Capt. Kirk  

Prof10001 61M  
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8/10/2021 1:16 pm

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Capt. Kirk

William Shatner tried starting a line of women’s underwear,

Prof10001 61M  
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8/10/2021 1:16 pm

but Shatner panties wasn’t the greatest brand name.

ltrskr 73M  
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8/10/2021 3:37 pm

Captain Kirk, A legend in his own mind1

benard69 63M/63F  
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8/10/2021 5:51 pm

You could have Sharted in the Shatners...

Nxtphaze227 61F  
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8/10/2021 6:57 pm

author51 58F  
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8/10/2021 10:38 pm

Beam Me Up Scottie. That was too funny sexy Prof...xoxo

justskin1 69M
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8/13/2021 5:38 am

So that is why Kirk now uses "Beam me up."

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

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