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10/25/2021 9:41 am

After a couple of positive message exchanges, Ms Smith requested a session with me based on my profile + a positive reference chec She let me know she enjoys getting a an hour or two after yoga class + working out at the gym.

We met at Ms Smith's place & I showed up a few minutes early with my kit.

Rather than work through the shifting and sometimes awkward towel maneuvering activities in the nude, she agreed to wear a 2 piece purple bikini with four ties around the neck, back and both thighs.

Ms Smith chose lavender oil since she enjoys the scent and the aroma relaxes her. She also talked about going through a particularly stressful time at work before I showed up.

I started Ms Smith's around her upper back and shoulders. I like to begin massages there since she described the stress she going through at wor I typically start with a few drops of oil and add more as the progresses. I untied her top bikini strap and started working.

I could instantly feel the tension in Ms Smith's neck and<b> shoulder </font></b>area. Her work stress evident here and I took my time to gradually increase the pressure from my hands using circular motions to work out the tight knots in her nec I added more oil to her upper neck + bac

She thanked me for concentrating on her neck area and I could feel her entire body relax into a state of calm as I worked my way downwards. I untied the strap around her back and massaged the lavender oil into her torso area. She let out a brief laugh when my hands wandered into the area near her breasts. She apologized and said there are parts of back that are quite ticklish. No worries I replied.

Based on the tension that persistent in her neck area. I pulled out my mini battery wand after getting her permission. I don't always use the wand because some customer don't like it, but Ms Smith fine and I used it along with my hands to drive deeply into her shoulders and neck muscles. I could feel the tension releasing.

As I worked my way lower, she let me know her left hamstring sore from exercise. After completing her arms and lower torso, I added more oil to both of her hamstrings and started to gradually the lavender oil into the back of her legs. Things started to turn a bit when she asked me to use the wand massager on the back of her legs. As I liberally moved the massager and my hands on the insides of her legs, I could see a wet spot appear on the surface of her bikini bottom.

Over the next few minutes, I took Ms Smith up to the edge twice before she climaxed in the face down position. After the flip, I continued to massage her frontside from the neck downwards until I reached her waist area where I gradually brought her to a 2nd orgasm. It a unique experience and after a few minutes of composing herself after her workout, she put her robe back on a got up from the table.

Sorry, you need to go now she told me politely - it turns our a friend coming over soon. She me the proper price + tip and I left her place as she requested.

Over the next three weeks, I anticipated hearing back from her, but nothing.

Then after 3 weeks and a couple of days, Ms Smith sent me a long anticipated - it seems she pulled her right hamstring at yoga and needs me to come over tomorrow for another session.

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