Quickie Door dash?  

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3/13/2021 4:27 am
Quickie Door dash?

So as our time in lock down continues, (I know so of you are out visiting already). For many that's not something we're feeling ready sure about yet. Through I think we agree toys can only take you so far. before you really want someone else's drive to take charge.
I started thinking, for the voyeur and exhibitionist in all of us. What about hooking in the hosts door way. I have admit, as it gets warmer the out doors nature of this fantasy turns me . The idea of walking someones back door, and knocking and asking though the storm door, "Hi, Are you Blank? I'm Paige and I'm here to loan you my ass." and then sticking my bottom between the storm door and the door frame. Wilder still, setting a signal, The though of walking someones poach and seeing a clothes hanger on the door or some other sign denote the correct place. So I would ring door bell, pull down my pants once again put my hips between the storm door and door frame with my ass touching the inner door, while holding an open box of condoms and a full container of KY for the person about to appear at the door to use, and me there waiting for it. It makes me smile the idea to be looking out at someones back yard, or front yard if low enough traffic. While some guy with a years worth of built sexual drive finally rump pumps his satisfaction.
Perhaps make a portable glory hole take the door that would fit in the door way service someone through. The down side that is if they are into "titty " I would miss out it. Finally when he finished his final push and grown and I feel him pull out and lays the full condom on my back and shuts the door. I walk back my car with KY (and nothing else) covering my ass and soaking my underwear with the wet fresh sex completion feel in my ass. I'm sure there are some logistics that would need be worked out, but one of those kinky thoughts that keep going.

Take care stay safe.

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