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8/25/2021 7:10 pm

You are standing in the kitchen doing the dishes. Your back to mine, as I watch from across the room. The little movements of your hips as you shift your weight on your exhausted feet. I approach you from behind. Pulling your hair back and you tilt your head slightly, revealing your beautiful neck. I place my arm around your stomach and kiss your salty skin. Your head rolls back. You lift your arm up to run your fingers in my hair. I can hear you breathing heavier. You push your body into mine. My hand wandering, feeling your skin thru the wrinkles in your shirt. I unbutton your pants and run my finger under the edge of your lacey underwear. I am kissing and sucking more on your neck. My breathing is getting heavier. I put my hand down gently rubbing your clit. You are shifting your hips as to where my hand needs to go. And every so often pushing your ass into me. I slowly lift your shirt off, and undo your bra. My fingers gently rubbing, and squeezing your nipples. My lips start kissing down your bare shoulders. As you turn towards me and I am kissing your breasts down your stomach. Slowly pulling down your pants as I am kissing my way down. I tease you by kissing thru your underwear. Kissing all around. Every so often going back to your pulsating vulva. My fingers running up and down your wetness. I pull your underwear down with my teeth. My nose rubbing along your body. I kiss my way back up your legs. You let out a slight moan with anticipation. Your knees bending as if to hurry me back up. I set you up on the counter, placing your legs over my shoulders as I start to lick the sweet juices of your wetness. Slowly my tongue is going in and driving you crazy as I slowly pull it out. The sounds of my soft kisses and moans are the only noises. I start kissing my way up. Pausing once again to kiss the pink soft nipples. Your breathing slightly blowing on me like a warm summer night breeze. The moving of our bodies as I am fully erected, and teasing you with touches. Your legs wrapped around me, as to keep me from escaping. The tilts of your head and arching of your back as I slowly plunge my manhood into your wet vagina. More moaning fills the air with every thrust. I pick you up, not losing place as your legs grip tighter as if you were riding a . I lay you on your back on the table, pushing in and out of you. I grab your arms and place them above you, holding in you down as I pick up a slight, but gentle, pace. The sounds of our bodies uniting together, moving as if they were one. Your moans make me push a little harder and pause before retracting back. Your body squirming, and wiggling with desire. My lips kissing your, now sweaty, body. I let go of your hands and half stand up, you are gripping the edge of the table because of the pleasure. The pace picks up as we reach climax. Our hearts racing. The seductive look in your eyes that lets me know the enjoyment you are experiencing. Your muscles clenching my shaft as your sweet wetness flows from you. And with every crashing wave that followed, you continue to hang on forcing the cum out of me.

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