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Thank God For Car Break Downs
Posted:May 25, 2021 8:58 pm
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2021 8:33 pm

It was a little after 9 pm, he was laying on his sofa, watching tv, but had dozed off for a bit. So was a little startled because his doorbell rang. No one ever knocks on the door or rings the doorbell at that time of night. So was wondering whom it could be at this time of night. So got off of the sofa and put his robe on and went answer the door. When he opened the door a woman around 55 - maybe 60 was standing in the doorway.

"Can I help you?" He asked her.

She stated, "My car broke down and was hoping you would let use your phone call my sister come and get me."

He was thinking and wondering if this is for real or not. But he said anyway, "Come in."

He handed his cell phone her call her sister. She dialed the number for her sister and began explain her what happened and where she was. As she was doing all that, he just sat down and waited while she was talking her sister. He could tell she was nervous about the whole ordeal as she continued speak her sister on the phone.

She finally said goodbye and then turned give him the phone bac As she did, she got this kind of startled look on her face, he did not know why. Then she very graciously thanked him for his kindness and said she would wait out by her car for her sister pick her up. She smiled and extended her hand out shake his hand. He extended his hand her and she giggled a little bit and smiled.

He told her, "You are welcome."

He stood up and then asked her, "What are you giggling about?"

She said, "Oh, it is nothing."

She giggled again and started to walk toward the door to leave. He walked her to the door and leaned over in front of her to open the door for her. As he did, she giggled again. He did not think too much of her giggling, just thought she felt embarrassed about the whole ordeal.

He said, "My name is Brad and I was glad to help out."

She again said, "Thank you and my name is Alicia."

They both said goodnight and he closed the door. After he shut the door, he could not help but wonder what she was giggling about. He sat down on the sofa thinking about this. As he sat there, he leaned forward as he started to get up. When he did, he realized what it was that she kept giggling about.

When he began to get up, he looked down towards the floor and noticed that his robe was open enough to expose himself. That was what she was giggling about. She noticed that his cock was showing and she was giggling because she knew that he didn't know it was exposed to her. At that moment, he thought, 'Oh My God, how could I ever let something like that happen?' He could feel himself turning red from embarrassment. Even though he was alone now, he still felt embarrassed.

As Alicia walked out the door, she was laughing cause Brad didn't even know he had exposed himself to her! She was also very wet and if her car had not broke down and needed her sister to come get her, then she would have stayed longer!

When she got up the next morning and she took a cab to a mechanic shop. She needed to get them to go with her with a tow truck so she explained to them what happened. So they went and got her car. She was still thinking about Brad and decided she could not resist doing something about it.

So when the tow truck got her car in the shop and gave her a car to drive till hers was fixed. She then drove back to Brad's and knocked on the door! At first she thought no one was home since it was taking so long for him to answer but when he opened the door with his hair all wet, then she knew he had just got out of the shower and was probably drying off when she knocked. He had the robe on like he did last night.

Alicia said, "Hi Brad! I wanted to thank you for your help last night. I also wanted to apologize to you for giggling but you sat down last night and your cock was exposed for me to see but it is ok cause I got wet last night looking at him."

Brad said, "Alicia, I am so sorry about that! I did not mean for that to happen...... wait a minute! Did you just say you got wet last night looking at my cock?"

Alicia said, "Yes Brad. I did and I also came over to let you know that any time you want to expose yourself to me then it will be fine with me! And to prove my point, watch me!"

Alicia lifted her shirt and bra in one swift motion and exposed her tits! Brad's eyes got big around with a grin on his face and she looked down and seen his cock twitching and growing through the robe. Her nipples were pointing straight at Brad. Little did Alicia know that Brad had a fetish of women's nipples. She could tell that he was really getting aroused seeing her standing exposing her tits and nipples to him! He could feel his cock reacting more and more to the view and Alicia was so happy about the outcome.

As they stood there in the doorway, he purposely let his robe fall open to expose his cock to her fully. He could tell she liked the package he was displaying to her. So, there they were, Alicia, with her gorgeous tits waving at him and his rock hard cock hanging out in the open and the front door was still wide open.

Then he suddenly thought 'OH SHIT, THE DOOR IS WIDE OPEN' and quickly reached behind her to close his front door. As he did so, he felt Alicia reach out to touch his cock, as it was getting even harder which he thought could not be possible but it was! It was getting to the point where it was painful! A low whisper came from Alicia, not intended for his ears, saying, "OH MY"!

She put her hand over her mouth and looked to see if he had heard her. To her it did not appear he had heard but he actually did hear her. He shut the door and invited her to sit down on the sofa. As they sat there and talked for a bit, Brad didn't even bother to close his robe. He wanted to continue to expose himself to her and watch her face to see if he could catch her glancing down at him. While she was, she thought that he did not notice her looking at him.

But he did, several times. Then he stood up and gave her the remote for the TV and told her to watch anything she wanted. He told her that he would be bac She said okay. He then went into the bathroom. He took his robe off and was standing in front of the mirror drying and combing his hair. It was then he heard a very low whisper of "OMG"!

Looking in the mirror, he could see Alicia poking her head around the corner watching him combing his hair. He was standing there totally nude and he could tell she was admiring his ass. He didn't let on that he knew she was watching him, but he loved that she was. He then put the comb down, slightly turned to dry his hands on the hand towel. Alicia knew then that he was about finished and would be coming out soon. So, she quickly turned to go back and sit on the sofa, as if she had been sitting there the whole time. But he knew different. He put his robe back on and came out to sit with her once again.

Brad asked, "So, Alicia, are you getting your car fixed?"

She said, "Yes Brad, I am. And I decided while they were working on it, I wanted to come over to thank you for your generosity last night and the unexpected show you gave me as well."

She giggled again. She then looked at her watch and said, "Well my car should be ready now. Brad, thank you again, but I have to leave so I can return this rental car." As she started to get up, her phone went off to tell her she had a . It was from the mechanic telling her that her car 'Was' ready.

She said, "Brad, my car really is ready and now I have go."

Brad said, "That was a coincidence. You telling that then your mechanic texting you that it was."

She said, "Yes it was but they also told me after they looked at my car before I left there that it was just a new alternator and that it would not take too long to fix."

He said, "That is good then."

She leaned over to give him a kiss and as she did so, she placed her hand right on his throbbing, rock hard coc She kissed him with passion and she held his cock in her hand and squeezed it gently. He thought, 'WOW, this woman really knows how seduce a man! WOW!' They both got up and he walked her the door. She thanked him once more as he watched her walk down the stairs her rental car. As he stood there watching her leave, his robe was still open as he stood in the doorway. He thought to himself, 'I don't think anyone saw , but be honest about it, I did not care if they did!'

Then she texted the mechanic tell him she was on her way. She went pick up her car and returned the rental but then realized she did not give him her number! So when she drove away from the mechanic and was glad she was off for the next 2 days, She decided she wanted see Brad again so she drove back his place and knocked on the door. He was dressed which was a disappointment!

She told him, "I forgot to give you my phone number. Do you have a pen and paper so I could give it to you?"

He moved away from the door and walked to a roll top desk table and pulled a pen and paper out of the drawer and handed it to her. She wrote it down and handed it to him. And to her surprise, her stomach growled real loud.

He asked her, "Are you ?"

She said, "Yes, I have not eaten anything since I got up cause I wanted get my car fixed!"

He asked her. "Would you like go out eat at this restaurant I go occasionally that is secluded away from town!"

She told him, "Sure, I would love to!"

So they got in his car and drove there. But to Alicia's surprise when they got in there it was a private restaurant for swingers and they had to put on a long robe before they could go in the restaurant. The lady at the counter handed the robes to them and pointed to the room where they were to go into to take their clothes off and put the robe on. Then they went into another room where someone took them to a room that was secluded.

The woman told them, "This is your room for as long as you stay and if you need anything or want company to join you then all you have to do was push the intercom button and tell the operator what you want."

So they looked at their menu and ordered some food. They talked awhile waiting on their food.

Brad said, "Alicia, I was impressed at the way you handled all this? I wasn't thinking when I told you about this place. But you acted like it was something you did all the time. Have you?"

Alicia said, "No Brad, I haven't! But I have heard of this place for awhile now and was wanting to come here but thought you had to have another person to come with you. And I just acted like I did cause I wanted to see everything so I went with the flow of things."

Brad said, "No, you don't have to be with anyone unless you want to. Also if you come alone then they will ask you if you want company and if there is a man that is eating alone then they will ask him if he would like some company through the intercom "

Alicia said, "Oh ok, Now I feel better by knowing that!"

Then a voice came over the intercom telling them their food was about to be served. Then they started eating their meal without conversation even though they both occasionally would rub each other under the table. Alicia was trying to not only enjoy her meal but was having a hard time concentrating due to Brad rubbing her pussy on the outside of her tight pants.

Brad was having the time of his life, not only was he feeling Alicia's pussy but Alicia was also stroking his cock and he looked down and noticed there was a lot of pre-cum. He could feel his pre-cum flowing like crazy! Then when they finished their meal, Brad pushed the intercom to tell them they were through eating.

The waiter came in and said, "If you need anything else or you want your check, then let me know. Ok?'"

The waiter took the food away. Then Brad asked, "What would you like to do now since we can stay in the room for as long as we wanted."

Alicia said, "I want to suck your cock but I also have other ideas but first I want to lick your ass! By the way what size is your cock?"

He said, "I have no idea cause I have never measured it!"

She said, "Let me get a tape measure out of my purse and I will measure it for you!"

She got out the measuring tape and measured it and thought, 'OMG, he is 8 ½ inches long!"

He asked, "Well?"

Alicia answered bac "8 ½ inches." As she told him that, she then measured his girth which was 3 inches.

She also told him. "You are also 3 inches around which is very impressive as well as your length."

He said, "WOW! I now know that if any one asked me."

He got up off the chair then sat down on the sofa they had in the room with our table. He lifted his legs as much as he could and she started licking his ass. When he started moaning real loud she gave him a shock and inserted her tongue in his ass and rimmed his ass out good as she tongued fucked him as deep as her tongue would go. She moaned and was thinking, 'OH MY! He tastes so good and I will not be able to get enough!'

She reached up toward his cock and started stroking his cock as she was rimming his back door out! After Alicia treated him with her twist of bliss of rimming, he was beside himself. He never had a woman rim his hole before, So when she actually tongue fucked his ass, he was thinking, 'OMG! WOW! I have never felt anything so erotic and pleasurable before.'

Then she did something to him which made it even nicer, which was that while she was pleasing him in that way, she reached around to fondle balls and stroke his coc He was thinking, 'This exciting woman took heights I have never been before.' Then she came up for some air and rested a bit,

He took her by the hand and walked her over to table. He told her, "Lean over the table laying your tummy and tits, flat on the table and spread your legs apart."

She did not ask why, she just did everything he asked. Then he came up behind her. Holding his cock out straight, he began to massage her asshole with the head of his coc He massaged her there in a circular motion. He could hear her breathing was very rapid. Then he stopped, but left his cock head pressed up tight against her puckered hole. Then with a little bit of pressure, he slowly inserted the head of his cock into her hole.

Alicia moaned and said, "Brad, I don't know if I can do this. I have never taken a cock in my ass before. As if he didn't hear her, he pressed in a little more. Alicia said in a low voice, "Oh Shit! Oh God! You really are going to ass fuck ! OMG!"

Alicia, with her arms spread out over the table, she grabbed the edges of the table so tight, that her knuckles were turning white. Then he pushed his hard cock all the way into her.

Alicia actually screamed. "Oh Brad, I HAVE NEVER HAD A COCK IN MY ASS BEFORE! PLEASE GO SLOWLY!"

He was in her now and began to pump her ass. Slowly at first, but then he increased the speed and the forcefulness, ramming her ass with everything he had to give her.


He kept pumping her, then he told her, "Stand up."

While keeping his cock inside of her, she stood up as straight as she could. With his cock still in her, he reached around with one hand to squeeze her tits and with the other hand he began to finger fuck her 'Hot Wet Pussy'. While doing all this, he began to pump her ass again, Harder and harder with each stroke.

All Alicia could say was, "OMG! OMG! BRAD, OMG!!!

He could tell she was loving this, even though he knew that maybe this was hurting her a little. She never told me to take it out, so he kept fucking her poop shooter and then he felt his balls tighten up to get ready to discharge his cum and 'BOY' did he!

He had so much of cum that had built up inside of him that he pumped her until every drop came out of him. She bet it was a glass full! It was so much that it was actually coming out of her pussy around his cock! It was then that he pulled his cock out of her ass. He could tell Alicia was really weak at this point. So, he put his arm around her and they went back to rest on the sofa. He looked at Alicia and she had tears in her eyes and running down her cheeks.

He asked Alicia, "Are you alright, cause you are crying."

She answered, "Yes Brad, I am fine. It's just that I have never had a man do that to me before and you cock is really big. But 'OMG' Brad, I loved all that you did to me. And when you finally came inside of me, I could feel your hot cum as it erupted inside of me. Oh God Brad, feeling your hot cum is what brought the tears to my eyes. I was so happy that I could get you to lose your load like that!"

She thought Brad's cock felt so good in her ass but his hot cum felt wonderful in there! She has never felt anything so hot in her ass before that and could not wait to have him ass fuck her again by his huge cock! They both decided they needed to rest for a bit so they told the waiter they wanted their chec While they waited for the waiter, they got dressed. The waiter showed up and presented their check and they walked the cashier's counter and Brad paid for their meal!

When they got outside, Alicia stopped dead in her tracks! And said, "OMG, I bet everyone in the restaurant heard me!"

Brad said, "No they didn't cause every room in sound proof!"

She said, "Really?"

He said, "Yes really! So put that out of her beautiful head and let us get in my car and I will take you back to my house. Ok?"

She said, "Ok, I feel better now!"

So they drove back to his home and unlocked the door. He opened the door and sat on the sofa which he sat in his favorite recliner. He noticed her eyes were drooping like she was falling asleep so he stood up and took her hand in his. Then he led her to his bedroom and he told her to lay down.

She said, "May I take a shower first before I lay down! I will feel like I will rest better if I do!"

He said, "Yes, you can! The bathroom is through that door and the towels are in the closet behind the door."

So while Brad got in his bed and laid down! Alicia went to go take a shower and clean up. She was already soaped up when the shower stall was opened and Brad got in with her and grabbed her tits and started washing them. Then he washed all over her! It felt so good to even have her back washed. Then it got even better when he handed her the soap to wash him and she started with his back and then his ass. She cleaned his ass real good, so good that she even inserted her finger inside of his ass and cleaned him there too!

Brad was moaning so loud that she thought his neighbors would hear him. She had him turn around and she washed his chest and legs. When she got to his cock then she gave him the best cleaning she bet he has ever had! She loved it that he shaved his cock and when she rinsed his cock off then she could not resist, so she took his cock in her mouth and start sucking on him with passion. She knew that it was making him think she was actually making love to his cock with her mouth cause she was so into it! She wanted to make him feel so good that she could not resist making him feel like this was the best blowjob he has ever had! So she started licking the head and all around and under the head then she opened the pee hole and stuck my tongue inside.

He gasped as he said, "Alicia, that feels so good! I have never had any one stick their tongue in my pee hole before!"

She did not answer him back but was glad that she was the first one that has ever done that to him. She thought to herself, 'MMMMMM! If he has never had that happen to him then he will be surprised with what she was going to do to him next.' So she took her hard nipple and opened his pee hole and stuck it inside his hole.

He gasped again and looked down and said "OMG Alicia! That is so erotic and so hot looking you doing that!"
Getting My Pussy Eaten
Posted:May 25, 2021 8:56 pm
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2021 8:29 pm

Your hands run up and down my body, sliding over every curve. Your right hand twirls my hair between your fingers. Our lips meet in a fiery, passionate embrace, your hands drop down my shorts. Your hands gently squeeze my luscious ass, I can feel that warm throbbing in my midriff bursting into life and grow warm.

You gently push onto the bed, as you gently take my top off, revealing my red lacy bra underneath. Our lips press against each other, we break apart, close enough I can still feel your breath on my neck as you kiss my ear and whisper, "Don't move, don't make a sound." The sound of your deep manly voice makes my pussy grow wet.

You hear let out a long excited sigh and moan in answer, as a smile now spreads across your face. Your hand now traces a line from my shoulder down my spine, until you reach the clasp on my bra, where you unclasp it.

My bra now falls off my body, the cold air quickly firming up my nipples a hard pea Your lips meet them, they grow firmer almost the point of pain and yet, I love every kiss you give on them. That warmth in my midriff now radiates out my toes, making want curl them. I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. Now your mouth sucks my nipples. A pant escapes my lips, my back arches slightly making my pussy ache all the more.

Your hands now slide down, away from caressing my nipples down the top of my shorts where they find and open the button. I feel them guide my shorts off leaving in my red and black polka panties. I let out a whimper of expectancy while your fingers now trace lines on my inner thighs.

Your fingers slowly reach the lacy outskirts of my panties and they gently run in circles on top of them, just a millimeter above my slit. My clit tingles as your fingers slowly draw closer to it, the warmth begins to throb harder and fiercer as your fingers draw ever closer and closer.

I push my hips outwards searching for your fingers, longing for you to touch it. You teasingly slide them away and I know you are teasing me and then you draw them back, You finally give in and your fingers glide over the soft material covering my clit, a loud, sharp gasp escapes my lips as your fingers cause a lightning bolt of pleasure which races up through my body. Your hands now slowly slide up to the top of my panties reaching the lace at the top and slowly gently pull them down.

