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A love life pragmatic, and erotic, and humourous.
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drunk on your kisses
Posted:Jan 11, 2021 7:03 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2021 5:21 am

drunk on your kisses
I am drunk on your kisses
staggering on my feet
unsteady unready for this rush of heat
there is wetness and spreading fire
your lips draw in with true desire
my mind is full of delicious things
the whole of your body launched
into this kiss ensures that I
engage as fully as I can
with dueling tongues and lips sucked
strong hands which stroke your burning form
our kisses liquid to physics laws do not conform
for no kisses should exist to so strongly turn
on every thought and nerve and make burn
my entire being ignites and in flames we twist
sensuous sensual fire flaring centred in our hips
these kisses suck the magic from world around
channel the light and hold the stars and us surround
and feed the sensual magic deep within us both
as we kiss on the pressure builds and heat roasts
our very bodies melt as flesh passion yield
individual boundaries meld as in desire reel
no other way have we the passion felt express
than through kiss and sensual touch which we press
we are angels grounded on this Earth
each kiss new beginning a re-birth
burning off the tired shells of yesterday
as in new kisses deeper longer truer .

Seeing them Off
Posted:Jan 11, 2021 6:55 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2021 6:33 pm

Seeing them Off
At the door having drunk and eaten they are leaving now
I behind you as you platitudes share "that we must meet again somehow"
those departing cannot see my hand beneath your dress
sliding over cushioned rounded buttock and down waist
stroking and caressing the gesture corkscrewing in
stroking over leg and soft warm inner thigh skin
you slowly spread your legs slightly more apart
and my brushing hand has fingers which dart
between your legs and fingertips stroke and back
and for a moment I thought your voice might crack
a boring dinner party but you are wet and lusting
we have waited long for them go and be gone
yet still in the road they call back their thanks
as my hand strokes your delightful flanks
I catch a breast and realise your bra is gone
is this my seduction or have I been the one lead on
and I cup your full breast and lightly address
with clever fingers over receptive breast I sketch
lines and curls and planes sensual
and you lean back and against curl
they are still talking as I have one hand on breast
the other gently thrusting fingers below give you no rest
such a primitive primordial heat from us arising
you briefly glance at and your eyes are sparking
"I will demand payment for this teasing while they are unparking"
another voice full of good cheer calls as they pull out from kerb
and I am higher your scents than from any narcotic herb
I pull you down as you slam closed the door
in tangled heat and heap we are upon the floor
your kiss an examination of my kissing skills
as my fingers deep in nectar from inside you spills
I say "I will eat you up, every last bit"
as your hand rips my fly and my hardness grip
"and you owe for this teasing done,
you better get off before you cum"
it says something about power of lust
that we manage line and do as needs must
the physical impossibility has been overcome
as your heat surrounds me and I am home
I thrust inside this molten pot of honey sweet
and you give out a cry which might be heard on the street
we set a rhythm known well each other
and down and twist and repeat another
when a knock and voice from outside the door
a guest has left a wallet and this we ignore
too far gone in pleasure making of own invention
we shall not pause for this ill-timed intervention
they hammer again upon the door outside
as we hammer within and wetly slip and slide
your face pressed into my shoulder teeth biting down
as you as planned are first to cum
your ecstatic shout a silent movie scream
and then against me silently you lean
whisper in my ear of hot lust
"when they are gone we shall we must!"
our visitors on other side of door finally depart
and then truly the greater pleasure of the night does start.

these kisses
Posted:Jan 10, 2021 10:39 pm
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2021 6:32 pm

these kisses
These lips kiss forehead and brow
set some warmth through you now
these lips race line of cheek and jaw
feel heat rising and desire raw
these lips kiss your lips full of smiles
a tip of tongue hints at sensuous wiles
these lips kiss to bring heat to your body
and your heart and thoughts to boldly lobby
these lips hangs kissing upon ear lobe
as Time stands still and so does globe
these lips kiss and suckle down your neck
I feel you bending in and begin to wreck
the fashion you so proudly wear
a button popped then more clear
these lips now kiss along collarbone proud
and you release a sigh out loud
as these lips kiss round sweet orb of breast
squirming now you know you will no rest
these lips kiss and tug at nipple taut
as in passion throes we are both now caught
a hundred kisses done or a thousand more
know by kissing end clothes be on the floor
as hands upon your legs thighs stroke
as all of body and spirit is completely woke
heat pulsing through the juncture of jeans
the type of heat which exists in wet dreams
these kisses further down your body travel
as your shirt undone and jeans unravel
buttons popped zips undone
no clothing to stop us unifying as one
these kisses now lips and mouth and tongue
chasing nectar which from core dripping begun
these kisses on soft thighs sensual drop
another hundred kisses another heady crop
these kisses tugging at skin and sinew
and deeper longer hooter as passion grew
these kisses dipping to bring you pleasure
so many kisses more to share at our leisure
these kisses flood around your core
your hips rising demanding more
a spiraled kiss of tongue delves in
lifts delicate bud from folds of skin
a sucking kiss and pressing lips
your bud tender this kiss grips
these kisses catch the welling nectar drops
and seems these kisses your heart almost stops
with a cry and shout your gleaming body arch
and these kisses sensual across body march
as in pleasure's coils you writhe and cry
these always kisses yours till day you die.

