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Posted:Mar 2, 2021 6:10 pm
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2021 7:32 pm

Isolation is over, and now with family in Horsens. Havent been "Home" in 6 so it's been a long wait. My siblings have grown my God, my oldest brother(Erik) is 6'7" now and a man and has a beautiful woman in his life. Then my first little sister(Aidan) shes 17 and 6'2" and will be coming home with me start school where I'm at. Then (Jakob16) 6' and (Egrid) 5'" and (KayLiegh13) 5'9" and my baby brother (Kenzie) 5'7". They are growing like weeds. My mom and dad have got the grey setting in my dad definitely looks amazing with his grey and you can see the grey my moms trying hide in her dark blonde hair but is as beautiful as I remember. And then my grandmother the reason I'm here has become frail and I'm glad I made it here spend time with her should have come sooner. So I will cherish my time here now. We had a reunion with my aunts and uncles and 17 cousins today was a wonderful day to see everyone. And they LOVE Aubrey most met her for the first time today and she was scared bit when she realized they loved her she warmed up quickly. She was shocked to see how big my family was as hers is small but she fit right in. My mom and my aunts stole her from me most of the day so I could spend time with my grandmother and cousins. I am exhausted and going to take my place with Aubrey and cuddle and go to bed I will try to add more tomorrow as my mom wants to take us around and show Aubrey the sites.
What I wore to my babys company Christmas Party
Posted:Dec 21, 2020 4:22 pm
Last Updated:Mar 2, 2021 6:11 pm
She wanted wear something sexy so I picked up this and wore it just like this what you see is the way it was.

Need a mans perspective
Posted:Dec 11, 2020 11:49 pm
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2021 5:32 am

OK I am very honest and upfront about being fertile and not taking birth control and not wanting get pregnant. I truly hate condoms and it makes sex feel like a toy and well if its gonna feel like a toy why even do it with a man when I have a huge arsenal of toys, I do it because it feels a lot better then the toys. Now heres my question if a woman plays bare without condoms is that a green light for the men to cum inside her even after she tells them she is not on birth control and does not want to get pregnant? I am asking because 6 of the last 7 men that I joined Aubrey in a 3 some knew this ahead of time and still came in me as deep as they could. Or do I need to go a step farther and only play with fixed men which poses another issue for me because I'm not really attracted to men in general but going to fixed men only puts all the men at my fathers age and up and that raises questions of daddy issues. The other thing is Aubrey prefers men that are younger 18-30 and they are loaded guns just waiting to knock me up. So I'd like to here your thoughts on this, if I choose to play bare does that give the man in his eyes the green light to cum in me even after telling him I do not want to get pregnant?
Merry Christmas Everyone
Posted:Dec 10, 2020 5:39 pm
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2020 4:08 pm
Just wanted wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you have an amazing New Year, enjoy the pictures

Well it finally happened
Posted:Dec 8, 2020 7:12 pm
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2020 6:32 pm

Well I just became like many others jobless. Both places I worked have closed their doors 1 indefinitely the other is questionable. I have busted my butt to get where I am to only feel like it's going to be taken away. I knew it was coming was just hoping it would have been afyer the holidays but nope. Hope my savings can weather this storm and I truly hope others in my position can make it as well, try to be positive and value those close to you and be safe.
Just thought I'd share the girls today
Posted:Dec 2, 2020 3:12 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2021 1:11 am
Here is for all you that enjoy breasts

Aubreys fantasy
Posted:Nov 24, 2020 12:58 pm
Last Updated:Mar 2, 2021 6:14 pm
This is a huge turn on for Aubrey, and as you know she is a Transgirl and would love to have a meet like this with me being the center of all the attention. This is a fantasy of hers I wish I could fulfill as she has given me everyone of mine. Maybe someday I van do this for her.
Sex with Fertile men
Posted:Nov 19, 2020 11:21 am
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2020 12:53 pm
As you all know I am a naturalist and being that I do not use birth control, if I do bring a man into the mix I bare, and how I want you if your fertile and playing with me

Why do I have to have such a bad fetish?
Posted:Nov 15, 2020 2:25 am
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2020 2:03 am