I feel my clit get harder and the throbbing intensifies as I know that the pleasure's not far away. My dark sensual smell reaches out and fills the air, casting a spell on you to reach down and you want to taste it. Your fingers now slithers to my opening, your fingers now once again tease me as they circle around my clit. You see my wetness glistening in the light, your fingers now brush my clit. My body shudders but this time no noise escapes my lips, your fingers now slide over my clit, the tingling throbbing growing to a new height.

Your fingers now enter my wetness, I feel my muscles contract and relax on your fingers, they slowly exit my opening. Your fingers glistening from my wetness and I can see how wet your fingers are cause I am soaked, You taste my flavor sweet and sour, making your tongue tingle. You offer them for me to try and I slowly allow your fingers into my mouth.

You remove your fingers from my mouth and gently enter my slit, sliding in and out, my body adapting to every time they enter. Your lips meet my hips kissing slowly downwards towards my clit. They inch their way closer, your tongue now gently reaches out and reaches my hard clit.

You, too, can now feel the throbbing in my clit, your tongue continues to snake its way in circles over my clit, your lips then leave to gently press themselves over that spot which I love, but nobody but me knows where. Your fingers continue to enter and slide out slowing, gaining speed and then decreasing making me ache for more. Your tongue copying your fingers varies the speed teasing me all the more, until every time you slow down you hear another whimper escape my lips. Every exhale becomes a pant as you reach peak of speed, but this time I feel a difference. Your hand starts off slower than normal and gently increases. Your lips increase in pressure, causing my back to arch and my hips press into you as your fingers continue to slide in and out.

You can feel my opening pulse and contract on your fingers. Your fingers become wet with my juices, your lips press against my pelvic bone just above my clit for the final time. You tentatively kiss a line down. Now your lips press against my clit and suck it; I gasp at the sudden increase in pleasure racing through my body. Your fingers on your right hand continue to glide in and out of my opening. You replace your lips with your left hand, the change in pressure causing my clit to throb faster and it seems to swell even more.

Your fingers continue to rub, gaining speed before losing it again. Your hand however, never stops, just circling at the perfect pace for teasing; fast enough to drive me insane, but not fast enough to drive me over the edge.

This time I feel you apply more pressure rub that much faster, your other fingers keeps on thrusting in to my opening, pumping in and out. I can feel that warm throbbing build up behind the opening of my pussy, I feel it draw closer and closer.

As you continue to rub more vigorously, I can feel the tidal wave of pleasure building, rearing its head. I start riding the pleasure. It breaks, the waves of ecstasy rush round my body, making my toes curl. My pussy starts contracting and squeezing your fingers so hard they feel like a vice grip. My hands start to grip the sheets. Without realizing it, my back arches, and I groan out loud, almost a scream.

As I feel the pleasure subside, you collapse exhausted on to the bed as do I.
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Getting Fucked By A Experienced Man
Posted:May 25, 2021 8:55 pm
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2021 8:34 pm

I feel your hands touching my body as they caress every curve. Your hands tangle in my hair and you grasp it. You look at with lust and lean in. Then start licking my lips as you kiss so passionately that it curls my toes. I then feel your hands drop to my pants and caress my luscious ass. I can feel a warm throbbing in the core of my womanhood and it starts to burst and grow warmer.

You gently start to undress me as I lay down on the bed. You start with my top to reveal my black lacy bra. Our lips press against one another, then break apart, but close enough that we can still feel each others breath, then you lean forward and kiss my neck near my ear and whisper, "I am going to make your world rock with pleasure!" The sound of your deep husky manly voice sends shivers straight to my core and I grow wetter.

You hear me moan in answer which brings a smile across your face. Your hand slides down my front as you unbutton my blouse then slides it down off my shoulders. Then your hand slides down my spine till you unclasp my bra. My breasts are huge so my bra stays in place until you peel it away revealing my huge tits. My nipples are so hard that they look like small grapes.

You lean over and take them each at a time in your mouth and lick them which makes them harder to the point of pain and pleasure, yet, I am wanting more. The warmth in my midriff now spreads out to my toes which I feel they are going to curl. I am getting wetter and wetter to the point where it feels like there is a huge wet spot under me. You hear me moan louder as I feel your mouth start sucking on my nipples. I start panting as my back arches slightly, making my core ache so much more.

Your hands slide down to my pants where they find the button and zipper. You release the button and slide the zipper down so easily that there is no sound. You guide my pants down and off, leaving me in just my black and white lace panties. I let out a whimper of ecstasy as your fingers now trace lines on my inner thighs.

Your fingers are slowly seducing me as they slide seductively toward my panties and you caress me over the top of them, just a millimeter above my slit. My clit throbs as your fingers draw nearer to it and the warmth begins to make it throb harder and more urgently.

I push my hips outwards, searching for your fingers, longing to be touched. You teasingly slide them away and I whimper. You grin and then draw them back and then draw my panties down my legs till they are off.. You feel me trying to unfasten your jeans so you help me. Your pants are so tight that I can see your huge bulge. You look at me and as we are gazing at each other in lust knowing that you will be inside my pussy soon.

When your jeans are off, I notice you are not wearing underwear and I gasp. Your cock is so perfect that I have to have it right on the start. I lean toward you before you can touch me again and lick the tip of your glans. You suck in your breath as you feel my tongue licking all around the head. Your cock swells and jerks as I take the head in my mouth and suc

I use a lot of suction which makes your cock jerk in my mouth. You grab my hair and pull a little bit as you feel deep throat you all the way the base of your coc You start hump my mouth, but I pull back and lick your shaft down your balls. I then lick and suck on your balls until they are shiny and wet with saliva.

Your hand is still gripping my hair lightly and it seems like you are guiding my head back up, so I lick your shaft all the way the head of your coc I am looking at your face and see the look of lust so fierce that I feel you may be on the brink of no return, So I stop licking and lay on my back on the bed.

I spread my legs and your fingers glide across my body as a lightening bolt of pleasure races across my body. My clit gets harder and harder which makes the throbbing intensify as my body knows there is more pleasure to come. My womanly sensual smells fills the air which fills your lungs and makes your cock swell even more which makes you reach down and touch my pussy. Your fingers slowly slide to my opening which they begin to tease me as they circle around my clit.

You see my wetness glistening which shows you just how ready I am for you. But you slide your fingers over my clit again which makes it tingle and throb to a new height. Your fingers enter my wetness which makes my muscles contract and relax on your fingers as they slowly exit my opening. Your fingers glisten from my wetness which I know how wet I am cause I am soaked. You bring your finger to your mouth and taste my sweetness then put them back in my pussy and pull them out and offer your fingers for me to taste.

I taste my juices and moan which makes you groan with lust. Then you gently slide your fingers into my slit, sliding in and out, as my body adapts more and more as they enter me, making me moan with lust. You can feel the throbbing of my clit, as your fingers slide along it's nerve endings. You find my g-spot and only you know where it seems to throb with each stroke of your fingers as they stroke in a come hither motion.

Then they start to gain speed and then decreasing which makes me want more. You tease me in that way so much that I start to whimper and gyrate my hips to pick up the tempo. But you hold me down lightly and lean down and whisper, "Be still and I will reward you soon!" So I calm down and when you pick up the tempo again with your finger with a speed that tells me this is different. Slower then gently increases and then you pinch my clit lightly and I scream out in ecstasy. You lower your body and plunge your cock inside my pussy as I orgasm.

It looks like you are having a hard time keeping from cumming yourself cause I am clinching my hole on your cock so hard that it feels like a vice gripping your coc But you hold back so you can enjoy more pleasure come. When I finally come down a little from my orgasmic release then you start pumping in and out. My core is on fire so much that it feels like I am going explode again from both the heat inside of plus the heat of your coc Your cock is stroking across both my g-spot and clit which is making us both even hotter.

You are enjoying the pleasure of going slow then picking up the tempo then starting all over again. It feels that you are trying keep from cumming. Then you start picking up speed a little faster till you feel your balls tighten up and you slow down again. I am so frustrated again that I take my hand and start rubbing my clit, but you pull my hand away and say, "That is for pleasure, not you!"

I whimper and look at you with a look of surprise and lust, but listen you. You then take your cock out of my pussy and turn over on my hands and knees. Then you position yourself behind and you enter again and my muscles clinch your cock your delight. Then I feel you spit on my ass and with your fingers, you make my ass slippery as you insert one finger until I get use it. Then as I start humping both your cock and finger then you insert another finger into my ass.

As you pick up the tempo in pleasuring both my pussy and ass, you then feel my pussy muscles clinch even more while my ass muscles clinch your fingers. So you pick up more speed with your cock and fingers until you feel your balls tighten up and when you roar while cumming, then it sets off. I scream in ecstasy and flood the bed with my juices and yours too as your cock jerks and empties your balls till you are dry and empty of your man batter into my hole.

When we feel the pleasure subsiding, then you collapse on top of which causes collapse as well on the bed in exhaustion as do you in exhaustion. We lay there sweaty and satisfied.
Fun On A Hot Summery Day
Posted:May 25, 2021 8:53 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 7:16 pm

Damn it is hot today! I think I will go to the lake today and swim! So I put my skimpy thong bikini bathing suit on which does not really hold my huge tits cause of their size of 38DDD. I had shaved my pussy last night so it was smooth and it would look better with thongs on any way. I put everything in a bag I needed to have with for a hot summery day and grabbed my keys and stuck my purse in the trunk of the car and the bag in the front seat with me.

As I was driving down the road, I noticed this handsome guy looking at me periodically in the next lane since it was a double lane on the interstate. He was in a pickup and I had my top down in my convertible and he could see me with my skimpy bikini on me. So I decided to give him a little show as I was driving down the interstate.

I took my left hand and grabbed my right tit and pulled it out of the bikini top and then put my left hand on the wheel and took my right hand and grabbed my left tit and pulled it out of my bikini top and looked over at the guy and he had the biggest grin on his face. So I put my cruise control on and lifted my leg over to the side and pulled my thong away from my pussy and started fingering myself. The guy kind of swerved to the right side of the road and he had to correct his driving. I started laughing to myself that I got him so excited that he forgot he was driving. The lake was up ahead and I did not cover myself up cause I was going to my secluded spot I always go to.

When I sped up ahead of the guy and put my turn signal on at a dirt road that will take me to my secluded spot. I looked in the rearview mirror to see if he went on ahead. He actually followed me and I just grinned. I finally got to my usual spot and pulled over to the only picnic table there and got out. The guy was just pulling up behind me so I walked over to his pickup and said, "Hi, my name is Susan. Did you enjoy my show back there? What is your name?"

He said, "I am Zeke and yes I did and that is why I followed you here."

"I was hoping you would and you are very handsome and from the looks of you that you work out too!"

He said, "Yes I do and thank you."

He got out of his pickup and followed me to the picnic table and when I sat on the table then I motioned him to sit in front of me. He sat down in front of me and I untied my thongs and bikini top and put them in my bag. He was grinning ear to ear when I did this.

He said, "Susan, you are very pretty and sexy too. But what I am seeing right now is the most beautiful set of tits I have ever set my eyes on and that pussy of yours looks edible. Do you mind if I have a taste?"

"Oh yes! Please do and thank you for the compliment and why don't you get comfortable and take your clothes off. I am sure your pants are a bit uncomfortable right now."

He said, "Yes they are!" He took his shirt off and before he could unbuckle his belt I had to run my hands over his chest. He sighed and closed his eyes as I rubbed his chest and leaned over and took his nipple in my mouth and started sucking on it and then the other nipple. He was moaning and since he was so into what I had done he forgot to undo his pants even though his belt was unbuckled now. I reached out and unbuttoned his pants and then unzipped them and started pulling them down.

He came out of his trance and started helping me. What I seen pop out of his pants was impressive and as he let his pants fall to the ground I took his cock into my mouth and started licking the precum that was coming out of the slit. Damn it tasted so delicious and I wanted more of it!

He leaned own and took his shoes off and then he took his pants off too. He then took his socks off. He did not have any briefs on at all which made me wetter knowing that. After he was completely undressed and his clothes were on top of the picnic table with his shoes to keep the bugs out of them, he leaned into me and kissed me with such passion that I became aroused so fast that I could feel my pussy soak the picnic table under me.

He must have smelt my desire cause he reached for my pussy and stuck his middle finger in me and I gasped with delight. I wanted him to finger fuck me but he had other ideas and pulled his finger out and stuck his finger in his mouth and licked it clean. He seen me watching him so he took his finger again and inserted it into my pussy which was dripping with desire and he then inserted one more finger and started finger fucking me till he could hear the slurping sound of my soaked pussy. He then took his fingers out and brought them to my face and I opened my mouth and he stuck his 2 fingers in my mouth and I sucked and licked them clean.

He said, "So you like the taste of your own pussy?"

"Oh fuck yes I do!"

He said, "That is so hot! Cause then after I taste your pussy and make you cum then I will kiss you."

I grinned at him with lust on my face and he laid me down on the table. He spread my legs as far as they would go and he smelt my pussy as he licked my thighs and the area where my thighs and pussy was connected. I groaned and my pussy leaked out a little more and when he saw this then he licked up from my ass to my clit and I went crazy cause I was so aroused that I orgasmed with his first lic


He just kept licking my pussy and getting every drop of liquid and cream from me that he could. Then he took my clit in his mouth and started sucking on it lightly and every once in awhile he would lightly nibble on it and I would moan.

OOOOOHHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK THAT FEELLSS SSOO GGOOODDD! DDOONN'TTT SSTTOOPP! I was thrashing around on the table so much that he had to put his hands under my ass and around my legs to hold me still. All of a sudden I felt his finger go into my pussy as he started sucking my clit even harder and he must have found my g-spot cause I started humping his mouth and holding his head there to keep him from moving away from me. I was humping one minute and the next one I let go with a scream that if I had not clamped my hand over my mouth then people would have been investigating what was going on where we were at and come over. I finally came down off my orgasm a minute later and looked down at his face and it was cover in my juices. I must have squirted all over his face cause his hair was wet too.

He said, "Wow that was awesome babe! I have never been with a woman that could squirt. I have seen it happen in porn but this is a first for me and I thank you for that." He then stood up and leaned over me and kissed me and when he started tongue fucking my mouth, then I took my hand and put it between us and started stroking his cock as we both tasted my pussy juices together.

He then stood up again and when he did I raised up and turned my body to the side of him and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking the head and making my mouth feel like my pussy was squeezing his coc I then pulled off his cock and started licking all around the head and tasted his pre-cum again and I moaned around his cock and it swelled even more. I then licked under the head where the slit comes down all the way the underside of the head and he moaned.

He gasped when I went all the way down and deep throated him and held down for about 5 seconds. Then came back up and started sucking on his cock again but he pulled me off his cock and laid me down on the table again. He grabbed his engorged cock of his and rubbed my clit up and down and I started moaning. He grinned at me when I did that and started rubbing my nub again real fast against my hood and hitting it with his coc It made so hot and horny that I screamed, "Give it now cause I am starting cum!"

He plunged his cock balls deep into my pussy that it made come unglued and I started cumming multiple times simultaneously that it felt like one long cum that lasted about minutes. I screamed but he leaned over and kissed me smother the scream. I don't know how he lasted through cumming like that but he did and when I finally calmed down enough enjoy him fucking then he picked up the speed. He was fucking faster and faster and he was so deep in my pussy that it almost felt like his balls were going inside but I could feel them slapping my ass.

He started fucking harder and harder until he could not stand it any longer and he pulled out and stuck his cock in my mouth and he exploded down my throat. He must have had a gallon of cum cause he shot about 7 times in a row before he started dribbling cum out and I was swallowing the cum as fast as it went in my mouth.

He looked down at me and said, "Damn woman you are hot and sexy! I want you again and can I have your number call you again?"

I grinned at him and said, "Sure hang on and I will write it down for you." I went my car and opened my glove compartment and found a pen and paper and wrote my number down and handed it him.

He said, "Thanks Susan and I will call you soon but right now I had better get my friends down on the other side of the lake before they start wondering about . I enjoyed myself immensely. You are the kind of woman I always look for and I can not believe my luck when I saw you do what you did on the interstate and I thank you for that. Good bye for now and I do promise I will call you soon." He got dressed and went his pickup and got in and drove off.
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A Christmas Day Of Fun
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(I wrote this last year for Christmas and never posted it on here so hope you like it even though it is not anywhere close Christmas])

I decided go for a drive on this crisp and beautiful day of Christmas. The trees were so beautiful even though they did not have leaves on them. You could see the whole countryside through the trees. I drove for miles out in the country. There was not anyone out on these backroads since it was Christmas Day.

I watched deer cross the roads several times so I was being careful. It was extremely odd that deer were out during the day near the roads because normally they never ventured out like this during the day. They must not hear much traffic so they might be venturing out for food. Never liked deer meat and I loved the gracefulness of them. They are beautiful creatures.

Came upon a campsite sign that was tucked in some trees with a arrow pointing the right. I decided drive that way because I figured no one was camping this time of year. I turned right toward the campsite and saw that the place was deserted. The campsite had hookups for electricity with picnic tables and bbq pits.It was a beautiful setup.

I kept driving and a with a collar came running up my car and would dash away a little ways. It would keep doing this for a ¼ of a mile. That made very curious so I turned my car around and went back where I first saw it. I was going back where he/she had run up the car and it took off down an incline. I saw him/she come back when I opened my door and walked cautiously toward me.

I stuck my hand slightly out for the sniff my hand show that I was not afraid and friendly. I noticed the was female. It turned and whimpered and ran off, but came bac She seemed be trying get follow her. So I started walking in the same direction as she was trotting away.

