Setting That Asstwat Free  

SakuraMar 47F
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10/12/2019 1:51 am
Setting That Asstwat Free

Sometimes, in the moment what you are saying isn't getting through. Even though in the beginning its beautiful and wonderful and sweet and magical. But, then it happens. For whatever reason or reasons. He pulls away. He spends less time talking you. He says I love you less and less. He tells you that he feels backed in a corner. How else can you take it other than he is unhappy with you and doesn't want be with you anymore? You want him be happy. You just don't seem make him happy or be the person can make him happy. Are you supposed be selfish and keep him at any ? That doesn't seem right .
So I set him free. Free from the unhappiness. Free from what is weighing him down. If he finds happiness with someone else, that is what is. But if he wants stay or if he wants come back later. Well he is given the freedom do so. It's not trashing him or dumping him. Trying explain that gets you nowhere.
The ugly is exposed. Using poisonous words Sting you, they dart . Taking what you have shared with trust and vulnerability is formed into a dagger to be stabbed in your heart. The hurt, the pain, the betrayal makes you bleed. But you don't hate and you don't retaliate. You don't fight back with bad names and hurtful insults. You just watch him stride away as you bleed over the place.
Then you realize that if it had been love from him, real love. Words like that would not have been spoken like weapons. Nothing be done. You stop bleeding. You heal the best way you can. You learn a painful and valuable lesson.
Just keep smiling, just keep smiling, moving forward.
You can keep the memories that were beautiful. After , there was some goodness. Thankful for each time he said I love you. But grateful that instead of being weak and forcing him stay, I was strong set him free and move .
It was the right thing do.
You can hate .
You can say that I'm stupid.
You can tell everyone that I'm a bad person.
I know that it was the right choice.

Just been missing this bastard for over half a year. I realized that my missing him has been affecting everything. I don't want be those crazy fatalistic dramatic whining pining idiot women hanging and wasting time and life one man. I see the ways he kept pulling away. I read once more the vile poisonous rattle that omitted out from him in a tall heap. What the hella have I been thinking?
It was a waste
He is a total waste
I've been taking care of myself.
But I have also been hiding myself.
Fearful to see him around the corner...
Fearful to fall back where I started.
No more
I'm going to be who I am unapologetically. So stick that in your pipe and fuck it.
I may be a bit distant and not delicate and not obedient and not gently diplomatic. I may be goofy and foolish and random. I am probably all the things he never wanted in a woman to love. But I know more than I show. I am far more intelligent than given credit for.
I made a mistake sharing my feelings with the wrong person. The bigger mistake was letting go the wrong way. I thought he was intelligent enough to see it. The right thing to do was let him go. The wrong way I let him go was to assume he could see why. The worst thing that Idid to myself was to not let him go thoroughly.
It is done now
It is finally totally over.
The Ice Queen is back bitches.

Sakura Just Saying, Be kind it doesn't cost you anything

_Dr_FeelGood 45M
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5/10/2021 10:33 pm

woaw, reading you made me cry
I realize the same has happened to me, as to many I think, we change as we age, we sometimes no longer want the same things .. but we did not have the hindsight to accept that fact and let the other go without feeling betrayed or hurt
we learn as we get older..

CynicusMaximus 50M
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10/26/2019 5:03 am

Btw, this has been my favorite post.

CynicusMaximus 50M
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10/26/2019 5:02 am

Sometimes, it's a lonely road.

At least, you can recognize it and make anends with it.

I got married twice,and it ended the same way. It all starts so nice in the beginning, then someone farts for the first time and the veil drops.

I'm kidding, but i have realized that it is better to share a firey hot intense love affair for as long as it lasts. But as soon as she starts to get bored and her thoughts about the things that i really like come out.. i think it's time for me to go.

It sucks, but I'm not going to change anymore for someone. If they don't like what they found anymore as is.. they can return it, no questions asked.

SakuraMar replies on 10/26/2019 6:38 pm:
Married twice? You are a sucker for punishment! Just kidding, lol. Life happens and although it's good to compromise some things... I agree that simply changing oneself to fit is not the answer

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