Midnight Milking  

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7/19/2021 1:03 pm
Midnight Milking

It was a Friday night and Rick was spending the night with me. It was the first time in quite a while since we were both busy with work and school. The real reason was that his parents were having one of their swinger parties and he didn't want to be there. We had spent most of the evening in my room talking about what had been going on and looking through several of the new smut magazines that Rick's Dad had sent over with him for me.
My Mom and Dad had gone out for the evening so we had the house to ourselves. It was after eleven and we were getting drowsy so we decided to get some sleep. We stripped and climbed on the bed and turned off the overhead bedroom light, just leaving the blue night lamp that I left on all the time. It created a soft blue hue to the whole room and enough light to see.
We had only been asleep for a while when I heard my parents come in from their night out. My bedroom door was open and I'm sure they glanced in as they passed by on the way to their bedroom. They could see us laying side by side naked on my bed asleep. At least we looked that way. The noise of them coming in had awakened both of us, but we laid very quiet and acted like we were asleep. I knew that Rick was listening just like I was. We could hear my parents talking and moving around in their bedroom. It wasn't long before we could hear moaning and wet, slurping sounds. It was obvious to both of us that they were having sex.
I knew the affect those sounds were having on me as my cock was rock hard and throbbing. My nipples were sticking up stiff and hard and I couldn't resist brushing my fingers over them. As I looked over at Rick, I could see through the blue light in the room that his cock was also rock hard and twitching and his puffy nipples looked swollen. I slipped my hand down between us and slide my palm over the head that was sticking out of his foreskin. my palm was covered in cock juice that was oozing out of his coc As my hand slid over his cock head, Rick let out a soft moan and lifted his hips to meet my palm.
As I was sliding my palm back and forth over his slick cock head, I felt Rick's hand slide up over my thigh and wrap his hand around my throbbing coc One of his fingers slid over the head to feel the cock juice running out of the slit. My hips instinctively lifted to meet his hand. In the<b> background </font></b>from down the hall, we could hear the obvious sounds of fucking with the wet squishing and the bodies slapping together. We could hear my father grunting and my mother moaning as we both were thinking about my father's big uncut cock pumping in and out of my mother's soaking wet cunt and her huge tits bouncing up and down with their nipples sticking up rock hard.
We laid there getting hotter by the minute and now stroking each other's cocks while we listened to the fucking from down the hall. Both of our hands were covered in cock juice from our drooling cocks. Rick leaned over and flicked his tongue across my stiff nipple, causing me to shudder. I turned toward him and moaned for him to suck my nipples. At the same time, I brushed my fingers over his swollen, puffy nipples as he moaned in appreciation.
We laid there on our sides, stroking and humping our hard, drooling cocks together as Rick sucked my nipples and I flicked and pinched his nipples. We got so lost in our lust that we failed to notice that all was silent down the hall in my parent's bedroom. I wondered if they could hear our grunting and moaning. I really didn't care. We were having our own fun.
I'm not sure how long we were lost in the stroking and nipple play, but I suddenly became aware of a very familiar smell. It was the hot woman smell of my mother's juicy cunt. I turned my head toward my bedroom door, and there standing in the doorway was my mother. She was naked, her body covered in a sheen of sweat, her cunt lips slick with juice, and her tits big and solid with her nipples sticking out fully erect and almost an inch long. It appeared that there was milk dripping from her huge nipples. She had a pained look on her face as she slowly walked into the room and up to my bed.
We both stopped what we were doing and looked up at her. She cupped her big tits and held them out to us saying, "My milk has dropped and I am full and need your help draining them." Both of our cocks jumped and twitched at what she said. Both of us moved apart enough to allow her to get on the bed on her hands and knees. She crawled up the bed until her huge tits were hanging over our faces. Her long, stiff nipples were steadily dripping drops of milk that were falling on our faces. Between the overwhelming smell of her hot, wet, cunt, and the milk dripping nipples sticking in our faces, we were horny as we could ever be.
My mother looked down at us at said, "Drink boys.........nurse from mommy" She didn't have to ask twice. We both latched our mouths onto a long nipple and started sucking, being rewarded immediately with a strong stream of mil We drank like hungry babies as my mother moaned and involuntarily humped her hips. The nursing went on for about minutes before Rick let go of his nipple and slid down the bed and stopped with his head by my mother's dripping cunt.
While I went from stiff nipple to stiff nipple sucking milk from her huge tits, Rick was licking her smooth, wet cunt lips and flicking his tongue across her rock hard clit. After just a few minutes of this, my mother grunted at me to turn around so she could get at my coc I did as she asked and immediately she took my drooling cock in her mouth and started sucking me. I went back to nursing on her milk filled tits.
I could tell by the way she was grunting and moaning around my cock in her mouth that she was hot and horny as I had ever seen her. Within a couple minutes she lifted her head off my cock long enough to almost growl at Rick to, "Fuck me.........stick your big Mexican cock in my slick cunt." She went back to sucking me as Rick wiggled out from under her and moved to between her legs. Rick started rubbing his cock up and down her slick cunt lips covering his cock with her juice. After about a minute of doing that, he found her opening and slid his cock all the way in. As he buried his cock in her she let out a long groan around my coc
Rick and I both started using her mouth and cunt for our pleasure. He pumped in and out of her from the rear while I pumped my cock up into her mouth while still sucking milk out of her dripping nipples. We went at it like this for quite a while before my mother lifted her head of my cock and said, "it's time to switch." I wiggled out from under my mother's huge hanging udders and Rick slipped his juice covered cock out of her cunt.
We traded places and Rick took over milking my mother's milky tits while she sucked her cunt juice off his coc I slid my cock up and down her smooth, wet, cunt lips until my cock was covered in her juice and then slid it all the way in. We started the rhythm again with me pumping her cunt while Rick pumped up into her mouth. After a while, I knew that I was about to empty my load and I'm sure Rick was pretty close as I could hear his heavy breathing coming from around the nipple he was nursing on. All of a sudden my mother pulled her mouth off of Rick's cock and groaned, "fill me boys........give me your juice."
At the same time she was groaning, I felt her cunt muscles clamp down on my cock and cunt juice started flowing out around my coc That pushed me over the edge and I started pumping my cock juice into her. My mother just got her mouth back over Rick's cock when he started pumping her mouth full of his cock juice. As we all came down from out high, I slid my cock out of her and Rick wiggled out from under her. She flipped onto her back on my bed and we all three just laid there recovering. I noticed that my mother's nipples were no longer dripping milk although they were still swollen and sticking out long and hard.
After about fifteen minutes my mother wiggled off the bed and stood next to the bed looking at us. She broke out in a big smile and said, "thanks for the milking boys.........good night and sleep well." Off she went to her bed where I'm sure she went fast to sleep. That was some midnight milking........

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