mind you  

MichonneUK 44F
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9/18/2017 7:51 am
mind you

what real man of earth would make a woman like me a Good lady ~
none ~
thats embaressing ~
not allowed to meet you in real life ~
all your white lady friends will say ~
dont talk to that confident black woman with real hair who does not want to be like me ~

thats not fair ~
my passion is at the mercy of some jealous white bitch & its your duty to kill me because i like being a unloved proud black bitch from Britain ~ she lives I die
the fate i cant escape
i was born this way
beautiful with ebony blood & british Air in my lungs ~
no man would make me a presentable lady to sit round the table & say hello meet Cherylin
she really loves me

MichonneUK 44F
3836 posts
9/18/2017 9:56 am

yes well ~ go with the fake bitch in weave & the treasonous breeding cow from hell ~ she will never be me

notsure1949 72M
10610 posts
9/18/2017 2:40 pm

very nice photos, but you are there, far away

Jamiee444 51M  
36 posts
10/1/2017 12:18 am

Very seductive Cher xx

MichonneUK 44F
3836 posts
10/3/2017 3:43 pm


luvstockings61 60M  
25 posts
1/18/2021 11:00 am

Such a beauteous, sacred lady. Ravishing in your passion.

What man would not be proud to say "Meet Cherylin
she really loves me!". To feel the warmth of your desire!

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