly scream, "he hit my fucking car!" before exiting the Ram to survey the damage. Eventually, her man made his way out of the truck while buttoning and zippering his pants. Needless to say, the driver that caused the accident fled the scene and I went home wandering what could have been.

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