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as breathless breath anew.....
Posted:Aug 17, 2021 5:39 am
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2021 5:41 am

as breathless breath anew.....
Let me pile the words up
like kisses down your body
and register your disdain
as words only cannot win a heart
after words in sensual alignment begin
as if I was Adam and you were Eve
and at the start of history we begin
blind to all scars and errors past
instead ready to ignite passion blast
through kisses where lips melting meld
supping on your lower lip
toying with each others tongue
feeling heat and boldness grow
in thoughts and in hot blood
with passion tear aside these clothes
unbind you into my sight
as unwind inhibitions slight
make you want to coo and cry aloud
shriek a name as you ride orgasm wave
be naked and be respected and brave
holding close in naked nudity
and when you rise no reason to robe
for only thoughts I have are praise
for the reality of curves and heat
the beauty of calves into thighs
the exotic taste of your juices
a delight to captured and treasured
to be brought out and pleasured
make the bed shake with our passion
ignite the desire to feed a furnace of lust
explode in moment as if we realised
this moment this life ours then dust
as kisses suck at bottom of breast
find your flanks unattended
taste and suck and lick
make your legs tremble as you stand
as my fingers delving caress
the heat of your core
the juices spread on your inner walls
thumb roll smoothly over clit
and watch your face as pleasure hit
as you soar and breathless breath
as breathless breath anew......

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Too Long Apart
Posted:Aug 17, 2021 4:40 am
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2021 4:41 pm

Too Long Apart
Too long apart by destiny made
no time for cold recollection of months past
the wasted time obliterated with first kiss
sense the fire in your breath
the heat in your breast
the wetness of your sex
as you bring a man back to life
your teeth in my shoulder keen
as you curve hip and shoulders tight
shred and shed these mourning clothes
and again find the colour in the sky
the colour mischief in your eyes
the colour in your cheeks rising
as fingers brushing grazing caressing
on inner thigh feel muscles tremble
this sweet reward for our pandemic subjugation
the opportunity to sensual share
the spark of life the taste of honey
such nectar gushing warm
the ambrosia of our pleasure
taste on my tongue your eagerness
and you open and accept this gift
deep within thrusting and turn
and hold as shuddering breathing
was once never a race to you
now every moment a race
to suck the sweet marrow from life
to shake your bones and stun your mind
in supernova orgasmic waves
make ourselves whole again
together as hips clashing meld
moulding through sound sight and scent
this perfection of erotic action
only you and I can passionately invent
riding the surging rising wave into the shore
a prayer a whisper and a gasp
as you tighten around me again for the first time
and not this day or future shall be the last.

a Winter of Covid Lockdown
Posted:Aug 16, 2021 7:07 pm
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2021 4:41 pm

A Winter of Covid Lockdown
Between Winter clouds Sun peeks out
warming body tightly clad
a Winter of Covid lockdown
Penned within our walls
Held by our thoughts of community spirit
And consumed by thoughts carnal
of tongue tip on lower lip
of flirtatious smile and glance
of hair brushed back to show
more bare skin alluring
the sheen and shine of heat
on your skin glowing
as the Winter Sun from leaves wet glints
this Sun also hints
at a southern hemisphere Spring approaching
and a chance of broaching
all these limits as lockdown recede
taste lush bare skin and feed our need
for touch and heat and pleasure
feed each others desire deep
and warm in loving embrace keep
all these things a future see
once lockdown recede and time for you and me.
Fun Fusion
Posted:Aug 12, 2021 8:02 pm
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2021 8:04 pm

Fun Fusion
A swirl of hair pushed back
Down your throat kisses track
Collarbone nibbled with intent
Your hand brushing as lust barely pent
Nails slip under shirt and rake
Scratching back as tensions quake
A nipple slipped from beneath your bra
As nibble sucked you release an Ahhhhh
Legs wrapped close feel hardness and heat
A sensual caress where bare skin meet
Disrobing a dance of touch and move
Then lean forward slip into your groove
The heat and grasp of molten spot
Growing suddenly intensely hot
Our rhythm set we breath in time
This cadence our own loving rhyme
Forward back deeper twist
Against we fall and then we lift
Together as one we rush to complete
The orgasm sought and then repeat
Clitoris rolled as you rock
Across all thoughts orgasmic shock
Holding tight as body rigid leaps
Frozen smiles as each orgasm greets
The other rushing to conclusion
And then we rest till next fun fusion.

