Stress CAN Take It's Toll  

PetiteChereAmour 47F
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11/23/2021 3:16 pm
Stress CAN Take It's Toll

Stress CAN Take It's Toll

It's been such a hard, stressful . I need to relax and unwind. The sun has long since set and it's dark outside. Seeing the time, elated it's not too late. I feel relieved about having some time to swim a couple of laps in the community pool and exercise off some of today's stressful events.

I start to feel excited about being able to soak and relax in the jacuzzi. I smile inwardly knowing how much stronger the jacuzzi jets are compared to my home whirlpool. Daydreaming a moment, my hands start to wander to touch myself to find still dressed.

I turn the view myself from behind. "Only lines here are that of my garter holding my stockings. No panty lines to see here." I hastily remove the confines of my business suit. I need to slip of this if to get in some laps and relax before it closes. Freeing my body from it's bonds, I admire myself in the mirror before removing the lacy wrappings supporting my breasts that barely cover my nipples. Released, my breast spring forward. A excited, my nipples come to attention.

I laugh thinking, "If those jerks knew what I like underneath my suit then probably more agreeable and attention to my presentations." I typically wear a formal, conservative, "I'm heading for the top" business suit. But oh underneath, it's nothing but sexy, soft silk or satin and lace to carry myself confidently around the office. I need to feel sexy to combat my conservative, professional appearance.

As I proceed to unhooking my garter, I slowly start by caressing my hips, back to my butt, then forward to the inside of each thigh and down to<b> release </font></b>each stocking. Slowly I let the softness of the silk glide each leg as I remove my stockings. The gentle caresses make a puddle start to form between my legs.

Senses on high and no longer caring about maintaining conservative appearance for my late night swim, I slip on one of my favorite on vacation a thousand miles away from home bikinis. "I probably should wear a t-shirt to cover myself," I think to myself seeing as I am barely covered. This swimsuit leaves nothing left for the imagination. Probably best to cover up some since it's a community pool. I don't need to excite the teens, don't care if the adults get excited.

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