Tang of Kiss
Posted:Jan 10, 2021 7:38 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2021 2:51 am

tang of kiss
Take these thoughts and place them with yours
think divine pleasure be shared despite our mortal flaws
realise no couple ever were completely perfect
even Adam and Eve suffered an apple consumption defect
let me brush your hair back see you clearer
lean in towards you so our lips grow nearer
a tactile kiss clinging to start the engine purring
how quickly from things are occurring
the tang of this kiss on seductive magnetic lips
which open at sensual pressure and tongue slips
within and duels with another amorous tongue
and this kissing is just the start of what is begun
the kissing does not pause and we are breathless left
for five or ten minutes or more till lifting lips leave us bereft
such an addictive rush in the taste of these lips amorous
a desire welling within now completely carnal-ness
to explore and track across all parts of your warm skin
find the sensitivity and the sensual points as lips skim
over bare skin and outcrop of breast and arching neck
devour you and love you and remove inhibitions
the heat and flowing wetness of juices rising volcanic
two passions meeting in a partnership soon climaxic
and then trailing hands and fingers stroking
keep the embers warm and at this fire poking
as if in each touch kisses from our limbs sent forth
and heat sparked anew as desire and passion gushes froth.

Meet you at the door.
Posted:Jan 9, 2021 9:27 pm
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2021 3:07 am

Meet you at the door
Meet you at the door
steal your worries with a kiss
remove your stress as unbutton your blouse
unclip your bra set you free
the person the world doesn't see
the person we together free
your hands tugging at my clothes
as my own are busy disrobing you
skirt to the floor and shoes cast away
work is done and now we
a smothered kiss full breast
a hand small of your back
drawn together we embrace
sucking one of your fingers in to my mouth
as my own stroking caresses head south
then we are on the floor
and changing position to seek
another spot or line or curve
lips kiss deep broken as you gasp
a nipple rolling sensitive
a hand runs along leg
and closer we move
your wetness and heat draws
and into you I slide and hold
and out and in moving to your breaths
as your hands rake my back
as your teeth tear at my shoulder
as we rock these sensations electric
our gasps and muffled movements soundtrack
to our passion and pleasure
to desire consummated as atop me you ride
head back as if upon a bucking bronco
eyes to the sky as you twist to feel
of so deep within you
and arching your back as you seek
clear a final fence complete ecstasy
as my hips rise triumphantly
my thumb presses your clit
and your body collides against my own
as your hips devour these new sensations
and you throw yourself into our rhythm
broken jazz of orgasm rocking us
a rollicking surge to crescendo
to a muscle clenching bone stretching
explosion within and without
as meet you at the door
and one day ends and we begin anew.
Posted:Jan 9, 2021 6:37 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2021 7:08 am

I c an see the sparks
off sweaty beads of dew along your back
the sunlight sneaking through side of a blind
is day outside and somewhere they are doing
whatever the something they want do
while you and I are lying here
the sunlight illuminating your naked body
without shame or thought naked lie
and drag a finger along crushing dew
feeling the sensual presence of you
curving over buttocks strong
the sweeping curves that make you
an instrument from which to make music
not always sweet sometimes raw and heavy
sometimes racing to the lust in our thoughts
sometimes calm as a stream rippling down
each tiny added pleasure a fresh ripple accumulated
then the dam walls break and tightly white knuckle holding
we crest over expected peak and lose ourselves
in atomic spark of orgasm through body
become a live wire of passion
fused to another and melded perfect
in joyous sinew crackling ecstasy.

