We are getting organized. We need your help  

LIBigroup 62G   
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11/26/2021 3:33 pm
We are getting organized. We need your help

We are reorganizing a bit right now with the<b> holidays.
</font></b>Working on a membership plan to separate the doers and the lookers. There are too many that say they will be there, but don’t show up. We are thinking about a small membership fee to secure that you are interested and not just jerking us off. I can do that by myself, but it is much more fun in a group. And I could use help. Any volunteers?
We would like to start groups all over Long Island, but we need people to commit.
On FriendFinder-x. We are LIBiGroup. You can sign up as a free member and access our group. We have paid to allow standard members access. https://FriendFinder-x.com/
Join us in our community groups… search for LIBi and our four groups should come up.
On Grindr, I am Bobi. From Riverhead area. I mention LIBigroup in my profile and you can always hook up with me there and find out about groups.
If anyone is interested in hosting a group in your area, let me know. We may form a hosting and organizing committee. I guarantee our meetings would be fun and we can form groups all over Long Island. Let me know if your interested and we will all get naked and make a plan!
Currently, we are gathering at an agreed on location, pitching in on a motel or hotel in the area and regrouping and having fun.
We need to work out a better communication system to inform members when and where to meet. For now that is https://FriendFinder-x.com/
We want to make this easier, so that we repeat this in other areas. Can you be a host in your area?

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