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Just Saying About Chatrooms...
Posted:Nov 10, 2019 9:22 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2020 8:17 pm
Just Saying About Chatrooms
There are no set in stone rules for chatting in a chat room. However, in order to maximize your presence in a chat room, have a bit more success and possibly a better experience you should follow simple etiquette. You limit yourself if you don't at least try the chat rooms a few times. So pick a local or generally close area or a room that piques your interest and try it out.

1. DO NOT spam the room with the cut and paste crap every time you enter the room. You will be considered an asstwat ( blog on SakuraMar's Dictionary For The Cool & Perverted) and 99 times of 100 you will be iggyd( SakuraMar's Dictionary For The Cool & Perverted) put on the block list or possibly reported. It is not worth it.
2. If you say hello the room don't expect people to answer you. You can say hello to the room, but follow up by picking a person or say hello specifically to people.
3. Observe the room for a few minutes. See what the mood is like. Looks if they are into a one on one or just chatting in general.
4. Do not start by saying things like, great tits, juicy pussy or hey chat privately wirh me. You will more than likely be rejected, ignored(iggyd) or told off. You are talking to a person not a crack .
5. If you have Gold READ the profile BEFORE looking at the pictures. Pictures can make you assume what the person wants and you could end up looking like a complete idgit. Pick something from what they write, NOT the pictures they post. Trust me, they heard it all before and it's droll and irritating.
6. If you DO NOT have Gold, then pick a neutral simple topic. How are you? What are you up to? How was your day?
7. DO NOT announce that you are bored. Nobody cares. Nobody is there to entertain you. You will not be giving a good impression.
8. After you read the room and see how the conversation is flowing, try to jump in. Do not be belligerent or disrespectful. Ask a question or start your own conversation topic.
9. Each room has its own flow. Acknowledge that there will be regulars, cliques and friends in the room. People want to socialize and not be tied down with private chat right away. Chill and chat in the room before you try seduce your choice privately.
10. Do not post your # or addy. It is dumb and people think that you are too crazy to bother with. (unless they are even crazier or give away your info)
These are just general basic tips for chatroom etiquette. You can use them and get more out of your chatroom experience. Or, you can ignore them and whine about how the chatrooms are full of jerks. At least give the chatrooms a few chances, you never know how much fun it can be or who you can meet. But you could enjoy time in the chatroom, just saying.
Coyote Howllaby
Posted:Nov 2, 2019 12:08 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2020 8:19 pm
Coyote Howllaby

Hungers in the night
Hungers through the day
Hungers for food
Yet hungers another way
Hiding their mood
Hiding behind the play
Wanting to be free
But craving more
Wanting to live openly
But hides behind their lore
So the coyotes howl a lullaby
It hides the tears they cry
They lift their voices to the sky
Until it fades into a sigh
The coyotes howl a lullaby
It soothes the words that lie
They lift their voices to the sky
Only they know the reason why

Dedicated to my Bacon Buddy!
November 2nd 20

SakuraMar's Dictionary For The Cool & Perverted
Posted:Oct 30, 2019 1:29 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2020 8:20 pm
Asstwat = person who is actively spamming and being a crude dumbass idgit

Cuddlenapped = To be pounced upon or taken away by person(s) to be cuddled or trapped in a cuddlethon

Cuddlethon = To be with a person(s) in different cuddle positions for an extended period of time.

Revirginized = To be without sex for so long that your body feels like it's a virgin again

Lickles = a tickling action with the tongue licking

Howllaby = when an animal sings you the song of their "peoples"

Guyltures = guy's who hover around and prey on women in vulnerable states so they can swoop down and take advantage

Iggy/Iggyd = to put someone in their ignore list. To block someone from seeing their profile and chatting with them.