As you know I prefer women over men, I'm just not attracted them. But I have this huge burning desire be creampied. Bri does not let down she is always balls deep when she finishes. And her big fantasy is have other men enjoy me like she does, she is a cuck but with a big member so is she really a cuck? She just wants see take loads from other men. The thought of it is arousing but 2 big obstacles stand in the way I'm fertile no birth control and just not being attracted men. But as far as being creampied I LOVE feeling it in me, so not being birth control is ok as the no attraction men is the real reason I'm not fulfilling my fetish because if i was attracted men i wouldnt even bat an eye and let them cum in me. It's a bad fetish have when your fertile because of the risk of getting pregnant, but it's a risk that I'd take get my fetish met and fulfill Aubreys fantasy a hundred times over and have her clean their mess
Posted:Nov 4, 2020 1:15 am
Last Updated:May 8, 2021 4:05 pm
I have had a lot of requests to see the pictures of when I trimmed my vagina. So here are some enjoy because with how mad Aubrey got it WONT ever happen again. These are a few years old as it takes time to grow it out to where I am at now. I added a couple of where it is now for the hairy lovers

Something interestung
Posted:Oct 29, 2020 2:39 pm
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2020 1:27 pm

Well our 6th anniversary is coming up on November 3 and I wanted do something extra special for her. Her biggest fantasy is have a 3 some with a guy joining us. I have been stone cold against it for the last 5 because I'm just not interested in men. I work part time for this great lady who has a fetish shop that sells clothes and toys, and since she closed shop due to all this going on in the world. Well she contacted me and asked me if I'd be willing to work for her if she opens the shop up out of her basement with a dungeon theme she has been going back and forth over it just wasnt sure if it was worth it. So as she was talkimg to me about this I asked her why me I am only part time and you had 4 other full time employees and 5 part timers including myself. She said well honestly I have been tracking sales for the last 2 and when your on my customer count and sales double everyone else and most tell me because they love coming here because of you. I was like wow I had no idea. And the fact you are the only one of my staff that wears a lot of what I sell so they can see what the product looks like on someone and you have always been straight with them in the fitting and what you needed to do to make it fit right and that is what people want someone knowledgeable with the product. Plus you are far from bashful about some of the outfits that are very revealing that show way more then I'd ever where in public. Everything about you is my store you are a fetish Goddess and men and women come here just to look at you and that drives sales up. My customers want you so please give this some thought. She said it will be a members only store for our regular people and we will see how it goes and it will not be open to the public so you will be free to wear those outfits that were not acceptable before. She opened it up on September 15th and I've been there 4 days a week since and having a blast and getting paid. Well last week she told me she was going away that weekend and wouldnt be back until today and needed me to work Monday thru Thursday and open the store and close it while she was gone. So Monday came went in and opened the store and about :30 one of the regulars I met a few times from the store came in and we were just having small talk and time flew by it was 2 and my stomach was growling and he was like helium are you, I said I'm starving so I called in our order grabbed my and he said tell you what I'll buy if you let spank you I was like what the hell OK and he said let finish a good spanking where you lay across my lap and I pull you skirt up and panties down and spank your ass till is red both cheeks. I said well I'd have put panties on for you pull them down or just let you hike my skirt up and dont worry about the panties but yes I still agree your terms. Well we finished lunch and a woman came in bought a couple things and left and he said come here and i went over laid across his lap and he lifted my skirt and started rub my ass and spreading my cheeks relax my butt then crack my eyes opened wide and my ass started burning and he said that wasnt hard was it and before i finish saying no another crack same spot and the burning got hotter and that time i let out a little ow under my breath then he started rubbing my cheek and my check was burning then crack on the other cheek i flinched a little and he said i know you felt that one i didnt say a word and he kept massaging my cheeks then told me to reach back and spread and hold my cheeks apart he proceeded to rub between my cheeks and over my asshole and he said somebody is enjoying this. I didnt say a word my ass was on fire and now my clit was throbbing. Then he started rubbing around my hole putting pressure on tiny breathing was picking up and said you like your ass played with dont you and I said yes. Then he slid 2 fingers over my pussy and between my lips and went back to my ass and used my juices to lubricate it push against it in a circular motion then used 1 finger and started pushing it in all the way I let out a moan and he pulled it back out and this time 2 fingers right in and he held them there and with his other hand started rubbing my clit and i came my heart was pounding he was like good girl no go bend over the desk and keep your feet apart. I did as he asked he came up behind me and started rubbing my ckit some more and i came again then again and a third time and then he said I'm gonna fuck you deep baby and i didnt movei heard his pants hit the floor my heart was racing then i felt the heat from his hard cock against my clothes up between my lips then to my ass then back down to my clit again an rubed ky against me until I came again and as I was cumming with one smooth move he was deep in me with his balls against my clit and I came harder while he was in me my legs shaking and I was struggling to catch my breathe as he slid in and out of me harder and faster in me I felt him getting harder he said I'm gonna cum I said cum I want to feel you deep in meand he went deep and held it there and there it was filling me. He said OMG baby that was amazing and he held it there as I cam again on his coc My knees shaking and I collapsed on the desk trying catch my breath. I looked at the clock it was 5 minutes six I was like holf shit I close in 5 minutes he pulled out still 3/4 erect and I was like you have an amazing cock holy shit my cervix is going be sore later but thank you I needed that. He said anytime and I looked at him and said how about this Saturday