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"It's not working, Babe." He sighed, looking down at her. The tears welling on her cheeks were endearing, and he brushed them away with his thumbs. Hair threaded between his fingers in silken ropes which shone brightly in the morning light. Furrowing her eyebrows, she went still and looked at him. There was no plea or anger in her eyes, the way he had encountered with other women, just an earnest contemplation as if she were considering her next move. A flicker of annoyance narrowed her eyelids to mock him without having to say anything. But, he knew what she would have said: not working for you, maybe.

Her stubborn streak had often resulted in him putting his hands in defeat, even if circumstances were clearly proven to be in his favor. She would not be easily convinced to give . The thought sparked annoyance of his own which resulted in his moving away from her impatiently. She held her grip on him, and he relented. Doubt crept in to advise him just to let her take her time and come to the same conclusion. Watching her eyes close, he could feel her jaw slowly move side to side, the way it did when she was deep in thought. A good sign, he thought quietly as if not to jinx it. He did.

She moved her head closer to him, holding him tightly for a moment, before abruptly pulling away. Whipping her eyes back onto his, "why exactly would you want us to stop?" The question cutting accusingly. Not waiting for an answer, she pulled him back in, emphasizing the rhetorical.

"We can't keep going on like this," he withered slightly. "There is no way you can be getting anything out of this at this point. I am barely hanging on myself." He hoped she would see the rationale and let him go, but continued stubbornly.

Leaning up, she displayed her pouty lips, "You seem to be worried about yourself," she said, almost sweetly. Her hands moved over him in a placating gesture that made him tense reflexively. "Honey, don't be this way. I will take care of you."

Hmph... His response came unbidden from the of black humor surrounding them. He quickly realized he should have kept better control of himself, feeling her hand squeeze tightly.

Once again, her eyes were narrowed and focused. "Do you think this is funny?" Punctuating the question with a grazing bite of her teeth. Worst of all, she maintained the incongruously sweet tone of voice.

"Babe, listen," he backpedaled, "I don't want to fight over this." The half-lie was thin. He would have preferred a fight, just to end it. She was not going to make this easy, he knew. She never did. Even now, he felt tears roll over his thumbs in spite of the fierce look in her eyes as she pressed herself onto him.

Pulling her head back enough to talk, she pressed gently against the hands holding her. She inhaled sharply, releasing the air again in a sigh, "then don't." And, just as quickly, she buried herself in him.
Involuntarily, he moved his hands through her hair and around her ears. She was so warm and soft. He could not recall a time where she had not been. Even in these moments where she was so relentlessly stubborn. Playing with her hair, he took a deep breath and considered what he should do next. It was obvious she had dug her heels in, and just letting her wear herself out would result in him getting hurt. It was frustrating for him. He wanted to give her what she wanted, but it was as if she always wanted just a bit more than what he could give her. Even now, her dismissal of his plea was both endearing and venomous. She was not inconsiderate in her pursuits, which always left him wondering how sincere she really was with him.

He groaned, "Babe, why aren't you listening to me?" The question came out strangled. The grazing touch of her tongue along his tight scrotum and onto the shaft of his cock both brought him to the edge and threw him over it. His hands gripped her head tightly as she held his pulsing cock tightly between her lips.

Triumph flashed in her eyes as they opened to look at him. Sensing he had given her every ounce of his cum, she plunged his cock against the back of her throat for good measure, drawing out more satisfied tears. Sitting back on her heels, she made a show of swallowing for him. The brilliant smile formed around her answer, "because it always works."
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"Have what you want," he answered, smiling at her. She was holding the bag of chips and the moon pie up to illustrate the question. Returning the smile, she leaned over to return the chips to the tray. Doing so caused a slight clink of one of the assorted craft beer bottles the hotel had arranged for their stay. Why she asked the question was a mystery to him beyond the politeness of doing so. When they arrived earlier that evening, she had commented about the treat. So, of course, the pie was the only answer to her trapped question.

Laying on the bed, he watched in amusement as she bit and pulled at the corner to free the pie from its wrapper. The noisy plastic made its way into the bin under the desk. She stepped lightly to the bed as she playfully appreciated the aroma of the sweet chocolate. He kept eye contact while also taking her in as a whole. The unassuming earth-toned cotton robe she wore hung loosely open to reveal the edges of the blue lace underneath. Her hair was still tied up in its bun, but it was the glasses she wore which evoked the librarian fantasy in his mind. The glasses were not needed in the strictest sense as she claimed they were useful to reduce eye strain while she worked. However, he did notice she wore them more after he had teased her of being a sexy bookworm. She wore them to great effect, whatever her reason.

A slightly muffled, "would you like a bite," followed her down as she straddled him, managing to gracefully untie the robe completely as she did so. He took a moment to appreciate the reveal and its accompanying warmth.

"Yes," he replied in what he hoped was a wolfish smile. She obligingly lowered the pastry to his mouth and let him add his bite to her own. The sweet flavor was not nearly as delicious as the act of her feeding him. She pulled the treat back and added another nibble as she worked her free hand over the closed button of his jeans. In an act of feminine magic, she also managed to swell her breasts against the lace using her upper arms and leaning over slightly. The flash of teeth in her smile contrasted with the chocolate shell hiding her chin. He could tell she felt his appreciation as she began encouraging it with her hand. She kept returning the pie to his lips, giving her the chance to push down along the length of him. It was then he felt the first few tiny crumbs fall to the bare skin of his torso.

Continuing her dessert-induced aggression, she freed his cock while playfully dropping the last sweet bite into his mouth. He ignored the sparse dry rain of breading as she followed the bite with a kiss of her own. The bedside lamp glowed dimly in the reflection of her glasses as her, "thank you, baby," accompanied a gentle stroke along the shaft nestled against the lace between her thighs. Keeping her kiss tightly on his lips, they worked in a lustfully clumsy way to move his pants to his knees. With one hand she deftly moved aside the lace material of her panties to guide him between the warm, juicy lips hidden underneath. Unbearable pleasure followed with each inch of him disappearing into her.

The feel of the warm, wet lace working its way up and down along his cock as she set her rhythm was an intoxicating counter-point to the heat alternatingly swallowing and releasing him. His hands moved up to tease the nipples peaking through the intricate blue material, elliciting an appreciative moan. The thick rimmed glasses she wore found a hypnotic cadence moving into an out of the reflection of the lamp light. He watched her half-closed eyes through the lenses. Each downward thrust forcing the lids to tighten slightly. Reaching down, he followed the course pubic hair to the opened cleft of her wet pussy. His thumb circled and rubbed over her clit causing her hands to clench against the skin of his chest, dusting some of the lingering crumbs onto the sheets.

The tremble of her thigh accentuated her increasingly staggered breathing. Each thrust bringing them together added to the pressure he applied to the swelled nub at the tip of his thumb. Quick kisses were all she could managed as he watched her visibly fight to keep from breaking down against the electric pleasure. The predative intoxication of watching her succumb washed over him like a meditative calm. The smooth glide bounding along his cock with the contrasting feel of lace following it was its own heaven, but the scene before him was much more enthralling. The crumbs worked their way between his back and the sheets before an indulgent, "FUCK!," cried out to the room.

