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My thoughts, striving to be sensual, and my life seeking to be loving.
A love life pragmatic, and erotic, and humourous.
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Posted:Jan 6, 2021 8:15 pm
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2021 4:36 pm

If you like the posts, please click on the "Watch This Blog" link in top right hand corner. I shall be updating regularly - if not daily (the more watchers, the more incentive in my tiny narcissistic lizard brain to post more).

If you like something, please leave a comment. If you have an idea, or reflection, on your own loving of life, feel free to include that in your comment. If you have a suggestion to prompt my Muse, please make it.

And yeah I am all for obvious titles on posts, as above - though poetic licence will be taken, when the title refers to what occurs in the post, or to a poetic, or explicit erotic, interpretation of the post.

So, yes, I will try and stay the right side of explicitness in the erotic writings here - but you know.....to some people kinky is using a feather to others the whole chicken....so your mileage may vary.

With Passion: Enjoy. Share. Live. Love.
A kiss
Posted:Aug 25, 2021 3:58 am
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2021 7:05 am

A kiss
A kiss
A hand along your back
Lightly raking nails down spine
Over small of back
Slipping down over buttocks
Teasing forth heat
Sliding onto inner thigh
Sensually caressing
Fingertips delving
And throwing head back
Eyes closed
Luxuriating in sensual shocks
In breathy moans upward
As orgasm revealed arriving.
So Tell Me What Will You Do?
Posted:Aug 24, 2021 7:27 am
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2021 7:06 am

So Tell Me What Will You Do?
"And you talk a good game, so tell me what will you do?"
Such a heavy question lay
Upon the table between us
Having met and you are smiling
"And in truth beautiful lady you talk true,
What could a man do impress you
What feats of strength or bravery willing
What foe defeat or treasures bring
What poetry write or songs of loving sing
And yet all are empty in terms of loving
For in loving one must humour bring
And imagination each moment shared
Discover the things you have not yet dared
Find the touch which brings fire to your eyes
Makes passion sear across your thoughts
A handful of silk ribbons I will bring
My lips which do not lie in desire kissing you
My fingertips which would teach your body to feel
And blazing lust to consume you and make mind reel
Every moment you will know love is yours
Allow you to mark my back in orgasm's throes
This body these lips this tongue and mind
Serving the passion and pleasure in your soul
Make you curl at a brushing stroking touch
As gentle as the summer breeze across your skin
And other times the roar of a storm
A gale of lust lifting us and carrying us up
Breaking our thoughts from this world too small
To understand the passions and pleasures to which we aspire
And most importantly I bring an ear
To listen as you exhale to passion rhythm
Listen and feel as your body reacts
Every erogenous spot found and greeted
Brought to a fleeting peak
And held tethered until the storm breaks
Until orgasm consumes all senses
And you awake sated and alive
to drink again from this love making anew."
And her eyes sparkled and her smile curled

Joining of You and Me
Posted:Aug 23, 2021 10:09 pm
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2021 7:08 am

Joining of You and Me
Break the tension of moment with a kiss
The effects ripple outward from our mouths
Heart beats faster a stroking hand catches thigh
Inside the kiss you sigh and pull in closer
See how breathless we can be
As buttons tugged aside and breast exposed
A teasing tantalising tactile caress
Feel nipple harden under fingertips
Arousal in the air as my jeans tugged down
And all beneath falls with
You swing a leg around my torso bringing me down
Is missionary but will do you say as hips to hips
And deep inside humid heat hardness slips
Your teeth into my shoulder as I rock back
Your embrace tightening as thrust in deep
Your voice in kiss seems to leap
Demanding more and wanting more and sliding
Sensually aroused grind against my hip
A spasm shakes you to the core
And deep inside your muscles clench and hold
The passion the feeling overwhelms
Thoughts depart as rock quicker
The connection between grown slicker
Not a rhythm set this is chaotic surge
The tsunami of orgasm purges rationality
We are two animals locked and rutting free
Nothing more natural than seeking this pleasure
These sensations and this elation
In the lustful shouting joining of you and me
Whisper caress under your skirt
Posted:Aug 23, 2021 5:35 am
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2021 5:55 pm

Whisper caress under your skirt
Did we forget something, I say, pausing at the doorway. The others are already ahead, two shops ahead, as I lean into the doorway, invite you in to join. Lean head down to taste those lips of passion, and tackle that inviting tongue. Hear and feel you humming from deep within your body. As if were a Winter storm raging, we embrace tightly onto each other.

Legs are each around other entwining, and hips to hips meet, as we are growing breathless in this kiss, and my goodness such a wave of heat. As my fingers running over, the lines of your body, beneath those clothes I know, lies a wonderland worth exploring. A place to not be hurried, to devour every inch and morsel, taste the skin so warm, have you panting and wet at each lingering sensual touch.