MIDD Meltdown = Male Irrational Drama Diva Meltdown
Bawdy Limerick To Wear Condoms
Posted:Oct 26, 2019 7:18 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2020 8:21 pm
There was an old guy in Nantucket
Who was near to kicking the bucket
He stripped down to the skin
Accosted all women
Asking them if they would suck it
It took him many a day
He walked quite a way
Till he found an old hag
Which was nothing to brag
But she let him get a lay
Soon he was in an uproar
He banged on the doctors door
It was shriveled and red
Pus filled bumps on the head
The doctor shrugged and said soon you'll be dead
The moral of the story
Is to be careful when you are horny
Even if death draws near
There's still plenty more to fear

Original Limerick by Sakura October 26, 2019
Friends Or Not, Just Saying
Posted:Oct 12, 2019 3:20 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2020 8:23 pm

So, this is kind of a what the heck?! When a guy tells personal stuff "don't tell" stuff that isn't of a sexual nature but more of a personal nature. Well, naturally I ask. Hey are we friends? Do you go around telling this a bunch of different people asking them "don't tell" Are you confiding in as a friend? Not asking you for a blood oath or for you confess your undying loyalty and love . I just want know if you are wasting my time. Because sure, I'll listen for the first time. But if you aren't a friend, then you can find your next audience. Not trying be mean. I like chatting with new people as well as chatting with friends. You do not need have a MIDD Meltdown(refer to blog SakuraMar's Dictionary For The Cool And Perverted) . Just be straight with me. We can be friends or we can just have one chat and keep it light and easy.
Setting That Asstwat Free
Posted:Oct 12, 2019 1:51 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2021 11:50 pm

Sometimes, in the moment what you are saying isn't getting through. Even though in the beginning its beautiful and wonderful and sweet and magical. But, then it happens. For whatever reason or reasons. He pulls away. He spends less time talking you. He says I love you less and less. He tells you that he feels backed in a corner. How else can you take it other than he is unhappy with you and doesn't want be with you anymore? You want him be happy. You just don't seem make him happy or be the person can make him happy. Are you supposed be selfish and keep him at any ? That doesn't seem right .
So I set him free. Free from the unhappiness. Free from what is weighing him down. If he finds happiness with someone else, that is what is. But if he wants stay or if he wants come back later. Well he is given the freedom do so. It's not trashing him or dumping him. Trying explain that gets you nowhere.
The ugly is exposed. Using poisonous words Sting you, they dart . Taking what you have shared with trust and vulnerability is formed into a dagger to be stabbed in your heart. The hurt, the pain, the betrayal makes you bleed. But you don't hate and you don't retaliate. You don't fight back with bad names and hurtful insults. You just watch him stride away as you bleed over the place.
Then you realize that if it had been love from him, real love. Words like that would not have been spoken like weapons. Nothing be done. You stop bleeding. You heal the best way you can. You learn a painful and valuable lesson.
Just keep smiling, just keep smiling, moving forward.
You can keep the memories that were beautiful. After , there was some goodness. Thankful for each time he said I love you. But grateful that instead of being weak and forcing him stay, I was strong set him free and move .
It was the right thing do.
You can hate .
You can say that I'm stupid.
You can tell everyone that I'm a bad person.
I know that it was the right choice.