A grin cocked itself onto his face as she grabbed the hand that continued to work her near bursting clit. He dutifully rested his hand and she lay on his chest while her vagina erratically squeezed against his amused cock. Arms weaved themselves together as they lay their for several minutes, letting the heat simmer in the lace that separated their skin. Once he felt her return to a semblance of normal breathing, he slowly worked his hips to move in and out of her. Only enough to ensure she was still ready for more, even if the crumbs he felt were vying for his attention. The light command of the question, "I want behind you," was met with a weak nod of her head against his chin.

She dismounted and discarded the robe and glasses, the bun of her hair long since undone. He stood and leaned over to remove the pants which had been locked onto his knees. He watched her move onto all fours, waiting for him to move behind her. She looked back over her shoulder as he knelt onto the bedding, his shins running along the outside of hers as pulled the strap of her lace one-piece to the side of her smooth, round ass. He guided the tip of his cock along the edge of her labia, working the precum into her natural lubricant. Shifting his position to better take her, he felt the grainy crumbs under his knees. He slowly buried himself in her and enjoyed being surrounded by her as he worked the soft, warm cheeks under his hands. Raising his right hand, he felt the playful frustration for the crumbs in the bed dance over his palm. Pulling back, he left his hand in the air as his cock revealed all but the tip was freed from her. The stinging smack of his hand on her ass was immediately welcomed by sharp moan and a flood of heat from the red handprint on her ass as he plunged hard and deep into her.
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The stream of water coming down through the open door had its own rhythm as she danced underneath. The occasional fall of heavy drops onto the floor adding unsteady percussion. She was silent and out of view, but he could hear her move through the water as if conducting the unsung song from muscle memory alone. Moving her hands along her skin would create a slide of water breaking in dramatic pitch as it hit the hard surfaces around her. The flick of her hair sending drops to chime against the glass door. Each note chaotically timed and flowing as she cleansed herself, unaware of the way in which her sole audience was moved by the music.

He closed his eyes and leaned into the pillow set against the headboard. The image of her moving in the water was vivid in his mind as if illustrated by the sounds pouring from the open door. The bed smelled of her, immersing him further into the vision. Even the touch of the bedding against his skin felt as if it were her against him, light and warm fabric simulating the smooth silk of her body. The fantasy gratefully kept him company while she continued playing her song from the other room. It wrapped him up in her embrace and held him.

The music stopped abruptly and the fantasy melted away when he opened his eyes. He looked toward the sound of the shower opening and saw her foot glide to the mat. The towel chased it, wiping away the errant drops of water before retreating behind the door again. The work of the towel continued behind the door where he could not see, but her foot continued to twist and stretch just in view. A moment later, she stepped freely into the doorway and smiled. Before he could muster more than a grin, she turned to the vanity leaving only her bare ass in view. He felt his body respond to the flash of nudity, encouraging his appreciation of the glistening curves left in his sight.

She wordlessly continued her regimen, half-hidden by the door frame. She would turn and twist in the mirror as she worked the moisture from her hair. The moisture on her exposed skin wicked away invisibly in small threads of steam shortly before glistening again with the lotion she applied. The sweet floral aroma filling the air between them as the minutes ticked by unhurried by the warmth he was gathering in her bed. He impatiently settled into the bedding further to cocoon himself in the building heat. Her eyes peeked over the edge of the door frame and caught his gaze; a wink was the only answer to his inward groan as she fully popped out of view.

The light went off in a click, and she moved out of the shadow of the bath into the bedroom. Holding eye contact for a moment, she glanced down at her unclothed body. He took the offer to admire her. Every curve fully on glowing display as she shifted her stance to give him a better look. It was the way in which her nipples seemed soft and enlarged that fascinated him most. The fantasy returned briefly to whisper the feel of them in his mouth as they bounced slightly towards him. She closed the space between them in a measured strut as if the music of her shower were still playing.

He folded the bedding down at her approach, and she slid in dutifully beside him. Pulling his arm around her, she warmed her cool skin against him as he moved the bedding over her. For a moment, she lay there with her head on his shoulder tangling her arms and legs with his. Lifting up slightly, her cool hair brushed over his shoulder as she began kissing him. For a moment, he thought she was just going to give him a series of quick pecks before nestling in beside him. She held the kiss, though, as if she were falling in.
Polaroid 2
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She had never been fond of taking pictures, much less the kind she knew he liked. Dressing up, giving him a peek was never something she denied him, but she enjoyed the in his eye when they were together. A casual, innocent peek to tease out the hunger in him was her fun. Even in much less innocent moments, she enjoyed performing for his pleasure. Giving him a full view of the tender portions of her body and doing to herself what she wanted him to do to her. Having him present to see emboldened her, chasing off any sense of shame and insecurity in the way she exposed herself. For him, she would be everything from the -next-door the high-priced-escort. Even so, the role of pinup- never felt the her.

Wanting be the object of his lust and more was never in doubt. The treasure box of costumes, toys, accessories, and memories was always something she had ready. And even when she did not, he never showed anything less than being fully enthralled with her in those moments. He openly desired her, both in the moment and out of them. This display of affection from him was a constant she appreciated and reciprocated in turn. The feeling that such a pure, genuine connection between lovers was the purview of some poor ingenue would flit into her mind on occasion. However, he had be near for her quash such naivete in the light between them. These moments serving affirm the desire and contentment between them.

was when she knew he would be busy and distracted with work that she starved for that connection. Him not being complete the circuit of energy between them even if in his thoughts was unconscionable her. And, was devastating when she realized she would do the , at times, in her own work. Though was no real guilt, she did find a sad regret in . As if were an important task she was forcing postpone. The functional thought of their time together being a practical calendar event disgusted her. She wanted to see him desire her!

The overwhelming need would consume her mind at times during her work. Setting her schedule to the side, she would daydream in the seconds between conversations with her colleagues. Using her memory to fabricate new ways to entice him, then file them for later as work would intrude. Her favorite moments at work were those where she would him report on her interludes, letting the cell towers carry her covered moans and his quick growls the distance between them. These were quick moments, dutiful to each other’s work, but enough to keep the connection warm until they were together. was when he could not take her that would worry her.

The dancing dots of a after him not picking up her pulled the corners of her mouth down. Insecurity played no part in her concern for him. His habit of letting work tie him into a knot was often a sore spot for them, but she knew it was how he handled the pressure of it. The can’t-talk-now-see-you-tonight finally appeared, dinging into existence as she watched. Setting the phone down, she recentered herself and focused on her work to force her worry to heel. This was not an unusual occurrence and she had long since learned he was earnest in his reply. The best she hoped for was a quick end to what torture he must be enduring during those meetings he described so blandly. To hear him tell , most of his meetings are necessary assure, rather than convince, those that are involved. Even so, the drain on him when the meetings went long was obvious.
The empty driveway and silent phone nudged her anxiety when she arrived home; another infrequent but expected feature of his work. was after her early evening shower ritual while sitting on their treasure chest did a spark of inspiration push back the cloud of absentee malaise. Fully dry, except for her hair, she knelt down and rummaged through the trunk. The boxy shape found her hand quickly. Pulling free, she popped open the Polaroid camera the battery and count indicator on the side. He had given her the Christmas before, pleading playfully with her let him have some “sexy” pictures of her. Since she had never been comfortable pictures of herself, he had offered this gift as a compromise. She could take the pictures he wanted, and she could hand deliver them like she wanted. Naturally, she teased his desperation and some hasty pictures were taken before his appetite had taken her.

