Being watched and three ladies to use me properly hehe xx  

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10/6/2021 7:20 pm
Being watched and three ladies to use me properly hehe xx

I love getting myself relaxed and ready then will start stroke myself good a hand for sometimes hours…….I had a neighbour once, large breasted, gorgeous ass and a beautiful woman, she was a sexy and extremely beautiful woman actually. I used put nawty shows for my lady at the time who loved finding me in middle of relieving myself, Brit out back verandah, so she could watch from second floor. My lady at time loved watching me wanking, made her dripping wet which I loved because her pussy tasted amazing. One afternoon I was actually sunbathing covered in oil and naked on my stomach. After a good half hour I turned over and to my shock and surprise the lady next door was at her side window on second floor and watching me, she didn’t know I could see her nor would I let her know this day. She had her breasts out and was using her vibe toy to give herself a nice slow work out , I could tell that only because of her right arm action, she was looking at me and licking your large sexy nipples, squeezing and pulling at her huge perfect tits and really loving licking herself whilst I now lay there all exposed. I then thought it best I do what she really was hoping, I poured a lot of oil over me , tubing into every nook and cranny ,then laying back on reclining outdoor chair and with slow but firm grip I began to pull my cock and slide my fingers amd down it well oil my balls and smooth tight ass, I got my cock hard, throbbing and I started really pump myself good, moaning with each pump and really pounding myself, I knew she was watching but I didn’t know how it turned her so much. She watched until coming and doing so so hard that I almost heard her but she kept it well within because she is a squirting goddess! my surprise she came over my side g (which I didn’t know she was doing) then she snuck close , her dressing gown her only cover, she snuck my left and continued watching until the moment I laid my head right back, that’s when she appeared(I did not act embarrassed) and she proceeded climb onto my face and let eat her perfect pussy, her tight hot ass, and she would stop and kiss too(which I love) and then in a type of 69 position she moaning I licked her fleshy hot wet pussy, her pussy was so wet and I loved it, she slid her hands over , massaged my body with her gorgeous tits and as I pumped my cock she would lick wherever she good.. I got so worked I picked her whilst her pussy was in my mouth, she held her body out away from mine and started tell how she had fantasies about what I would be like and that she thought my lady and I were s sexy couple…. I stopped her talking by then hopping bench which made her mouth basically land over my cock, she sucked my cock like a true goddess, she kept pushing her pussy and ass into my mouth and I did not stop licking it, kissing and sucking it, she was a dripping wet quivering mess actually which I loved and so did she… now, this is best part, my lady and another of the lady I was now with and eating her pussy came through back door and to my surprise they were in some truely hot<b> lingerie </font></b>as well as lovely collection of toys, cuffs etc. then I realised, my lady had set it all and I couldn’t have been more greatful her for that she was a great lady! Needless say, the remainder of the day and night was fucking amazing.. the ladies got comfy and watched wanking for next hour or so until I said my lady, I want extreme cumming which she knew meant, my G-spot! The ladies could do what ever they wanted and I did whatever the wanted too which meant ladies that needed be fucked and I did just that, through night and with , one then two etc I too was fucked good and proper by these wonderful women which I must say, was best time I’ve had with multiple ladies. In the morning my lady went to sex store and bought some bondage gear and the girls then really turned the intensity by going into a pack of wild and completely uninhibited and to a level I never knew existed in my lady or her friends giving that part of there life much care to show that they were anything but the wild, dominant, sensual and extremely adventurous and sexy ladies I now found clapping in cuffs, straps and chains and securing down and at times , and completely there’s. This great experience last two nights, I cum the hardest largest most mind blowing orgasms I ever felt, loads of cum literally dripped from when it was oozing from , skirting 4 feet from my cock over not just the ladies but over my chest, face etc… two ladies were squirting goddesses and I was drenched in cum and many other juices, my lady loved anal so I fucked her ass so hard she was going insane especially while one lady was kissing her and the other licking her all over…. Every month, last Sunday of the month, I was for over two years so lucky as be my neighbour and ladies thing, especially the wanking, they both loved watching wanking and I loved doing it for them…sometime later down the road I was actually the show at one of her friends birthdays and I’m proud say that from beginning end I wanked for close 11 hours that night, got sucked off by 4 different women, was restrained for about two hours by ladies strapping leather belts my wrists and pulling my arms out side so let the bday lady ride my cock and sit my face…..I had a classy and well made mask my lady got for and not one of her friends knew it was , keeping from talking made it fun but my moaning was enough get the point across! Haha the bday lady was a tall slim nerdy looking woman who I could tell wasn’t sure about doing it for all help and see but because I can eat pussy really great, because I can fuck for ages and because I love see whom I with feel good, she rode my cock really great, reversed cowgirl she loved and so did I, she was hot, smooth, wet and gorgeous and her pussy held onto my cock tightly… she sat on my mouth for about 30 minutes and finally did something I thought amazing, she took my cum, in her mouth, dribbled it over my chest and stomach, massaged it over me than whilst fingering herself she said thank you, begun to suck my cock and forced her tongue down inside my cock until her tongue was deep as could be, this felt strange but once she started rotating her tongue, my cock was just a cum tap, she really did something new which at first I thought nit good but then, as waves come over my body, I fucking loved it. I was held down still by two ladies, one each arm pulling the chain and strap. The were loving it and I couldn’t escape, nor wanted too! Lol I was with my lady four years until she moved to UK where I hope she is happy and fulfilled in all ways. This was from 2000 to 2004 and I loved, cherished admired and respected her like no other person I have known. A great friend, amazing lover, beautiful kisser and truely loyal. I miss her a lot. I would give anything to have her sitting in front of me, watching with gorgeous desire filled eyes me, as I pump my cock for her as long as she likes, how she likes and all for her… since then my largest wank with others was at a swingers party where I pumped my cock on a small stage whilst watching porn then let one wife lower her pussy onto my cock and wrap her fleshy lips around my cocks head and she just rode my cocks head and kissed me until when she came and she dropped down onto me hard and began loudly and hard and fast pounding me good, her husband telling me to fuck her, I then held her, picked her , spread her legs wide I could and proceeded fuck her senseless concentrating my efforts on maximum penetration and some great stamina(yes, it’s true) make sure she could feel my throbbing cock going into and out of her! About 5 of 36 or so people were around us watching and being watched, especially while wanking made go harder…. By nights end I was quite exhausted, made new friends, came times and last of , let the lady I fucked, fuck ! Double ended and cock like in its design she pounded hard, smashed my Gspot greatly which produced a huge squirting load going over myself and everything close by, my ass is smooth and been told quite nice and she was the first time I let that happen, she told me I had such a tight ass she really had to feed it into me with force, which once I relaxed more she said she fucking loved doing to me. Only during these moments do these things occur but my ass, that’s not been touched in a long while, it’s not my usual thing but if it makes a woman feel fantastic then I may just let her!!! I been single 8 years, am a funny decent interesting and intelligent guy who loves kissing, feeling, tasting touching experimenting, pleasuring and making happy the woman I am with. It’s not easy to find what we want at times but I hope soon I will.xxxx thanks Leanne, your amazing and four years with you were my happiest, not just for obvious reasons. Porche, my great neighbour (hahaha) your gorgeous, Kylie, ur a special kind of freaky. I wish you ladies every bit of joy and happiness this world can give to you. I love pleasure, pleasing and seeing a woman feel good is the best feeling I have experienced. To pleasure ur sexual partner properly means giving ur self to them both physically, mentally and for them to feel the is amazing. Love a long kiss now!!! 😘😊🌹😘🌹😘😘

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