Chastity indefinitely  

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8/18/2021 7:00 am
Chastity indefinitely

So, somehow my blog poll on wearing and staying locked in my chastity cage or not got deleted. What I can say is based on the voting results that were there, the majority of you want to see me remain locked in my chastity cage. That is the kind of support I needed to help me get thru the changes that wearing a chastity cage long term are putting on me. There are times I need to remove the cage to<b> shave </font></b>smooth and clean. But I assure you, with all the followers supporting that I keep the cage on and locked, I will. It is with your help in the voting results and comments that many of you leave on my chastity pictures, that help me understand that my new true lifestyle is as a feminine sissy slut and no more. I am not a Man, certainly not! I am not a genetic Female. But I am a total sissy slut and need to act and behave as one.

By wearing a locked chastity cage, it prevents any interaction between me and my useless pathetic sissy clit! It forces me to realize the sensitivity of my real sex organ, which is my pussy. It has become the only way I can satisfy any urge to orgasm. There are no more erections, no more jerking off, no more Woman to have sex with. If I am to sissy orgasm, it is ONLY thru my pussy! Whether from my dildo or a Man's sexy hard cock, I leak or drain, that's it. The useless sissy cum is fucked out of me! There is no erotic feeling or sensation a Man experiences from cumming hard thru His erection into a pussy, only humiliation as I loose another sissy load as it drains and puddles on my belly with each strong balls deep thrust from the Man topping me!

The only other way is if Master removes my cage to play with my clit. If He decides to stroke me off and force me to squirt for is Him that does it. Not me, unless instructed by Him. At times my hands are restrained behind my back so I have absolutely no contact with my uncaged clit! This is how it goes and this is how it works. There is no choice anymore, period.
Thank you for all your support and continued support in keeping me a caged sissy! I truly appreciate the help from all of you!!

Love and kisses,
Samantha Slut

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