I scream for icecream, how about you?  

SakuraMar 47F
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1/30/2021 5:52 am
I scream for icecream, how about you?

For good times or bad times or any times. Ice cream is damn awesome. What flavor do you prefer?
Plain Chocolate
Plain Vanilla
Minty like chocolate chip mint or peppermint, ect
Nutty buddy like pistachio or butter pecan ect
Fruity tooty like strawberry or banana, ect
Bakery delights like with brownie pieces or chocolate chip cookie dough, ect
Unusual flavors like rum raisin or white chocolate, ect
Lactose free ice cream like Italian ice or sorbet, ect
I abstain from all sweets

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69ereatwetpussy 59M
6243 posts
10/5/2021 10:51 am

Oh ice should be fun
And any other flavors
Add peanut butter
Chocolate syrup or butterscotch
Nuts , sprinkles, candy pieces

TommyStarDuke00 46M
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2/11/2021 12:42 am

I like pistachio! yummy!

Mr_Mercedes 59M  
585 posts
1/31/2021 10:36 pm

    Quoting SakuraMar:
    Personally I can't get enough of pistachio!
You want to know what I can't get enough of...? That would be you!

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Squirt_Professor 67M/54F  
50 posts
1/30/2021 10:34 pm

Nothing better than nipples and puffed pussy lips covered in plain vanilla with whole strawberries with pussy cream followed by bitten strawberries pressed against your nipples or clit for a fun time licking all those flavors together.

boobwhisperer69 58M  
7871 posts
1/30/2021 6:15 pm

Regular chocolate chip no mint!!!! Or a Moose tracks kinda!

DiscreetQuirky 52M
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1/30/2021 3:32 pm


BiSussi 61F
1199 posts
1/30/2021 12:18 pm

White chocolate, coffee, light and black chocolate are my favorite flavors; on Krk I do always enjoy Italian ice-cream a few times a week. Have you tasted ginger ice cream yet, it can be very yummy Like most women, I don’t like the same flavor all the time, I like to mix it up, taste different flavors from time to time
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Wok2016 39M  
592 posts
1/30/2021 9:26 am

I like creamery style chocolate most of the time. And when you feel that cold stuff on your warm, naked skin, it only makes that you would scream just a little!!

classicalrebel4 66M
1740 posts
1/30/2021 9:23 am

French Vanilla but with chocolate fudge, butterscotch, and caramel sauces on it.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

donsv1962 59M

1/30/2021 9:15 am

I like rocky Road ice cream. Lovely pic too.

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profcoquin27bis 57M
4190 posts
1/30/2021 8:20 am

salted buterscotch (salted butter caramel)

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1/30/2021 8:12 am



Mr00Fun4U 62M

1/30/2021 7:09 am

Everyone knows the best dish served cold is...revenge...no Ice cream. And I will also tell you I truly enjoy a nice novelty like an ice cream sandwich, nutty buddy, chipwich, strawberry shortcake bar and chocolates eclair bar to name a few.

Thank you for your enticing blog that gets my cravings going for a frozen treat.

I scream for icecream, how about you

rm_m0r4u 56M
17 posts
1/30/2021 6:22 am

I haven't had ice cream in, wow over 20 years, a milk allergy.
But I was always partial to a nice soft serve vanilla/ strawberry sunday, a large, cold and smooth, fresh strawberry topping, a thick top of real whipped cream, and a cherry.

benard69 64M/64F  
6215 posts
1/30/2021 6:18 am

Butter Pecan....

SakuraMar 47F
108 posts
1/30/2021 5:55 am

Personally I can't get enough of pistachio!

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