We went down the incline a ways and I saw a lone tent down there. I also seen someone laying on the ground. I ran down the person who turned out be an adult . He had a slight bump on his head that seemed have some bruising. When I got closer him and kneeled down, he opened his eyes.

By, the way, I had on a white parka jacket with a white shirt under it and white slacks. So, when he opened his eyes up, he said, "Did I die and is that why I see an angel?"

I told him, "No, you aren't dead. If this is your , then she found driving around the campsite , She acted like there was something wrong so I followed her here your camp,"

He told , "Yes, this is my sweet , Pretty Girl."

I said, "What happened your forehead? You have a slight bump on your head with some bruising. Are you alright?"

He touched his head and winced. He seemed to be thinking so didn't rush him cause even the slightest of bumps on the forehead can cause a concussion. His walked the other side of him and laid down. She was looking at with soulful eyes that seemed be saying, 'Please help my get better.'

He finally said, "I don't know. My head hurts and I feel like I have not eaten in awhile."

I asked him if he had a first aid kit and he said yes, that it was in his tent. I walked his tent and crawled in and found it, then went back him. I knelt down him again and proceeded put triple antibiotic cream on his forehead, He did wince and I tried be more careful.

When I was done, then I told him, "I can make you something to eat, but you will have to come with me to my house for me to do that. If you are scared someone will bother your campsite then I can take your tent down and carry everything to my car while you follow me, then I can load everything into my trunk and you and Pretty Girl can get in and go back to my house. But only if you want to. It is Christmas Day and I have already eaten my lunch I cooked for today so I have many leftovers left."

He thought for a bit and then said, "You don't have to do that. I will be alright and besides we are strangers. I wouldn't feel right if you thought I was mooching off of you which might make you think I do this to get attention all the time."

I told him, "I would not think that and I want to give you a special day since this is a special day for celebration. Plus I have so much food that I would end up throwing a bunch out to the trash because it would go bad. So please don't think that!"

He smiled and said, "Thank you, yes, but you don't have to take my tent down at all because I actually live in a cabin near here. I was just wanting to get out of the cabin for a while. We can leave it here and no one will bother it. And by the way, to answer your question about what happened, I was in the process of chopping wood earlier and a piece of wood hit me hard in the head when it flew up. That was the first time that ever happened to me."

So I helped him to his feet and he said, "Hey, why don't you just drop me off at my cabin and I can get my work truck and then follow you to your home so that way you do not have to bring me back?"

I told him that I could do that, so I took him to his cabin down the road which he then followed me to my home in town. When we got there, his jumped out of the back of his truck and went barking at my fence my backyard. My female border collie was back there. Susie, was barking her head off and trying jump over the fence but it was too high for her. I knew she loved other animals cause when one came around her, she would want to , so I opened the gate and Pretty Girl ran in there.

I turned the guy and said, "Oh my manners, I just forgot introduce myself you. I am Liza Petre."

He answered and laughed, "I am Peter Long. Nice meet you even though we seem be friends already since you already invited your home before we introduced one another."

I laughed and took his hand and guided him to my front door. I unlocked the door and told him to make himself comfortable and I would start fixing us all something to eat. I went in the kitchen which was open to my living room so I could see him taking his jacket off and walking around observing everything I had. He would pick up a pic to look at it then put it down. As I was taking things out of the fridge, Susie scratched the door to be let in and I let both dogs in.

The house had 3 bedrooms and she ran to her bedroom and Pretty Girl went with her. There they could lay on her queen size bed that I spoilt her with and she had a lot of toys in there. Had to clean the room once a month to keep the hair down to a minimum. So I saw Peter follow them there. He came back and looked at me oddly!

I was heating the food up in my microwave and turned and seen that he looked confused. So I asked, "What is wrong?"

He said, "Do you always let your lay on your bed?'

I laughed and said, "That is her bedroom, not mine. I keep my bedroom door closed and also the guest room. Her room is always open. When I got her as a puppy, she wandered around and when I did not see her for a while, I went to look for her. I found her in that room asleep on the quilt so just let her have that room. I do keep the room clean for her plus her food bowl and water bowl are in her closet there. She knows that is where she eats and I eat in here."

He was really surprised about that, but let it go. He asked if he could help me, so I told him where the plates and silverware was and also the glassware. He got all of that and set the table. I asked him to get another extra 2 pet dishes under the sink so I could fill them up with food and water for his while we ate. He did that while I went to get Susie's bowls.

I filled them up and we both took them back to Susie's room and sat them down on opposite sides of the room. Both dogs started eating their food. We both went back into the kitchen and I served the food. We both ate in silence, but when we finished, we started chatting to get to know one another. While we were still eating, both dogs came and sat next to our chairs then laid down.

I said first, "So what do you do for a living?"

"I am a electrician."

My eyes went wide and I said, "WOW! Aren't you scared that you will get electrocuted doing that?'

He laughed and said, "No, it is safe as long as you have the electricity off and yes, I have been electrocuted before but it wasn't that bad. I was changing a outlet plug and never turned the electricity off and accidentally hooked it up wrong cause I was not really paying that much attention to what I was doing, which I have never done that again, Thank goodness!"

I got up to put our dishes in the sink to wash later when he walked up beside me with the rest and said, "I will dry if you wash."

So I filled up the sink with soapy water and started washing dishes. While we washed and dried, we still talked. We found out a lot about one another. He has lived here for and he found out I have lived here my whole life. He has been married, but he divorced ago and that is why he moved here get away from his ex wife.

I told him I was a widow of 5 . I asked him, "Do you ever feel lonely for companionship for a woman?"

He said, "Yes, I do and sometimes I have dated, but have not wanted get serious with anyone because of my bad marriage and divorce."

I nodded and said, "I understand. I feel lonely sometimes myself but have not dated anyone at all. I would not know how act around a date." I giggled and blushed!

He grinned and said, "I don't believe you cause you seem be a very easy woman talk in my eyes. You are a very beautiful woman and there is a lot of men out there that are attracted a woman of your looks, including ."

I blushed again and hung my head in shyness, but he lifted my head up by my chin and said, "Don't be shy about what I just told you. When I first laid eyes on you and thought you were an angel in all white, I thought you were very beautiful. I have seen a lot of women in this town that are very pretty, but you look better than they do. You stand out amongst them."

He leaned towards me and placed his lips on mine and kissed me lightly on the lips. I froze, not knowing what was going to happen, but wanted something to happen. I was so strung out from being without a man for 5 that I started kissing him bac When the kiss deepened and he got even closer , I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my body his.

He stood up and our chairs scooted back without falling over. He must have wanted to feel my body closer to his body. When he was holding close and we were passionately kissing even with tongues, my nipples hardened so much that it started hurting. I got even closer to him and felt his hard on which felt a little above average. I rubbed myself on his hardness and he moaned.

Then I felt his hand moving under my shirt and going towards my tits. I gasped when he touched my nipple through my bra. I could feel my pussy gush cream out and soak my panties. I had a mini orgasm just by him touching my nipple. WOW, I never have done that before!

He picked up and put on my counter and got between my legs. He unbuttoned my shirt and since my bra's clasp was in the front, he unclasped it and my huge tits came out! He gasped and said, "Fuck, those are huge!"

Since my leg was pressing against his hardon, his cock jerked hard, so I knew he loved the size of them. He then leaned down and took my nipple into his mouth and I gasped when he started sucking, It almost hurt since my nipple was so hard. I started moaning and he grabbed my other tit and started rolling my nipple, making it stick out farther.

He took his mouth off my nipple and took the other nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it. I started humping him and with his other hand he rubbed my pussy through my slacks. He took his mouth off my nipple and grinned at me. He pulled my slacks down and saw that my panties are so soaked that it looks like I wet myself. He got on his knees and started sniffing my crotch!

I gasped when I felt the tip of his tongue start licking my panty covered pussy. I gushed more cream. He felt the wetness so he started sucking on my panties to see if it would happen again. And it did. So he took my panties in his hand and ripped them off.

He then said, "I will give you replace them."

Then he went back my pussy and started licking the cream up and the wetness while moaning which made even more excited from the vibrations. I was so into it that I never heard him unzip his pants until he stood up and spit several times in his hand and slicked his cock up till it was really slippery. He then started stroking across my pussy opening to my clit with his cock that was a little above average. That made me whimper more than I was already doing. Then he positioned his cock into my pussy opening and wham he hit home!

I screamed out as I orgasmed. I looked over at him and he seemed surprised so he had to grit his teeth to keep from cumming himself. When he calmed down enough then he started fucking me slowly. I orgasmed again. He was so into the fucking that it did not seem to faze him so he kept right on pumping into me. He started fucking me faster and faster until I screamed again, but this time I had a g-spot cum and a clit cum at the same time.

He could not believe how hard I was cumming which was so hard that I was squeezing his cock hard like a virgin would. That made him lose it and he screamed out, "OH FUCK, I AM CUMMING!"

He just kept cumming and cumming until his cum started pouring out of my pussy onto my floor. We both were breathing so fast that we had to calm down before we could move. I could tell he was shaking , so told him to go sit down before he fell down. He did just that! I finally recovered and started cleaning the floor up.

He was watching me on my hands and knees cleaning and before I knew it, his mouth was on the crack of my ass and he was trying to stick his tongue in my hole. I started moaning again, but told him that the floor was too uncomfortable for that. So I got up and grabbed his hand after he took off his pants and underwear which he left in the kitchen with my clothes. He did take off his shirt in my bedroom that I lead him to.

I got on my hands and knees and took my hands and spread my ass cheeks apart. He dove in. I gasped as he actually penetrated my hole this time with his tongue and he went to town on it! It felt so good and I had never felt anything like that before.

He seemed to be actually enjoying the taste of my asshole. All of a sudden I felt myself orgasming while being rimmed. That was also a first. My pussy squirted juice out so much that it felt like I was peeing. He felt me squirting and moaned into my ass.

He then got his fingers into my asshole slowly with one finger at a time until he had 3 fingers inside. I was moaning the whole time and backing up to his fingers. He knew then that I was ready, so he took his cock in his hand and spit on it like before until it was slick and slowly entered my ass. He was going slowly till I got use to his size. I started backing into him.

He started fucking my ass slowly but would every now and then go faster. I wanted it faster and when he noticed I was actually moaning every time he went faster then he just kept that rhythm. I actually felt him reach under me and he started flickering his finger on my clit which made me hump harder on his coc He started fucking like a wild man until he felt squeeze his cock with my ass and knew I was cumming again. He let loose and started cumming himself.

After we had calmed down, we started talking about what we did. I asked him, "Why didn't you scream out this time like you did the first time you came?"

He said, "Cause you came so damn hard the first time that I started cumming which was the most intense cum I have ever had before. That was incredible! Your pussy felt like I was inside a virgin pussy when you did that!"

I was shocked. He then said, "I hate fuck and run but I have be at work early in the morning and have get home and also get my tent taken down before it gets too dar"

I nodded and we found our clothes and got dressed. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a $20 bill and handed it to and said, "Here is the replace the damage your panties I done them."

Peter called Pretty Girl and she came running and they left. my surprise, Susie started whimpering when she walked out of her room when she noticed they were both leaving. I said her, "Well, baby girl, it seems you made a friend and hope they both come back here soon visit."

I really hope that they do! I had more fun with Peter that day than I have ever had with a man before I even got married the only man I ever loved! 'Please come back and visit, Peter!' Best fun I have ever had on Christmas Day!
Chance Encounter
Posted:Mar 22, 2020 1:35 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2021 8:59 pm

I was driving down the road and all of a sudden my car stalled and died. I could not believe this was happening . I just got my car out of the shop and it stalls! WHAT THE FUCK! I don't know what is worse: my car stalling or my boyfriend breaking up with today. But I guess it could be worse. I could be out of town and be a stranger to the area. So I called a tow truck and they said they would be here in 30 minutes. I waited there for that amount of time and the tow truck finally showed up and they towed my truck and me to their shop and said I was going to have to get a cab home cause they did not have any vehicles to loan out till tomorrow and could I come back then.

I said, "Yes I sure can come back tomorrow cause I need a way around tomorrow since have to be back at work tomorrow afternoon."

So I called a cab and they said they did not have any cabs coming that way till after 6 and the shop closes at 5:30. Which will keep me there by myself for 30 minutes. One of the employees said they would stay around and make sure I was alright until the cab got there. So we talked for 30 minutes until the cab driver honked the horn to alert me that he was there. I got in the cab and I noticed that another man was in the back and I was surprised.

I said, "Sir, why did you pick me up when you had another fare?"

The cab driver turned toward me and said, "Sorry about that but the man was heading the same way you were and I just picked him up and I told him there was someone I had to pick up down the road just a block and could that person share your fare and he said he would the whole fare."

I looked at the cab driver which he was a very handsome man and had that look I would call bedroom eyes. They smoldered and looked right through you like they were undressing you. Then I looked at the man that said he would my fare since I was going the same way he was and I gasped. He was one of the most handsomest man that I have ever seen. He had dark complexion with eyes that would stare into your soul and you drown in them.

The man, "If we are going to share a cab then I want to introduce myself. I am Shaw!"

I said, "I am Zalika and thank you. This is the nicest thing that has happened to me all day."

Shaw said, "What has happened to you that was bad if you don't mind me asking?"

I said, "Well for starters, my boyfriend broke up with me and then I thought my day was going to get better when the shop called and said my car was ready and I got half way home and my car stalled and now it is back in the shop and they did not have a rental car for me to use today but will tomorrow morning. Then you come along and say I do not have to my fare but you will since you are going the same way I am."

Shaw said, "WOW! You have had a bad day." He was looking at my tits and then at my eyes see if I noticed. He kept doing that constantly. It was making feel like he wanted undress . I started squirming in the seat and my thongs were soaked and I had a feeling he could smell my arousal. I looked down at his crotch and sure enough he had a hard on and it was making quite a tent in his pants. I noticed the round part of the head through his pants was quite large and I felt my pussy contract and spasm and my nipples were hurting. I looked down at my top and could see my nipples showing through my bra. They were so hard that they were noticeable so I knew he could tell he was making me horny.

So I looked over at the cab driver and I noticed something was a little odd. He was looking at me through the rear view mirror and from the way his arm was moving I could tell he was jerking off while looking at me. I really started squirming and I guess I let out a moan and they both looked over at me and then the cab driver pulled over and stopped the fare from going any more and Shaw paid him. But did not get out of the cab.

I said, "Why did we stop and why did you the cab driver?"

Shaw said, "Cause we could tell you are aroused by us and we want have some fun with you if that is alright with you? If not then Lin will drive on."

I said, "Lin? Is that your name? And I am not sure what you want from me."

Lin said, "Zalika, we can tell you are aroused by us and we want enjoy your body and you enjoy ours too!"

I said, "WOW! Now I have heard everything! This is a first for ! I should not tell you this but I had a dream about this very thing happening and now it is coming true."

Shaw said, "Then if I asked you take all your clothes off, then would you?"

I did not answer him but started removing my clothes and folding them and laying them in the back window of the cab as well as my purse. When I finally was nude then Lin got in the back and he was nude also. Shaw had removed his clothes too while I did. Shaw reached over and licked my nipple then took it in his mouth and started sucking on it. I started moaning and Lin stuck his middle finger into my pussy and I contracted and spasmed around it. I grabbed both cocks and pulled them toward me until they were in front of my face and I started licking them both together and they groaned. I have always wanted to suck on 2 cocks at the same time and now I have the opportunity to do it and I am not passing this special treat ever.

Shaw's cock was thick and about 6 inches. Lin's cock was thin but about 9 inches. I took them both into my mouth and started sucking and then licking both heads but would suck on them both ever so often at the same time. I noticed that they both had their arms around each other but their other hands was on the sides of my head. They had their eyes closed in ecstasy and they would open them every once in awhile when I started licking their shafts. I then started sucking Shaw's balls and then Lin's balls and then started sucking the head of their cocks again. I had so much saliva pouring out of my mouth that it looked like a river.

Lin opened the back door and had us all get out and get in the dark alley he parked in. There was a chair that looked almost brand new sitting next to a door that looked like it belonged to someone. He sat down in it and had me straddle him and I sat down on his huge cock and the Shaw spit on his hand a few times and got his cock wet and inserted it into my ass. I gasped and for the life of me I could not believe he went in all the way balls deep so fast.

Shaw said, "Damn woman your ass is tight!"

Lin said, "So is her pussy but she is soaked and it feels like a river flowing over my coc This chair is going be soaked by the time we all cum cause of Zalika."

I laughed but did not say anything cause I was concentrating on the feelings that was radiating from my body cause of both my holes filled the brim. All of a sudden I felt my pussy contract so hard that I screamed and Lin covered my mouth with his stifle the scream. They could tell I was cumming real hard cause I kept contracting my pussy muscles so much and I soaked them even more. As Lin would almost pull out of my pussy and Shaw would enter my ass I felt like I had a fantastic rhythm going get cum again and I did. I started thrashing so hard that they had pump into my ass and pussy at the same time to keep me in place. Then all of a sudden Shaw's cock slipped out of my ass and when he tried to put reenter my ass he missed and it actually went in my pussy and then I had 2 cocks in my pussy.

I had the most intense orgasm from that happening that I did not even react and notice it. I squirted and clinched my pussy muscles so hard that I know not only was I having a clit cum but a g-spot cum too and I bite down on Lins arm. He bite my neck and Shaw was trying not to scream cause they both came at the same time I did from me squeezing so hard.