it's my Anniversary and my girlfriend has been wanting a 3 some for the longest time and I didnt want one because I'm not into men, he said well if you didnt realize I am a man and I smiled and said yes you are and thank you for being a gentlemen and did everything right to get this. Now I hate to do this but I need to close up heres my number call me, he took it have me a sweet kiss said thank you and left. Tuesday came and it was dead at work so I masturbated at the desk where I got fucked replaying it and just as I finished a woman came in and was like sorry to interrupt your fun I smiled said I just finished what can I help you with. And she bought a couple cute outfits and left. I didnt hear anything from my friend. Then Wednesday came a few ladies came in early bought some supplies and left my stomach was growling and just as I went to flip the sign I heard someone pull up and come in and the guy asked if I was Lindsey I said yes he said I have a delivery for you I took it signed for it and he left I opened the bag and there was a card and a take out container I opened the card and it was from him. It just said thinking of youand thought you might be enjoy. P.S. hope the gift fits John I pulled the container out and there was a present under it I opened it and it was a skimpy dress and a note that said see you at 6 and please wear this. I closed at 5:30 ran upstairs took a quick shower and put it on looked I'm the mirror and was like this guys got taste and did my eyes and went back downstairs and unlocked the door at 6:05 he walked in said you ready I said yes and he said stop turn around and said you look amazing I want to take you right now I went over kissed him and said let's go. We went out for dinner had a great time talking and getting to know each other and discussing my plans for Saturday. We finished dinner and he said you ready to get your car I said I was thinking maybe we could go to your place and stay there for awhile and have a nightcap he was like really o We got his place and we went in and this beautiful woman comes walking in and said hello Lindsey I'm John's wife you are nothing like he described you are so much sexier let me see you girl I reached up untied the dress and let it fall the floor. She smiled and said i wasnt expecting that but thank you i walked her and said thank you for sharing your husband with now let repay you and started kissing her and we had our fun and as we were both naked and i was between her legs John took full advantage of being on all 4s going town on his wife he slid his cock in methen pulled out then in again and out then put it in my ass i gasped as he went balls deep and said your cervix wint be hurting tomorrow i said enjoy this because my cervix will hurt tomorrow before i leave tonight his wife said i love this girl. It was 2 am when we were all satisfied and Connie said baby why dont you just stay here tonight and I will run you into work in the morning. I said if i can have you in the morning ok she said of course. I have John a nice blowjob in the morning before he headed out then spent the next 3 hours with his wife. As she drive me into work she was like so i hope after Saturday you dont forget about us. I told her to stop the car she pulled over and i said to her you guys are amazing people how could i forget about what we have shared. She was like we are pushing our mid 50s and your 20you may find a younger couple, i stopped her and said we dont like younger couples for this kind of friendship we are both sexually attracted to mature friends. I just need you to know something about Aubrey she is absolutely gorgeous and no one knows this about her but she has a penis and was born a . Her eyes got wide and she said your kidding said no she was like do you have pictures I said let's get coffee and get work and I will tell and show all she was like O We got work and I pulled up the pictures of Aubrey and she was like wow we are in definitely John has been curious for 15 just never pulled the trigger with a man but OMG I can see him all over her. I said keep this ourselves I want John surprised she said yes I wont say a word. And I was like I'd like you be out with John so we can all come my place and have fun, I want you there share the fun. She said really I kissed her and said your there for John is a sweet man and I do enjoy fucking him but I'm not into guys like I am women. She was like I kindda noticed that with how you came onto me and spent all your attention on me and just let John do his thing. I said I hope he didnt notice she was like I doubt it he was getting his dick wet with a smoking hot 20yo and laughed. She was like i will be honest i jave been with a lot of people sexually both men and women and for a 20yo woman to make me FEEL the way you did leaves me speechless you made love to my mind, body and soul nobody has ever done that and i mean nobody. And the thing is you hit something in me and i have never felt before and it honestly scared me because i have never felt that with anyone even John. I said Connie i am a free spirit and feel you can love 20 people and be intimate with all of them. The thing is i do believe when there is chemistry between 2 souls not people but souls it means we have met somewhere else a different life where we were lovers and our souls just reconnected. So give them their missed love and make them happy to be with each other again. She just stared at me then said you are truly amazing with how you think and do love your life. You are completely aware of all this energy even I can see but have seen things I can not explain. Are you this free in everything you do, I said yes I give all of me freely I do not let evil into my life. I surround myself with positive energy. I do not drink, smoke or do any drugs of any kind i am natural and let life live within me. She was like so you dont take tylenol for a headache or any allergy medicines or birth control pills. I said no nothing she was like what if you get pregnant I said I get pregnant it was meant to be if not I wont get pregnant. I have had 2 miscarriages they were not meant to happen. She was like John is still fertile I had my tubes tied after our 4 was born. So your OK with fertile men cumming in you I said yes if I am meant get pregnant it's meant be. She was like wow that's crazy but I can see where you are coming from. I said do you not want John cum in she said he would cum in you no matter what it was why I got fixed lol but I am OK with him cumming in you. Well we have a plan for Saturday night and I will post how it goes.
Why men get blocked by women
Posted:Oct 23, 2020 1:42 am
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2020 1:29 pm
Guys this is the crap we get all the time and you wonder why women dont want to talk to you. A little respect can go a long way!!!!!!!!!! These are opening conversation starters that men send me.