Grinning at the memory, she moved the closet. The low cut blouse she selected served one purpose, and that was not be much of a blouse at all. Quickly sliding her arms into , she buttoned the bottom two to make sure the blouse was much more revealing than was already intended be. Leaving her wet hair curl slightly in the air, she moved her vanity pick out the bright red lipstick she wore when he would request . In the mirror, she ran her fingers through her hair and leaned in close the mirror. Her reflection expertly applied the red her lips with practiced ease as she smacked her mouth into a pout. Reaching for the camera and switching it on, she checked the battery and counter again before raising it awkwardly in one hand as she adjusted the blouse in the mirror. Cocking her mouth slightly open, her thumb pressed in and the flash exploded light into her eyes. Trying to adjust her grip, her hand slipped and the camera was caught awkwardly with her free hand just as her terrified squeak ended.

The Polaroid picture still clung to the opening on the camera as she fumbled to get a solid grip on it. Pulling it free, she set the camera aside and began to shake it dry. The image that bled into reality was exquisitely out of focus and seemed to be focused on her shoulder. The expletives that followed would have amused her lover, but now she was dead serious. Each of the following four attempts increasingly frustrated her as the blurs and blobs contained on each bordered card seemed to get worse the angrier she got. While lifting the camera into position for the fifth attempt, she panicked slightly as she felt her thumb squeeze the trigger before she was ready. The blinding flash was followed by the whir of the dispenser. In defeat, she put the camera in front of her and glared her fury at it. She wanted to give him something nice, and this damned piece of plastic was mocking her. Leaving it , she stood and returned the blouse to the closet.

Once her lipstick had been rubbed off over the bathroom sink, she felt shame in her failure. She knew he would appreciate the effort, if she ever revealed him. But this was one of his desires that she had never felt up the task do for him. She was avoiding returning the camera the treasure box, having no desire see the abortive attempts scattered on the floor in her anger. But, she preferred he never saw them and decided clean them up before he got home. Snatching them from the floor around the vanity, she tossed them forcefully into the bin. The camera was still where she had left it, but it was at that moment she realized still had the last attempt sticking out of . She saw the dash of red on her lip before seeing her breasts artfully covered by the non-blouse in the white border. Her first thought was that it looked kind of like an artsy album cover. The dawning warmth of triumph letting her draw it from the camera and inspect it further. She found herself appreciating the way it both blurred her features and added soft shadows that made her cleavage stand out. The detail was almost exactly what she wanted but could never intentionally achieve. She knew he would go wild for it.

The pit of her stomach welled up at the question of what to do with it next. He would not be home for hours, she knew. And, she could not wait that long to share it with him. Laying it on the table in front of her, she reached for a pen as if she were working. Without thinking, she wrote along the bottom border, “Hurry home…,” letting the words express her desire.
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Everything looked gray in the light from the window, even those items he knew should be brightly colored. The diffused early morning light simply lacked the energy do more than create the blandest version of each hue. He was a little disappointed at the thought. There was no art in the way he used color, but he did appreciate their beauty. The weak light nearly convinced him go back sleep. The hope of a bright, sunny morning igniting the vibrancy he preferred was worth the wait. Shifting deeper into the much-too-soft pillow and pulling the blanket over his shoulder, he tested closing his eyes. The minutes passed dully, but it was already too late. Sleep was no longer an option, and he was as indifferent as the muted light. It was the sudden and deep intake of the snore which opened his eyes with a smile.

Turning his head, the image of her distorted face nearly made him laugh. She had rested her hand between the pillow and her face, then slid down to draw one side in a damning approximation of Elvis. The snore was wrestling in her open mouth before being choked back into silence. He listened a moment more to wait for the snore to return. It took a little longer than he expected, but she obliged. The nasal sound was unmercifully funny when paired with the crease of her eyebrows, and he shook slightly in the effort to keep his chuckling under control. His sobriety returned in the quiet between her sonorous breaths. Appreciation seeped into his humor. It was not that long ago he was begging to be in this very spot; sharing a bed with her, enjoying the warmth of her naked body against his.

She would be mortified to know he had watched her snore. Even more so, if she knew he found it to be a source of amusement. So, he moved purposely to bump her awake as if he had done so accidentally while turning over onto his side. He closed his eyes to continue the ruse of sleeping, feeling her stir. The sound of her breathing returned to wakefulness. She moved under the covers towards him slowly, hooking her leg over his as she leaned in to kiss his nose. Opening his eyes, he found hers half-lidded and staring back. He moved to kiss her. Using her leg, he positioned her underneath him as he rose above her in the bed. She offered no resistance, only parting her mouth slightly in drowsy anticipation.

He did not recall becoming hard, but the feeling was unmistakable as he flexed his hips slightly. The tip of his cock finding its way inside her without resistance. The cum from their previous session gratefully lubricating her vagina as he lowered himself into her. She moaned and arched her back slightly, pushing her breasts upward. He bent down and pulled the nipple and areola into his mouth with his lips. Keeping himself still inside her, he sucked hard on her breast. The flat of his tongue working the swollen nipple against the roof of his mouth. Breaking his seal on her, he pulled his hips back to draw his cock from her. The feeling of her writhing under him was exquisite.

The expression on her face tinged impatience as he held the tip of his cock to her vagina. He found amusement in the moment, then gave in to her demand. Thrusting as deep and hard as he could, she encouraged a hurried pace as she gripped his neck and pulled him onto her. She called his while sweetly moaning in his ear. He felt the pressure of her need drive him increase the tempo, and she responded by pulling him further into her. The smell of her skin filling his head as he wrapped his arm under her head and bit into the soft flesh of her neck. His free hand moving to her hip, feeling the pulse of her muscles clenching in time.

A languished cry erupted next to his ear as she begged him to go faster. The sweet feeling of new warmth engulfing his cock was maddening. She was cumming, and his own climax was still slowly building. The muscles in his abdomen cramped against the cadence of their timed thrusts, and he slowed to give them some rest while enjoying the feeling of her below him. Her breathing was ragged and beautiful. She continued clenching his neck and shoulders as he continued to slowly glide in and out of her. He did not care about his own release, just the feeling of her with him and the feel of her lips grazing over his. The glint of light in her eyes was still shadowed by her recent slumber but were purposely locked on his as he kissed her. A long, wet kiss passed the moments between them as they stopped and fell into each other.

