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You THINK You're Leaving
Posted:Dec 12, 2021 7:41 am
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2022 8:58 pm

You THINK You're Leaving

As I reach to open the door, you firmly grab my arm and push face forward against the door ensuring it remains closed.

"You didn't think I would let you leave that easily," you state as you smirk devilishly.

Surprised by your firmness, I smile submissively. "But I have to go."

I make an effort to be released from your grasp. It's a poor attempt as you restrict any further movements. You pin your body against mine so that I'm discouraged from moving. I am pinned against the door. Your hands move quickly under my skirt and up my thighs.

"Your body tells me otherwise."

I am soaking wet. The wetness from my pussy rolling down the sides of my thighs is only inches from my knees. How could my body give me away like that? How could he know?

As my legs slightly part from your touch, you speedily move a hand to fondle my clit. I moan softly. As you continue to heighten my attention to your touch, I melt and become more compliant. Your plant kissed along my neck sending shivers down my spine. As you near the straps of my top, they give way to my shoulders.

I have been needing someone to just take me, take charge and be a dom knowing I will only give into firmness and commands. My hips start to move back into yours.

"That's a good girl." You are pleased with my furtherance.

You step back just enough so that I am no longer pinned against the door. Released, I bend slightly at the waist to give you more access to use both your hands. You sense my willingness to acquiesce to your bidding and your will. I try to reach for you.

"No, not yet. That will come in time."

I hope I have to beg or plead to feel the whole length of you in me. It's been so long.

As you palm my clit with one hand, the other makes its way towards the source of all the wetness. Without hesitation or warning, you firmly insert not one but two fingers. I wobble at the knees immediately as you accelerate with your thrusts.

"Oooo...," I moan continuously and progressively louder.

"You will learn to listen and be taught a lesson if you do not," as you paused with a warning.

My wetness increases, my breath quicken, my body starts to stiffen. The volume in my voice matching the pleasure I feel as you unrelentingly force me to plateau. I convulse and cum too quickly. Almost falling, you catch me and I know you have only just begun.

You turn me to face you, back against the door. I can barely stand.

"You won't need these," you say as you slide off my thong.

Almost out of breath I jokingly ask, "I won't?"

We kiss teasingly, deeply and hungry. Carnal desire is high.

Damn! He's getting me started again. How can he know how to get my body to respond so well?

You push up against me. I can feel the stiffness of your cock against my clit. Pleased, I start to reach to unleash your erection and you meet to help guide my hands to aid in its release.

Oh my goodness! You are huge... wait! How is that going to fit? You sense my hesitation and firmly usher my hands to let out your cock. I feel the length of bare cock and my jaw drops, mouth wide open.

"I know what to do with that open mouth," you darkly grin.

I go down on my knees and attempt to swallow the length of your cock. You taste and feel so good, I just want you in me.

You lift me back to my feet and comment, "You are going to have to learn to throat this."

I agreeably nod as you gently guide one of my legs up to have me rest my foot against the wall opposite the door. Pussy glistening, now exposed, you lift me up. I support myself by planting my other foot against the wall.

"I like you like this. You are now mine for the taking."

Uh oh! Wait! What?

You guide me, raising and lowering me up and down gently. As I feel you entering, the muscles of my vagina welcome, grip, massage and attempt to pull your cock more inward. Back against the door, both legs on the opposite wall and you holding me up, I have no control of the motion and am subdued by the pleasure of the ride. You rhythmically enter and partly exit my pussy repeatedly. As I start to tighten, you stop.

"No, not yet."

"But why," I whine. I hold onto you tightly as I sense we are about to move. While you carry me with your cock inside me, I try to slide you in and out of me. You quell my motions.

"Not yet," you command sternly.

"Pleeeaassee," I plead. You withdraw your cock from my pussy and place me on the couch.

"On your knees," you instruct as I follow obediently. "Good girl." You guide me so that my hands are holding the back of the couch, knees on the seat, and ass out towards you. "Now what is it you want?"

I push my ass back towards your cock.