taste touch suck and screw
Posted:Jan 8, 2021 5:43 am
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2021 3:08 am

taste touch suck and screw
Let us take our time
even as our hearts race
as you tell me your sexual secrets
the desires of things you might do
but never found a place in which
you were fully comfortable to do
in the water splashing or on dry land
privacy ensured or publicly aware
outside or inside or atop or beneath
a chair a balcony this church bench
the kitchen lounge or laundry
breaking the silence of the library
to taste and touch and suck and screw
to do all those things you wish to do
and perhaps most of all when list is said
to lay breathless and ready to be sated
in a place where what you desire
the pleasures you would pursue
will be supported as much as two arms
might brace your legs as we thrust
and taste touch suck and screw
to do all those things you wish to do.
Posted:Jan 8, 2021 12:15 am
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2021 3:51 am

Curl upon the edge of the couch
as I kiss your delicious neck
rock back and arch your body
as I reach around and caress
the fullness of your breasts
stroke beauty of your curves
the planes and lines of wonder
erotic femininity and beauty of you
to see your muscles rippling
beneath the skin still firm
every scar of living I kiss
each crease of experience love
will send sensation rippling
through a hundred dreams ahead
hold you close and exchange these kisses
long and deep and true
breathing in your breath
exhaling out our love
tasting your arousal
in every kiss and tonguing lick
and pause and look into your face
pause and hold your gaze
pause to see the passion reflected there.
Pillow Book of Joy
Posted:Jan 7, 2021 6:28 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2021 7:24 pm

pillow book of joy
is a tradition in art
in the art of doing something well
choose the best tools and ensure the best canvas
so lie down here upon this bed
dressed in your smile
sparkle your mischievousness at me
for this will take quite a while
with a sable hair brush begin write
our own version of a pillow book
telling of the erotic and the passionate
of how we shall our loving make
and curling brush slips across breast
long strokes upon the underside
and a pause as we fervently kiss
keeping heat coursing through your body
as tip of brush twitches upon your nipple
as your other nipple I rubbing caress
betwixt covetous thumb and forefinger
and hold and tug as you watch
such desire building in your eyes
how long you think such teasing last
how long upon the edge you sit
and place down the brush and with my hand
stroke from top of foot up along elegant leg
a brushing stroke teasing barely touching skin
making every nerve come alive
and at your thighs the hand sweeps right
the hand sweeps left up to your core
over soft velvet inner thighs
and then short man nails drag across tender skin
catch that tickling and bring relief
says an itch should not be scratched
and lean in and kiss fervently again
your tongue demands and your teeth cling
to my lower lip to hold me a moment longer
you give out an exasperated gasp as I move again
and yet we know we have not great patience
when sensual strokes of brush arouses desire
and I lean down and breath in your scent
with hungry lips I kiss those inner thighs
lifting and sucking the soft skin
and you say "what of the story to be told
the novel you said you write of our loving"
and I respond "I knew our passion and patience too
so succinctly elicited the story of loving to one word
in joy we find our desire fulfilled
in joy we move and pleasure each other
so joy is all I had to write upon you
in letters large and sweetly edible
a honey based elixir I must now devour
completely over and upon your body
allow your sweat and juices flowing
to mix with honey brushed upon
this body to which joy shall arrive".

And good morning too, to you
Posted:Jan 6, 2021 6:33 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2021 2:38 am

And good morning too, to you

Awake aroused and roll over
meet your body shifting in your sleep
our heat is such only a single sheet
across us lies a curtain for
the new performance of loving giving
and gently as so not to wake you from your slumber
lay lightly kisses tasting on your skin
across your belly and on underside of breast
and you stir just a little in some sensual dream caught
and your legs move and spread a little
one knee bent and other other leg straight
triangle of your core sweet exposed
and lightly a finger grazes over core
as if might raise or tickle the finest hair
and in dreaming do you touches feel
for now I see erotic perspiration
a tiny hint of nectar rising up
and through one dewy droplet my fingertip
is dragged and to my lips your taste
and dampened fingertip slips in on edge of core
draws along those walls so sensitive
and glancing up I note nipples tauten
a crinkling of aureole around such perfect skin
and other hand caresses and mounds
this hemisphere of delight and beauty
a thumbnail traces a nipple tip
and nipple aroused hardens more
(though not near as hard as I in this moment)
and in your dreaming tip of your tongue
traces across your own lips
as below my stroking fingers lifts more beads
of desire's delicious nectar welling up
across your skin I spread passion's liqueur
and then gently tease open and anoint
your precious pearl your pleasure bud
and your hips surge and roll and lift
a deep sea wave coming into a long flat beach
and your hearing catches and I think
your dream is transferring as you are waking
and lightly I place my face down upon your core
breath in those scents arousing more
and lips gentle as if were a fragile treasure
close over your clit and I breath in
and you raise one hand to my head and hair
drag fingers through the hair there
you do not speak just idly
your breathing now comes in sighs and moans
as fingers slip into heated wetness
and lightly swirl as if tumbling
and then drag fingertips along those spongy walls
and hear your sighs and moans gather louder
and I suck in your tantalising bud
and my hand over breast as thumb rolls nipple
and you fully awaken with an explosive gasp
and an exclamation drawn out and breathless
a barked response of "Oh My Godddddddd...."
and then as I continue to sensually explore and kiss
these plains to which I rendered such bliss
I hear your sleepy husky voice reach out
"And good morning too, to you".

