Cold night on a Saturday  

SeiferSF 37M  
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11/20/2021 9:11 pm
Cold night on a Saturday

Hey everyone reading this.

It was so cold at work today when I got off tonight I just craved some skin on skin warmth. Anything from innocent cuddling and relaxing to.. well where that might lead.

Girls, I'm a real softie. I'd love to just keep you company. I'm a very respectful man with boundaries. I've met someone from here and we just cuddled in bed in our underwear, nothing sexual but very sensual!

Guys, I'm also very comfortable exploring all things pleasurable. I've been with 2 guys so far (nothing romantic, I'm straight with bi tendencies) and loved every minute. I can be very submissive. I like to play the traditional girlfriend role and just be held by you while sexily working you up until you let me touch, lick and suck you. I also do like to move onto getting properly fucked if the mood is right.

So.. Come and talk to me, let me warm up your cold nights. Guys, girls, TS, Couples. I'm open to so many things and a genuinely nice guy who just loves to give and give.

Still looking for my first cool couple to hang with. Been a<b> fantasy </font></b>for over a decade. In my personal experience girls go crazy to watch their man play with another man. It shows how comfotable you are with your sexuality and I fully understand not wanting to just let some guy into your bedroom. I'd love to talk to some of you couples out there!

Well, the search continues. Message me if you think any of what I just said is similar to something you'd want to do. Never hurts to talk! Cya and everyone be safe!!! =)

hotasshumper 58M  
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11/27/2021 3:03 am

Papa would luv ta be yur cuddle up snuggle couch warmer !

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