i cant believe ....  

Meinoccencekim2 45F  
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10/12/2021 2:20 am
i cant believe ....

Growing up, i did not even think of myself as something sexy or erotic. probably did not even know that i could be what i want. ive learned how to be sexy and keep my boxes ticking through of FriendFinder-x. I have an "ass fucker" that is strictly for fucking my ass. Me! I feel alive being sexual. And I have a young hott guy that only fills my ass up with his cum.. i secretly really like him covering my face and hair full of cum.. oops. that could possibly have let the cat out of the bag, sharing this experience with you guys. I am proud of myself that my ass has an "ass fucker". It is fucking hott. i want more , just more and more, I like that my ass can take it as i want . Believe that !.

Heres how it happened tonight . It had been way to many days since he was free to fill my ass full. like 2 weeks . the conversation starts pretty direct , i think. we both know his role and he knows how much i love him fucking my ass , that is strictly his role. When he responds, i leave no time before i am replying. i have to have, i yearn to feel his cock in my ass. he owns my ass when ever the fuck he wants it. i would be insane to not allow this in my life. when he fucks my ass and fills my ass up with his cum ,i feel alive, i come alive tonight he comes over. i let him in and he follows my ass upstairs, i share with him that i was helping him out, because i put a metal ass plug in my ass, waiting for him. it is super hott and hypnotizing the way he says thank you. i take my place right away , as i starting to bend over the bed, while, i start pulling my panties down and exposing my bare ass, a little bit. instantly his next move was to finish taking my ass. he slowly removes my ass plug from my puckering ass hole, then he goes back and teases my tight ass, a couple of times with my ass plug. and he then replaces and i finally get to feel his cock , which is the main goal of course .it is my only goal, his cock is so much better.. i mean incomparable with a any butt plug. his cock fits my asshole, as it should. he totally and completely gets me. his cock was made for my ass.

forgotforgetting 55M  
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10/12/2021 1:41 pm

Congrats! It sounds like you are well matched.

Welcome to the blogs.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

rm_1littlehose 59M
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10/12/2021 1:56 pm

To have a sensual woman such as you that loves to have her ass fucked, would be amazing! Keep up the Blogs please!

Leegs2012 49M  
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10/12/2021 1:58 pm

Beautiful!! Welcome to Blog Land!!

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