"Oh, you naughty girl. I would love to own this ass of yours right now but not yet. We still have to take care of this pussy of yours so you will always come back and not want to leave." You reach around to play with my clit considerably and my hips start to gyrate.

"Please," I whimper.

"Please what? You have to ask for what you want," you remind me.

"Please fuck me," I plea.

"You are going to have to do better than that and tell me how you want it."

Frustrated you won't fuck me, I reach for your cock attempting to guide and force you into me. You pull away but are close enough I can feel you near the entrance of my pussy but far enough that I can't push my pussy onto your cock.

"You are going to have to tell me what you want and how you want it," you repeat.

Exasperated I give in and beg," Please fuck me fast, hard and rough. Make me cum until I can't take no more and keep on going."

Without a second's delay, you enter me hard, fast and quickly. Holding my hips in place, there is no escape from the pounding of your cock. Screaming with pleasure, I feel my body quickening. I collapse, unable to hold on and keep my balance.

"Poor kitten, have you had enough?"

"Yes," I barely manage to whisper.

"Well, I'm not done with you yet," you say as you pick me up and carry me to the room.

Guiding me to the bed, you help remove the remainder of any clothing remaining and position me gently onto the bed. Relaxed thinking you are going to let me rest, I start to close my eyes.

"Oh no you don't. I am not done with you yet," you warn me. "This time, I will fuck you the way I want to."

Wait. What? Aren't you tired?

You start to kiss and touch me gently.

"This round won't be as rough," I think to myself.

Pillow underneath my head, you start to position yourself on top of me. Thinking nothing of this, you continue to caress and kiss me. As you gently guide my arms above my head, I realize too late what is about to happen. Excited, I try to resist and you firmly push my wrists into the bed to immobilize my arms. You command me to be still and tie my wrists with a necktie to the frame of the bed. The slight weight of your body keeps the rest of me pinned in place until you are ready to continue.

"If you don't keep your legs where I tell you to, I will tie those down too."

I nod acknowledging your instructions as my pussy once again starts to swell and flow with wetness.

Unable to move my arms and legs as commanded, you make your way down to my pussy. Teasing my clit with your tongue, my body starts to shift.

"What did I say about you moving," you remind me.

It's so difficult to stay still. You continue to assault my clit with your tongue. As if that wasn't more than I could handle, you thrust your fingers in and out of my pussy with your tongue still teasing my clit. Overwhelmed with sensation, I try to breathe through it in order to stay still. You command me to not control my breathing through it.

I disobey. To insist I comply, your thumb quickly finds its way in my month making it impossible to concentrate on breathing.

You glare at me and firmly say, "What did I say about breathing through it?" Without a moment notice, you quickly shove your cock inside me and continue to fuck me fast, hard and rough as I had previously begged. No longer able to focus on breathing, I cum quick and you continue to fuck me until I am breathless and can no longer scream out my pleasures.

Body still pulsating, you untie my wrists and motion me to turn onto my stomach. You proceed to massage my shoulders and my back. I start to be very relaxed. As you continue to massage me and make your way to my ass, I am quickly reminded of what you said earlier.

"Your ass will be mine."

Sensing I have tensed up, you instruct me on how to relax. We start slowly. Massaging my ass, you pull out some lube and lube my hole to prepare me for what's about to come. Inserting your pinkie first and feeling some tightness, you tell me how to relax my ass and I oblige. As you try your index finger, I show I am able to handle it much better and ready for more.

Gradually moving my legs open with your knees, you softly tell me "I'll go really slow, just try to relax. I will help you."

Remembering the length and girth of your cock, I realize how important it is to relax. You inch in slowly making sure I'm okay with each deeper push until my ass has encompassed your cock. I am surprised to be able to do so. Starting to gently push in and pull out, I start to moan in pleasure to my surprise.

"That-a-girl, feel me inside your ass. How does it feel?" You start sensing how much I am enjoying your cock in my ass and reposition me to get more leverage.

"It feels good," I respond with pleasure.

Penetrating deeper, I feel you start to pick up the pace. I never imagined how enjoyable a cock in my ass would feel.

"Who's ass is this?"