When we finally got our breath back and calmed down then we walked back over to the cab and we dressed. Lin said, "Damn Zalika! I have never fucked a woman that way before with my cock and another cock inside a pussy before and I have never felt a woman squeeze that hard. It felt like you had a vise grip on us and it almost hurt."

Shaw said, "Zalika, I am going to give you my business card and I want you to give me a call so we all can get together again. I always ask for Lin when I call for a taxi so we can have some more fun if you want to."

I said, "I would love that but I have a question?"

Lin said, "Ask away."

I said, "You 2 act like you have been with many women together. And you seem really comfortable with one another. Are you 2 bisexual by any chance?"

Shaw said, "Yes we are bisexual and we have had sex with one another every so often and why do you ask?"

I said, "I have a fantasy of seeing 2 bisexual men together."

Lin said, "Then we will have fun together in every way you want then Zalika."

After we got dressed then Lin started up the fare again and drove the extra 2 blocks and dropped me off at my address. Lin handed me his business card and kissed me and then Lin handed me a piece of paper with his phone number on it and then kissed me too. I turned away and they waited till I was in the door with the lights on and I turned and waved bye to them both and they drove off.
A Short Story For the Guys And Trans
Posted:Feb 29, 2020 4:23 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2021 9:03 pm

( for guys that like a blowjob toy usage on themselves with included. Just imagine you I am doing !)


I come home you are sound asleep on the sofa. I was shocked that you was nude, but it got so 'DAMN" excited that pussy started itching. thongs got so fucking 'WET' 'CREAMY', that I had get undressed.

I got on knees started licking you all over. You are so into your nap, that you don't even know what I am doing. I lick the head of your cock all around the head. You move a little, so I stop. Then you settle down. So I lick your most sensitive spot your slit, which makes your cock get even harder.

Your breathing gets louder your heart starts beating faster. You are in a deep sleep you are dreaming, you are getting a blowjob. Which in reality you are, but you don't realize that.

I suck on the head of cock make mouth feel like pussy squeezing your cock. I deep throat you fast hold down, which makes you moan in your sleep. That makes you so 'DAMN' hard, that you hump mouth.

I come back up start sucking the head of your cock again, but with more suction. I pop off the head of your cock with a popping sound. I lick all the way down your balls. I lick you so much, that if you had been awake it would have felt like someone had peed on you.

I put as much of your balls in mouth as I can get suck on them as they roll around in mouth. I lick your balls again make you moan. I lick your balls, then lick lower lower. Then I lick your asshole.

You start squirming in your sleep, as I stick tongue in your ass tongue fuck you. You start moaning so loud squirming, that it wakes you up. That , when you figure it was not a dream but reality.

You grab your cock start stroking yourself, as I stick finger in your ass, while tongue fucking you! I lick your ass again then come back up lick the head of your cock, as you stroke yourself. I reach for small vibrator I had hidden the cushions, that you did not know was there.

I turn the vibrator on place it on your rosebud. I rub your asshole with it, while you stroke your cock faster faster. I see your balls tighten up know if you don't edge, then you will cum. So I tell you stop stroking edge.

You finally tell it has subsided for continue. So I insert the vibrator slowly into your ass, it all the way in. I it in your ass straddle you sit on your cock. You have a hold of the vibrator to keep it in your ass.

Your cock slides so easily in pussy since I am soaked 'SO DAMN HORNY'. I ride your cock we are so sweaty, that we know it getting close for both of us. I reach behind grab your balls fondle them.

You feel your balls tighten up the max you can't hold back you 'EXPLODE'. It sets off pussy squeezing your cock so 'DAMN' hard, that it feels like I am squeezing your cock in half!

We finally realize that not the best cum we have ever had, but it the best , cause it started as a dream for you I made it come true!
A Bright Day
Posted:Feb 28, 2020 1:42 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 7:16 pm

I wrote this story a friend of mine who wanted a story of himself and a woman he might meet on a drive. He was happy with it.


I decided to take a drive and headed out on the highway. It was a beautiful fall day with all the leaves falling off the trees. I love this time of year cause not only is it cooler but not too cold, but also I loved all the fall colors around. I was not really thinking about much cause I was looking at the scenery as I drove. There was very little traffic and I loved that!

I drove about 20 miles and noticed a car on the side of the road. The flashers were on telling people that the car was having trouble. I was not in any hurry so I pulled up behind the car. I then noticed there was a young woman that was about 25 years old. She was medium built with dark brown hair. She was about 5'4" weighing about 185 lbs. She was grinning from ear to ear as she walked up to car.

When she got nearer, I noticed she had the perkiest tits and they were huge! I also noticed she was not wearing a bra cause they were bouncing with every step she took. cock sprang to life and I almost groaned out loud! I was thinking, what would they look like with her nude standing in front of me/ I got myself under control when she stopped in front of me.

I got out of my car and asked her, "Are you having car trouble?"

She said, "My car had a flat and my ex boyfriend always changed my flats me so now that we are not together any more, then I am feeling cause I really have never changed one before."

I said, "I can change it for you! Open your trunk so I can get the spare tire and the jack out."

She opened the trunk and I took out the jack and jacked the car up then took the tire out and laid it beside the car. I used her 4 way to take the lug nuts off and got her tire off and the good tire on. I noticed that the new tire was a little thin and I told her, "You better get to a station and get not only the tire fixed but get another tire. Cause this one is a little thin and you will have another blowout again real soon"

She said, "Oh thank you for telling me that! I will do that!"

I finished putting the lug nuts back on the car which I tighten up and put her flat, 4 way, and jack in the trunk. I was going to go back to car to leave but then I thought, maybe I had better follow her back to town just in case she had another blowout.

I told her, " name is Dave and I am going to follow you back to a station to make sure you get there without any more incidents. Ok?"

She said, "Oh ! Thank you so much! And name is Alexis! It is nice to meet you, Dave!"

I said, "It is nice to meet you too, Alexis!"

So we both got in our cars and drove back to town. She found a station nearby that fixes flat tires and had some very good used tires but was going to close in 5 minutes and she had to come back the next day to get the tires. She told the guy that she was out of town and she needed her car and it would not go with just 3 tires. I was laughing to myself but decided to step in to her rescue.

I said, "Alexis, why don't you let me take you to a motel to stay and we can get something to eat. I am off the next 2 days and I can bring you back here in the morning."

She said, "Now that is an offer I can not refuse! Thank you!"

So we gave the man her car keys and she got her things out of the back seat and we got in car. I decided we would go get something to eat first so we drove to a small café nearby. We got out and went into the café, We ordered and then ate. After we finished eating then we got back in car.

I then turned to her and asked, "Do you want to go get your motel room now or would you like to ride around a bit."

She said, "To tell you the truth, I would love to go to your place if you live alone."

I said with shock, " house? And I live alone! But why house?"

She said, "Cause when you were getting out of your car to me, I could not but notice you had a full blown hard on and I would love to see it!"

I forgot voice a minute but finally said, "Damn! Was it that obvious?"

She said, "To me it was! To tell you the truth, you are the sexiest older man I have ever seen. I do look at men's crotches all the time to see what size they have through their pants! So please! Can we go back to your place?"

I said, "Sure baby! We sure can! And I hope it is alright to call you baby?"

She said, "Oh yes, it is just fine!"

I drove back to place and I helped her out of the car. And when I looked down, to make sure she got out of the car alright, I saw that her short skirt had ridden up and 'DAMN! SHE HAD NOT PANTIES ON!' cock sprang to life again. She raised her head up toward face as I held hand out to assist her and she grinned.

She said, "Well, I see display got to you cause you are hard again. Damn! Just how long are you?"

I helped her out of the car and while we walked to place, I said, "I am 8 inches hard."

She said, "Fuck! You are hung! All I have ever had was 7 inches. I have always wanted to be with a man of not only your age but a man that was over 7 inches."

I let us in the house and when I shut the front door! She attacked me! I was thinking, 'Damn woman! You can't the willing!' So I grabbed her and turned with her and waked her backwards to sofa. I laid her across it and started kissing her. She was struggling with shirt to get it off so I raised up and took shirt off. While I was doing that, she was taking her top off!

Lo and behold, I was right! She was braless! Damn those looked good! But instead of taking them in hands, I finished undressing. As I was watching her undress, I noticed she was also watching me undress. When underwear came off, her eyes got so wide that I thought they would pop out of her head.

She said, "Damn! You was not lying! You are hung! WOW!"

I walked a couple of steps toward her and she took cock in her hand and then got on her knees. She stuck her tongue out and licked the head of cock to get pre-. She moaned with pleasure then she started licking the head of cock and all around the head. When she licked the underside of the head pee slit then I moaned and cock jerked. I grabbed her head and was just fixing to push cock into her mouth when she deep throated me fast!

I almost came right then! I had to edge myself to keep from cumming. She started pumping up and down my shaft fast like a pro! I could not believe that I found this perfect woman on the side of the road with a flat tire! And she was at my house right now sucking my cock! I so needed this today! And I thought, 'what else could be more perfect than this?' Well I was going to find that out real soon.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she looked up at me with disappointment! I told her, "Baby, I want to fuck you! Get on your hands and knees!"

She got on her hands and knees and I pushed her back lower till her head was on the sofa. Her butt was in the air pointing straight at me! I looked down lower and seen the most amazing sight! She had the thickest labia lips with a clit that was sticking out of it's hood! 'Damn! That is a beautiful site! My cock was throbbing now so much from me looking at her pussy that I knew it needed to be in her 'NOW"! So I aimed my cock head to her pussy and pushed slowly in! But when I was going to just ease in her, she pushed back so fast that it went all the way to the base of my cock.


She said, "Oh fuck yes! I needed that! I have not been fucked in 3 months and I am horny!"

I said as I fucked her pussy, "3 months? WOW! That is awhile! No wonder you are so wet! But damn, baby, you are tight!"

She said, "Damn right I am and just wait till you feel me !"

I started her harder and harder! Going deeper and deeper into her pussy which felt like balls were deep in her pussy too and could have if she was loose! But 'Hell No!' She was so tight that she felt like a virgin! I was her so fast that all of a sudden she exploded and drenched sofa and me. Thank god it was leather! She tightened up so damn hard that it felt like someone had taken a vise grip and clamped down on cock! I had to grit teeth and edge to keep from cumming!


I kept her and noticed she was frigging herself on her clit. She pulled off me so fast that I was shocked but she just laid down in her wet spot and lifted her legs up to shoulders and I pushed into her pussy again! I started her as I held her legs close. But before I could get really started the living daylights out of her, I felt her pussy clamp down again and she exploded. And that was it me then cause balls let loose with thick custard and shot inside her pussy! I shot so damn much that I was getting light headed.

We both screamed at the same time, "OH FUCK! I AM CUMMING!"

She continued screaming, "YES! YES! YES! YES! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!"

We both rested a bit after we calmed down and then she said, "Dave, I am so tired now! If you want to take me to a motel then you should do it now before I fall asleep on your sofa."

I told her, "Baby, you can sleep here in house but come to bedroom and sleep there. I am going to clean up the mess we made on the sofa first!"

So I took her to the bedroom and got her settled in bed and after I cleaned the sofa up then I went to bed myself.
The Meeting Chapter 3
Posted:Aug 18, 2016 12:41 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2021 9:04 pm

We were both tired, cause when I woke up, we were both in the same position as we were when we fell asleep. My hand was still resting on Sherye's tit and her hand was still holding my now limp cock. I looked at the clock on the night stand and it was 9 am. My God, I thought, we slept all night! WOW!

As quietly as I could, I slide out of bed and went to the kitchen to make some fresh coffee. As I was doing so, Sherye had walked up behind me. She put her arms around my waist pressing her tits tightly up against my back.

Sherye said, "Good morning Robin! Did you sleep well?"

I said, "Oh yes, Sherye I slept great! How about you?"

Sherye said, "Robin, that was the best nights' sleep I have had in a very long time. Robin, my husband does not sleep with me anymore, so being able to snuggle up to you last night made that the best night sleep I have had in a very long time. When he did sleep with me, he never slept nude."

I said, "Sherye, you can't be serious?"

Sherye said, "Robin, I am serious, my husband always wore pajammas to bed and he insisted that I wear a night gown with my panties on underneath. So my being allowed to sleep nude with you last night was so comforting that I slept like a 'New Born Baby'! Thank You Robin for allowing me to just be myself with you last night. Thank You so much!!"

I said, "You are welcome Sherye!" I did not know what else to say, so I told Sherye she was welcome. As I plugged in the coffee, Sherye held my shoulders and asked me to turn around.

When I turned around to face her, She said, "Oh My Robin!"

I said, "What is it Sherye?"

Sherye said, "Robin, I just love looking at you. There you are standing before me totally naked and I just love looking at you that way. Here you are standing there naked before my eyes and what I see is a gorgeous manly body. You don't even have an erection. Your cock is hanging down between your legs and it is as limp as limp can be and OMG, what a beautiful cock it is even when it is not aroused. Robin, I just love looking at you! I really do!"

I did not say anything. I just took Sherye by the hand and led her into the bathroom. We stood there side I said, "Look Sherye, look at the mirror. Can you see two beautiful people standing side by side together? The two people you see there, well I think they are lovers, don't you think so too?"

As I turned Sherye around I gently slapped her butt and said, "Now, lets go to the kitchen and fix some breakfast!"

As we walked back to the kitchen, Sherye said, "Robin, do you know one of the things I like when I watch you?"

I said, "No Sherye, what would that be?"

Sherye said, "I like watching you walk across the floor, I love watching your limp cock wiggle when you walk! It makes me giggle when I see it wiggle! LOL!


I was giggling while he was wiggling and then he turned around and said, "Sherye let us make breakfast together."

I said, Ok" "Robin, I would love to help you with breakfast! What are we going to make?"

Robin said, "Sherye let me see what we have here, mmmmmmmmmm we have oatmeal, eggs, bread for toast, and ham and bacon."

I said, "Robin, can I make breakfast while you set the table?"

Robin said, "Sure Sherye, you can!"

I said, "Robin, do you like french toast?"

Robin said, "Yes Sherye I do!"

I take the eggs and milk out of the fridge and beat the eggs with the milk and put butter in the pan and turn the burner on and while the pan with the butter is heating up then I slice 4 slices of bread in strips and put them in the egg batter and then in the heated butter. As it heated up and toasted, I took the bacon and put some in another pan and fried it to a crisp! As I put everything on the platter in front of me, I took it to the table and grabbed the orange juice out of the fridge I seen.

Robin grabbed his coffee cup and refilled it and I grabbed another coffee cup and the milk out of the fridge with 2 glasses but Robin said he did not want any orange juice this morning. We sat down and ate our breakfast and when we finished, we rinsed out dishes and the pans off and set them on the counter while I was emptying the dishes out of the dishwasher so we could put the other dishes in there. We put the dishes in the dishwasher and Robin asked me if I would put the pans in the shelf where he kept them.

I grabbed them and leaned over and I put them in there but before I could straighten up Robin started stroking my pussy with his almost erect cock and I started moaning. "Oh Robin, that feels so good! Get my pussy wet with your cock so I can lick all my juices off your cock! I love doing that!"

Robin said, "Oh Fuck Sherye! That sounds so hot! You just made my cock jerk even more saying that! I will do exactly that cause I want to feel your hot mouth on my cock! I would love to have you look up at me as you are sucking my cock and I take a pic of that!"

I said, "Oh Robin, Yes please do!" So when he got me so wet plus he got me to squirt and I poured out on his cock he slipped his cock in my pussy and started fucking me from behind. I had to hold on the cabinet to keep from falling. He coated his cock so good from my pussy and then pulled out and I got on my hands and knees then he crammed his cock in my mouth so fast that I started gagging.

I pushed him back a little and he let me take control. I started licking his cock from the tip to the base and then his balls since they were soaked in my juices too! I was going to town with the licking that I did not realized he was breathing normally and he shot his cum all over my mouth and face and he pulled me up and started licking my face and started kissing me too. We were sharing each others juices while kissing and it tasted so good too!

Robin exclaimed, "OMG Sherye! I have never came like that before while a woman was just licking me and I forgot all about taking the pic!"

I said, "Robin, we can take the pic later. I enjoyed that a lot when you came! The kissing was special to me and I sure love the way you want to lick your cum off of me! You are a very hot and sexy man and I am glad we met each other! I want to be your regular fuck buddy but also your lover. I believe you are the type of man that wants me to stay with my hubby and just be with you when I can come to you! I know you are a family man but they don't come around very often and you like that cause you want to have your own private life private away from them."

Robin answered, "Yes Sherye, you just described me to a T and I would love to be your regular fuck buddy as long as we can!"

I said, "Robin, I think we should go to a sex shop and have some fun. I heard of this one that just opened up and it is out in the country! Would you like to go?"


After we both enjoyed our morning delights, we both went in to take a shower together. we took turns washing each other, lathering our bodies up and making sure all parts of our bodies were squeaky clean. We stepped out of the shower and each of us took a towel to dry the other off. Sherye took extra time to gently dry my manhood hanging down between my thighs. Then we got dressed. As I was dressing, Sherye noticed that I did not put any underwear on.

She smiled at me and said, "Robin, you are truly a very exciting man".

After we got dressed, we left the apartment to go to the sex shop. It was about an hours drive through the country side. When we walked in, the woman behind the counter said hello to us and offered her help if we should need it.

What I noticed about her is that she was wearing a very sheer blouse (see through) and she was not wearing a bra. Her tits were of medium size, but her nipples were longer than normal and were a dark brown color. I must admit, I became a little aroused while looking at her. As we walked around the store looking at all of the things they had there.

Sherye stopped me and said, "Robin, you are getting aroused by that woman, aren't you?"

