An experience  

KimCD8 42M
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2/21/2021 11:35 pm
An experience

So... dipped my toes in.

Met a guy thru a chat and back and forth for a bit. Seemed like a safe one to start with. Texting and pics led him to choosing an outfit for me. Black thigh highs, black lacy thong, frilly skirt.

I don’t typically host but I was horny beyond belief. I slid my plug in in anticipation. More texting and wasn’t hearing back from him. I imagined another evening by myself. Then I heard from him. He was waiting for his wife to go to bed.

I sent him my address. My heart began racing. Seriously was I about to do this?

Tick tock... then someone was at the door. He was there... I let him in. We made some quick small talk. And sipped some whisky. I led him to the couch where he cupped my ass and lifted my skirt. I undid his pants and his cock sprang out. Hard and ready. I opened my mouth and began to slide it in sucking gently and bobbing on it.

He eased me back and put on a condom. (I had put them
Out next to a bottle of lube) he lubed his cock then lifted my skirt. The reached down to move my thong and discovered the plug. He smiled as he tugged it out. Then lined my boi pussy and slid in.

I was finally getting fucked. He fucked for a bit with me in my back then I bent over on my knees. My clit was dripping. He was moaning saying he was getting close. He pulled out and took off the condom. I opened my mouth and sucked him to finish. Mmmmm

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