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Posted:Aug 7, 2021 11:09 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2021 11:10 am

Kiss these eyes made blind by passion
closing in depths of this kiss
the hands reach out to stroke
warm skin in sensual waves
lift up the ambrosia dripping
sweet evidence of desire
and lust as we hold each other
free each other to reach for
erogenous zones oft neglected
hollows and curves and niches
explore entirety of you
this landscape of a lover
mapped and remapped in detail
every time we meet
every time you blind me with passion
and I must read your body
this sweetest work of braille.
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Drought is Broken
Posted:Jul 26, 2021 3:36 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2021 11:03 am

Drought is Broken
Thunder lightning wind
scar the world outside
light and sound and fury
and upon the tin roof
angry rattle of heavy rain
the storm outside and within
shielded from those elements
our passions unleashed
a fusillade of kisses
along spine and buttocks
such heat blossoming free
every inch a sensual landscape
so long a drought has stood
apart and divided
by pandemic broad
now the drought is broken
rain breaking upon the roof
thunder lightning and passion
and kisses which burn
deep memory of this night
Leaning into your Smile
Posted:Jul 23, 2021 4:03 am
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2021 6:18 pm

Leaning into your Smile
Leaning into your smile
listening to your murmuring
as my lips close on butter soft thigh
teasing into my mouth with light suction
these kisses responding to your beauty
the scents erotic exotic lure me
tip of tongue catch rising honey dew
twitches across sensitive skin
you let out a deep groan
teased aroused floating
leaning into your smile
your thighs close over my head
as my lips move upward
my tongue laps at wet heat
eliciting rumbling moans
then lips go in and suck
teasing aroused bud out
pearl polished between lips
light pressure and darting tongue
rewarded by you closing thighs
arching back and lifting hips
as pleasure arcing between
a cri de coeur loud expressed
leaning into your smile.

Beneath the thin band
Posted:Jul 19, 2021 7:38 am
Last Updated:Jul 21, 2021 4:43 am

Beneath the thin band
Silent are our thoughts, a mystery to anybody else, And yet lean in and share, this physical intimacy. feel the hand stroking up your leg, onto thigh, brushing aside and beneath this skirt you wear. The trembles in your body, the slight nod of affirmation, to continue this delightful exploration as around us the world does move. Ordering another two coffees, seeming to sit deeper into our seats, as the light here within are dimmer, as if to hide the food one might eat. And feeling beyond the soft sensual skin of thigh, which seems to vibrate at my touch, a deeper heat, a furnace core around which your thoughts in this moment.

Leaning into me and across, whisper in my ear simply a breathy exclamation, as fingers eager cleverly stroke over thin cotton of your underwear, press gently and feel the moisture seeping hot beneath, as you move one leg slightly to a new angle, to give greater and more easier access to your core. Your own gripping and moving along my leg, toward my waist. A pause as we kiss, deep, and blind, unseeing of everyone else here, of all of existence and universe, as only reality and presence is of your lips, your touch, my touch, your breath, our lips, and duelling dancing tongues.

Beneath the thin band my fingers slips, stroking, reaching, nimbly bypassing clothes restriction, lifting and pressing onward. a tip of finger draws down in cleft between these lower lips, lightly brushes over such sensitivity and for a moment your legs clamp shut at sweet torturing pleasurable sensation. You lean in anew, place and mark my neck with your eager kiss, breath words into my ear "will you always tease so, and ease so, and please me so. Will you make me want..." as my fingers, tow of, slip in, and delve, and lightly spin in the sticky dew of your arousal, as you loose words in sharp intake of breath.

"Coffee." Our drinks delivered, placed upon the table. And you blush, and a fire red across your face. And I stroke again within, a stretching finger tip down one inner wall, pressing, teasing, awakening, as I listen to how your breathing changes, the movements of your body, how a certain touch makes you hold your breath, chew upon your lower lips, tremble as if your entire being, your entire placidity were not only a mirage, but the tension upon a pool of water so full, another drop might cause it to explode, to overflow, as such, and same, your own sensations, as slip and lightly thrust with questing fingers, and feel your hand clamp tight, lock upon my leg, as you bury your head in my shoulder once more.

No words you speak, instead a breathy almost silent shout, of Yes. And your knuckles tight upon my leg. Your legs closing, clamping my hand and fingers in place, and feel a fresh spill of heat, a fresh spasm in your hips, lifting outward, and upward, pressing your body stronger against the places where fingertips touch, as on fulcrum of my touch, my stroking, you balance already of your pleasure, itching this delightful sensation.

Beneath the thin band is heat, and moisture, and pleasure, and prophecy of things yet to come. You whisper in my ear, before taking to your coffee, as your draw your own hand across my thigh, across hardness hot beneath thin denim. "Oh such promises, and such gifts to be shared....".
Posted:Mar 1, 2021 8:18 pm
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2021 8:48 am

The smile curling into ecstasy
Shudders through your body
The hear and moisture deep
Savage heartbeat racing
In this passion we fall
Against each other grind
Lost in thoughts of pleasure
Consumed by orgasmic peak
Eyes close and to world lost
Each other all we possess
Hunger almost sated
All hopes here reside
All future inside
We are the nub of future
An entwined potential
Calling out our pleasure
For our lover alone to hear.

fire anew
Posted:Feb 15, 2021 5:51 am
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2021 3:06 am

fire anew
Valentine's Day is past
24 hours of love which seems cannot last
And yet that is not our human way
We do not love for just a day
The world keeps spinning round
And potential lovers can still be found
Cupid has restocked his quills
Which bends our minds to what Cupid wills
Everyday has the potential to again be
A Valentines Day for loving free.