A little about me
Posted:Oct 22, 2020 10:39 pm
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2021 9:23 pm

Hello I am Lindsey a 20 year student that lives in upstate NY. I am listed on here as being BI so clarify this for some people and my interpretation of why I classify myself as BI. I am totally into women and only women on every level possible which would make me a lesbian but I do love penis as well I did not say I like men I said penis which is why my life partner Aubrey is a Transgirl. She is the most beautiful woman in the world to me, she is a goddess my Aphrodite and all woman but only better she has Zeus's penis. I am attracted to femininity I het turned on by the absolute beauty of a woman her body is a temple and every inch should be worshiped. And heres my dilemma the penis the only thing I am attracted to on a man, you women know what I'm talking about nothing feels like a real penis. If they could clone it and make it feel like the real thing I'd be in heaven, but wait they have GOD have us Transgirls we get everything we love about a woman and attached a real penis to her. So if there is a Transgirl oit there that loves her penis and has been thinking of having it removed to complete your transformation just know there are women out there like me who will without a doubt accept you as you are. My partner was on the fence about having hers removed until she met me. She realized there are women out there that love her beauty as a woman and will rock her world even with her penis, because I know with me even after an amazing love making session with a woman the dildo is ok but the hardness, the warmth of a real one can never be replaced with a toy and I didn't even mention the climax of it OMFH the best feeling you can have from it. That is why I say I'm BI because I need the penis bit it needs to be attached to a beautiful woman. And if a man is reading this it is not an open invitation to send me pictures of yours saying you can transform me back to men because unless you have full breasts and can pass as a woman and live life as a woman it wont work trust me and it's the fastest way to get blocked. Thanks for reading Lindsey
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