I said, "Why do you say that Sherye?"

Sherye said, "Robin, I can tell by the bulge in your pants. You forgot, you are not wearing any underwear and I can see you are getting an erection from looking at her."

I said, "Yes Sherye, I guess I am, but is that a problem?"

Sherye said, "No Robin, not at all. In fact, I have to admit to you, I have become somewhat aroused looking at her as well. Especially when I look at her pointy brown nipples. My panties are getting wet just admiring her nipples."

We both smiled at each other and continued to walk around the store. We came to the mens' section which had on display various types of erotic underwear for me. Sherye picked up this skimpy deep red thong and held it up in front of my groin area.

Sherye said, "Wow Robin, I like these, I think you would look good in these."

Then we heard a a voice call out, "You can try them on in the back room if you want". It was the woman at the counter. Sherye and I looked at each other and smiled.

The woman said, "Go ahead, use the back room and try them on. Let me unlock the door for you."

We walked over to her and she showed us the way and then unlocked the door for us. As she did, she handed Sherye a pair of panty thongs. She said, "Here, why don't you both go inside and see if you like wearing these. They are matching thongs for men and women."

Sherye took the panty thongs from the woman as we went inside the room. As we closed the door, the woman said again, "If you need any additional help, just let me know, ok?"

We both said ok back to her and closed the door. When we closed the door to the room, we both noticed that there was a bed in the room. We looked at each other, smiled at each other, and then proceeded to take our jeans off so we could try on our thongs. I was already hard from the excitement of doing this in this strange but exciting store. I put the thong on and my hard erect cock was stretching the material of the thong straight out.

Sherye said, "OMG Robin, that looks so exciting to me! WOW! I love the dark red color on you!"

I said, "Okay baby, it your turn now, put the panty thong on."

Sherye slipped her legs into the thong and pulled it up. As she did, we both noticed that it just barely covered her pussy. She turned around so I could see how it looked from behind.

I said, "Wow Sherye you look so 'HOT' in those. Do you realize, these are open panties cause there is no crotch. Wow, I could fuck you and you would not have to take them off! WOW!."

Then there was a knock on the door and the woman's voice came thru the door saying, "How are you two doing? I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. May I come in?"

Simultaneously, Sherye and I both said yes at the same time. The door opened and the woman came in. She said, "OH MY, you guys look great. Those thongs fit both of you so nice. Yes, very nice indeed! Turn around and let me see how they fit from the back side. We both turned around slowly.

She said, "Yes, they fit both of you very, very nice. You have selected the perfect match for both of you. If you notice, the material is made of a very soft but stretchy fabric. That way there are no constrictions on your bodies when you are making love to each other. Especially yours Sir."

She walked up to me. She looked down at my erection. She reached down and very softly, brushed her fingers across my stiff boner. She said, "As you can see Miss (talking to Sherye). When your man gets an erection like this one he has now, the material is so soft, that it stretches out as his cock gets hard and erect, like it is right now. Yes, this is a nice fit on you Sir, a very very nice fit."

As she continues to gently rub her fingers across my hard shaft then she turned toward Sherye and says, " And you Miss, you may have noticed that your panties are crotchless. This makes things so much easier for you, if you are in a hurry, don't you agree? Your panty thongs is made of the same soft material and they are so comfortable to wear, there is no binding on you as you wear these."

The woman reached out to gently slide her fingers up and down the crotchless part of the panties. In fact, she was sliding her fingers up and down Sherye's pussy lips.

She said, "Miss, I'm sure you agree that this thong gives you an incredible amount of freedom that you would not have with conventional panties. Don't you agree?"

Sherye gasped as she replied, "Yes I do agree. OMG, Yes I agree totally with you about that! OMG!"

Sherye reached down to grab the woman's fingers and pressed them firmly into her pussy lips and whispered into the woman's ear, "I totally agree with you, this feels, mmmmm, I mean they feel so good right now!"

The woman smiled as she continued to rub Sherye's pussy lips. All the while this is going on, I am staring at he woman's nipples. They are longer than normal and the dark shade of brown is intoxicating. I can't seem to take my eyes off of them. The woman glanced at me and she knows I was staring at her nipples, but did not seem to mind my doing so.

She smiled at me and said, "So, would you like to purchase these matching thongs for you and your woman?"

I said, "Yes lets ring up the sale."

The woman came closer to me (still rubbing Sherye's pussy lips), and she reached down to rub her fingers across my now even harder cock. She then stepped into me and said, "If there is anything else I can do to help the two of you, please do not hesitate to let me know! OK?"

When she whispered that to me, she squeezed my cock with all of her fingers wrapped around my own throbbing rock hard organ! At that moment, she removed her hand from me and Sherye's pussy.

She said, "Ok, lets go to the counter and I will ring these up for you."

So, we all walked out of the room and the lady charged my credit card. She put the garments in a decorative small box, put a ribbon around it and then handed the box to Sherye. As she did so, she said that she hopes that we will enjoy our purchase and that we would come back to see her again sometime soon. We thanked her then started to walk out of the store.

Then she yelled out, "Stop, wait a minute, you have forgotten something."

We turned around and noticed that she was holding up both of our jeans. When we decided to purchase the matching thongs, we took them off and walked out to the counter to pay for them. But I guess in our excitement, we forgot that we were both naked, from the waist down. Sherye and I looked at each other in amazement and began to laugh. We walked back to the woman to get our jeans and put them on.

The woman started to laugh as well and said, "I have never had a customer forget to put their clothes back on before. WOW! I am really glad the two of you have visited my store and I very much want you both to come back to see me again." We left the store laughing at ourselves, got in the car and drove off.


As we drove away, I was thinking OMG I can not believe we walked out of the room and we were bare from the waist down! We were laughing still as we drove off!

I said, "OMG Robin, I can not believe we almost walked out of the store naked from the waist down! What were we thinking about! Hehehehehehe!"

Robin said, "I know Sherye, I have never been so embarrassed when she said we had forgotten something!"

I said, "You know what we were thinking about Robin, it was her touching us. Can you turn around? I want to go back cause I would love to give her my number!"

Robin said, "I sure will sweetie, as long as you give her mine too!"

We got back to the store and I walked back in the store and the woman asked me if I forgot something. "Yes I did and I would like to give you our cause the way you were touching us in the private room told us you were interested in us! Am I right?"

She said, "Why yes I am! You 2 may be older than I am but not by much and I would love to see both of you again even away from here. By the way, my name is Pattie and I just loved the way your pussy felt on my fingers. Can you come around here to the enclosed counter for a bit please?"

I said, "Yes I would, Pattie and my name is Sherye and the man I am with is my lover and his name is Robin."

I walked around to the enclosed counter and she came up to me and unzipped my jeans and stuck her hand in and started rubbing my pussy and then inserted her finger and then another and started fingering my pussy! I was getting so aroused that I put my hand on her panties that was part of her work clothes in the store and realized they were crotchless and inserted my fingers in her pussy too!

We were so into one another that we did not hear the door ringer telling us someone had come in and before we realized it, Robin and another man came up to us and could smell our arousal and was rubbing their bulges in their pants!

I said, "Pattie, we have company looking at us!"

Pattie said, "Well hello guys! How are you 2 doing? Robin, I see you still have a hardon! And Steve, welcome back and what can I do for you today?"

Steve said, "Well, Pattie, I am getting what I want right now but I was actually wanting to ask you if I could go in the backroom with you but you look busy right now with this good looking woman!"

Pattie said, "Why, Steve, it is getting to be the end of my shift and would love for all of us to go in the backroom together! Would you, Sherye and Robin, like to join us?"


Well, we have found 2 new playmates to share ourselves with (Steve & Pattie). But, I have a personal problem that may interfere with our sexual adventures. It seems that both Patti and Steve are willing to play with us, but there lies the problem for me. As the 4 of us are there talking and suggesting that we play together while Pattie and Sherye are still fingering each others pussies.

I spoke up, "I just need to let every one know that I am very comfortable being naked in a room with a woman or for that matter it can be a room with several women. I have no problem with that arrangement. However with that said, I can not bring myself to be in a room with another man. I am not comfortable watching another man who is sharing himself with a woman and I am not comfortable having another man watching me naked with a woman."

I continued saying, "I am definitely not comfortable sharing myself with another man, that is just not going to happen. I am mean no disrespect to Steve or any one here. But, I just can not do this. I am sorry to be such a disappointment to everyone, but I just can not do this."

I continued saying, "But, I do not want to ruin the pleasures that the 3 of you can share with each other. So, I am going to go back out to the store while the 3 of you fulfill your lustful pleasures with each other."

I turned towards the door to go back out into the store. Then Steve said, "Wait Robin. I understand your feeling about being in a room with another man and I am okay with that, Totally okay with that and you have not hurt my feelings at all. But what if we do this, Pattie has a 2nd private room we can use."

Steve continued saying, "So, I want to ask you if you are okay with me and Sherye using that 2nd room. Robin, Sherye is your woman and I need to know if you are okay with her and I to share our lustful desire with each other.

"Steve," I said, "I am okay with that arrangement, but only if Sherye is okay with that. It is her decision to make."

I looked at Sherye and then asked her, "Sherye, are you comfortable being with Steve in the 2nd room? I am okay with that arrangement but only if you are comfortable being with Steve by yourself."

Sherye said, "Oh Robin, I was really hoping you would be so understanding and allow me to experience what Steve has to offer me. So Yes Robin, I am comfortable with that arrangement.

I said, "Okay then, it is settled, Steve you and Sherye can use the 2nd room and Pattie and I will use this one. But, I have one question. Pattie, if we are using these 2 rooms, who will be minding the store when other customers come in? "

Pattie said, "Oh Robin, you are so thoughtful to remind me of that!"

Pattie walked over to a 3rd door. She opened the door and there were 3 other women in that room sitting on the sofa. Patti said, "Nancy, will you mind the store for me while I am entertaining our guests?"

"Of course," Nancy said, she got up and went out into the store.

Pattie turned back to me and said, "Okay Robin, problem is solved! Sherye, you and Steve just go through that door and please just have fun and enjoy yourselves for as long as you desire. Robin and I will be in here doing the same. Now Robin, come to me baby and show me your rock hard cock. I am gong to delight you in ways that you have never thought possible."

Pattie continued saying, "OMG Robin, your cock is truly amazing! WOW! Oh, and just so you know, Steve's cock is really small, not like yours sweetie. But to be fair, he will be able to please your woman Sherye. His cock is small, but he definitely knows how to use it and she will be well taken care of. Oh Yes, she will be very pleased with Steve! God, Robin, your cock is truly amazing!


Steve led me to the second room and we walked in and I sat on the bed and watched Steve undress! He had a fantastic body but it could not hold a candle to Robin's! I was really more attracted to Robin than Steve! Steve finally got completely undressed all but his underwear! I could see he was hard but he was also small and I hope his skill was better than the size of his cock!

He took his underwear off and his cock bounced up and down as it was throbbing in anticipation of being with me which I was a little older than him! He said, "WOW, Sherye! You are a beautiful woman! Just how old are you?"

I said, "Steve, you would not believe me if I told you but I am 61 yrs old!"

Steve said, "No way are you 61 yrs old! You look like you are 50 but not 61!"

I said, "Well I am and I can prove it to you if I had my purse with me!"

Steve said, "I believe you! Your eyes are telling me you are telling the truth! Let me see what you have on under those clothes, Sherye!"

So I started undressing and as soon as I took my top and bra off, Steve gasped and said, "WOW! Sherye those are huge! I could tell they were big but not that big! I love the way they hang down like that! I bet you could swallow my cock with those tits!"

I said, "Why thank you Steve! And yes my tits could swallow your cock! They are 38DDD!"

I finished undressing and Steve could not stop touching my tits! He had such large hands that they almost covered my tits but not quite! I started moaning and he reached down and started rubbing between my legs! He was vigorously rubbing and I started moaning so loud that I thought everyone could actually hear be in the whole building!

I said, "OH FUCK! Steve that feels so good! I don't think I have ever felt a man rub me on the outside of my pussy so fast like that! Oh Fuck! I just squirted all over your hand and I can feel my legs starting to fold. I need to sit down before I fall down!"

He sat me down and leaned me back and got between my legs and leaned over and took a long swipe with his tongue and I came undone and orgasmed! I could not believe I just did that so quick and I realized I was already aroused by him rubbing my pussy real fast! Steve just kept licking away on my pussy and did not seem to want to stop as he was going to town on me! I was thrashing around and moaning so much that he had to hold me still so he could pleasure me more!

I put my hand on the top of his head and grabbed his hair and started pulling his head even closer. I could tell he was stroking his 5 inch cock so fast that I thought he would make himself cum but he would back off a little every now and then!

I lifted his head off me then! "Steve, it is my turn to give you pleasure."

So I had him lay down on the bed and I got on my knees and started licking the head of his cock and then around the head! Then I licked the underside of his cock and he really started moaning! When I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking on the head like it was my pussy squeezing his cock he started humping my face. I put my hand on his stomach and he settled down and I started sucking on his cock with more suction and popped off the head of his cock with a popping sound. He just about came undone!

Steve said, "WOW! Sherye, where did you ever learn that before? That feels so good and I almost came in your mouth when you started doing that! If you had not stopped me then I would have!"

I started licking his shaft up and down and then put my mouth on his cock again and deepthroated him and held down for awhile until he started humping my mouth! I took him all the way in my throat and with my tongue I licked his balls! So I raised up and grabbed his balls and started fondling them and he took my hand and guided it to his ass and I inserted a finger in his ass and his cock started throbbing. I got up and straddled him and sat on his cock and he went in almost at once cause I was so wet from sucking his hard cock.

I was riding him so fast and he was pumping so hard that it felt like a piston going in and out of my pussy and with his hand he was rubbing my clit and I exploded and came all over his cock and it started a avalanche and he came too but pulled out and squirted all over me and had me lay down on the bed and licked all his cum off of me! Then he kissed me! We got dressed and went back to the other room and noticed that Robin and Patti were just finished dressing and Robin and I left and went back home! We did not talk until we got back home about our experience at the sex store!


Sherye and Steve went into the 2nd private room together. So, Pattie and I were alone in the 1st private room. "Well Pattie, I said, Here we are alone in this room together."

I was standing in front of her as she sat on the bed. I was still wearing my shirt, but from the waist down, I was only wearing the red thong that I purchased earlier.

Pattie said, "Robin, that thong looks absolutely great on you, but I want you to take it off for me now. I want to see your erect cock with nothing interfering or inhibiting your erection."

She stood up and lifted my shirt off over my head and then she reached down, sliding her small fingers inside of the thong and slid it off of my body. She said, "There Robin, that is much better. Oh My Yes, that is SO MUCH BETTER!"

She then told me to take her blouse off and slide her crotchless panties off of her body. I stepped closer to her and did as she asked. There we were, standing in front of each other 'Totally Naked'. She said, "Now Robin, we are going to play a little game. The rules to this game are simple. I am going to get down on all fours and I want you to mount me from behind. Once you have your hard cock in my pussy, I will move around the room on all fours and you need to make sure you keep your cock inside of me."

She continued saying, "If I am able to break free from you, then I get to slap each of your butt cheeks with this cat o nines strap which will not hurt. Then you will mount me again and I will continue to move around the room with your cock inside of me. If I am able to break free from you again, then I get to slap each of your cheeks twice. Do you understand the rules Robin? Each time I break free from you, the more times I get to use my cat o nines on you. OK?"

I said, "Yes Pattie, I understand the rules."

Pattie got down on all fours and I approached her from behind and slid my cock into her pussy lips. She then said, "Robin, are you ready?"

I said, "Yes Pattie, lets start our game."

She said, "Okay Robin, hold on tight."

She began to move around the room with my cock deep inside of her. She started slow at first and I thought this is a piece of cake, there is no way my cock will leave, to be disconnected from her pussy. As she moved around the room, she began to swing her ass from side to side and back and forth. Then to my surprise, my cock slipped out of her pussy. Patti stopped and said "OH My Robin, let me get my cat o nines strap. Robin, turn around and get down on all fours, cause I get to slap each of your cheeks. I hope you are ready baby, cause this is going to sting a little but just a little without much pain."

Pattie slapped my left cheek and then my right, and yes, she was right, that did sting, in fact, it hurt a little bit. She said, "Okay Robin, lets start again. I turned around as Patti got back down on all fours. I moved up close to her again.

She said, "Come on Robin, put that hard cock into me again."

But this time, I had a plan. I moved up close to her and just rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy lips. She said, "Oh God Robin, Please ram that hard cock into my pussy."

I rubbed her pussy lips with the head of my cock a couple times more and then without warning, I reached down and grabbed my cock and shoved it into her anal cavity. With one thrust, I rammed my cock into her ass. I thought she was going to faint cause she was not expecting or even ready for me to do that to her.

With my cock imbedded deep into her ass, I said, "Okay Pattie, start crawling around the room, cause you will not break free of me this time baby."

Pattie start to crawl around the room as I held onto her hips, pulling her back into me. I held her so tight against me, my balls were pressed up tight to her pussy lips. Pattie moved around the room and then she started to move her ass from side to side and front to back, trying desperately to break free of my cock. She then started to twist herself violently, but I would not let go of her and still held her firmly up against me. Pattie twisted and rotated her ass fast and furious, but to no avail. She could not break free from me. She then without warning rolled over onto the floor, laying on her side.

As she did, I rolled with her and there we were laying on our sides on the floor, but I was still firmly connected to her. She said, "Oh My God Robin! WOW! No one has ever done that to me before. No one has ever been able to stay joined to me before. I have always been able to break free."

