"Life"style Mistakes  

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9/28/2021 4:27 pm
"Life"style Mistakes

While this kink is enjoyable to say the least, it doesn’t come without its setbacks. As in life, at times mistakes are made, rules broken and there is no time machine to grant you a do over... But chances are that at some point the promise was made that you would be better than the statistics, that no one was leaving the other.

The mistake itself isn’t really important, because it’s the way it’s handed that I want to highlight. There will be ‘bumps in the road’ and unexpected situations…rules can be bent or broken, mistakes will be made but if you have a solid enough foundation built over years of dealing with so many other challenges you can get through the turmoil that these issues bring. Talk it out, hear each other out and go from there. Here’s where all that trust and communication come in handy in life and when you’re exploring this kink.

Work it out as soon as possible, don’t let problems and resentments build…talk it out. Being each other’s biggest supporters even though you're both hurting will help you lean on each other when things get tough. There will be some talk, examine, and do some soul searching, crying, and trying to figure out what’s next. Find your inner compassionate Buddha and help each other through your issues. It takes a lot of talking, loving & trust but it’s likely that you’ll be better off for it. Take chance, you won't regret it. So in the interest of helping other couples out there I hope that this is something you come across. I've learned a lot the past few days so here’s what I can share:

Some arguments will be a completely different beast than the usual disagreements married couples have. Emotions run deeper and it’s incredibly important to be able to be able to talk it out.

Truth and absolute transparency is required! I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, the good, bad & ugly has to be communicated to your spouse …and it’s awful when it’s the bad & ugly but it’s necessary.

There’s a deeply emotional side to every issue…most mistakes really aren’t the end of the world.

You can choose to view things as positive or negative…But if you remember the good, this moment will bring you closer & make you stronger than before.

In the end remember this lifestyle or your relationship will rarely be understood by others, so what they have to say should count for very little because chances are only your partner was there during the tough times. When things happen and emotions run high, it's important to not get lost in the moment but remember all that has being accomplished. Remember day one and see how far you've come. Look around and what has been built over the years. This will hopefully allow you to reflect and set aside any pride that may exist and allow you to start the communication, yes don't be afraid to go first. Forgiveness and compassion are crucial for so many reasons for both<b> parties </font></b>even if simply because chances are that at some point or another your partner forgave you when you needed it. Give them a sign that everything is going to be OK and you will get through things together as you've always have you will RISE...

Remember, using anger to move forward is not the way but rather letting go of that moment. Just think, what if you done this sooner, how much better could you be as a person? Are you not only hurting your partner but yourself not to mention others that may have had nothing to do with the issue such as ? By not forgiving and realizing everyone is going to hurt you that matters in your life it's bound to happen, it's what you do with it that shapes your relationship and ourselves. Forgiving shouldn't take someone dying to learn. Forgiving is the hardest thing a person can do but it is also the one of the most rewarding feelings and way to be at peace with one's self, life, and surroundings. It is when you forgive you can start to grow as a person... as a couple.

Look around and remember what brought you together, forget everyone else and remember the vows and/or promises.

I apologize if this post is vague and a little scattered, but I wanted it to apply to most issues couples may face.

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