The feeling of her vagina tensing over his erection reignited their embrace. Her silent question regarding his climax finding the answer unsatisfactory in a playfully frustrated groan. Pushing him up and wrapping her legs over his hips, she guided him in and out of her. Once he was responding as she desired, she began teasing her clit knowing he would be watching. The occasional slip of her finger caressing his cock as it moved in her. Her free hand made a show of teasing the nipples of her breasts, consciously revealing the swollen hard mounds to him. The appreciation of her performance was hitting its mark, feeding the engorged tip of his lust. Each moan, breath, touch, wink, and squeeze calculated to achieve one goal. The manipulation itself was academically thrilling to him even while its carnality was overtaking his senses.

Her gift came in the form of a barely audible command, “cum.” Without preamble, his body dutifully responded before his mind had time to translate the word. The coursing shock of the nearly unexpected release growled out of him and left him shuddering as she held his hips tightly with her legs, keeping him buried deep in her. He could feel the warm, wet feeling of cum pushing between his tight scrotum and her ass as she leaned up to bite softly on his bottom lip. A clear sign she had achieved her goal. The invitation to join her on the pillow was silent and welcome.
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The rumble of the engine vibrated through the steering wheel and he tightened his grip as he turned to avoid obstacles in the road. Keeping an eye on his speed and the watch on his wrist, he carefully picked his way up the sandy path. Occasionally, the pickup would rattle when he could not avoid the larger rocks that littered the way ahead. Each tremor passing through the cab accompanied by the feeling of her moving against him with a squeak of the spring in the bench seat. He moved his hand from the steering wheel to her knee and gave it a squeeze. The , silky skin blending seamlessly into his palm.

The feeling of her hand skating over his arm forced him to glance down briefly and miss swerving around a large stone. The impact rocked the suspension violently and the rear wheels slid in the loose gravel before catching their traction again. His hand pressing down on her knee in its refusal to let her go. She went rigid in response and he released his grip without moving his hand. She relaxed and wove her fingers between his, sending a guilty thrill through him. He smiled in apology even while keeping his eyes on the road ahead. He anticipated her resting her head on his shoulder but another jolt dashed his hope.

The sun was already down and the darkening drifted down around them. He slowed down and let his headlights cut over the grass as he turned off the road. Driving over the field, he let the truck crawl along slowly as he scouted for the perfect spot. The tall grass moving dryly the front bumper until he came to a stop. He reached over with his left hand to pull the shifter into Park and switch off the ignition. She still held his hand to her knee and he looked down it in the dim glow of the dash light. The amber lights casting the living art of her hand over his in contrast to the deep shadows falling down their legs. He waited a moment before switching off the lights, drinking in the albedo of her in the backsplash of the headlights.

“We’re here,” he said softly in the darkness. The press of lips against his shoulder was a welcome answer as his eyes adjusted. It was times like this he loved the old truck’s quirks. The dome light would not come on until he opened the door, so he took his time enjoying the stillness with her beside him. The starlight pushed back the darkness enough for him to make her outline. The mechanical sound of the door was followed by a rusty squeal as he pushed it open. She let go and he stepped down into the tall grass where the dome light spilled out into the green. Looking back as she slid towards him, he appreciated the way her top pulled tight over her chest.

Guiding her hand to his shoulder, he reached around her waist and helped lower her down. The glimmer of a smile faded into the night as the door clicked closed and the light extinguished. He held her hand and she walked in his wake through the grass to the tailgate. The latch and hinge complained loudly as it opened. She pushed herself up to sit on the edge of the tailgate as he stepped up from the bumper. Seeing her start to turn to get up, he put his hand out and told her, “just a moment.” The near whisper carrying easily in the silence around them.

He worked the tie loose on the large roll near the cabin and it began to unfurl eagerly. The padding of the futon was easy to grip as he unrolled it to fill the bed of the truck. The white pillows tucked at the center of the roll standing out easily against the night. He reached down and arranged them near the cab. The sound of her sandals against the metal tailgate preceded her arms wrapping around his waist. He felt her breasts press into his back as he put his hands over hers. He squeezed and she released so that he could turn around to continue their embrace. She slid against him to stand on her toes and he met her lips with his own.

He pressed hard into her kiss. Nearly lifting her off her feet as she wrapped her arms around his neck and enticed his tongue to join hers. The sensation of her lips moving across his generating a heat which spread rapidly through him. They took a pause and shared a deep, mutual breath before he felt her playfully nip at his bottom lip and shuffle out of the embrace. He watched her in the starlight pull the sandals free of her feet then lazily stretch out on the futon to rest her head on the pillow. He followed her lead and laid flat beside her to look up at the stars above.

“So, you brought me out to the middle of nowhere to do what exactly?” The playful nip a moment earlier dancing in her voice. She had propped herself up on her elbow to look down at him. Her was hidden away from the dim light, but he could easily imagine the mock serious crinkling of her eyebrows and stern posturing of her mouth. He left the question hanging in the air between them, returning her attitude. Positioning her elbow in the crook of his shoulder, he reached up to stroke her hair. The impatience starting to radiate from her amused him. He answered by weaving his fingers into her hair and pulling it into his fist.

“Stargazing, naturally...,” he replied, the low growl coming through his smile. The hand gripping her hair tightly pushed her down to him. Compliantly, she melted into him, using her whole body to kiss him. He responded in kind, swallowing her into his arms and keeping her mouth pressed firmly to his. The fire in her made short work of his shirt’s buttons and he felt her hands knead and work the skin of his chest. Letting her hair fall free, he massaged the line of her back. The thumb of his other hand found her lips and was immediately sucked in. The translated sensation of her working his thumb in her wet mouth made his cock throb with delight.

Her mouth made a soft popping sound as she sat up and his thumb slid out. He watched her outline sit up and pull her top over her head, freeing her bare breasts to sway as she maneuvered out of her shorts. Clumsily, he did the same, working his arms out of the shirt as he kicked off his shoes. She was already pulling at the button to his pants and had the zipper down before he could properly lift his hips. His cock sprang forward as she crumpled the material at his knees. The pressure of her hand wrapped around the shaft was enough encouragement that he let out a satisfied groan. Her head quickly made its way down to continue the work she had started on his thumb.

The feeling of her hand twisting up and down his cock was accentuated by the lubrication her mouth offered. In the dim starlight, he could see her hair moving up and down as her mouth ran over him greedily. She was still on her knees leaning over him, her round ass offering its curved reflection in the stingy light. His hand cupped her sex and he felt her groan as he began working his finger between the quickly dampening lips. The feel of her hair in his palm offering a counter sensation to the wet glide of her pussy as he applied pressure to the swelling gland behind her clit. The wet sounds of her hand and mouth accompanied pulses of fire through him that he did his best to replicate through the work of his fingers inside her.

The vibrating moan came as she paused with his cock deep in her mouth. Her tightening pussy and the squeeze of her hand left no doubt she was cumming. He smiled smugly in the near dark and let out an answering growl. Slowly, he felt her regain control and let her free herself to lay down weakly next to him. He could feel her breathing shudder occasionally as he let the night air wash over him. Rising up, he finished removing his pants and knelt between her feet with his engorged cock hanging free. A hand on each of her raised knees, moved inward and leaned over. She was ready and his cock found its mark on its own.

