That's MY address, dammit!!  

ManticoreEye 50M
240 posts
8/11/2021 11:12 pm
That's MY address, dammit!!

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ManticoreEye 50M
616 posts
8/11/2021 11:14 pm

It always bugged me that North York is south of York, and East York is far to the west of York.

author51 59F  
129041 posts
8/11/2021 11:43 pm

North York is fairly local to me here in Durham Region. I get those messages myself in my Junk mail..

akalion55 61M
11 posts
8/12/2021 12:13 am

I say make a new address

WyoCowboy7751 68M
2469 posts
8/12/2021 4:07 am

Sounds to me as though your e-mail account has been HACKED !!! Had that problem awhile back !! Deleted my 2 different accounts and started over from scratch !! NO problems since then !! Also ; Do Not Link one account to the other if given the option !!!

ManticoreEye 50M
616 posts
8/12/2021 6:31 pm

No, it's not hacked- it's just twits writing my email address when they mean theirs. Sometimes they've got a double s where their own has a triple s, or they've dropped off a vowel. It's definitely not worth the effort of getting a new address.

ManticoreEye 50M
616 posts
8/12/2021 6:32 pm

And I'm not giving up the email address I've had for almost twenty years because some idiot in Idaho can't spell his email address.

peninsula_ 51M
181 posts
8/17/2021 7:18 pm

I had a yahooo account before it was yahooo and they finally made me adjust settings every log-in before I could get to my maiil. That was the last straw and I switched.

So they wont change which means for this to stop, you might.

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