My fantasy  

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10/26/2021 5:38 pm
My fantasy

After knocking, I hesitantly, but eagerly walk in. You tell me to close the door behind me and undress at the door. I comply. You tell me to walk over to where you are standing and kneel before you. Again, I comply. You tell me to unbutton your pants and pull them to the ground. You are not wearing any<b> underwear </font></b>so they slide down easily and expose your swollen cock. You step out of your pants so your legs are free from your clothing.

As I kneel before you, my cock starts to bulge anticipating that I will soon get to taste your pulsing tool enter my awaiting throat. You grab the back of my neck and draw me into your crotch. I do not resist and quickly swallow your entire thickness. You slowy pull my head back and forth along your now enlarged cock. I grab your balls and fondle them as you begin to work my mouth harder with every stroke. You switch to using both hands around my head and neck and start pumping harder, and faster, and deeper. Several minutes go by and saliva is dripping out of my mouth and down my face, when I suddenly hear your moan that you are getting ready to cum.....and a second later you release your nectar deep down my throat. You hold my face against your crotch until every drop of semen has coated the back of my throat. I gladly ingest every drop of your seed. I reach down and feel a dripping coming from my own cock. In all the excitement I released my own load all over my thigh. I am smiling.....

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