A whisper caress under your skirt, along bare inner thigh. Fingers brush against heated mound, as our bodies against each other try and grind, seems we are not on ground, are unbalanced for clinging so tight in embrace. Feel your nipples taut rubbing, through your top into my chest. As my questing fingers, lightly stroke and feel humid dampness of your underwear....and fingers try and reach for more.

You lift a leg to give better access, to this body of your own, and stroking I sense a fire in the kisses given has again in passion grown. Pressing against mound rubbing slow, and firm, and fine, feeling as your hips begin to circle, following my touches as the glide.

Over bare skin to cloth, and behind elastic slide, and there push skin aside, in clit's crevice finger stroking moves.

You suck on my tongue, as if to rip it out. Your body against mine, incredibly, moves even closer, as my fingers lightly rubbing stroke. Catch drop of arousal dripping, and on fingertips return moist, to the clit awaken throbbing.

Such lust is in our hearts, we could....

....a call from halfway down the street reminds us....of the others we must rejoin...and a smile, and kiss, and glance, that says this moment paused shall not be lost, it will be a start, for fire later on.....

this sensual silent purpose
Posted:Aug 23, 2021 4:38 am
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2021 12:28 am

this sensual silent purpose
Listen to your talking as falls into a lull
Steal your breath away with stroking hand on thigh
Seal the words building with kisses full of play
In the silence find a passionate eroticism to work
Hands on hips holding you in place
As sawing between your thighs a hardness out of place
The consensual words are given
Thrusting in so cleanly and so deep
Feel you consuming from end to the peak
The conversation descended into breathy moans
You coo as fingers give attention to your breasts
You set the rhythm to rocking of your hips
As another finger trailing trails over your clit
And your hips jump as if the buffers this train has hit
A sensation of explosion sealed deep within
An ecstasy of flying sensual purpose
Hurried breathing rattled and a long groan
as demand this moment's completions
Before demand to begin again
Show some bloody stamina for she who has had you once
Demands more entertainment urging into harness once again
Bring the hardness deep and hit the places sparking
As you cavort upon this peak of joy instilling
Spun out by passion desire and lust
Taking taste and learning what is needed
For this new one to discover
The joy of serenity complete
When our rutting cries set the tone.....

every star dust atom
Posted:Aug 22, 2021 6:53 am
Last Updated:Sep 6, 2021 6:35 pm

every star dust atom
Heat, and dreams, and Hope
To be as if blind
and scent your presence
allow kisses move on your face
adore the one you are with
this moment eternity of thoughts
all of creation to this moment brought
every star dust atom from which we built
the billions of years transversing
all of space to create our presence now
synchronicity evolution inevitability
this moment this breath these lips
a kiss to set the passion rising
to fire the neurons of the brain
to associate intense pleasure
the narcotic of loving
of carnal sparking of desire
to orgasm supernova.
after online first date....
Posted:Aug 19, 2021 6:43 pm
Last Updated:Aug 25, 2021 3:10 am

So after online, you meet, see if chemistry exists beyond the screen first date after online ,

...and you discover it does, the kiss good night, farewell, signals passion, desire, and arousal.....so do you:
No sex till third date, no matter how tempted!
Simply enjoy the kisses and wait till next time.
Extend kisses to a true make-out session, but that is it.
Invite them back to your place and see what develops.
If the chemistry is there, why wait....come with me tiger!
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first date after online.....
Posted:Aug 19, 2021 6:36 pm
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2021 12:36 am

first date after online.....
What is the dream and image carried
In heart and mind find
Talk a while and conversation have
Learn something about the other
An inkling of chemistry
An inkling of erotic mystery
A hunger aligned your own
A philosophy close
And then arrange meet
see if chemistry can leap
from small screen into life
if allure can survive sunlight
you talk awhile sizing
any lies about height or size of cup
and get used this strange voice
still it must be your choice
so lean in and lips brush
against cheek and turn and meet
lips lips a first touch
deep inside the sudden rush
the roller coaster descending down
in pit of stomach fallen away
your heart beat speed rocket
so nice those lips which you sup
and hands tangle over each other
hold entwined as if bodies of two lovers
the erotic thoughts rolling in your head
wonder how might curl together in bed
such a quickening of what expected
wonder if because for too long neglected
is it this person or within yourself
because of joy or too long on shelf
the meeting in the cafe ends clumsy
how do you end something you want to extend
holding back and wanting to move forward
not to be too eager is goddamn awkward
and walked back to where car is parked
lean in again and kissing feel again the spark
an arousal sweep through body raw
you do not want to move from this door
could lean against car evening long
sharing kisses deep passionate and strong
too fast too slow are now just words
those caressing hands slip over curves
this heat you feel and so light-headed
is it to soon to say you want to be bedded
are you that type of person
don't you want longer to be certain
is only first meeting physical you have had
then again the talks online covered much
breathless in these kisses you enjoy
is this chemistry deep or just some ploy
to draw you out of your depth and then
you might drown and feel hurt again
these kisses though they seem to ask so little
just lean in and enjoy as lips meet in the middle
what should you do on this first date
leap right in or should you wait?

