She Had Learned Even More and Wanted to Show Him  

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11/15/2021 8:07 pm
She Had Learned Even More and Wanted to Show Him

"I hope you have time tonight, because I want to suck you dry", she demanded with authority. She stood up and met his eye.

"Oh? And how do you endeavor to do just that, lady?" he challenged.

"Well, this morning I looked up a few videos."

"Oh?" this piqued his curiosity.

"There's this who calls herself Saffron..." she started.

"That's a spice, you know...", he interjected.

"Ohhhh, yeah!" she laughed, "she added spice alright! She is known for her cocksucking. She has this one video where she shows how to suck a man just so that he cums... A LOT!"

"You mean he has a long climax?"

She smiled at him in silence and then added, "no... I mean four times in about minutes!"


She just nodded and smiled.

"And... you want to try... on me?"

Again a happy nod.

"When?!" he eagerly asked.

She unbuckled his belt, grabbed him around his waist and pushed him backwards to the couch. He stumbled backward on the couch just after his slacks fell to his ankles. He wriggled of his boxers and lay back while she eagerly knelt before him again. She smiled and looked into his eyes, then slowly stroked his thighs. His cock was full attention from her earlier wake-up and she knew what to do.

"I want to...", a kiss on his head, "... go slowly and..." another soft kiss, "...make sure you feel...", another kiss, louder, "...every stroke."

His heart was racing now. Clearly she had picked up some pointers from this Saffron and copied them with great intensity. His breathing raced. He allowed her the freedom to make every move, knowing she has an eager attitude and the skills to please him with every attempt.

She lowered her mouth, open wide and allowing the head inside, but not touching. He watched. She slowly closed her mouth, her lips gracing the skin and softly stimulating every square millimeter. His response was immediate, moaning deeply. Her eyes remained locked on his gaze. They were connected in that moment.

She softly stroked his thighs as her lips coaxed his erection to her full attention. He was feeling a new attention to this moment as never before. Lynn was obviously into this, but her intensity seemed unmatched from all the previous encounters. She softly sucked on him, occasionally going deep, while other times just lightly letting her<b> tongue </font></b>tip stroke on his head and frenulum. There was something perfect about her mouth, her lips and her<b> tongue.

</font></b>He climaxed hard in a matter of minutes, his legs shuddering, her mouth attached and milking. He could feel a rushing in his ears while the entire room was silent. She softly released his shaft, smiling all the while and looking at him.

Just as he raised his head, he glanced at her and all she had done is raise on finger in the air, signaling "1". Her mouth didn"t stop. Her hands returned to stroking his thighs, letting some attention drift away from his cock. Soon enough, he could feel his erection rebuilding, as if it was "up for the challenge".


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