In The Rain, Within We Joyously Burn
Posted:Jan 28, 2021 11:48 pm
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2021 7:50 am

In The Rain, Within We Joyously Burn
Rain on the roof a lullaby
as we together dozy and cosy lie
the windows streaked with rain drops
seems today this rain it never stops
and my hand is stroking across your bare back
as if a small series of rain drops did trail and track
warm and sensual tactile bring to life anew
the pulsing reservoir of passion resting within you
leaning in closer and sharing a lingering kiss
lips to lips fueling our own languid bliss
a stretching and repositioning of legs and arms
my lips move from your lips to attention other charms
fullness of heavy breast and taut entreaty of rosy nipple
tasting you deeply my favourite addictive tipple
gliding arm and leg over body and arm and leg
entangling ourselves as upward desires peg
dragging breath from each other with kisses alert
feeling brush of your buttocks warm as you flirt
fully aware of the sensual movements of bodies bare
of yours and mine and the pleasures we can share
a caress over bare exposed sensitive warm thigh
elicits from you a teeth gripping lower lip sigh
spinning into each other in more intent embrace
juices rising and thoughts spiraling as hearts race
our moments of rapture as the rain continues to fall
our pleasure rising from kisses and touches small
an entire firefront unleashed and senses set afire
as we touch and kiss with more fervent desire
the wetness and exotic tang of juices on tongue
as storm outside inside together loving cling
giving solace heat joy sensation and pleasure
two travellers marking life in passion beyond measure
in the half light from a Sun shrouded in cloud
see you kneel and arch your back with a groan loud
a suitable compliment to busy fingers which work
in dampness and heat to make your buttocks tweak
and then the tigress is out and atop my waist and chest
one hand on my shoulder pressing me back to rest
as smiling straddle my body and lower yourself down
with small actions maneuver till heat and wetness surround
as I thrust my hips upward you begin to ride me to the tune
a rhythm within your head and I think of this great fortune
to give pleasure and have pleasure shared in return
as the raindrops fall outside within we joyously burn
rising and falling and my thrusts becoming less controlled
as your body bouncing urgently seeks to more closely mould
a gasp and a shudder and an unrhythmic thumping rush
we orgasm together as bodies against each other crush
collapsing in smiles as by stark climatic urgency exhausted
together sated listening as rain's lullaby on roof hosted.

Not Here Too Long
Posted:Jan 28, 2021 4:01 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2021 7:18 am

Not Here Too Long
Like the cliche of a rock song
let us burn now for not here too long
the satanic majesties are willing
the leaf smokers are chilling
let us find our better halves
and put aside those social slaves
let us unlock the gate to passion
let us have our bodies crashing
lips to lips and hips to hips
deep inside the core hardness slips
brush back this hair grown wild
be free and open as were once a
embrace the nakedness heat and sweat
let our better passionate halves be met
strip clothes in passion's rush
and slowness of a hovering mouth brush
over curves and world of tactile pleasure
take you sensually completely at our leisure
upon the bed or off or against the door
upon the chair the bench the loungeroom floor
let us leave our musky scent of ardour
across every room and place we encounter
fingers wet with juices sticky taste
for never a drop would want to waste
of your passion and your joyous fire
of this moment this rush this deepest desire.

These Slow Passes
Posted:Jan 26, 2021 4:58 am
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2021 3:04 pm

these slow passes
Let me take your lips and kiss
this the first kiss deep of this night
our lips meet and soft surround
feels as if our lips do hold our hearts
for so rapidly do they respond in time
and bare skin become more sensitive
to every caressing brushing stroke
and finest hairs tremble as a finger pass
these slow passes teasing delight
at this first kiss we have tonight
and held in tight and free embrace
we can each other subtly move
as second kiss begins to take
such frisson in your blood does make
as heat to boiling desire found
as against each other hips are ground
a breathy whisper demanding more
disrobe and strip here on the floor
yet these slow passes have not ceased
no rush tonight we shall be teased
as third kiss does fall upon skin bare
not lips but throat brushing back your hair
lifts the soft warm skin and suck it in
feel you quiver as the kiss sets in
all other thoughts are blanked out
the loud sigh you make is the heart's shout
as lips suckle and tease at soft sensual skin
and the lust rising deep red within
as your head lolls back exposed to this kiss
you are now in some different form of bliss
a whisper reaches into your ear
a few breathy words you wish to hear
the fourth and fifth kisses deep
will be those you dream of in your sleep
for open shall all of your body be
to these kisses and slow passes to me
upon your breast or thigh or nipple
with an intensity which might cripple
tug your thoughts in burning fire
as pleasure mounts from kisses desire
and this just kisses three in these slow passes
be kisses many more until this night passes.


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