Holding his hips back, he leaned down and shared a deep kiss with her. Her lips felt slightly swollen and her mouth was dripping wet still. Ending the kiss with a nip of her lip, his hands cupped each of her breasts and his mouth descended to the one over her heart. Teasing the nipple hard with his lips, his tongue flicked out to wet it. The tight skin hard in his mouth generated made his resolve slip and he thrust his hip forward. The wet heat enveloping his cock coupled with the sensation of her nipple in his mouth made him hunger to fill her with everything he had. The touch of her hands on either side of his head brought him back and he began moving in and out of her slowly.

He was not sure if he had leaned up to kiss her again or if she had pulled him. But the sensation of her tucked beneath and wrapped around him was exquisite in the night air. He could feel the build in him and he did not care. Each ounce of her was where he wanted her to be and he wanted nothing more than to be where she wanted him to be. Her moans were timed to each of his thrusts and he could feel her tense him. His cock throbbed painfully as he held , wanting to make the moment stretch as long as he could. The pressure mounting the tip, he leaned in hard and released in several shocks as he tried to maintain his tempo. He felt her smile his ear while he growled through his climax, letting hers go in the final moments to add to their mutual bliss.

Deep, staggered breathing filled the silence in the air around them. Not knowing how long the moment lasted or even caring, he held her tight with his head nestled in her shoulder before rolling away. The night air wicking the sweaty heat away from their bodies and leaving them with delighted exhaustion. The pace of their breathing soon resumed and the warmth her folding into him was welcomed. He reached around and slung a thin blanket over them, his feet too far down to fit the short blanket. The feeling of her nose breathing in deeply against his chest tightened the arm he had around her.

“Stargazing, huh?” A small, diminutive chuckle crossed down his chest. He echoed the small laugh and began searching the starfield above in hopes he could find a constellation that was not one of the dippers or Orion. The twinkle of recognition stopped his search, and he raised his arm so she could follow his gaze.

“See that kind-of W of stars right there?” The question changing his voice from lover to teacher. Watching as she lifted her head to sight along the shadow of his arm, he counted the story of how the woman’s beauty was immortalized in the heavens.
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Her presence alone set her apart from the women milling about on the broad floor. him, she had no need rely the poor lighting hide the flaws the others were careful conceal. It was as if she did not care and yet controlled her visibility him as if a dial. His first pass through the tumble of people the floor yielded nothing of particular interest. The feeling of being watched in this environment was ever present but he felt the instinct search out the source of it. the second pass, her eyes turned the dial catch his attention.

The side-long glance connected with such power he paused mid-step and his entire being tuned her. He held her gaze through sheer autonomic response, the dance of light in the periphery of his vision forgotten. He was far enough away to take her in without having to break eye contact. There was purpose in each detailed arrangement of her hair. The black dress she wore clung artfully to paint the curves of her skin where allowed, allowing the golden hue of her skin to escape here and there. The sling of her bare shoulders angled casually down her arms crossed underneath her breasts. Her legs were long angles that emerged from the bottom of the skirt to end sharply in the toe of her shoes. No one piece of her out of place or without purpose, it was all grace.

The flick of her eyes to the floor beside her was invitation for him to take a breath. The subtle gesture mercifully breaking eye contact just long enough to give him control and lean into her gravity. Dodging the occasional obstacle, the space between was closed with as much composure as he could muster under her relentless gaze. Desperation to be near her wrestling against the defiance a small corner of his mind stubbornly held. What little resistance there was evaporated as he leaned in to introduce himself in her ear.

The intake of a quick breath to speak had filled his head with her aroma. A heady mix of the spicy perfume she wore, light perspiration in the overly warm room, and the heated scent of her hair. He pulled back, aware he could not speak. The glint in the corner of her eye quickly met by the upward corner of her smile as she said her name loudly against the storm of sound around them. The tone of each syllable heard clearly as it permanently etched into him. He reached for the hand she offered, careful to wrap his own around hers. Her hand easily fit into his, creating the narrative in his mind that it belonged there.

He succeeded in his second attempt to tell her his name, using the opportunity to pull her closer to him as he did so. Regretfully, he released the diminutive hand and expected her to pull it back to herself. Instead, her other hand reached under his arm to apply pressure to the back and top of his shoulder. He had no intention to resist her guiding him down into a curved stoop, and set her cheek against his as she began to talk. The intimate proximity forcing him to reach over and rest his hand on her far shoulder in order to balance and keep her close.

The hard curves in his palms surprised him. The musculature of her shoulder was not something he knew to expect from looking at her. The glow of her skin portrayed the illusion of being soft. And, now that he was able to work his hand over her exposed shoulder freely, the illusion did not match the reality. The hidden physical strength added depth to the words vibrating between them. The exchange of words occasionally pausing long enough to pull away and enjoy a laugh or point out an observation. But the implied hold between them persisted and only managed to tighten as the minutes ticked away with ever increasing langor.

A pang of fear welled in him as he felt her pull away. She began searching for something and in confusion he watched her head swivel in a survey of the room. Stepping away from him, he felt her hand move along his arm and fall into the cup of his palm and pull tightly. He felt her navigate the floor to an unlikely empty booth. The low table covered in the remains of the departing group’s entertainment. He watched her slide to the center of the semicircle seat and pat the spot next to her. Obedience followed without his consultation.

She lifted his arm without permission and nuzzled herself into the space between it and his body. He welcomed the warmth and felt her continue to press into him. Unexplained guilt cast his eyes across the floor to look for what inevitable thing would be there to take this from him. He did not find it and instead looked down into her amused eyes. The words she aimed at him tying knots in his reason. He tried to answer and realized that he had been watching her mouth and not hearing the voice.

The hand on his thigh pressed down as she raised her mouth to his. He drank in the kiss, the soft lips bursting a blissful sensation in his own as they moved to devour him. He watched her eyes close and give into her work. She looked relieved and satiated, reflecting his own tangle of emotion. Returning the pressure, he forced her lips apart to allow his tongue hers. The warm wet heat of her mouth setting the stage for the explosion of arousal coursing from her tongue to his.

The long moment conveyed the deep passion between them, and she pulled back to look in his eyes. The purpose he found there expressed through a delighted sigh escaping the O-shape of her mouth. He took the compliment and enjoyed its reward as she leaned in again.
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The heat of her skin warmed his fingertip as he moved it down her spine. The skin was smooth and soft with small imperfections that only added to its beauty and allure for him. She was only half covered in the sheet with her back exposed down to the upward rise of her bottom. The dim glow from the bedside lamp shed enough light to keep her in warm shadow, but his memory and the touch of her skin filled in what he could not see. Her head was turned away from him, leaving the broad, dark braid to curve down her shoulder. He breathed in the aroma of her hair and smiled as continued to skate his finger over her skin in random patterns.