I said, "Not this time baby, my cock is deep into you now, you can not break free of me until I let you."

She said, "OMG! Robin, I have never allowed anyone to put there cock into my ass before. Really, I have never had a cock or anything in my ass before. When you first went into me Robin, it hurt, but not now! I want you to start humping me. Please, fuck my ass, give it to me hard baby! Please give to me!"

I help Pattie to get back onto her hands and knees again and then I began to fuck her ass, thrusting my cock in and out first, then I start rotating my cock inside of her in a circular motion.

Pattie was not only moaning, but at one point, she screamed, "OH God Robin, Oh God! Give it to me! Oh God Yes!"

I said, "Pattie, I want you to get ready now baby, cause I am going to ejaculate my hot scalding cum inside of your ass now!"

She said, "OMG! OMG! OMG! Robin!"

That is all Pattie could say and then my cum exploded out deep into her ass and she screamed once again, "OH GOD ROBIN! DAMN YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD! I LOVE IT! GIVE IT TO ME! OH FUCK YES, GIVE IT TO ME HARD!"

I finished pumping into her ass, making sure all of my cum squirted out of my cock. Then I backed out of Pattie's ass and we both laid flat on the floor side by side. We laid there for a minute or two to catch our breath. Then we both got up and started to put our clothes on. At that moment, Sherye and Steve came into the room. I was dressed by then, and Pattie was just buttoning up her blouse. Then the four of us talked a bit and then I thanked Pattie and Steve for sharing their time with Sherye and I. Then Sherye and I left the store for the drive home.


We did not talk the whole time we were in the car until we got home! I went to take a shower and Robin followed me. We had so much sweat on us that we felt dirty! We both cleaned up and then we decided to make sandwiches for lunch and we ate and sat down on the sofa side by side and watched a little tv but soon we were sound asleep cause we were a little tired from the drive up to the sex store and the playing we had plus the drive back too!

We slept for a couple of hours snuggled up to one another on the sofa. I woke up and noticed Robin was already awake and not on the couch! I started looking for him and found him on the bed sound asleep and wondered why he had came in here and did not wake me up to come with him. So I got on the bed and snuggled up against him and just watched him sleep.When he did wake up he just stared at me and I asked him if there was something wrong!

Robin said, "No Sherye, there is nothing wrong. I was getting a crick in my neck and you seemed to be so sound asleep and comfortable that I did not want to disturb you! So I came to the bedroom and went to sleep in here. I was just staring at you just now thinking what a beautiful woman you were and so so sexy!"

I said, "Why thank you Robin for the compliment and you are a very handsome man and so so sexy yourself! Can I ask you if you had fun at the sex store?"

Robin said, "Yes Sherye, I did except for 2 things I did not like to well!"

I asked, "What was that, Robin?"

Robin said, "Well, I would have liked for just you, Pattie, and I to have been together without Steve around and the other thing was while Patti and I was in the room with each other we played a game and she would spank me with a cat o nines strap if my cock came out of her pussy and when it came out then she took the paddle out and spanked me and it stung and hurt a little! My ass is a little tender and I hope that I don't get spanked like that again. If I do then it will be lightly and with a hand."

I said, "Oh Robin, I am so sorry you hated that part and I will not let that happen to you again! I promise! I think you are getting a hardon and you are also staring at my tits! You want to rub your cock on my tits!"

Robin said, "Not right now Sherye cause I want to know your experience while there with Steve!"

I said, "Robin, his cock is small and not yours! You have a fantastic cock! You are very good in the way you know how to please a woman too with your cock size! Steve did too but the only thing he did that was extraordinary was the way he would rub the head of his cock vigorously over my clit and pussy so fast that it made me think of a vibrator against my clit! It was amazing!"

Robin said, "Oh Wow! Sherye, I bet that felt good! I am not as young as Steve is but I would love to do that to you and see if you scream like I heard you scream with him!"

I looked at him in shock and asked, "You heard me then, Robin?"

Robin said, "I sure did, sweetie! I bet everyone in the store heard you plus I bet everyone in the store heard Pattie too since she screamed just as loud when I crammed by huge cock in her ass which she said she had never had a cock in her ass before but she loves it now!"

I said, "I don't blame her with your size cock cause it is perfect for fucking both ass and pussy and I know it tastes good too!"

Robin had the biggest grin on his face and his cock was bobbing up and down cause he was throbbing as we were remembering our time there. I straddle Robin then and scooted down until my tit were level with his cock and started rubbing my tits across his cock and I put his cock between my tits and stroked his cock up and down his shaft! He started breathing a little harder when I looked up at him and I leaned my head down as his cock went toward my face and it went right in my mouth and I sucked the head and he really started humping my tits as his cock would go in my mouth!

Robin said, "OMG Sherye! That is a unreal feeling and I feel like I am dreaming! Your tits are perfect for titti fucking and you are squeezing your tits so tight around my cock that it feels like I am actually fucking you but when you suck on my cock as I do that then I feel like I am in heaven!"

I grinned at him and just kept on sucking and all of a sudden he came all over my tits. Some got in my hair since it was long and covered my tits but I did not care cause the look of ecstasy on his face was worth it!

Robin said, "Sherye, that was fantastic! I do believe you need to shower cause you have cum in your hair so let us go in the shower and I will wash your hair for you and clean you up."

So we went into the shower and washed off! We did not even have the strength to play so we just washed each other thoroughly. We each dried ourselves and then went and got something to eat in the kitchen. My phone rang and went to answer it. It was my husband and he said je got back early and told me to come home.

I walked back into the kitchen and told Robin, "I have to go home cause that was my husband and he came home early. I am so sorry to spoil our last night together but if I don't go then he will be calling my phone constantly!"

Robin said, "I understand! You and I will be together again soon!"

I got dressed and got my bag packed but left the red thongs Robin purchased me on the dresser cause I did not want to share them with any one but him. I walked out and saw him sitting in the living room still nude. My pussy creamed and I did not want to leave him but I had to!

I said, "I left the thongs you bought me on your dresser cause I don't want to explain to him where I got them. Ok?"

Robin said, "That is ok cause I want you to just share them with me!"

He got up and gave me the most passionate kiss I have ever gotten from any man I have ever kissed and then he walked me to the door and opened it! I almost bumped into Dawn and Abby when I walked out!

I told them both. "I have to go home early cause my husband got back early but please take care of my Robin while I am gone and make him feel good and not lonely for me!"

They both hugged me and nodded and then I walked away and got in my car and drove home!
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The Meeting Chapter 2
Posted:Aug 16, 2016 12:17 pm
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2018 12:54 am


It has been a few days since Sherye and I shared that wonderful night together. I have been wanting to call her, but was not sure if I should. I have never been with a married woman before and I think that is what has been the cause of my reluctance to call her. The problem is that I can not seem to get her out of my mind. I keep thinking of the marvelous and lustful things we shared with each other and every time I do. I get this powerful erection.

It does not seem to matter what I am doing or where I am at, or who I am with, I get this arousal sensation in my groin. Finally I just could not stand it any more and I made the call. I let it ring 2 times and then I hung up. Sherye called me back on the phone.

I said, "Hello! This is Robin speaking!"

Sherye said, "Robin, this is Sherye and I am returning your phone call!"

I said, "Hi Sherye, glad you remembered me!"

I could tell she was pleased to hear my voice, because she said, "Yes Robin, how could I ever forget you".

We made small talk for a few minutes and then I asked her, "Sherye I know it is early in the day, but would you like to come over? It is such a nice day, we can just visit for awhile and maybe have a couple of cocktails out on my balcony. It would be nice to just relax together and enjoy the warm sun as it shines down on my balcony."

Sherye said, "I would love to come over for a little while, but only for a couple of hours because her husband will be getting off work and coming home soon."

I said, "Sherye that would be fine and when you arrive, there would be no need to knock on the door, so just come in and I will be out on the balcony."

She said, "Okay and will see you in a few minutes."

When I hung up the phone, I got out my 2 lounge reclining chairs and set them up on the balcony. I then took off my clothes and just began to relax on one of the chairs, waiting for Sherye to arrive.


WOW! It was so good to hear from Robin! I went to my car and headed to his place. When I walked in and seen him naked then I just about had a heart attack cause it was not just a shock but it was an excitement in my pussy and a tightness in my tits. He is so sexy with or without clothes on.

I started stripping my clothes off slowly and seductively and he had this glazed look of lust in his eyes and I could see his cock getting harder. So I started moving like I was dancing and decided to give him a lap dance after I got naked. I walked over to him and turned around and started moving around on his lap with my ass and he started rubbing my ass and I moved away from him. I looked around and he had a look of disappointment, so I turned around and faced him and started moving my body side to side as I started touching myself and his face lite up and a look of hard lust came into his eyes and I knew he was hooked.

I started kissing him and rubbing my tits on his chest and started grinding my pussy into his cock and I took his hand and put them on my tits and started rubbing my tits with him. I reached down and inserted a finger in my pussy and got myself even wetter and pulled out and started rubbing my juices on my tits and leaned into his face and he started lapping my juices off my tits. It was so erotic that I almost came right then and there. So I started stroking his cock and pulled away from him and got on my knees and leaned over and licked the head of his cock which he already had pre-cum on the tip.

It tasted like I was in heaven, it was so good and sticky. It tasted like he had been eating sweet fruit which I heard made a man's cum even sweeter. Robin was moaning so much just from me licking the tip of his cock that I had to lick all around the head and the underside of the head too. Then I started sucking the head with suction and making it go in and out of my mouth without me moving my head.

He screamed out, "OMG Sherye! That feels like your pussy is squeezing my cock! It feels so good! Please don't stop!"

I was not going to stop but I did deepthroat him real fast and he raised his ass off the chair in ecstasy. I stopped moving my mouth on him but held my mouth all the way to the base of his cock where his balls was and stayed there for a minute. He started humping my mouth so I came back up and started sucking on the head again.

He said, "OMG Sherye, what are you trying to do to me, make me cum!"

I took my mouth off his cock and stood up and straddled him and I sat on his cock and I was so wet that all he had to do was ram home all the way to the back of my womb in one thrust.

I screamed, "OMG Robin, please keep doing that! You are the best I have ever been with and wish I had met you before I ever got with my husband. I hope we can keep fucking all the time and I think you want that too!"

He was thrusting in and out of my pussy faster and faster as I said that to him that I knew he was thinking the same thing. "Please, Robin, don't cum yet cause I want to suck my juices off of you!"


As Sherye was riding my cock, it was all I could do to keep from cumming. I managed to hold back from squirting my cum into her. Then she lifted herself off of my so very hard cock and knelt down beside me and began to lick my cock to devour all of her sweet juices that just drenched my cock and balls. Then she leaned up to me to give me a kiss and share her sweet nectar with me. I pulled her down on top of me and held her close as we continued to french kiss each other with lust in our hearts.

As we continued to swap tongues with each other, I felt her grinding her cunt hard into my so hard erect shaft. I reached around her to grab her butt cheeks and help to push her down into me. As I did, I slipped my finger into her ass and began to finger fuck her there.

She said. "OMG Robin, don't stop baby, finger me hard Robin!"

As she reached down to grab my hard cock and force it into her wet delicious cunt. Then she started to hump my cock hard and fast as I was pumping my finger in and out of her ass. I still had not cum yet because I was trying desperately not too.

Then I asked' "Sherye, would you like to watch me masterbate myself."

She said, "Oh Robin, I would love to watch you do that for me."

She then got off of me and sat down beside me. Then I asked her to gently massage my balls. She reached down between my thighs and began to do just that. As she was massaging my balls, I began to stroke my cock for her. I needed no lubricant because her wet cunt juices did that for me.

As I continued to stroke my cock, I leaned over to suck on her nipple. I looked at Sherye and noticed that she was watching me stroke myself with intense eyes.

I said, "Oh baby, watch, it's cumming. Watch it squirt out."

Then it happened, I could not hold it back any longer. When it burst, it squirted out and some of it hit her in the face. Sherye was so surprised that she was startled for a moment. I then leaned up to her and kissed her lips and began to lick all of my cum off of her face. Then she leaned down and with her talented tongue, she cleaned my cock off.

Then we both laid beside each other for a few minutes and then she said she had to go cause her husband would be home in a few minutes. She got up and put her clothes back on.

Then she leaned down to give me a kiss and said, "Robin, I don't want you to get up. I want you to just lay there and relax and I will let myself out."

She stood up and blew me a kiss as she walk out the door. When I heard the door close, I realized that I was laying on my balcony totally naked, not to mention the fact that Sherye and I just made passionate love to her on my balcony. Then it hit me! I began to wonder if any of my neighbors heard us or did any of my neighbors see us. We were so passionately involved with each other, I never thought about my neighbors. OMG I thought, what if they did???


I blew Robin a kiss and walked out the door! As I was walking out I heard someone above me moaning and when I looked up I seen a couple of women that was directly across from the balcony from Robin's balcony and realized that they must have seen us fucking. I wished I had time to talk to them but I had to go home before my husband got home and start getting supper ready.

But I thought for a minute and decided to have some fun and wrote on a piece of paper and tied it to a small rock and threw it up over the balcony and yelled out "Hey call me and we can all have some fun next time I come over here again to see my lustful man friend. Ok"

They nodded their head and went right back to having sex. I was so naughty that I could not believe I just told 2 women having sex with one another that! I wanted to see Robin again and I knew I would and now I have a surprise for him. So a few days go by and my husband came home and told me that he had to go out of town for a week on business and would I be ok here by myself.

I told him, "Sure I will. But I think I will go stay with Margie while you are gone."

So the next morning after I helped him pack for his trip he left to go to the airport and I packed my bag. Since I told him last night that I might stay with a friend of ours for him to just call my cell phone and he said ok.

I was just fixing to call Robin when my cell phone went off and I answered it. "Hello! This is Sherye!"

"Hi Sherye! This is Dawn and Abby! The ones you threw your number to one day on our balcony!"

I said, "Hi and how are you today?'

"We are fine! We were wanting to meet you and your man friend. We have been watching him for some time now and have wanted to meet him!"

I said, ""Well, I am going to call him in a bit and ask if I can come stay with him for a few days and I will ask him if we can all get together. Ok!"

"OMG! That would be great! We will talk to you in a bit then!"

I said, "Ok bye for now and I will call you back and come get you when I get there. Ok!"

"Ok, Sherye! Talk to you in a bit! Bye for now!"

So I hung up and called Robin and he answered on the first ring and I told him that my husband was going out of town for a few days and would it be ok if I stayed with him for a few days so we could get to know each other better and have more time together and he said yes. I also said I had a surprise for him too! So I left and when I got to his apartment complex and knocked on his neighbors door after I called them back to tell them I was coming there first. They opened the door and let me in. I told them I wanted to surprise him by having both of them with me and for both of them to dress in their sluttiest outfits.

They came out in the sexiest outfits I have ever seen and I almost fainted from pure lust. So we finally walked over to Robin's place and I knocked on the door. He opened the door. With a look of surprise on his face when he saw the 2 women, he looked over at me wih a confused look on his face!

I said, "Hi Robin, these 2 are your neighbors and they wanted to meet you. They told me that they seen us both fucking the other day and they got so horny that it made me think of your fantasy of being with 2 women. But now your fantasy is about to come true even more cause you are going to be with 3 women tonight!"

Robin said,"OMG Sherye, I can not believe this! I think I am dreaming. I now have 3 beautiful women in my place and I think my cock is trying to tear my pants open!"

Dawn started walking toward Robin and started rubbing her body as she started teasing him and Abby started kissing me. Dawn was rubbing not only herself but Robin too and she had Robin's cock out and stroking it! I was so enthralled in watching that, that when Abby reached down and rubbed my pussy that I came right then and there and flooded my pants and panties in pussy juices. I walked Abby over to Robin and Dawn and we all started rubbing Robin all over as we all got him undressed as we each undressed ourselves.

Robin was breathing so hard that I decided to have him sit on the couch before he fell down. So when we were all undressed and then each of us, Dawn, Abby and I started kissing each other so Robin could watch us touch each other. He was stroking his cock as he watched us. We were licking each other all over even each others pussy and ass and I could tell Robin was enjoying this very much!

Robin said, "Thank you Sherye for this nice surprise! I will always treasure this!"

I said, "You are very welcome Robin but we are not through with you yet so now you have to come and join us but would you be more comfortable in your king size bed doing this?"


I said, "Yes Sherye, I would love to share my large bed with all three of you. But before we do that, lets just sit here and talk for a bit."

Then I ask these beautiful sweet women if I could get them some refreshments. I offered them water, lemonade, or beer. All three said they would love to have some lemonade. So I stood up to go to the kitchen.

As I did, I heard Abby say quietly under her breath "OMG, I love his Ass".

I smiled and went to the kitchen. I poured a glass of lemonade for each of them and one for myself. I put all 4 glasses on a tray and walked back out to the living room. As I was approaching them, I noticed Dawn concentrating on my shaft. I think she was enjoying watching it sway back and forth as I walked across the floor.

Each of the ladies took a glass from the tray, then I turned around to set the tray on a coffee table and I heard Abby say again under her breath "I love his ASS".

Dawn, Abby, and Sherye were sitting on the couch together, so when I set the tray down, I turned and grabbed my computer chair so I could sit in front of them. I sat down in that chair which not only swivels, but it also rocks back and forth. As I was sitting there in front of them, I was admiring them all and the beautiful features they all possessed. They knew I was doing this and they all had a wonderful, almost gleeful smile on their faces.

