One Cuck's Story - Setting the Stage  

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3/17/2021 12:10 pm
One Cuck's Story - Setting the Stage

Dear Reader - a reminder: these events occurred during the ''80s

.Everybody called her 'Lo'. It was a good fit. As we worked together I saw her confidence in dealing with others and her teaching skills. Always generous in criticism without a hint of the need for humiliation. Naturally gifted manager, and a wonderful lover.

Several years than me and never married, as I had been, she was adventurous in her seemingly neverending interest in sex. It took a few months, but we taught each other what we enjoyed and experimented well beyond my experience to date.

I was the first of the managers to take up residence in the town the company was developing. Lo soon took up living with me. We were all working very long hours almost daily without break. When we finally got a day off, together we were looking at the paper for activities. On the movies, the page was a thumbnail ad for 'Deep Throat.' We decided to see it.

The XXX theater playing this as a first-run was in<b> downtown </font></b>Dallas. I and together we entered the theater together. Briefly,. we stood to survey the crowd and seating. Midday Sunday few others were in attendance. We chose seats well apart from the others as the projector clattered.

Settling in, another movie was playing. A woman was teaching the basics of cocksucking using a banana to another woman. Of course, some guidance was given and soon a man joined them so they transitioned to cock. An entertaining film. But not what we came to see.

As it was a new experience for each of us, we were unaccustomed to XXX theater protocol. So it came as a surprise when a man sat down beside Lo, took out his cock, and asked her if she would him with his hard-on. She showed some respect for me and declined his invitation. She failed to offer me any assistance with my now raging boner.

As our feature began, no time was wasted as the stars began the action. A very large cock was presented for Miss Lovelace to examine and consider. I glanced at Lo. It seemed that cock was the largest either of us had seen. Her mouth opened slightly as if in disbelief. Returning to the film, Linda began sucking that cock expertly. Lo's expression changed to one I now believe was envy. Of course, the plot and events escalated and once she took that monster down deep I looked again at my girlfriend.
Eyes very wide open and jaw dropped in unintended unison.

At the conclusion, we stood and left the theater. I had a tent in my pants. We laughed about our experience on the way home. Once there she attended to my needs far beyond my expectations.

I know that those films made an impression on her. Surely she shared our experience with others because we were soon invited to attend parties we had not been considered for previously.

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