Not wanting to wake her, he pulled his finger away when she began to move. She unconsciously shifted to rest on her side. He held his hand still on the sheet in front of him until the rise and fall of her breathing slowed its rhythm. The back of her shoulder was now in the lamplight adding to the golden hue and the braid further descended into the shadow between them. The palm of his hand hovered along the arc of her side collecting the heat and electric tension rising just a few millimeters above the skin. At times like this, his mind still raced to reconcile that what his hand felt was her and not the fantasy he had had of her.

Resting his hand on the exposed portion of her hip, he gripped gently as he slid his hip towards her. His erection came to rest between the hills of her ass still hidden below the sheet. The shallow breathing continued uninterrupted while he did so. He knew the accumulated body heat from the contact of their bare skin would make her unconsciously adjust. So, he refrained from resting his chest on her back. For several moments, he enjoyed the feel of her. His hand moving slightly to the side of her ass cheek. The curve wonderfully filled his palm with the soft cushion of her bottom while his cock nestled satisfyingly.

His arousal did not fill him with the shame he had expected at the thought of taking her while she slept. Instead, it fueled his desire and fed him purpose. The fact that she was willing to accept him in whatever capacity he chose was never in doubt. It was her gift to him. And, it inspired the purest sense of devotion in him and was the thread of their trust. He knew she could cut that thread at any time but had no fear she would. The confidence guiding his fingers to wrap around the curve of her ass to feel the warm cum he knew would still be there.

Their last love-making had been some hours ago, but the mutual exhaustion had kept them from leaving the bed. He took advantage of this fact as he carefully worked the remnants over her labia and along the inner curve of her ass. Freezing occasionally when he felt her breath catch, he set an internal countdown before her breathing resumed its sleeping rhythm. At zero, the diligent work continuing with the throb in his cock providing encouragement. Moving slower than before, he eased his hip down, freeing his erection from its delightful cradle.

The cum emanating from the swollen tip of his cock adding to the lubrication helping it to glide along between the cheeks of her ass. The forward pressure coming from his hips and a helpful nudge from one of his fingers pushed the tip into the warmth of her already drenched vagina. Moving fractions of an inch at a time, he slowly worked himself in and out of her. The promise of drowning himself in the blissful heat the reward of his measured pace. He did not want to wake her just yet, but that desire was being consumed an eighth of an inch with each careful thrust.

She was stirring, nearly moaning, by the time he felt himself completely submerged in her sex. The feeling of being consumed made him hold himself there a moment to revel in the sensation. Pulling himself nearly out, he dove back in gently. The desire to keep her asleep tamping down his ferocity. Curiosity dancing into his mind with each slow thrust as he wondered how the feeling of him inside her would be altering any dream she might be having. The thought brought a smile that curved the corners of his mouth as he put his arm around her to hold her in place as he quickened his pace.

The feeling of her hand wrap over his was the first indication she had awakened, quickly followed by her expelling a low moan. He could feel her squeeze tightly around him, the tension of her body mirroring the sensation around his cock. She was bouncing into him now that the need for stealth was no longer keeping his passion in check. Small, demure squeaks issued from her each time he thrust in to set the pace of her breaths. The braid of her hair shaking in time. Watching her tremble each time his cock found its way home evaporated all sense language in his mind.

He was enthralled in the art of her pleasure, the experience needing nothing more than to simply be. Feeling the rising eruption, his hand shifted to grip her hip tightly. Reality exploded when he heard and felt her shudder. Thrusting hard, each pulse building and arcing from his cock through the rest of his body. He growled low in his throat, clenching her to him. Holding her there for long moments each spike of pleasure coursing through him subsiding gradually. She was melting into him as she half-turned to face him. Her dark eyes locking on his, sharing in the passion playing across his face. He found nothing more beautiful than the look she was giving him as he leaned over to kiss what was his.
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She fell backwards onto the bed. Her arms and legs spread dramatically as she huffed. He had lost her, and now the consequences were due. Long growling sighs crept up from the pillows where her head was now buried. The rustling sounds of the blankets and sheets adding an undertone while she diligently unmade the bed. The slow writhing movements of her arms and legs could have been mistaken for purposeful stretching if it were not so destructive. This is a trifle. So much for a relaxing evening, he inwardly cursed.

Turning away, he continued working the knot in his tie. Each attempt less successful than the last. “Would you please knock it off, Miss?” The exasperation in his voice breaking the command into a weak plea. Silence filled the room, and he froze. Shit, is what he would have had time to think if her decisive answer had not hit the back of his head. Pushing his head down to avoid another missile, he marveled at the force she would have had to launch the small throw pillow to push his head forward like it did. Dodging into the bathroom, he avoided the next pillow as it impacted the door and banged the door knob into the wall. “Hey!” he yelled, not daring to peek around the doorframe.

“What the hell were you thinking, Mister?” The pitch of her voice bouncing easily off the walls in a sharp echo. “Setting up a dinner date with those ? We swore off being out in public with them forever ago! Why on earth would you do this ? Have you seen the way they chew with their mouths open?!?” The barrage of complaints coming swiftly, punctuated with an audible shudder.

“Miss, please!” The earnestness in his voice was far from affected. “We can’t avoid them forever. It is your family, afterall,” his argument directed squarely off the door in an attempt ricochet the need at her.

The sharp breath loud enough intimate her shock, “low blow, Asshole!” There was no denying the capitalization of that title in his mind. The mash of creative expletives and plush missiles left no misunderstanding in the air. He made his move reach for the door in an effort seal himself in the bathroom ride out the storm. Chancing a look towards the bed, he could see the devastation was near total as the blanket was the only remaining article of linen on it. Her arms and legs were thrashing in the air forcing the blanket to bounce precariously near the edge. He closed the door and clicked the lock into place, hoping she wouldn’t notice. He was not that fortunate.

“You -of-a-bitch, Mister!” bellowed through the door clearly. “No, sir! You are not going to hide. Be a man, Princess!” The insults flying through the solid wood effortlessly. But, he did not hear her leave the bed. It was a better sign than his hope had allowed.

Give it a minute, Miss will tire herself out, the lie comforting him. The tirade continued with muffled thumps banging against the door. She must have pulled those off the chair, he thought quietly to himself, hoping she didn’t hear him. The bed creaked loudly and the sound of violence ended. His nerve kept him immobilized for another minute while the silence chipped away at his curiosity. The vision of what the bedroom must look like now took shape in his mind. Even though he knew better, the image of smoke, fire, and as unyet exploded artillery shells decorated the shambles of what had once been one of his favorite rooms in their home. His imagination filling in the gaps of silence on the other side of the door.

His hand rested uncertainly on the handle of the door, turning slightly to feel the ping of the lock coming undone. Opening the door a few inches, he was unable to see anything but the foot of the bed and there was no sign of her.. Quickly, he threw his head out to look down the hall to be sure she wasn’t lying in wait. The soft giggle from behind him melted the smile he had been wearing until now. Shit, he thought, turning slowly to look at her laying on her bac She was upside down him and staring straight into his eyes as she worked one exposed breast in her hand.

