Commonly Misunderstood  

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11/12/2021 9:21 am
Commonly Misunderstood

When trying to decide what to write about ourselves. It is often easy to gloss over ourselves, since we live it day in and day out. I have had a time of it trying to find the right words that fit such a tiny space.
I'm adventurous, spontaneous, quiet yet talkative once the ice is broken, An omnivert, shy. Hell I'm alot of things rolled into one person. for example.
Sometimes we miss our opportunity by not being able to accurately describe ourselves to those that are searching. I love a woman who can and will take charge when it comes to sex. I love a woman who wraps her treasures in enticing things, waiting to be unwrapped, a woman who is kinky, imaginative, creative.
When it comes down to it I want a woman who can accentuate and offset myself as a person, yet get along as friends,<b> lovers.
</font></b>I have had some setbacks in life and those have made me see what is important for me to be happy. I've learned to cope and to find alternatives and or aides to hep me achieve these things. Partial permanent nerve damage that sometimes affect certain areas. It's a hit and miss, so i've learned a ton of other ways to enjoy what I love most, SEX and all that it entails.
How does someone come out and say it may or may not work? or ohh, by the way i have an issue. lol.. It can be very embarrassing, to say the least.

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