Dripping Deux
Posted:Jan 5, 2021 11:55 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2021 1:24 am

Dripping Deux
Let's open wide that thought
I see shimmering in heat of your gaze
Let us escape this time and place
In sensual rhapsody against each other laze.

A brushing enquiring grazing drifting touch
A kiss held a moment longer than for just a friend
A scent of arousal rising as if from a perfect flower
Let our thoughts join and in desired heat end.

Fingers cupping fullness of your breast
Nipple in my open palm I tactilely greet
A kiss to tug upon an ear lobe hanging
A shiver through core to your naked feet.

Let me pop those buttons undo the clips
Our bodies warm beneath this bare single sheet
Run a hand sensually up an inner thigh
Feel your juices rising and your growing heat.

So slick our bodies against the other rub
As if body surfing a last wave to shore
Rhythm set makes sweetest sounds
As in lyrics succinct we demand more.

Fuck me Hold me Take me Raise me
With tongue and kiss and touch consent
And hardness softness curves all meld
This orgasmic fervour heavensent.
Posted:Jan 5, 2021 4:31 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2021 11:29 pm


The Corner Hotel you said we should meet. The drinks are not expensive, and the seating close. And so gathering up what bravery I had, I sallied forth, to offer lubrication to a parched throat.

You were pleasing in the words you spoke, and laughed, and joked, and said some things that made me think, there is more here than a beautiful skin, and when you leaned in close and whispered in my ear, my hand naturally fell upon your warm knee, and those breathy words of yours melted all my ear wax clear away.

And we rose and to a quieter dimmer spot did stray.

You leant in closer, and our talking quietened as our lips became otherwise occupied. Tip of tongue and lower lip lightly tugged in and sucked. Tongues tasting, and I could taste your arousal as my brushing hand stroked over the humid wetness of your underwear.

With some magic you undid, and passed to me, one bra dainty, of lace and silk and engineering prowess. And beneath your blouse your bosom settled naturally, your nipples taut and betwixt thumb and fingers I did roll one nipple as your slowly arched against me. Then kisses on my face bestowed, as my hand continued to drift low - and a finger stroked more firmly across your molten core, the material of your underwear damp. Your breathing heavy.

"What if someone should see?" you asked, half turning to give an oblivious clientele of the bar a glance.

We kissed again, and I held you tight. My fingers sensually slipping under elastic of underwear, and skimming lightly over your lower lips from which spring nectar was slowly rising, a dewy harvest sticky to the touch.

"Let them, they will not know what they see"

As I lifted the tips of my fingers to my mouth and tasted the fine juices of your arousal.

With fingers wetted I slipped beneath your clothing once more, and finger tip, lightly teasing your clit, opening out that bud, and rolling over it, caressing gently. And you held me tightly as if I might escape, and our kisses deep concealed your moans deeper, as you lightly shuddered in your pleasure being met.
Posted:Jan 5, 2021 2:07 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2021 11:36 pm

The heat we ourselves generate
as this bed our altar venerate
your legs either size of my hips
hands under your buttocks slips
cradle and lifts you to present
this dripping core and a nod of consent
I lean down and kiss your belly full
you reach out and on my shoulders pull
seeking a lower deeper intimate kiss
to send you soaring in wanton bliss
my lips suck and mouth lightly taste
and grip more firmly your waist
a thousand sensual scents assault
as I taste your juices and sweaty salt
the most delicious of all meals
as tongue lashing the agreement seals
tongue tip teases bud from hiding place
and sense your heart begin to race
two fingers lightly swirling slip within
an orgasmic coo replaces your playful grin
upon my fingers your hips move
as my tongue finds that slick groove
between my lips I suck your bud
and sensually crush as you love
your muscles fire and thighs clamp shut
you let out a squeal a moan a shout
calling to God and Saints and Mary fair
throw back your head and long black hair
caught upon my lips you in pleasure writhe
and know you will be dripping by end of this ride.

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