“Hey Mister,” the low purr in her voice revealing the nature of her predation to him. “How’s ‘bout we calls and cancel, yeah?” The suggestion slid from her lips easily to catch in his throat.
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Striding into the living room, she saw him lying on the couch reading. “What’s that?” she asked, moving to sit on the coffee table.

He relaxed his arm and let the book come down to his chest. Pausing to appreciate the interesting way she rested her chin on her hands as she waited for his answer. “‘Contact’. Good book about what happens when humans catch on to alien math humor,” his reply sounding more groggy than he intended.

She smiled, not lifting her head from her hands. “You are tired.” Her statement was certainly true, and the sound of her voice did not belie any accusation or teasing. She reached out with one hand and gently pulled the book from his. Standing, she moved the bookmark to the page held with her finger to be sure he did not lose his place. Placing the book on the table, she turned to sit on the edge of the couch before leaning over to kiss him gently on the forehead. “Scoot back,” commanding softly.

He made room for her to lay down in front of him, taking note of her attire. She had on one of his henleys. The white one with the missing button, not that she had any need for the buttons. It hung loosely on her as it was several sizes too big, but she was exquisite in it. The soft material draped over her to accentuate her shape without completely concealing it. He thought of how she was the first, and only, of his lovers to have ever enjoyed wearing his shirts. The blush he felt creeping up his neck was thankfully out of her view as she positioned herself next to him.

His head lay on the cushion of the armrest and hers laid on his arm. They were facing the same direction as she stretched out before him and wriggled close. Reaching back, she pulled his free arm over her and held his hand. The warmth of hers in his radiated up his arm and through his body. She was going to make him hot, but he did not mind. The feel of her next to him was a welcome trade. The shift of her hair out of his face was her final adjustment before yawning, “tell me about it.”

“The book?” His question resembled more of a low growl in the close proximity. He felt her nod quickly on his arm before resting again. He inhaled deeply and set out to tell her about Ellie Arroway and the discovery of the ancient radio signal. She stayed silent, adjusting a leg or her hips occasionally. His voice rumbled softly on as he retold the events of the book up to the point where Hadden revealed himself. He continued on, musing on the possibilities the book had envisioned and Sagan’s ability to posit how humans reacted to the unknown. She didn’t hear him.

Her breathing slowed its rhythm and became shallow. The rise and fall of her side lifting against his arm weakly. For a while, he attempted to match his breathing to hers, wanting to fall into her dream. His mind would not let him drift off, however. It raced to mull over idle things in the quiet peace, periodically returning to check in on her before moving on again. The soft snore reeled his mind back to him, and he smiled at her. He relaxed into her, the warm, sweet smell of her filling his head and lungs. With his hand still wrapped in hers and nestled between her breasts, he closed his eyes and drifted off.

The dream that came to him came in fragments, like a familiar song with forgotten lyrics. A time on a beach they had never been to with the warm sun pouring onto their skin and the water cooling their feet. The youth in her face was wrong, he felt, but welcome as he leaned to kiss her above the splashing waves. He felt her hum against his lips, the sound and vibration a feature of all her kisses after. Her cool skin tight as he pressed on the small of her back, forcing her against him. They laid down in the sand, continuing their embrace.

The passion guiding their hands over each other, it occurred to him that they were nude. She pulled his hand down and he could feel the mound of her sex against his fingertips. The smooth, hairless skin easily letting his hand skate along the curves. Feeling her mouth open wide against his, he began rubbing circles around her clit. She bucked against his hand as he did so, building the excitement in him. Glancing down, the deep blue shadows of the moonlight highlighted the curve of her hip and hid his hand from view. He stopped massaging her long enough to move the blanket out of the way before sliding his hand over the soft hair and sliding a single finger inside her.

The sharp moan in his ear pulled him from his dream, and he felt the tight elastic of her panties over the back of his hand. Automatically, his hand did its work while everything came back into focus. She was pulling his head to hers, the kiss vibrating over their lips. His henley was pulled up, exposing one of her breasts being kneaded in one of her hands. The tightly drawn areola making his mouth water. Her other hand was pressing down over her panties, encouraging his wor He could feel her tighten around his fingers as she held her breath. Curling his finger slightly tempt her clit from the inside, the reward was a sharp moan and the squeeze of her legs.

He waited for her relax, spending the time moving his fingers through the hair trapped in her panties. It soothed him, the way the patch of hair moved against his skin. Her breathing slowly restoring itself to a more reasonable pace, he chanced a kiss. She met him warmly and opened her eyes to meet his. The flash of her teeth in a cheshire grin melted him.

Rolling off the couch into a standing position, she turned and looked down at him. The grin never faded as she shimmied her panties off. He understood the invitation and sat up to quickly shed his clothes. She pulled at his knees and he slid down obediently. Looking up at her and knowing she had nothing else on but his shirt, he was completely aroused. And yet, a spark of humor fell over him. In a half-mocking authoritative tone, he asked, “did I say you could wear my sweater?”

Her eyebrows jumped quickly, and she worked her way to sit over him. The tip of his erection found its way to rest just inside of her wet lips when she said, “no, I don’t believe you did.” The response accentuated with a slow downward roll of her hips.
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The ache was becoming more pronounced. The pressure and constant motion was not something he was accustomed to in the normal course of the day. But, there was no adjustment, no complaint. He expected it and was committed to seeing this through. The effort was well worth the discomfort, but he did not think he could alter his approach and still get the same result. He was working hard to keep up, the crescendo precariously faltering on the edge of failure. The resistance was disheartening when weighed against the effort. However, he understood and sympathized; a forced outcome was never as satisfying as when it fulfilled itself. He knew his role was to guide and encourage rather than bully, and it was taking all of his concentration to do so.

The humming did not help. He could feel her attempting to disarm him, seeing who would break first. She definitely knew how to do so with effect, but he wanted to maintain his resolve. Giving in now would only make any additional effort seem mechanical. There were times when doing so had its merits, but his discomfort was needling his pride. No, giving in at this point was unacceptable. Pushing on, he sensed her hesitate. The humming wavered, the briefest communication of her losing her control.

Realizing his opportunity, he began his endgame. It was easy to tell she was onto him, but it did not matter. He would have his victory and there was nothing she could do to stop him. This did not stop her from trying. The additional strain to maintain his lead was amplifying the ache and though he did not stray from his line of engagement, he knew his time was limited. She attempted to maintain the semblance of her own strategy, but the throughline of humming lost its vigor. Her waning concentration only served to reduce the distraction to his own. Each moment measurably slowing her effort.

It was then he knew he lost. She was on the brink, and it was all over for him. He had known to expect a final, desperate play to turn the tide, but she was ruthless in her execution. Her sudden abandonment of any resistance to his effort, and the expectation that he could finally ease his ache, had sparked an unbidden feeling of exhilaration. He felt the trap close in on him as he tried to restrain the sensation which was bolstered by the predatory smile curling the edges of her mouth.

