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1/30/2021 2:11 pm
Reviews of my work

I had the opportunity to have some editors,<b> writers </font></b>and erotic readers review my complete work again as I get closer to publishing. Here are some of the lights.

The one is not the complete story by story review just the beginning and ending. It puts a big fat smile on my . Oh and Remember I wrote these stories ish years ago. Also understand this is a pre-publication review. The reviewer has read this as a novel as opposed to a collection of short stories and doesn't know that there will be a forward. (that has more of Max's back story)
Title: Confessions of a Limo Driver.
Author: R.B Little
The novel Confessions of a Limo Driver was written by R.B Little.

As indicated by the title, this novel is a descriptive revelation of the sexual escapades and adventures of a Limo Driver who worked as a dispatch designated driver. If you're a fan of the popular 50 Shades of Gray series or Christiana Lauren's Beautiful Stranger, then this is a must read for you!

The steamy sessions are definitely a turn on, along with the simplicity of the author's use of language. There's nothing verbose about it, yet there is a striking use of vivid descriptions so effective that the characters come to life and the scenes play out right in front of your eyes.

Honestly, I've never been so mind blown by an erotica. Thousands of erotica<b> writers </font></b>simply write bad sex, the type that makes you want to cringe.
But this is where R.B. Little makes a difference, there's a lot of experimentation by the characters and the sexual fantasies are not limited. There's straight sex, bi, orgies, gay and even couples. Whatever sails your boat as they say! This steamy novel has got you covered.

But this isn't the best part yet.
Chapter begins a trip down the memory lane for Max. His longtime crush is back again and this time Max scores a goal. I think I quickly skimmed through this one. The sex scene was more emotional than the usual blow my brains sex. I think Max really liked Jesse and sort of wished they became a couple seeing how they had known each other for years. And unlike the others where Max goes in details to give every single act, I can tell his withholding a lot here. Maybe the moments were simply too precious to share.
You know how they say, the beginning and ending of a story makes a good ?
Well, this ending was certainly the killer twist, no one saw coming. You'd expect the Confessions of a Limo Driver to end with Max falling in love and having to tell his lover all of his last escapades or Max simply reminiscing, but no, far from it.
I bet all thriller lovers have definitely been waiting for some suspense, even the tiniest of it. glad to say Chapter did not disappoint. I mean, it would have been disappointing for Max to get away with all his explorations without a single repercussion or price to .
But what I didn't expect was the exact twist R.B used!
Who ever thought someone who hold a grudge against Max and try to frame him? I mean, there's little to say about Max's personal life asides his sedan chronicles. And from what I could read, Max was a very nice guy. He didn't sound rude or condescending. In Fact the thing he did too much was pleasure others.

I guess what adds to the thrill of this chapter is the fact that Max himself never saw it coming and neither did the readers. That someone so familiar would be used to orchestrate this blackmail.
Rebecca who plays the villain is a familiar to Max. Someone he knows and is very comfortable around. She plays the role of leading Max into the trap that plunges him into the chaos he finds himself in.

Surprising too is Cynthia from chapter 2 who makes an appearance. You must remember her. The one who's date abandoned her. Well, it's okay if you don't remember. There's lots of characters and it's hard to keep track.
But hang on, the juicy details are yet to come. Cynthia doesn't deserve the fate that passes down to her.
not going to spoil this one for you, so no spoilers.
And the scene is a heart breaking mixture of suspense and tears. I find it funny that Max thinks it's all a bad dream.
But not for too long anyways.
The last lines reveal Max's condo surrounded by cops and I really wish someone had informed him.
Again, I applaud this twist. I find it highly engaging, how somehow manages to delve into a little bit of suspense just right before the end of an erotica.
But it's R.B Little. and I give him a salute.
If I were to this chapter, it would be an 8/.
"Then, I am handcuffed and led off into the night"
No!! What happened to Max? Is he going to jail? What about his blackmailers? These and many more questions no doubt spring to mind.
Having read so many novels, I can't help but feel really starved. R.B Little built our curiosity to sap it all . And as much as I hate to admit it, it was a pretty good way to end the story. The goal is to pump the curiosity of his readers so they want more. And achieved it did, for I can say there's no way anyone wouldn't want to know what happened to Max.
Having been introduced to Max, it is quite easy to form an attachment to me. In addition to the lack of character development between chapters, Max's role as the main character stands . Even if you're simply skimming through, you'd easily pick his name.
I think it would have a great idea to give other characters significant roles rather than just having multiple names for each chapter. However, I loved the graphic description of every erotic scene. Nothing cringey or irritating. I also loved the balance R.B. tried to create. It wasn't just a story to appeal to straight people alone, there's a piece for everyone regardless of your sexual orientation and that in itself is a /.
I would gladly recommend this to all lovers of erotica, of Sylvia , Nora Roberts and E.L James. This is one piece sure to give you satisfaction.

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