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My Sexual Plan For You!
Posted:Jul 25, 2021 11:19 pm
Last Updated:Mar 2, 2022 10:14 am

You are wearing a dress and white cotton panties underneath. I will take you to a nice place for dinner. We will have a drink or two if that suited you. Once the mood is light I will move closer to you and put my hand onto your knee, stroking your leg and moving down to your inner thigh. While working hard to be discreet I certainly won't let a little thing like the possibility of getting caught touching you in public serve as a deterrent. I will continue to stroke you moving closer and closer to your little feminine sensitive area until I felt the warmth that I am looking for. My fingers running up against the edges of your panties...but not too far. Just enough to feel your moisture. When I am sure that you are impacted by my touch I would direct the waiter to get our bill ready so I could take you home with me.

On the way to my house I again would run my fingers up and down your inner thighs toying with the closeness between a light tickle and a gentle press between your legs. If you were ready I would open you slightly with my fingers and massage your little girly pink parts while driving to our destination with my other hand.

Once we arrive at my house I will remove your panties before you get out of the car and take a hold of one of your knees opening your legs to make room for me to taste your womanhood with my tongue. I would run my tongue up and down and in and out of you until I was satisfied with our closeness. My hands would be all over your body and I would remove your top and bra. When your body showed me that you are ready, you would be instructed to get out of the car and walk to my house with no panties or top on.

Once we were at the steps leading up to the porch I would sit on the bottom step and position you facing me 2 steps above me with my lips pressed up against your pussy so I could access your little pink parts with my tongue and lips. I would reach my hands around to the back of your ass so I could pull your little sensitive area into my face when I wanted to insert my tongue deeper into your body. I would nibble on every little part of you sucking and kissing and licking and entering you with my tongue. I would not stop until I felt your legs get week from my efforts. I want to taste all of you and rub my face all over your little pink parts until I was completely covered in your scent. I live on a fairly public street with many neighbors, mostly men. They would be watching what was happening to you while we are on the porch. I can only imagine what that sight might make them want to do to you.

As I stood up I would reach down and pick you up holding your legs around my waist while we walked into the house. Your bare pussy and ass would feel the breeze and the coolness of the absence of my warm tongue and face pressed up against it as your little feminine parts were left open to the air as I carried you. I would carry you like this into my bedroom and lay you onto the bed gently. Once I took off what few remaining clothes you were wearing you would then be blindfolded. "Trust Me" I whisper into your ear. Your body yearning for my touch responds...and a calm comes over you. You lay there, listening and feeling everything in the room. You cannot see, only hear and feel. I take one of your hands and strap it down. You try to pull on it but you cannot free it. Your other hand is also secured. I then take one of your legs and spread it apart from the other and tie it to the bed... and then the other. You are completely vulnerable and open and unable to move from the bed. You then sense movement in the room. It's a presence that you do not recognize and you hear whispers but you cannot tell what it is. You are laying there naked, blindfolded, bound and vulnerable. Your pussy is aching for my touch. Just then you feel fingers moving up and down your body and exploring. More fingers than you can count. Wondering where these fingers will end up you start to arch your back and open your feminine parts to invite them in. This teasing goes on for what seems like a lifetime and then in an instant it stops. Your pussy wet from anticipation you lay there still. Your breathing is short and your body feels so sensitive that you can feel every movement in the room. Just then, you feel me place all of my weight onto you. I kiss your lips deeply and our tongues twirl with passion that screams FUCK ME NOW. Your knees open, all of my weight on top of you I position myself to enter you. You feel my tip sitting right outside of you. My pre-cum leaking onto the folds of your labia. I slowly enter you teasing you with each motion. My cock is as hard as you have ever felt and it feels very natural for you. Your pussy so anxious for me to enter. Just then your body is overcome with a fullness that you weren't expecting. I abruptly and furiously push up inside of you filling your fuckhole with all of my cock. For the next 15 minutes your body is pounded and thoroughly used by me until I cannot hold it in anymore. You feel my intensity growing with each thrust and my muscles are starting to tense up. You feel the tip of my cock swell inside of you larger and larger with every thrust. My motions are more purposeful and you know what is getting ready to happen for you have been through it before with other men and your body LOVES this. At the same time with every purposeful thrust of my cock your body meets it with equal intensity and you cannot hold on any longer. Just then your body loses control. You throw your head back into the mattress, your body seizes with an intensity that you have never felt before. Wave after wave your muscles lock up and release. Your pussy gripping my cock like it never wants to let me go. At that same instant I am unable to hold on. I release into your little fuckhole a series of spurts so intense that you will be feeling them for weeks inside of you. I am filling you up with my semen with every contraction of my cock. You instantly feel a warmth inside of you that is so comforting, so soothing, but I do not stop my motion. I carry on thrusting all the way through until our bodies are completely finished responding to our sex. I lay there on top of you still inside until the calm sets in and we rest for a little while. After several minutes you feel me get off of you. I pull out of you and you are saturated inside and out with the results of our sex. You feel slightly cold between your legs as the cool air takes advantage of your still wide open little fuckhole. You lay there...leaking still.

You then hear a commotion in the room and sense the presence of masculinity. The whispers are slightly deeper and there is movement around. You sense that you are being inspected. You lay there unable to know what is happening. After 20 minutes the commotion is gone and the door to the room is closed. I untie your arms and then your legs. I have a warm cloth prepared for you. As I wipe our sex from your body I still see evidence of our time together. The trauma of our encounter has left your pussy more pink then usual. It has clearly been used well and I have enjoyed you so...

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