Just been missing this bastard for over half a year. I realized that my missing him has been affecting everything. I don't want be those crazy fatalistic dramatic whining pining idiot women hanging and wasting time and life one man. I see the ways he kept pulling away. I read once more the vile poisonous rattle that omitted out from him in a tall heap. What the hella have I been thinking?
It was a waste
He is a total waste
I've been taking care of myself.
But I have also been hiding myself.
Fearful to see him around the corner...
Fearful to fall back where I started.
No more
I'm going to be who I am unapologetically. So stick that in your pipe and fuck it.
I may be a bit distant and not delicate and not obedient and not gently diplomatic. I may be goofy and foolish and random. I am probably all the things he never wanted in a woman to love. But I know more than I show. I am far more intelligent than given credit for.
I made a mistake sharing my feelings with the wrong person. The bigger mistake was letting go the wrong way. I thought he was intelligent enough to see it. The right thing to do was let him go. The wrong way I let him go was to assume he could see why. The worst thing that Idid to myself was to not let him go thoroughly.
It is done now
It is finally totally over.
The Ice Queen is back bitches.
A Kiss is not just a kiss, Just Saying
Posted:May 10, 2019 3:56 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2020 8:25 pm
Getting asked the question, do you like to kiss. I honestly kind of dread the question. I seem to have the kind of lips that generate this question a great deal. I cringe when I think about it.
The truth is that I only truly enjoy kissing guys that are good kissers. Those are the kind of kisses you don't want to stop. I still like kissing in general though, just not as much. Of course every guy claims to be the best kisser. Unfortunately that is not true of every guy. (The same applies to women, however I do not go around kissing women) Not every guy is a good kisser. Although, every guy has the potential to be a good kisser if he is open to learning.
Women like to share about kissing. When we have had kisses that are so great and passionate that it makes our skin tingle and our legs into jelly and you want to dive into that persons lips for ages.
Also when we have had really bad kissers. The ones who try to eat our whole mouth. The ones that slobber way too much. The ones that are too hard and dry. The ones that try to choke you with their tongue. The ones who try to swallow and suck your tongue too hard. The ones that are too weird to describe.
I have been told many times that I am not just a good kisser but that I am an amazing/awesome/passionate/perfect/best kisser ever. However, my answer when guys ask is usually "you would have to see for yourself" I say that because different people enjoy kissing different ways. All I do is kiss the way I want to be kissed back. So, if you follow my lead and mimic the way I kiss with your own added flare... Well that is going to be the kind of kiss that I want to last for hours and it is going to make me want to rip your clothes off!
So, whether you are a man or a woman I think that you should keep an open mind when kissing. Just because you are told that you are a great kisser does not mean you will be great to everyone. I think there is always room to learn different techniques and different ways to please your lover when kissing. Keep an open mind. Open communication does not just mean you ask for what you want and what they want with sex. Ask if they like your kissing. You do not need be offended if they give you some tips. They are not necessarily telling you that you are a bad kisser. They are telling you how they want to be kissed that gives them satisfaction.
What do you think? Kissing not important? Kissing overrated? Kissing is a bonus? Kissing is vital? What was the best kiss you ever had? Why was it the best kiss ever?
Just Saying....
Just saying about cuddles
Posted:May 9, 2019 3:43 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2020 8:27 pm
NOT speaking for everyone. NOT speaking for a majority of people. just speaking for myself. So you can agree or disagree about what about to share, but please don't be rude about it. That's not necessary.
So I admit to everyone that I am a cuddle slut. Quite possibly I am a cuddle Addict. not ashamed of it. not afraid to say that I need cuddles from a lover and in any relationship. I do need that comfort and that connection. It DOES NOT have to mean romance or love or possession or anything with deep meaning. Although it should IF in a serious relationship.
I wasn't always this way though. So I can empathize with those who absolutely don't want or need cuddles. I used to shun cuddles. In either a relationship or just a lover the most I would give is a brief hug. I didn't understand a guys need to be cuddled. I was kind of a brat about it. Lol
I find cuddling gives me a great deal of peace. My heart settles. My brain slows down. My breathing feels freer I feel safe. I also find that I deal with the stress of life much easier when I have regular cuddles.
There are so many good cuddles to enjoy. The couch cuddles, where one person has their head on a lap and holding a hand or have a hand resting warmly on the body. Or sitting side by side leaning into each other holding hands or arms wrapped around each other. The bedroom cuddles. One person is a little spoon and the other person is a big spoon. Where one person is draped over and they have their head on the chest with arms and legs tangled together. Where you can't tell one person from the other.
What do you think about cuddles? What is your favorite cuddle? If you don't like cuddling, why? What is it that you don't like about them? Do you think cuddling means love, romance, relationships and too much like commitment? What do you think?

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