sexuality from interpretation
some are, my ideology about the sexuality of a romantic relationship, some are of sexual encounters, and relationships in general
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love is the emotion, sex is the commitment. is it that easy
Posted:Sep 23, 2021 1:48 am
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2022 12:25 am
im sure we have our own idea of ideal when it comes a romantic relationship, the one that will see you you and not what you hope , the one that gets by your little sparks and owns them, and regardless how trivial the world sees one of your insignificant moments of pure admiration for this person,, from a glance from you. some call this... the one... true love,, Disney puts a nice spin on it.. and even a male i find myself wishing for just that feeling,, because the situation don't matter,, its that feeling that is desired
now how often does a person actually find that, can say at the end,, i had mine,, and if one does,, how easy is it for them allow sex in all its variety , free reign with that emotion,, with out any hurt,, sexuality has a life of its own for each of us, and its almost impossible find that piece that jig saw.. what would a person allow into their soul to live beside that emotion regardless of the stain, just to keep that emotion at a finger tip.. how easy is it to let that go when aspect of sexuality contradict with it.. when do we allow that emotion to have owner ship over everything that makes a persons.. them,, is it known,, is it like a natural reflex... could it be weakness out of want.. it seems unfortunate to that love is so blinding and hollow graphic that even though we know it can be poison,, it always almost has the trump hand.. even when sexuality has a hand full of spades with more aces than you..
this doesn't mean your weak... this doesn't mean your foolish.... this doesn't mean you cant see the truth... this means you had the courage love, you had the strength of heart stair it down.. a person should never regret loving another person.. because a pure love is more valuable than any subsequent words and grand promises..
and the true heartbreak and the shattering of a soul comes from the smallest aspect of sexuality, but one,, its life,, the life they see, and can only ever see....
ive always liked taboo and kink, nice and dirty
Posted:Sep 8, 2021 1:00 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2022 7:55 pm
me and the ex wife/baby momma. met when we were teenagers through mutual friends. she also knew my ex gf that i was dating just before we met in person, the first time we met was at a party in small town sask at a friends house,, she showed up in a tank top and short shorts,, and was being very flirty with me and another guy that was there,, she hooked up with him that night as my friends kept me busy. the next day the guy she hooked up with told me about it,, said she was a little horny one and liked to fool around. the next time we met up was at another party, this time we talked more,,,. we didn't actually start dating for about a couple yrs after we first met,, she kept asking and asking me till i said ok,, at first all we did was make out, feel each other up, after a month of that one night she came over wearing really baggy shorts, we were making out and she said i want you to try stick it in me but with my shorts on,, so i got on top and pulled her shorts to the side and found she wasnt wearing any panties, and she was already very wet so it slipped in fast and easy. i didnt find out her actual age till after we had sex for the first time, she and her friends all told me she was only a year younger than me at the time i was 19,, after we finished fucking the first time she said i have a confession,, i asked what she said im not really 17 im only 14 but im turning 15 next month,, i was like holy shit,, well since we just fucked,, im gonna fuck you again,, and this time she ripped off her shorts and climbed on top of me to ride me, from the time we started fucking and officially started dating, she admited to me she was interested in some of the more kinky sexual stuff,, me and her almost had a 3 some with one of my nephews but she backed out at the last minute,, over the yrs me and her used to do live cam shows for people on msn when it was big, we eventually had 3ways with a nephew of mine a few times, and she worked as an for a few yrs while we were together,,
the W5's of commitment/romantic relationship
Posted:Aug 6, 2021 1:11 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2022 7:55 pm

A romantic relationship has an extravagant abundance of unspoken rules of truth, that most people choose not to see, acknowledge or they are ignored. a romantic relationships foundation is built on trust, honesty, loyalty and duty,,, yes i said duty.
as a partner in a romantic relationship one has a duty to the other, and we take on that duty when we except the responsibility of entering into a romantic relationship. one effectively states by entering into this relationship i take the obligation have holding duty for you, in you and by you.... now a romantic relationship isn't about fulfilling self indulgence, to make ones self feel complete, to have ones to have ones idea of self image bolstered.... when one enters into a romantic relationship they make them selves responsible to the other, for their happiness, it the ones duty to see they don't cause sadness, depression, fear, they take the obligation to see they are fulfilling the others sexual needs, wants, desires, wishes and fantasies. in order to ensure they have no need to look else where for such wants....

now the obligation of sexuality is often if not always forgotten, or treated as a negative. seen as a selfish indulgence. something that should be discussed... in this case why the fuck are they together. it then has no difference to being a live in fuck buddy, whats the point in calling it a relationship, then there should be conflict with infidelity/cheating.. if one has no interest or has negative feeling or ideas of any sort of sexual content and refuses,, then they have no right to feel anger, jealousy sadness, because they neglected their obligation of duty
sexuality in commitment
Posted:Jul 29, 2021 5:40 pm
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2021 1:12 pm

sexuality, cheating, infidelity, desires, fetishes how do they fit in when it comes to a relationship. are they considered, are they discussed openly, willingly and freely. or are they concealed, are they put on the back burner in hopes of avoiding uncomfortably talking about personal wants, desires, turn on's. most likely to avoid the chance of... shame, guilt, fear, condemnation, teasing or mockery , anger or disgust from their partner, the person whom they are supposed to feel the safest and comfortable with and from. and if it is talked about at all. it may not even be acknowledged, accepted or considered, when that is the case, that's when things can start to fall apart, when things and aspects get hidden and sexual satisfaction is achieved elsewhere.... this was the main problem in all my relationships (committed). those woman didn't believe me when i told them i am open-minded to an extreme, and that it takes a lot for me to get or feel jealousy. and that they can be brutally honest with me when it comes to their sexual desires, wants, needs, turn on's and fetishes. eventually each relationship came to an end. they "cheated'. then said i didn't think you really meant what you said.
so now i'm shockingly open and honest with my sexuality, my sexual preferences. and i am very open about it, at the beginning of any potential romantic or sexual relationship i may encounter or want, i believe it should be one of the very first topics of discussion in the beginning of a relationship. to avoid any negative situations that my come up in the future. make sure that sexual satisfaction will be a given, no one want to be emotionally attached to a dead or unsatisfactory fuck, with no sexual fulfillment, love don't produce orgasms
first sexual experience
Posted:Jul 26, 2021 6:05 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2022 7:55 pm

the first time i had a sexual encounter was when i was young, me the little sister of one of my older siblings best friends, we where around the same age , im thinking that we were about 5-6 yrs old,, me and her used to play around the block with each other. then one day she asked me if i wanted to play house, she will be the mommy and ill be the daddy, and like moms and dads they have work so we played as such, and at the the end of the work day she said well since im the mommy and your the daddy, we should do what they do,, she said we should have sex, i didnt know exactly what she meant, so i asked ok what do we do then? she said well we gotta kiss, so we kissed, that went on for a bit, then she asked me to start rubbing her body because thats what moms and dads do,, so we kept kissing and i felt her up over her cloths, then she said she liked how it felt and that we should do more, i asked ok what,, well she said i want you to lick and kiss my privates. i said ok you sure we should , she said yes, thats what moms and dads do,, so we went into her garage so that we could do it with out anyone seeing, they had an old car, she opened the back door pulled down her pants and panties sat in the car laid back and opened her legs and told me to start,, i did i did that for about 15 min, and then she said she really liked it and that it was her turn to kiss me down there,, and we traded spots i pulled it out and she started to suck it. after the first time we did stuff together lots till they moved away

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