But I was not the only one looking. I noticed that all three of these wonderful women were staring at me as well. I began to slowly rock my chair back and forth as we all talked to each other. Then I noticed that Dawn began to smile and she stood up to take a step towards me. Both Abby and Sherye were watching to see what Dawn was going to do. She then leaned forward lifted my shaft up and rubbed her finger across my cock slit.

Then she turned to the girls and said, "Look girls, Robin has pre-cum on my finger."

They all started to giggle and then Dawn stepped over to Sherye and put her finger into Sherye's mouth. Abby said "Oh Sherye, tell me, is it sweet or bitter tasting?"

Sherye replied, "Robin's cum is the sweetest I have ever had!"

Abby turned to Dawn and said, "Oh Dawn, I want some".

So Dawn turned to me then lifted up my cock and once again rubbed her finger across my cock slit. She then turned to offer her finger to Abby. Then Dawn turned toward me once again, lifted my cock and tickled my cock slit with the tip of her tongue.

She then turned her head towards Sherye and said, "You are right Sherye, Robin's cum is sweet!"

Dawn sat back down on the couch and I asked Abby how her and Dawn even knew who I was.

Abby said, "Oh Robin, Dawn and I first saw you about a year ago sun bathing out on your balcony."

I said, "You did?"

Abby said, "Yes Robin we did!"

I asked, "Was I naked?"

Abby said, "Oh Yes and what a beautiful site you were to us. You were actually asleep, so you never knew we were watching you and admiring your gorgeous manly body! As time went on Robin, we would see you out on your balcony, soaking up the sun or having a BBQ and you were always naked when doing so. But one day, we came out on our balcony to see if you were there and to our surprise, not only were you there, but you were laying back on your lounge chair and stroking that amazing cock of yours."

Abby continued saying, "We were so surprised to see you doing that, we were speechless. Dawn and I sat there admiring with lust of what you were doing. We could not take our eyes off of you in fear of missing you come to a climax and OMG, did you ever climax. You shot your cum straight up into the air and there was so much of it, it almost looked like you were peeing."

Dawn said, "Neither of us have ever seen a man with so much cum. It was truly a pleasure to witness such a remarkable event. Ever since that day, we have seen you several times masterbating yourself and each and every time, that we wished we could meet you. And thanks to your friend Sherye, we have finally gotten this wonderful opportunity to meet you in person."

Then I noticed that Sherye and Dawn were getting to know each other on a more personal basis. They were embraced in each others arms. Their tits were pressed up against each other as they kissed. Then Sherye stood up with her hand out to Dawn. Dawn held Sherye's hand and stood up as well. At that point, Sherye fell to her knees and began to lick Dawn's furry love nest. As she did, Dawn spread her legs wider apart to give Sherye better access to her fruit.

Then Abby joined and and knelt down behind Dawn and began to lick Dawn's anal cavity. She grabbed Dawn's butt cheeks and spread them apart and then inserted her tongue into Dawns hole. Dawn was in a delightful state by this time. She was getting eaten out from both sides. I sat there and watch these three beautiful women enjoy each other.

Then I stood up standing to Dawn's side. I leaned forward and began to suckle on Dawn's nipples. Then I released her nipple and dragged my tongue down her side to her hips. By this time, I am on my knees and with each arm, I reached out to grab both Sherye's ass and Abby's ass. Then, I inserted my finger into each of the gorgeous women's assholes. Yes, I was finger fucking both of them, while they were eating out Dawn from both sides.

This was absolutely sexual heaven for me and I was loving everything we were sharing. I loved the fact the these women were not only sharing themselves with me, but more importantly, they were sharing themselves with each other. What was happening here was absolutely a dream come true for me.


OMG! Robin was actually fingering both my ass and Abby's ass too! We both started moaning even more and Dawn started licking Robin's ass and stroking his cock! I could tell he was enjoying himself so much cause as he was humping Dawn's hand as she was also stroking him he would finger fuck our ass's with the same rhythm.

Robin screamed, "OH FUCK YES Dawn, lick my ass and stroke my cock! I need that so much!"

Dawn said, "You better believe I will, Robin!"

All of a sudden I squirted cum out so much that it looked like I was peeing and Robin leaned over and started licking my pussy clean as he was fingering my ass. Cause not only was my ass stimulated by his finger but Abby had slipped a finger in my pussy and found the g-spot and it made me cum hard which was so hard that I started crying cause it almost hurt but felt so good!

I screamed, "OMG you 2 just made me cum the hardest I have ever came before and have never squirted like that before!"

Dawn took her mouth off of Robin's ass and started sucking his cock and so I turned around and started licking his balls and Abby turned around and started licking his balls too!

Robin said, "OMG! I am in heaven cause this is my most treasured fantasy of having my cock and balls touched by women at the same time!"


OMG! Am I dreaming? I have one beautiful woman sucking my cock and 2 equally beautiful women both licking my balls! WOW! I leaned over to Sherye and asked her if she would let me put her panties on.

She smiled and started to giggle and said, "Yes Robin."

She reached over on the sofa to grab her panties. I stood up and put her panties up to my face because I wanted to smell them first. I could smell the scent of Sherye's pussy in the crotch of her panties. I then put them on and my hard erect cock was stretching them out of shape. Then I asked Sherye to suck my cock over the top of her panties.

Sherye said, "Really Robin? Don't you want me to take your cock out first?"

I said, "No Sherye, I want you to suck my cock over the top of your panties."

She said, "Why Robin, why do you want me to do it to you this way?"

I told her, "Because I want you to make me cum so I could ejaculate my cum right into the crotch of your panties." She smiled and started to giggle again.

Abby said, "WOW, I have never seen that before, but it sounds exciting."

So Sherye sat down beside me on the floor and knelt over to put my panty cover cock into her mouth and began to suck me.

I asked, "Abby, kneel down and just hover over my face."

She moved around and on her knees, then she positioned herself just over my face. Then I told her, "I am going to tongue fuck your asshole."

She too smiled and squatted close to my mouth. Just before, I started to tongue fuck Abby's ass, I asked Dawn to get my camera off of the kitchen counter and make a video of me tongue fucking Abby and Sherye sucking my cock through her own panties. Dawn got the camera and started taping all that Sherye, myself, and Abby were doing to each other.

Dawn said, "OMG! WOW, this is so erotic and exciting. Robin, I am so glad all of us are here together with you today! WOW!"

As Sherye is sucking my cock over her panties and Abby is letting me tongue fuck her ass, Dawn reached out and began to finger fuck Sherye's ass and Sherye started to finger fuck Abby's pussy. All three of us are pleasing each other in one way or another and it is all being video taped.

"Sherye, I said, Suck me harder and faster baby, cause I am about to squirt my cum out. Please! Suck me hard now baby."

Sherye began to violently suck my panty covered cock and I was squirming violently up and down, as if I was fucking her mouth. I was also holding onto Abby's hips, forcing her ass down to my mouth and my tongue was in her ass as far as I could get it.

Then I let out a yell as my cum squirted out into Sherye's panties. OMG, what a load I released into her panties. I bet I shot 7 times which was more than I ever did!

Then Sherye said, "Robin, quick! Please Robin, quickly help me take my panties off you because I want to lick your cum out of my panties."

She then reached down to grab the edges of her panties and we both slid them off of me and quickly buried her face into the crotch of her panties. Dawn was still finger fucking Sherye's ass and Sherye is still finger fucking Abby's pussy as I am still licking and tongue fucking Abby ass. Then the moment came and all four of us let out a scream of ecstacy as we all came at the same time. We were all exhausted and just fell backwards to lay spread eagle on the floor. It was as if all of us were drained of strength and just could not move!


OMG! I am tasting Robin's cum in my panties! Dawn and Abby leaned over and started sucking on the panties too cause they wanted to taste Robins cum too!

All 3 of us women said together, "OMG Robin, your cum is so good! Yummy!"

Robin said, "Gals, I need to go clean up so I am going to get in the shower! I will be right back!"

So while we were waiting Dawn said she needed to go to the bathroom and followed Robin there! About 15 minutes went by and they have not returned so I figured they got busy in the shower! So Abby and I started licking each others pussies in a 69!

I said, "MMMMMMMMMM Abby, you have such a sweet pussy! I would never thought I would be doing this but it is so erotic looking at a female body!"

Abby answered back, "I know, Sherye! I feel the same way but it is not like a cock in your pussy and ass! But I do love the taste of pussy too!"

We were sucking on each others clits so hard and fingering each others ass until we started to cum together and we decided we wanted to rub our pussies together. We both were moaning so much and time had slipped by cause all of a sudden Robin was rubbing his cock over my mouth and Dawn was straddling Abby's mouth! We were enjoying ourselves so much!

I said, "I want your cock in my mouth Robin, now!"

We were all moaning so much that it echoed off the walls and I bet we could be heard by every neighbor but we did not care. Robin was fucking my mouth with so much gusto that I could feel he was about to explode so I told him to let me suck on his balls cause I wanted us all to cum at the same time. Robin pulled his cock out of my mouth and placed his balls over my mouth and I started licking them and I took one ball into my mouth and started sucking on it and then I did the other ball the same way!

Robin was moaning so loud that I decided I would go a little farther and insert my finger in his ass and his cock jerked in ecstasy!

Robin said, "OMG Sherye, you fingering my ass as you suck my balls feels like I am in heaven."

Dawn came over and as she was fingering her pussy she started sucking on Robin's cock as I was taking care of his balls and ass. Abby was vigorously rubbing my pussy and I was doing the same to hers and all of a sudden I heard Dawn say, "OMG I am cumming!" Just as soon as she said that it set Abby off and she was squirting cum all over my pussy which was so hot that it made me cum!

Robin said, "OMG ladies, that was so hot that I feel my balls burning and tingling like crazy! OH FUCK YES! I am going to cum all over all your bodies!"

After we calmed down then Abby and Dawn said they had to go home cause they had to get up early and go to work! So they got dressed and walked out the door!

I said, "Robin, I can not believe I have you all to myself for the next couple of days! And what were you and Dawn doing cause you were gone a long time?"


After Dawn and Abby left, I explained what took Dawn and I so long when I went in to take a shower.

I said, "Sherye, I was about to step into the shower when Dawn came in. She said she needed to pee. Just as she lifted the toilet seat up and was about to sit down, I reached for her hand and pulled her toward me.

Dawn said, "Robin, I really need to pee."

I said, "I know Dawn, but I was wondering if you would like to give me a golden shower?"

Dawn said, "Yes Robin, but let me pee first." I started to laugh a little and asked Dawn if she knew what a golden shower was.

Then Dawn said, "No Robin, but after I pee, you can explain it to me." I laughed again and told Dawn I wanted her to pee on me.

Dawn with a look of surprise on her face exclaimed, "Oh My Robin, are you serious?"

I said, "Yes Dawn, let me lay down in the tub and you straddle over me and then you pee on my body."

Dawn said, "Oh My, Robin, I have never done this before."

So, I laid down in the tub and Dawn positioned herself above my chest. She then squatted.

I said, "Dawn, move up a little closer to my face." So she scooted up a little more, squatted again and then she peed on my chest and face.

Dawn said, "Robin, this is truly exciting. I have never done this before! WOW! So exciting!

When she was finished peeing, I asked her, "Can I could do the same to you now."

Dawn said, "Oh Robin, Yes!"

So we switched places. Then Dawn said, "Robin, I want to hold your cock while you pee. I want to control where your pee goes. Is that okay?"

I said, "Yes Dawn I would like that."

So, Dawn reached up to grab my cock. I asked Dawn if she was ready and she said, "Let it rip Robin!"

So I did. I started peeing on Dawn's tits and then she moved my cock around so that I was peeing on her face. Then it went all over her tits, and face. Her mouth was closed, but she was licking her lips off with her tongue. As I was finishing, she began to jiggle my cock, making sure she got every last drop.

When we finished our golden shower we then took a real shower together, making sure we got all of the pee off our bodies and our hair. As we stepped out of the shower, we took turns drying each other off.

I said, "That's when we both came out to join you and Abby."

Sherye said, "Oh Robin, I wish you and I could share that with each other."

I said, "Sherye, if you really want to, we will share in that way soon. Are you thirsty?"

Sherye said, "Yes Robin I am."

As I got up to go get a couple glasses of leomonade, Sherye reached up and gave me a little pinch on the right cheek of my ass. I had some fresh strawberries in the fridge. So I brought one berry back with me. I handed Sherye her glass, set my glass down on the coffee table and then to Sherye's surprise, I put the strawberry in between her pussy lips. I then leaned over and pushed it all the way into her pussy.

Sherye said, "Oh God Robin, OMG!"

I then put my face right into her pussy and began to tongue fuck her. Swirling my tongue around inside of her feeling for the strawberry, I then pressed my mouth into her pussy and began to suck. I was sucking real hard and I sucked that strawberry into my mouth. I then raised up to look Sherye in the eyes and smiled as I began to eat the berry.

Sherye said, "Oh My God Robin, OMG!"

As I finished eating, I asked Sherye, "Do you think we will ever see Dawn and Abby again."

Sherye said, "Robin, I don't really know for sure. I know they enjoyed being with us, but I just don't know for sure!"

I said, "Oh Sherye, there is something I want to show you." I got up and went to the bedroom. About a minute later I came out.

I said, "Sherye, I got these new underwear, to you like them? Do you like the chains holding my cock in?"

Sherye said, "Yes Robin, I do!"

Sherye remembered something from earlier and said, "Robin, we never got to your huge bed tonight!"

I laughed and said, "No we didn't! But you and I will tonight!"


I said, "OMG ROBIN! You are so sexy! I want to look closer!" I got on my knees and leaned closer to you and I had to lick the chain where the head of your cock was being held in! I started licking your whole cock and can hear your breathing starting to get labored from being licked. You grab my head and pull your cock through the chains and cram it down my throat so fast that I gag!

I have tears in my eyes from gagging and you still are ramming your cock down my throat! I finally get ahold of your leg and push you away just a little and your cock comes out just a little to where I can breathe! I am licking your shaft as you let me have control. I start licking you all the way down to your balls and as I get to the underside of your balls then I take them both in my mouth and suck as I roll them around in my mouth!

I have this look in my eyes of pure lust for you and you are staring at me as I look up at you! All of a sudden you reach over and grab your camera and take a picture of me just like that! You are glad that you have a USB cord to your camera to download the naughty pics you take! You then start video taping it from your phone cause you want to see me swallow your cum.

I am licking your balls again and then come back up and start sucking on your cock with pressure enough that my mouth pops off your cock with a popping noise! I then suck on your cock in a way that feels like it is my pussy squeezing your cock when I am cumming! This sets you off so much that you release a huge load of cum and I swallow all of it except just enough for you to take a pic of it after you turn the video off. Then I swallow the rest and get up off my knees.

I said, "Robin, do you have anything for me to eat so I will have energy enough to keep up with you cause I have not eaten all day."

Robin said, "Why yes I do Sherye! Come to my kitchen and I will get my leftovers out and fix us both something!"

I said, "No Robin, let me do it for you! I want to treat you tonight while you relax for a change!"

Robin said, "Ok Sherye! The leftovers are in the fridge and I will go sit at the table and watch you! I love looking at you naked as you prepare us food. I have never seen that before and it looks hot!"

I said, "Robin, I have never done this before in the nude so you are the first person to see me do this so you are a lucky guy today on that too!"

Robin said, "OH WOW! Sherye I feel like a in a candy store and I got all sorts of treats today!"

I finished heating the food up and Robin got the plates and silverware out and put them on the table! I put everything on the table and we fixed our plates and as we ate we chatted about everything we like and found out that we have a lot in common besides sex! Robin loves to go to movies and snuggle, he loves to go to secluded restaurants where he has some privacy where he is not seen, and he also loves to take long walks in the country!

We finished our meal and rinsed off the dishes and put the dishes in his dishwasher. Then we went in the living room and sat down on the sofa and snuggled up against one another and watched tv for awhile. During that time we would fondle each other and kiss! I was having the best night I have had in a long long time!


As we snuggle on the sofa and watch TV, I realize we are both exhausted, even though we are still fondling and petting each other. After a couple of hours, I suggested that we both go to bed. I stood up and held out my hand to Sherye. She stood up and I led her into my bedroom. I pulled back the covers and we both climbed into the bed. We snuggled up to each other.

I put my arm around Sherye's shoulder as she laid her head on my chest. I turned my head to give her a kiss and say good night to her. I laid my other hand on one of her tits, not to fondle it but to just rest my hand there. As I did so, I felt Sherye's hand slide down my tummy and rest on top of my cock. She too did not fondle it, but just wanted to hold it. As we lay there like this, we both fell asleep.
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Park Adventure Of The Erotic
Posted:Jul 28, 2016 3:16 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2021 9:05 pm

I was walking through the park today and it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining but not too hot. Just right and I love this kind of weather cause you can be comfortable in any summer clothing and today I was wearing a mini shirt with a low cut top that showed off by cleavage. I had on thigh high stockings that had a seam that ran up the back of my leg with high heel sandals. I had a bra on but it had a hole where my nipples were so they were sticking out of my bra. I had no panties on at all! I was hoping to see the guy I seen looking at me the other day when I was walking through with my regular clothes on so he might talk to me.

I sat down on a bench to rest and was watching people ahead of me. There were a lot of couples there in this park cause I heard that this place was where naughty stuff happened at times but it has never happened to me. I looked over to my right cause a movement caught my eye and I noticed through some hidden bushes there was a man and woman that was half nude rutting on the ground where they thought no one could see them. I was so engrossed watching them that I did not hear anyone approach behind me until I heard a guy say, "They look like they are having fun, don't they?"

