Home center workers require payment into my juicy ass  

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11/22/2021 8:19 pm
Home center workers require payment into my juicy ass

I had some brush that I needed cleared out of part of my yard and I knew that I needed help get done. So I went over the home center pick up a couple workers. A couple guys came up my window right away and they seemed fine, so they got in and I drove them back my house.

We got started in the backyard was really hard work and after a couple of hours the day became very and we were sweating a lot.
The heat was intense and the work was hard so one of the guys took off his shirt and then the other guy took off his shirt. I was a ways away from them but i was getting overheated and so i finally took off my shirt. I could see them my direction as I pulled off my shirt, then they said something each other.

We had made good progress in the next hour but we were all pretty dirty and sweaty, so I told them to take a break while I went in and got some water and a few beers to cool us down. They stopped talking and glanced at each other as I came back into the yard. I could feel them watching me carrying over the drinks but I tried to not their direction as I walked, so I pretended be looking at the work that we'd done. I came up them and gave them their drinks, trying just at their faces and not accidentally glance at their chests, I didint want them get the wrong impression but when I handed the drink the bigger guy, I couldn't help but notice that he had gotten sprung, his loose shorts had a huge boner in them, the hugeness was catching the afternoon sun creating a big shadow on his leg.

I could help but glance at as I turned away go sit down. We all drank the water and a couple of beers than got back cutting and pulling. I don't know if was the beers or the heat but I kept having moments pulling down a limb or yanking on a bush when my body would bump up against one of theirs, either they would be too close and my arm would brush their chest, or their leg would be touching my leg as we pulled on a log or one time a branch gave way I fell backwards knocking the big guy over and landing in his lap my ass right on that huge log in his pants. I awkwardly got up but not able to avoid pushing down with my butt on that hard on. I apologized but he didn't seem to minded very much.

We were done and we were also sweaty and dirty. I told the two guys to go wait for me while I get their . I could see them talking about something and laughing while I was inside getting the cash. I gave the the shorter guys but he was shaking his head. The smaller dude said that was lots more work than they had thought so they needed more payment. The big guy was smiling the whole time while I explained that that was all the I had for the job. As the smaller guy was telling me that they needed get something else out of this job, I could see that huge bulge growing again in the big guys shorts.

I was trying listen the guy talking but I could see that huge thing pulsing and growing bigger and bigger. I looked over and saw him giving me a hungry stare, looking me up and down. I turned the shorter guy also seemed be growing a massive hard on and was asking whether he could wait for payment, and just as he said no, they needed payment now, I felt a big rough hand grab onto my asscheek and squeeze it. I kinda jumped since I hadn't seen the big guy come around behind me. He was saying something about how they need payment from me now and they aren't going to wait as he ran both hands all over my ass as I tried to push him off.

The next thing I knew, I had a bandana stuffed in my mouth and rope holding it in place to muffle my protests. I a private yard and with my mouth gagged, I had no chance of being discovered, and with these guys being much stronger and more muscular than me, I would never a chance fight them, they will me if they want , so I'd better give them what they want.

I was thinking this as I felt my shorts getting pulled down and huge rough hands sliding and grabbing my ass. I could see the littler guy pulling down his pants and letting his big wide cock come springing out. His head was pulsing and swollen as it swayed back and forth as he walked over me. The big guy grabbed my hands and pulled me over an outdoor bench so that my naked ass was totally exposed to that thick cock coming towards me.

The shorter guy came up being me and wiped a wet finger right up my ass crack to my hole. He pushed my legs apart to spread me open more and he shoved two wet fingers into my ass hole. He pushed them in and out and wiped his saliva all over my hole until was all slippery, then I felt his seollen head bump up against my tight hole. The big guy gripped onto my arms tightly as I felt the thick head squeeze into my hole and begin to slide into my body. He pushed hard, gripping my hips and his staff went all the way in, my hole stretching around him. The big guy had tied my hands down in the mean time and was unzipping his shorts as the guy started to pump my ass, sliding all the way in then coming out and pushing back in again.

My face was right in the big guys crotch as he pulled down his shorts and out came a huge thick arching cock. I'm kinda embarrased but i felt a wave of excitement roll through my body as the guy continued to pound my ass and the big guy put his massive cock in my face. He pulled off my gag and shoved his huge head into my mouth instead. The guy in my ass was swelling bigger and bigger as I sucked down on the massive head in my mouth. The big cock sliding in my mouth and the other cock in my ass, I was getting banged back and forth, and it felt so good all of a sudden I could hear myself moaning quietly to the rhythm of them entering me. Faster and faster the guy pounded my ass until I felt him swell up and go deep inside me, his liquid filling me and then pulling out and covering my crack with more.

The big guy pulled his cock out my mouth and disappeared behind me while the shorter guy put my gag back on. Then I felt the huge head bump up against my tight hole. I knew that i needed really open up if that massive thing was going into me, so I bent over more and spread my crack open wide. The guys seemed to like seeing me pushing my ass out cussed the smaller guy started to get hard again and the big guy spanked my big round ass cheeks hard. I could feel the blood rushing to the places<b> wear </font></b>he had just spanked me, but he smacked my cheeks again and again, making the red and as his huge head pulsed against my opening.

I was swing my hips back and forth with anticipation motioning the the shorter guy come over my face. He pulled off my gag and I sucked down hard on his rod as I felt the giant cock slowly squeezing into my ass, stretching wide open, I moaned and sucked again and again as the massive cock coated in the leftover cum slid deep into my ass.

Huge rough hands gripped my naked hips, as the big guy heaved his huge cock in and out of my ass, my hole getting pulled as slides along the contours of his massive staff. I suck down hard and deep as the big guy begins really ramming my ass, I can feel my insides getting filled up as the huge cock penetrates deep into my body.

I cant help but make moaning sounds each time the huge cock is hammered into my ass, my big round buns jiggling with each impact, my body rocking back and forth, pushing my mouth up and down the other guys growing rod. He keeps pounding my ass faster and faster, my opening stretching tighter and tighter as he swells with excitement, his breathing getting louder behind me. Then his hands grip tightly as he shoved his cock deep in my ass one last time, I'm feeling his huge cock growing deep in my ass, his head pulsing inside me and then suddenly great waves of juices start pumping into my body, the cock in my mouth also starting to fill my mouth with cum. My ass is filling up with cum, as the other guy pulled out and shot loads of liquid on my face, my mouth open catch some of the cum shots.

They both zipped up their limp satisfied cocks, put their shirts on, talking and laughing as they pass my naked abused ass still tied the bench, smacking as go by. I hear them leave through the gate and took me a while to free my hands. I wiped my face and my ass with my shirt then pulled up my shorts. My ass felt and abused but also warm and satisfied as I took a at the yard which did a lot better with that brush gone.

I was thinking that I might need fix the deck now that the yard looked so good. Could be a big job, I felt a wave of excitement as i realized that i might need go back get a couple of workers get the job done my satisfaction!

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