And in support of this poem/thought, I added another post containing a poll. Looking forward to your answer/s!
From Sigh to Sigh
Posted:Aug 18, 2021 6:12 pm
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2021 6:05 am

From Sigh to Sigh
Kiss lick suck stroke
caress address thumb rub
nip bite scratch feel
fondle cup chew thrust
listen as begin
to devour you from end to end
sense how your heart quickens
the heat grows and thighs glisten
the trembles and quakes of your body
the inward breath or breath just held
the flushing cheeks growing red
the neck elegantly craning back
the hands reaching down to grasp
the sigh the moan the gasp
every sound sight and move
replay and seek anew ignite
find erogenous you did not know
begin to pleasure build it high
slow or fast or from sigh to sigh
till shattered gasping scattered
you sprawl upon the bed as if fallen
from the sky and landed here
and all that matters and mattered
the uninhibited unconscious smile
upon your face relaxed and by pleasure sated.

those words of fantasies
Posted:Aug 18, 2021 9:02 am
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2021 9:04 am

those words of fantasies
Find the time to talk
Your voice grows husky
As you nurse the heavy glass
As you lean forward across the table
Speaking those words of fantasies
The things you wish to explore
How this talk makes you wet to the core
My hand on your thigh warmly strokes
My fingers reaching feel your heat rising
Moisture and sight stickiness of fact
Is this another fantasy
In this public place to find
As fingertips slip across lower lips
Gather dew and lightly run it into
The bare skin of your thighs
The slight roll of your belly
and I think I can almost smell
above the bar aromas historical
your aroused exotic scent
and as I say you lean forward again
talking through urgency of kisses
sucking on my tongue as I suck on yours
almost choking mid kiss as hit by a shock
a finger reaching in and under and upon
lightly brushes over exposed swollen clit
and you shift in your chair closer
so my hand can reach more agilely
and deeper my enquiring fingers stroke
as you hold onto my arm tight
and you press your face into my shoulder
to someone else might appear we are cuddling
but you are smothering murmurings of pleasure
holding yourself as still as you can
as the ecstatic pleasures ripple through you
one of your shoes falls off
you clamp your legs upon my hand
as fingers lightly press and stroke
until the dam of desire by caressing broke
and you bite upon my neck
as a fantasy often considered and never done
is completed and we have only just begun.....
you gather breath and eyes sparkling
declare we should leave so we can begin
and tonight a train take back to your apartment
so many places and so far to go
where we can explore the exhibitionistic fervor
of these fantasies of freedom and rebellion you harbour.

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Spun Honey
Posted:Aug 18, 2021 6:48 am
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2021 7:33 pm

Spun Honey
Spun honey on my lips
Such an exotic erotic spread
Dew drop nectar rising from within
I hear buzzing content from you
As with tongue extended I endeavour
To catch every drop of honeyed nectar
Warm and slick and such tang
This honey from pleasure born
And lick around and back and in
Darting tongue nimbly navigates
Over velvet thighs and crevice small
Sucks in the pearl presented
And fresh gushes of honey occur
As your whitened knuckles grip sheets
Your thighs over my head close
Hips rising thump in eager rhythm
As I drink my eager sensual fill
And your cries undulate upward
Till an ululation joyous expressed
Then your hips and thighs drop
As I lick this sweet spun honey
Gathered so rich and deep.

You are bridge between
Posted:Aug 17, 2021 11:03 pm
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2021 6:36 am

You are bridge between
You lie relaxed in middle of day
savouring the dappled light
and a light breeze
you are bridge between
as I lean down to lightly kiss
full lips curved in passion
the desire present building
as kisses deepen between
my thoughts and yours
a hand around my neck pulls me down
as my hands shift your blouse up
sensual caresses across bare skin
and feel you roll into each caress
feel your kisses deepen and body press
you are the bridge between
as disrobing takes form
of touch and stroke and explore
of lifting breast to lips and savour
the delight of your body
physicality of this building heat
as hand slides between thighs
strokes across a molten presence
taste your sigh in our kisses
feel the response in hips rise
an urgency to kisses builds
a lust for pleasure to share
stroking within and curling
tips of fingers within
to scrape gently at such sensitivity
and now the moment restrained passes
legs lock my own hips in place
demand a fusion composed of viscous heat
merging with lancelike hardness
we meld together in rhythm
align our panting breaths
as you are bridge between
the sweet carnal physicality
of our earth-binded forms
and the soaring ecstasy
godlike and divine in pleasure
a channel of burning heat
a rising surging tide of delight
a sparkle of fireworks detonating
in our body's spasm and mind's climax
you are bridge between
need and want and desire and lust
in love making our passion create
a moment sublime and of ethereal beauty
beyond reach of a mortal alone
you are bridge between.


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