First date fantasy at a restaurant  

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8/25/2021 7:13 pm
First date fantasy at a restaurant

The air was heavy. The night smelled of rain coming in. A warm gentle breeze blew across the parking lot. The lights were dim like a far off fire. He waited patiently smoking a cigarette. He saw the headlights coming from the distance. They had never met before. But he knew it was her. Hurriedly putting his cigarette out and rushing back in the restaurant, as to not look eager. She walked in; the hostess speaks to her as he waves to her. The hostess steps aside as she starts walking toward the table. Their nerves are both up. His eyes are watching as she gracefully approaches the table. He stands up and slips her coat from her. Places it on the on the back of her chair as he pulls it out for her to sit down. He walks from behind her taking in the exuberating smell of her perfume. He sits down directly across from her staring at her stunning beauty. She tilts her head down and to one side, looking out of the corner of her eyes to see if he is still focused on her. She looks back again as he starts to converse with her. His words stumbling with nervousness. A million thoughts running thru his mind and making sure he doesn’t let them thoughts escape him. He is paralyzed not being able to even blink as he takes it all in. she places her hands on the table and crosses them in front of her. The waiter comes over and asks about drinks. He breathes a sigh of relief to have his murmuring broken up. As she is giving her drink order to the waiter his eyes are not moving from her. He is watching the graceful moves of her jaw as she speaks. Paying close attention to how soft and radiant her skin is. Looking at the muscles in her neck move with every word. Dumbfounded when asked by the waiter for his drink order. They drink and converse. They restaurant is somewhat noisy with the small talk from everyone else. There is music playing in the background. But he doesn’t hear anything, hanging off of every word that her sweet voice says. To him there is no one else around. It’s as if they were the only 2 people in the world. The waiter comes back again and takes the orders for food. He again watches her as she is peering over her menu to catch a glimpse of him. They both order. She takes a sip of her drink and he watches her moist lips in awe of how luscious they are. There is slight flirting going back and forth. And subtle hints as to how they are feeling towards each other. The smells of the food, as it is brought out, are only masked by the beautiful smells of her. He is still overwhelmed with her beauty. They finish eating. And go to the bar to finish their night. The laughing and giggling as they are catching a slight buzz with their conversations. The subtle touches, the glances. She is sitting next to him pointing at him. Her legs are crossed. He gently places his hand on her lap. She covers it with hers as to let him know that she is feeling it too. They finish their drinks. He holds her coat to put it on her. They walk towards the door and he puts his hand on the small of her back as he opens the door for her. They stand outside staring into each other’s eyes. They are making small conversation. The gentle breeze blowing her hair revealing her naked neck. He walks her to her car and opens the door for her. She turns around before getting in. That stare drives him wild. He steps closer to her. Her hands reaching out for his body, she pulls him in closer as they start to kiss. The heavy breathing and the hearts racing, not sure on what to do. The gentle nudges of her pelvis against his manhood is letting him know that she is ready and wanting. He pushes her up against the car kissing her more frantically. His hand on her neck with his thumb caressing her cheek. Hands are pouring over each other’s bodies. The anticipation that awaits is too much for either one to bear. She whispers in his ear,” take me”. Forcibly taking her clothes and his clothes off as fast as he can. He thrust his cock into her as she lay on the hood of the car. Her legs bent and her hands running circles around his head. She is biting her lip as to not let out wild screams of passion as he overtakes her body. The heavy panting as both draw near. The pace quickens with joy and excitement for what’s about to happen. His mouth coming down and biting her shoulder. She screamed and came for him. She

exploded all over his dick with her hot fluids. Her muscles clenching his shaft as he pushes deeper into her. His balls slapping against her as she is shaking with lust. “Oh… fuck” she exclaims. This makes him impale her more. Every joint in her body was stiffened. She couldn’t breathe or even speak. He gave a final heart pounding slam to her, “oh my god!!” she exclaimed as his shot of seed filled her cunt. He slowly was moving it in and out, teasing her as she laid there shaking, and a pure rush of emotion and adrenaline had succumbed them both.

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