Getting Fucked By A Experienced Man  

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5/25/2021 8:55 pm
Getting Fucked By A Experienced Man

I feel your hands touching my body as they caress every curve. Your hands tangle in my hair and you grasp it. You look at with lust and lean in. Then start licking my lips as you kiss so passionately that it curls my toes. I then feel your hands drop to my pants and caress my luscious ass. I can feel a warm throbbing in the core of my womanhood and it starts to burst and grow warmer.

You gently start to undress me as I lay down on the bed. You start with my top to reveal my black<b> lacy </font></b>bra. Our lips press against one another, then break apart, but close enough that we can still feel each others breath, then you lean forward and kiss my neck near my ear and whisper, "I am going to make your world rock with pleasure!" The sound of your deep husky manly voice sends shivers straight to my core and I grow wetter.

You hear me moan in answer which brings a smile across your face. Your hand slides down my front as you unbutton my blouse then slides it down off my shoulders. Then your hand slides down my spine till you unclasp my bra. My breasts are huge so my bra stays in place until you peel it away revealing my huge tits. My nipples are so hard that they look like small grapes.

You lean over and take them each at a time in your mouth and lick them which makes them harder to the point of pain and pleasure, yet, I am wanting more. The warmth in my midriff now spreads out to my toes which I feel they are going to curl. I am getting wetter and wetter to the point where it feels like there is a huge wet spot under me. You hear me moan louder as I feel your mouth start sucking on my nipples. I start panting as my back arches slightly, making my core ache so much more.

Your hands slide down to my pants where they find the button and zipper. You release the button and slide the zipper down so easily that there is no sound. You guide my pants down and off, leaving me in just my black and white lace panties. I let out a whimper of ecstasy as your fingers now trace lines on my inner thighs.

Your fingers are slowly seducing me as they slide seductively toward my panties and you caress me over the top of them, just a millimeter above my slit. My clit throbs as your fingers draw nearer to it and the warmth begins to make it throb harder and more urgently.

I push my hips outwards, searching for your fingers, longing to be touched. You teasingly slide them away and I whimper. You grin and then draw them back and then draw my panties down my legs till they are off.. You feel me trying to unfasten your jeans so you help me. Your pants are so tight that I can see your huge bulge. You look at me and as we are gazing at each other in lust knowing that you will be inside my pussy soon.

When your jeans are off, I notice you are not wearing underwear and I gasp. Your cock is so perfect that I have to have it right on the start. I lean toward you before you can touch me again and lick the tip of your glans. You suck in your breath as you feel my tongue licking all around the head. Your cock swells and jerks as I take the head in my mouth and suc

I use a lot of suction which makes your cock jerk in my mouth. You grab my hair and pull a little bit as you feel deep throat you all the way the base of your coc You start hump my mouth, but I pull back and lick your shaft down your balls. I then lick and suck on your balls until they are shiny and wet with saliva.

Your hand is still gripping my hair lightly and it seems like you are guiding my head back up, so I lick your shaft all the way the head of your coc I am looking at your face and see the look of lust so fierce that I feel you may be on the brink of no return, So I stop licking and lay on my back on the bed.

I spread my legs and your fingers glide across my body as a lightening bolt of pleasure races across my body. My clit gets harder and harder which makes the throbbing intensify as my body knows there is more pleasure to come. My womanly sensual smells fills the air which fills your lungs and makes your cock swell even more which makes you reach down and touch my pussy. Your fingers slowly slide to my opening which they begin to tease me as they circle around my clit.

You see my wetness glistening which shows you just how ready I am for you. But you slide your fingers over my clit again which makes it tingle and throb to a new height. Your fingers enter my wetness which makes my muscles contract and relax on your fingers as they slowly exit my opening. Your fingers glisten from my wetness which I know how wet I am cause I am soaked. You bring your finger to your mouth and taste my sweetness then put them back in my pussy and pull them out and offer your fingers for me to taste.

I taste my juices and moan which makes you groan with lust. Then you gently slide your fingers into my slit, sliding in and out, as my body adapts more and more as they enter me, making me moan with lust. You can feel the throbbing of my clit, as your fingers slide along it's nerve endings. You find my g-spot and only you know where it seems to throb with each stroke of your fingers as they stroke in a come hither motion.

Then they start to gain speed and then decreasing which makes me want more. You tease me in that way so much that I start to whimper and gyrate my hips to pick up the tempo. But you hold me down lightly and lean down and whisper, "Be still and I will reward you soon!" So I calm down and when you pick up the tempo again with your finger with a speed that tells me this is different. Slower then gently increases and then you pinch my clit lightly and I scream out in ecstasy. You lower your body and plunge your cock inside my pussy as I orgasm.

It looks like you are having a hard time keeping from cumming yourself cause I am clinching my hole on your cock so hard that it feels like a vice gripping your coc But you hold back so you can enjoy more pleasure come. When I finally come down a little from my orgasmic release then you start pumping in and out. My core is on fire so much that it feels like I am going explode again from both the heat inside of plus the heat of your coc Your cock is stroking across both my g-spot and clit which is making us both even hotter.

You are enjoying the pleasure of going slow then picking up the tempo then starting all over again. It feels that you are trying keep from cumming. Then you start picking up speed a little faster till you feel your balls tighten up and you slow down again. I am so frustrated again that I take my hand and start rubbing my clit, but you pull my hand away and say, "That is for pleasure, not you!"

I whimper and look at you with a look of surprise and lust, but listen you. You then take your cock out of my pussy and turn over on my hands and knees. Then you position yourself behind and you enter again and my muscles clinch your cock your delight. Then I feel you spit on my ass and with your fingers, you make my ass slippery as you insert one finger until I get use it. Then as I start humping both your cock and finger then you insert another finger into my ass.

As you pick up the tempo in pleasuring both my pussy and ass, you then feel my pussy muscles clinch even more while my ass muscles clinch your fingers. So you pick up more speed with your cock and fingers until you feel your balls tighten up and when you roar while cumming, then it sets off. I scream in ecstasy and flood the bed with my juices and yours too as your cock jerks and empties your balls till you are dry and empty of your man batter into my hole.

When we feel the pleasure subsiding, then you collapse on top of which causes collapse as well on the bed in exhaustion as do you in exhaustion. We lay there sweaty and satisfied.

Sleepinggiantt08 49M
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5/26/2021 5:16 am

"An Experienced Man'.

Allhard4u50 60M  
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5/27/2021 7:20 am

Wow….great story…sounds like me and my fuck buddy….our loins are in tune with each other….

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8/13/2021 9:03 am

You are such a turn-on.

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