The slight pop, the simplest of sensations, vibrated the tip of his cock upon breaching her throat. He could feel her hold him there. The exquisite sensation of warmth wrapping around him tightly coupled with the exotic taboo of the thought of fucking her throat. The growl sliding through him was inevitable and devastating. And, feeling her pull him free from her throat and back into her mouth, he was gone. Each coursing shock of cum issuing from him met with a satisfying swallowing motion.

It was all he could do to continue sucking on her clit, hoping to bring her down with him. Her gambit had left her vulnerable, but his purpose was competing with the ecstasy she now controlled. Wrapping his arms around her hips, he buried his face in her pussy. Using the shockwaves electrifying his entire body, he roughly used the flat of his tongue. Nose buried between her swollen and fragrant labia, his tongue continued to circle and rub her clit. Holding his breath and feeling the need to breathe again, he felt her finally crest. The sudden gush of her buttery, sweet pussy came as she began grinding. He felt her nails dig into his thighs and her mouth vibrate around his cock as she took her victory lap on his face.

He felt her lay forward, and cool air began washing down his chin. Quick, hurried breaths filled his lungs and he threw his arms down on the bed. The ache in his jaw subsiding with the loss of pressure against it. He could feel her hand wrapped around his cock, even as her head was now resting on his thigh. Her own breathing swelling her breasts in time just below his stomach. The rest of her was limp on top of him with the exception of her hand.

A moment passed this way with only their ragged breathing breaking the silence. Feeling her hand move to stroke him, the motion of her head told him she was now looking at her hand. He was smiling as her hand twisted around him with the rest of her body. Humor grew in him as she posed her question in silent eye contact. He was still very much hard. The question in her face turned to puzzled realization as he lunged up, grabbed her, and threw her down on the bed. The squeal of resistance she bleated quickly giving into moans as he set to teach her the difference between winning a battle and winning a war.
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Rushing out the door, he dropped his keys. A sharp expletive and a mad grab later he was unlocking the car and hopping into the cold interior. The engine had barely started before the wheels bit into the pavement. He was late, again. The cold air in the cabin of the car was stirring loudly as the warm air trickled from the vents. His mind raced to calculate the best possible time he would be able to make it to the office today. Although it wasn't really her fault, he was inclined to believe she had a hand in his tardiness.

She never stopped him from getting ready in the mornings, but time slowed down considerably when he was with her. A fact she was keenly aware of, certainly. This morning, she was hell bent to dissect the merits of a particular director and while he was not invited to pass judgement, he was obligated to hear the case. It was genuinely enthralling how she described his use of visuals and character dynamics to both subvert and enhance the story. All the while, she was languidly moving from one station in the house to the next as she performed her morning rituals. Most of the time, he could listen while he performed his own tasks. Occasionally nodding, humming agreement, or asking small questions when prompted to ask. The cadence of her voice naturally made him feel as if his preparations for the day were clicking along at a reasonable pace, but the clock disagreed.

Taking the turn into the parking lot a bit too quickly, he snapped the wheel hard to avoid hitting the cement post guarding the driveway. He found his preferred parking spot and slammed the car into it. Grabbing his bag, he was halfway to the door of the office when the bleat of the car's horn let him know it had locked the doors. His office was still half-dark as the other late arrivals were making their way in and switching lights on as they went. Peering through the glass of the conference room, he held up a single finger to his colleague to let him know he would be in soon.

The hours bled by as he slogged through the meeting. Each detail debated and re-thought by his team as they tried in vain to come to a consensus. Rubbing his temples, he tried to hold his impatience in before going to the board and erasing their work. The silence was welcome. He uncapped the pen and went to work, laying out the strategy and making assignments. Each of his team following his lead, creating their own notes based on the plan he was laying out.

An hour later, the conference room was empty and he was reclining in a chair in the corner of his own office. The quiet passing through him as he recovered. It wasn't quite time to leave for the day, but he welcomed the idea. She drifted into his mind. The organized chaos she manifested breaking through the rigid order of meetings, organizational dynamics, and supervision. In his mind, she was always in the bare minimum of clothing. It felt right to him, thinking of her this way. Accessible and playful, challenging and forgiving, oscillating dichotomies that allowed her to conform where he needed her. His eyes closed, the sound of the knock at the door sent a cold anger through him. He took a deep breath and the wisp of her faded.

The sun crept low through the office window as the impromptu meeting droned on. The key members of his team were eagerly elaborating on the plan he had provided the blueprint for several hours earlier. The executives sat quietly, asking pointed questions and letting the team do the work to justify the actions needed. Occasionally, he would chime in. Some explanation would be needed or affirmation given to keep the conversation on track and in scope. Each tangent drawing his attention and energy. The opaque night on the other side of the window eventually signaled the end of the meeting and everyone gave their platitudes and dismissed themselves. And, he wearily did the same.

The air outside was much colder than it had been that morning, prompting him to pull his jacket tight and ball his hands up in the pockets. Irritated, he fished for the key and pressed the buttons to start the car while he walked over. He should have done it much sooner, but his mind was still recovering from the day. The headlights came on to add their stark blue light to the warm yellow lights of the building. Moving in front of them, he pressed the unlock button and heard the click of the locks. Stepping toward the door, he caught a faint scent mingling with the exhaust steaming up from the back of his car. A spicy aroma that he could not place. He opened the door as he tried to force his mind to connect it to a memory...or a person.

His eyes fell on the white bordered card resting in the dash of his car. A black void formed between the shadows and the bright lights of the instruments behind it. He reached for it and held it in better light. The pull of a smile pulled his mouth tight. The red lipstick immediately drew his eye to the way she was biting her lower lip and it took him a moment before he let his eyes absorb the rest of the image. The smell of her perfume filled the car and he breathed it in deeply. He followed the low cut of her top, her breasts purposely on display and modestly covered. The picture of her warmed him and the day evaporated into it. Seeing a black line in the broad white margin under his thumb, he adjusted his grip on the polaroid and read, "Hurry home..."
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Hi Menagerierians! (Say that three times fast!)

It has been brought to my attention that a significant portion of traffic to my blog is, wait for it, predominantly men! The reigning theory by @EarthAngel512 is that they are essentially sizing up the competition.

Although you may be here to check me out, I do want to clarify that I am particularly hetero. However, that does not mean that I am an ungracious host. So, WELCOME! Please feel comfortable to comment and enjoy my ramblings.

Since I would like to accommodate all genders and orientations, let's have a little fun. Here is a list of some random pick-up lines I have pinging around in my brain. They may be original, they may be not, but they are all in good fun. Choose your favorite and add your own in the comments!

I couldn't help but notice that you are making my priapism act up.
Let's make this a two-pill night.
Bet you can't guess which Axe body spray I'm wearing.
That's not glitter; that is stripper camoflage.
Can you believe they let me walk around naked under these clothes?
How many licks do you think it takes to make this tootsie pop?
I really like the way you keep undressing me with your eyes.
Let's shake on it.
The safe word is 'platypus'.
No, don't tell me your name; introductions can be made during breakfast.
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