PrincessAllyCat7 58F
18 posts
1/28/2008 10:30 am

Was really thinking I'd get more responses from that question. lol

Let's ask another then.

What is your reaction when you arrange a meeting in a public place and the other person doesn't show? And another after you do meet how do you react when one or the other doesn't speak to you anymore when chatting use to be an almost daily thing?

Come on people, I know most of you have been thru this, let's get it out in the's VENT TIME!! Let is loose.

bob8259 67M

4/23/2008 2:50 pm

when I set up a meet and greet and get a no show that is it, it is over. unless that person cantacts me and explains why she did not show. that is when I gove that lady a 2nd chance. if that is a no so then I would e-mail her and say thanks but no thanks. and move on to anoter person that is not playing a head game. We all have to be safe and take care of the real true people who like to meet and have fun and turn in all the fakes out here and there are a lot of them.

woodie1831 66M
18 posts
3/28/2008 4:15 pm

If someone sets a meeting, he or she should have the decency to show up or to cancel in enought time to avoid a total waste of the other's time and effort. That's just simple common courtesy. I'm sorry that it happens to anybody - especially someone who seems as nice as you do. Let's meet and get to know each other --- once we set a time, I'll be there ....

PrincessAllyCat7 replies on 3/29/2008 8:02 am:
Thank you for taking the time to post your comment.

whoisagentj 52M
6060 posts
2/18/2008 11:09 am

I would at least say to have the common decency to show up and if the pictures what not what I expected, at least be nice and let them know for heaven's sake face to face.

Who can you call on to save the day?

Why none other than...


PrincessAllyCat7 replies on 2/18/2008 12:39 pm:
I agree. Thank you for your comment.

Rayateu 66M
264 posts
1/29/2008 10:39 am

The "no show" is just rude and is aggravating. The not talking after intro's is beyond me why someone does it. All they would have to do is a quick e-mail dear john! However, if your wondering, I'd show up

PrincessAllyCat7 replies on 1/29/2008 10:59 am:
Thank you for your post. I'm glad you'd show up!

My opinion is that you didn't just meet, you've been chatting to get to know one another and there had so be some common interest there as FRIENDS to keep a converstaion going. Do friends stop talking because there wasn't an attraction there or chemistry? Friendship is friendship. Someone to talk to and laugh with.

Maybe some people believe they have enough friends already. I believe one can't have too many friends.

ilred69 60M

1/29/2008 8:24 am

its happened to me and i think its very rude, sending a email or a phone call takes a second. people forget to treat others as they want to be treated

PrincessAllyCat7 replies on 1/29/2008 9:23 am:
Well said!! Thank you for your post. {=}

gentile_sadico 57M
1392 posts
1/28/2008 10:07 pm

a no show is very rude and truly shows a lack of class and decent social behavior...

PrincessAllyCat7 replies on 1/28/2008 10:43 pm:
Thank you for your time and thoughts to post your comment.

Appreciate it.

rm_spike1996 66M

1/28/2008 2:22 pm

I think behavior like this is a character flaw and while I am hurt and insulted when it happens to me, in away I am glad I find out about it before I get too deeply invested in a relationship with that type of person. I may have more to say about this at some other time. I am curious as why you asked the question.

PrincessAllyCat7 replies on 1/28/2008 10:42 pm:
Well, I'm sure it's happened to many and me included. I was just curious about how others felt if the same thing happened to them.

Thank you for your honesty and comment.

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