I just about jumped out of my skin and thank goodness I did not scream or I would have scared the couple I was watching half to death. I turned around and saw the guy I was looking for and I said, "Damn, you scared me. And yes they do look like they are having fun. I have heard this goes on in this park and that no are allowed in here. Am I right?"

He said, "Yes that is right. Hi my name is Saber and I actually help out in this park to keep it clean and orderly. What is your name?"

I said, "I noticed you were watching me the other day. I am Zana"

He said, "Yes I was Zana and your name is as beautiful as you are but you were not wearing the kind of clothes yesterday as you are today. WOW! Do you look as good under those clothes as you do wearing them?"

I said, "Thank you and I have been told I do and this is the first time I have ever wore this out in public. I try to look presentable cause I like to keep a discreet lifestyle. But today I wanted you to talk to me so I took a chance and wore it."

He said, "Well, I am impressed and why don't we go in the bush with them and see if we can join in the fun. They are actually friends of mine and they do not have to be introduced to you if you still want to be discreet."

I said, "Well, I don't know? Is it safe? Can we be seen without getting in trouble?"

He said, "We will not get in trouble at all so come on and go have some fun." We walked over to where the opening in the bushes were and the couple looked up at us and just grinned and nodded their head in acknowledgment and just kept on fucking. I sat down on a blanket that was laid out next to them and Saber sat next to me. He took me in his arms and started kissing me. OH MY GOD! Can he kiss! I melted into his arms and thought to myself that if he can kiss like this then what else is he good at.

Well, let me tell you that I found out just what he can do! He started running his hands over my body in a light caress and when he started tongue fucking my mouth I thought WOW I wonder what that would feel like in my pussy! I did not realize that as he was kissing me and caressing me that he had undone my top until I felt my skin exposed from him unclasping my bra which was hooked in the front. I was so into kissing him that, this I did not noticed and that was a first for me.

When he lightly pinched my nipple with his thumb and index finger I moaned and he felt the vibrations of my moaning in his mouth and proceeded to cup my tits. He then lowered his head to my nipple and started sucking on the nipples. He was not ignoring either one either cause he would go back and forth on them. I wanted to feel his skin and started unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants and then unzipped them. OH MY GOD. I thought! He was hard and thick and I could not wrap my hand around his shaft. I then decided I wanted to taste him.

I guess he could read my mind or see the lust on my face so he unzipped my mini skirt and then took them off and his shirt and pants and shoes. When I looked down at his cock, I gasped! He had the most perfectly shaped cock I have ever seen in my life and I knew I wanted to not only feel it with my hands but wanted to worship it with my mouth. We laid down on the blanket and he started fingering my pussy so I leaned over his cock and took him in my mouth. He gasped cause I took the whole length of him in my mouth and he started moaning and humping my mouth as he was fingering my pussy. I was licking his shaft up and down and licking the head as I held onto his balls.

He really loved that so I took him to the base again on his cock and started sucking him that way as my tongue moved up and down his shaft. His cock swelled and I thought he was going to cum but he must have controlled himself to edge so not to cum. I was so wet that juices were just flowing out of my pussy and there was a big wet spot on the blanket under me. He was hitting my g-spot just right and making me squirt so much that I had a lake under me. He pulled me off of his cock and told me to get on my hands and knees and he got behind me like the other couple and he aimed his cock into my soaking wet pussy without a problem even though I was a tight fit.

He started fucking me like he was the last man on earth that wanted to cum at the end of the world. He was going that fast and hard which was also so deep that it almost felt like his balls would feel like that they were going inside my pussy. I was moaning and almost screamed but he clamped his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. I almost bit his palm at one point when he bent over me and took a light nip out of my back. It did not hurt but it shocked me. I caught myself and I thought I heard him laugh a little which then that told me he was teasing me a little more.

I heard him gasp and looked back at him and seen a woman behind him. It was that woman that we were next to and see was licking his cock and balls and the man mounted her from behind as she licked Saber's cock and balls. That did it for me and I started cumming so hard that not only did I squirt but clamped down so hard that Saber had to take his hand off my mouth and put it on his own mouth to keep from screaming out loud. He started cumming so hard that it hit my cervix and womb and bounced back and was leaking from my pussy so much that the woman was getting a mouth full of not just my cum but his cum as well. He shot his load into my pussy about 6 times before it started doing the dribble cum. I heard her smack her lips and both Saber and I got up and got dressed and we left them. I looked back and noticed the man was licking our cum off her face.

I said, "That was the hottest fuck I have ever had."

Saber said, "I am glad you enjoyed yourself cause those 2 are always like that with anyone that shows up in the private place in this park. But I can say that your pussy was so wet and the tightest I have ever felt before while being that wet. I bet you could pull a condom off while fucking a man?"

I grinned and told him, "That has happened before with me. I have to go now." And with that I gave him my home number and told him to call me. I turned and walked away from him and out of the park.
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Had Fun At Work Part 1
Posted:Jul 2, 2016 8:17 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2016 12:43 pm

I remember when I first met him and wanted him from the start. He would come into my mom's bar and visit with everyone while I was working. Then when my mom came to work in the evening I would leave hoping he would follow me out the door but he never did.

Until one day I was sitting around the table and had to get up periodically to serve beer to the customers with my sister and a few friends and regular customers too. He came in and came over and sat next to me cause there was an empty chair there. I kept feeling my pussy squeezing every time he would shift in the chair and all of a sudden I could not help myself. I reached under the tablecloth and grabbed his crotch. I got a hand full too which I found out later it was 8 inches which was a hand full. His eyes got big around with a shock on his face. No one even noticed what I did or noticed his shock on his face. I just grinned at him and he looked over at me.

I took my hand away and sat there like I did nothing wrong and kept getting up periodically to serve more customers coming in and also to the ones around the table I was sitting at next to the bar. Finally my mom came in and I told her I was going to walk home since it was only a mile from the bar.

I was walking and kept hearing vehicles passing by me until one pulled up next to me and I looked over there and it was him. He motioned me into his truck which I found out was his work truck. He asked me, "Why did I grabbed him like that? I said, "I wanted to." He then asked me, "Did it really mean what he thought it did" I said, "Yes it did. Just how much do you have down there cause the area is rather large" He said, "I never measured it and I have low hanging balls." My pussy was contracting so much I could feel the wetness through my bikini panties and jeans from his description.

He took me to the office where he works and had me hide in the floorboard so when the ones that were working left they would not see me. Oh by the way he was married. When his coworkers left he then came to the truck and got me and took me into this small office with 3 desks and a couple of chairs and a small sofa. I sat down on the sofa and he started undressing me. When he had my top and bra off he said, "Oh WOW those are big." At the time my 25 yr old tits were 34C. He was rubbing them and manipulating my nipples and they were so tender and stuck out about half an inch. They got so hard that they almost hurt me. He took them into his mouth and started sucking on my nipples, first one then the other. I was moaning and squirming so much. He then had me stand up and took my jeans and panties off. Then he stood up and took his clothes off and plunged his cock into my pussy cause I was so wet that it went in easily.

I felt him hit my cervix so hard that it almost hurt and I backed away from him and told him to go easy cause have never taken that much cock before. He started fucking me slowly until I could feel my orgasm coming on and when it finally hit me I almost screamed but due to the fact we were at the place where he worked he put his hand over my mouth to stifle the scream. When my pussy contracted it made him cum so hard that I could feel his cum hit my cervix and I started cumming again. Then we got dressed and he took me home and he went home too.

A few days later he showed up at the bar when I first opened for the day and was busy cleaning it up for business that day. I gave him a beer and told him that I had cleaning to do and went into the ladies restroom and heard the door stay open when I walked in and looked back and he had followed me into the restroom. He grabbed me and pulled me into him and started rubbing my tits through my dress. He then reached under my dress and pushed his finger into my pussy. I was already wet. I started moaning and he started to undo his pants and as soon as he entered me I heard a voice in the bar and said, "Anyone here". We froze and I said, "Hang on I will be right there." He stayed in the restroom while I served the guy then came back out and he said, "I got the toilet unstopped." That saved an embarrassing moment. He drank his beer and left.

He came back the next day and he said, " Yesterday was a close call, wasn't it." I said, "Yes it was." He said, "I want more of you" I told him, "Go to the jukebox and wait." I shut the front door to the bar but did not lock it. I then moved the curtain behind the jukebox so we could see if anyone showed up. I had a dress on again and he pulled my panties to the side and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out of his briefs and with me bending over the jukebox facing it he slowly started pushing into my pussy. I was moaning so much that he said, "Be quiet just in case someone walked up and heard me plus that way we can hear someone approach since the front of the bar had gravel."

He started fucking me harder and faster until I felt the warmth of my orgasm start building and when I exploded he put his hand over my mouth. As soon as I started cumming it made him start cumming too. He was panting hard and I could feel the sweat on his arms from fucking me so I know he was sweating really good. When we adjusted out clothing then we went to the bar and I served him his beer and after he had only drank about half the door opened and a customer came in and we looked at each other and we both thought well we at least got to finish this time but decided we needed somewhere else to go.
My Fantasy Wedding
Posted:Jun 23, 2016 10:53 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2016 7:47 pm
(This story was originally written for a site I can not say even though I wrote it but it was also originally written for someone from this site but changed the names and also added more to the actual original story. Hope you like! Plus I added pictures to show you the wedding attire and the cakes. )

Today is the day I become Mrs. John Bassett! I can't believe it is finally here! I was told he was in the room downstairs getting ready and I have no idea what he has come up with! I know he will love my wedding dress!

Our wedding cakes and flowers are all set up downstairs in the reception room next door to the room where everything is going to be for the wedding! I have no idea how it was decorated cause my bridesmaid Susie would not tell me but I know everything is naughty the way John and I wanted it to be!

John's best man, Dan is helping him get ready even though I know he is not going to wear much since it is a naughty wedding for us.

A preacher we know that comes to the swinger club is going to perform the wedding. His name is Joey. John knows how I feel about black men but he is very light skin and he is so handsome and all the women want him.

Susie brought in my wedding dress and is low cut and sheer with lace and you can see everything under it! I am going to wear white lacy thongs with a sheer bra on that is attached to the dress but you can not see it! The dress is full length with long sleeves.

I have garters to wear that are blue and the best man and groom will have the privilege of taking them off as my legs which my wedding dress will first stop at my knees for the best man then my groom will raise my dress up to my crotch. Susie put my sheer wedding veil on after she fixed my hair so that it flowed down my back!

She told me to put my shoes on and when I finished getting ready then the music started, to tell me to start leaving the room. So I walked down the stairs and there was Dan's twin brother, Stan waiting for me so he could walk me down the aisle. I know that all the men in the wedding party was going to be wearing the same thing and when I saw the blue thong with his hard cock coming through then I knew I would fall in love with John's thongs!

The ushers were going to wear something similar to the preachers which John told me but would not show me but were blue. My pussy started getting very moist just thinking about John. Susie went ahead of me in a similar dress like mine but so short that you could see under it easily even though it was lacy and sheer like mine. She had a wrist bouquet just like my larger bouquet and she finally got down to the end where John and Dan was at!

The wedding song we picked out was The Stripper song and I started walking toward John and he was looking at me with such lust and when I looked down and seen his cock was so hard I started drooling with pre-cum and my pussy juices was flowing and I knew that everyone could smell my arousal!

Stan leaned over and said be careful or every man and woman is going to attack you if you do not calm down! I can even smell your arousal! I looked at everyone and all the men and women were playing with themselves and I got even hotter.

I finally got to where John was and Stan handed me over to John. I looked at him and took his hand in mine and looked over at Joey who started reciting the wedding ceremony but could not resist looking at his outfit which was the skimpiest thong I have ever seen and it had lace around the edges. His cock was just as hard as everyone else. Joey started saying the wedding ceremony:

We are gathered here today, on this happy and joyous occasion, to join this man and this woman in matrimony. Marriage is a solemn institution to be held in honor by all, it is the cornerstone of the you and your spouse and of all the people you are around. It requires of those who undertake it a complete and unreserved giving of one's self. It is not to be entered into lightly, as marriage is a sincere and mutual commitment to love one another. This commitment symbolizes the intimate sharing of two lives and still enhances the individuality of each of you.

I, John, affirm my love to you, Joan as I invite you to share my life. You are the most beautiful, smart, and generous person I have ever known, and I promise always to respect you and love you. With kindness, unselfishness and trust, I will work by your side to create a wonderful life together.

I take you Joan to be my lawful wife to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better times with ourselves and with others , for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live.

I stand here seeing you in your wedding attire and it is sexy as all get out on you! I am standing here in front of everyone telling you how sexy you are and I know we will have lots of sexy fun with each other and with others too! I will give you lots of orgasms I will always provide for you with cock whether it is mine or someone elses' and also provide you with pussy too!

With this ring I wed you and will worship everything we have and will have whether it is with me or with others. I will cherish your pussy with everything I can give you!

I, Joan, affirm my love to you, John, as I invite you to share my life. You are the most handsomest, smart, truly loved and generous person I have ever known, and I promise always to respect you and love you. With kindness, unselfishness and trust, I will work by your side to create a wonderful life together.

I take you John to be my lawful husband to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better times with ourselves and with others , for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live.

I stand here seeing you in your wedding attire and it is sexy as all get out on you! I am standing here in front of everyone telling you how sexy you are and I know we will have lots of sexy fun with each other and with others too! Your wedding attire is so hot that I will not be the only ones to share you tonight plus provide you with pussy and share cock also with you.

With this ring I wed you and will worship everything we have and will have whether it is with me or with others. I will cherish your cock with everything I can give you!

John and Joan, in so much as the two of you have agreed to live together in Matrimony, have promised your love for each other by these vows, by the authority vested in me I now declare you Husband and Wife. Congratulations, John, you may now declare your love for Joan by licking her pussy in front of everyone in the room and Joan you may now declare your love for John by sucking his cock in front of everyone in the room! Everyone now I give you Mr and Mrs John Bassett! Everyone join in the fun to celebrate the joining of their union of marriage!

We both got up and with juices on our faces we walked down the aisle to the reception room!

The Reception

When we walked into where the reception was being held. I started string with a look of surprise. The room was decorated in blue and white lace every where. The cakes were scattered on different tables and John and I walked to each table. The cake on one table had shapes of men and women fucking and giving oral. The next table had a cake shaped into a pussy. Then the cake for John and I to cut was of a cock with a hand wrapped around it.

When everyone was in there and we started cutting the wedding cake and John and I started feeding each other cake and everyone was laughing because we were getting it all over our faces. Then all of a sudden John grabbed a piece of icing and stuck it on his cock and that made the sex wedding party begin! Everyone started getting into every cake and putting it on themselves while others were licking it off of them! Not only were guys licking other guys cocks off but the women were licking women's pussies too!

Then Joey came over and told us we needed to take pics of the groom and best man taking the wedding garters off of me. So I went and stood by the chair Susie had decorated for that purpose and put my foot up on the chair. Then Dan came over and pulled up my wedding dress and slid the garter off my chin. The threw it over his head at the crowd of men and watched all the men trying to catch it. Never knew who caught it.

Then John came over and pulled my wedding dress up to my crotch and pulled the garter off and threw it over his head and I watched the crowd of men trying to catch it too. I seen Stan hold his hand up with the garter in his hand.

So while everyone was having fun, I took my wedding dress off and laid it on the table next to where the cake was. Everyone already had their clothes off and had laid them on tables. The men that were in the wedding party were the only ones that did not remove their thongs. But the guests that were men did and so did the women! The panting was so loud.

John looked over at Susie who was sucking the preacher, Joey and I nodded to him and he walked over to her and had her stand up and bent her over a table and rammed home his cock into her pussy! She screamed in ecstasy.

I went to the preacher, Joey and started sucking on his cock and to my surprise I did not get a panic attack from touching him. I had him lay down on his back and I straddled him and rode him cowgirl and when I came and squeezed my pussy against his shaft.

I heard Susie cum and scream out John's name and that made me cum even harder and I screamed Joey's name in ecstasy. Dan came walking up to me and before I realized it he had his cock in my ass as Joey was fucking my pussy! OMG that feels so good! My pussy was drowning in juices and I feel like I could drown them too!

A man whom I noticed as Mike came over and with his hard cock in his hand and aimed his cock in Dan's ass and pushed passed his sphincter. I guess he had been ready to get his ass fucked cause Dan started moaning. So as Dan was fucking me, Dan was getting fucked my Mike. So we had a train going on. When I started cumming again, my pussy was squeezing so tight that Dan said OMG I am cumming and that made Mike shoot his load in Dan's ass.

As Joey started cumming, I noticed Stan came over to Susie and John and he fucked Susie's ass and when his cock rammed home into her ass I could see John's face and you could tell by the look on his face that he was cumming. He pulled out. Then Stan pulled his hard cock out and stuck it in Susie's mouth And she was sucking till he came in her mouth.

Joey finally came out of me and Dan took his cock out of my ass and stuck it in my mouth and I started licking the head of his cock and all around the head and the I started sucking on the head of his cock and making my mouth feel like my pussy was squeezing his cock! He started face fucking me and he came in my mouth.

John came over to me and started kissing me and tasting the cum in my mouth then he laid me down on the floor and spread my legs and started licking my pussy and clit! He also started sucking on my clit so much that I squirted in his mouth! He was enjoying the cum of another man and also my cum too!

I looked around and noticed everyone was standing around us and watching what John was doing to me and I felt so loved that I am glad I married the right man! I love you my husband and I always will! Thank you for coming into my life and giving me the kind of life and marriage I have always wanted! I am proud to be called Mrs. John Bassett!


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