"Yours," as I am starting running out of breath as the volume of my moans increases matching this new pleasure I feel.

"Yours who?"

"This ass is yours sir. Fuck my ass... Please... I want you to cum in my ass... My ass is yours," I respond quickly feeling my body is close. My body, my pussy, my ass is yours at your command to use and dominate as you please.

"Good and don't you forget it," you say. You cum inside me. Both are bodies pulsating, we collapse in full satisfaction.
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Posted:Nov 25, 2021 7:39 pm
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2021 10:40 am

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96% Voyeur
94% Exhibitionist
92% Submissive
87% Brat
80% Rope bunny
Today is Another Day
Posted:Nov 23, 2021 3:22 pm
Last Updated:May 21, 2022 3:13 am

Today is another day. I imagined I will meet you a neighborhood coffee shop that has some really good coffee and we just talk and talk. Then we both decided to walk the neighborhood and you show me to an empty building you help oversee. We walk in and it's empty. I giggle because a bit nervous. You gently hold and embrace from behind and I relax. You start to trace along my hair and neck... down my arm and I shiver. You brush my hair to the side and gently grace my neck with your lips and move your hand to my waist to draw into you. My breaths increase as you caress and kiss along my neck and shoulders tracing your hand over the outlines of my body. You turn , our eyes lock, and again I giggle. You draw in closer and we kiss passionately as you move to gently press against the wall.

You maneuver to straddle your leg... now there is nowhere for to go. As we continue to kiss, I feel the heat rush to my body. You trace along the outlines of my neck, my shoulders, making a path towards my breasts. As you teasingly go down the valley between, I try to push my body closer to you. I want you to touch . so impatient. You make sure I stay against the wall by gently and firmly pushing back the outline of my breasts and making your way towards my stomach, to my hips, the outside of my thighs, threatening to come closer and closer to where I can feel the wetness building up. My legs slightly weaken but that's okay because straddled on your leg. You widen my stance and caress the insides of my thighs.

"Please," I beg.
You smile and say, "Not yet."

You have come close to where I want you to touch me, where I want to be touched, I want to feel you. It's driving me crazy but you are the one in control.
Stress CAN Take It's Toll
Posted:Nov 23, 2021 3:16 pm
Last Updated:Nov 25, 2021 7:42 am

Stress CAN Take It's Toll

It's been such a hard, stressful . I need to relax and unwind. The sun has long since set and it's dark outside. Seeing the time, elated it's not too late. I feel relieved about having some time to swim a couple of laps in the community pool and exercise off some of today's stressful events.

I start to feel excited about being able to soak and relax in the jacuzzi. I smile inwardly knowing how much stronger the jacuzzi jets are compared to my home whirlpool. Daydreaming a moment, my hands start to wander to touch myself to find still dressed.

I turn the view myself from behind. "Only lines here are that of my garter holding my stockings. No panty lines to see here." I hastily remove the confines of my business suit. I need to slip of this if to get in some laps and relax before it closes. Freeing my body from it's bonds, I admire myself in the mirror before removing the lacy wrappings supporting my breasts that barely cover my nipples. Released, my breast spring forward. A excited, my nipples come to attention.

I laugh thinking, "If those jerks knew what I like underneath my suit then probably more agreeable and attention to my presentations." I typically wear a formal, conservative, "I'm heading for the top" business suit. But oh underneath, it's nothing but sexy, soft silk or satin and lace to carry myself confidently around the office. I need to feel sexy to combat my conservative, professional appearance.

As I proceed to unhooking my garter, I slowly start by caressing my hips, back to my butt, then forward to the inside of each thigh and down to release each stocking. Slowly I let the softness of the silk glide each leg as I remove my stockings. The gentle caresses make a puddle start to form between my legs.

Senses on high and no longer caring about maintaining conservative appearance for my late night swim, I slip on one of my favorite on vacation a thousand miles away from home bikinis. "I probably should wear a t-shirt to cover myself," I think to myself seeing as I am barely covered. This swimsuit leaves nothing left for the imagination. Probably best to cover up some since it's a community pool. I don't need to excite the teens, don't care if the adults get excited.

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