First Post.  

LilTinBigD 51F
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6/29/2020 9:53 pm
First Post.

I'm in for the night, gent. It's bed time for me. For the curious among you, yes, I am hitting the sheets all alone. Who's fault is that?

easy_going2014 55M
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6/30/2020 10:57 am

Hi LilTinBigD

welcome to blog land

if you post a comment once you've posted your blog post

that will cause your post to appear on the main blog post page, beyond the one for the Texas bloggers

good luck with your search

be safe

To leave private messages, please use my confidential mailbox at my blog:

Good luck!!!

Rayateu 65M
261 posts
7/1/2020 8:27 pm

Not sure who's fault it is but it's definitely a shame. Wish I was there to help

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