Nightdance - A Poem  

Poetfreak 43M  
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10/5/2021 8:17 pm
Nightdance - A Poem


Could be… did I see you …
A river nymph… or goddess…
in the water’s embrace
Under the spotlight of the moon
The tree-curtains parted, a proscenium of nature
And I a vile voyeur, watching you dance playfully
In the night, waist-deep in the crystal silvery
River and light,
Splashing delicately
With the magic give life the life-giver
Could I know… could I know
The fire the water knows knowing intimately
Every curve and crevice of your body,
The eager hands of moonlight at your waist and hips,
Turning and dipping, twirling you as you laugh
Your wet dark tendrils spilling down your back,
Over your plump breasts as they take in the crisp cool air…

Could I cut in… could I take you by the hands
Hold you firmly in my arms, lift you out of the water
Your power and mine
Making the water’s rippling surface our dance floor,
Your toes as you spin tickle over the river’s skin.

We two…
Two creatures of the night,
Dancing in the moonlight
Your power and mine
Lifting us under the arms of the winds
Your power and mine
Swimming in the breeze of the night sky
Your power and mine
Making love to the stars
Our united silhouette centered within the moon’s white-blue frame
Seizing selfishly the delights of the nightdance.

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