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12/21/2018 9:13 pm
Bar pick up

About two weekends ago I decided to go to a local bar and have a few drinks and listen to some music I was sitting there enjoying my night with a man came up and sat next to me at the bar he introduced himself his name is Steven I said it's nice to meet you Steven my name is Gina he asked if he could sit next to me and I said sure we started talking and he indicated to me that he lives here in Las Vegas as I did and he working finance I told him I was retired he asked if I was with someone or by myself I told him I was all alone but I just thought I would come out and have a few drinks and listen to some music you can help me as we continue to talk I seem like a very interesting man well-traveled and very educated as the night progressed and it got later it was about time for me to go he walked me out to the car our conversation turn to the area of where I left turns out that this man was only a few blocks away from my house he asked if I would like to come to his house and have a nightcap I agreed and I followed him to his house which was indeed within just a few blocks of where I live when we got to his house we went inside and he got a little bit of worn out and we were kind of drinking and talked to him or he was her interested in my life and what I used to do as a entertainer here in Las Vegas cuz I was a singer back in the day and now retiredhe asked me if there was any chance that I would sing for him and I said I don't know he said I have a bunch of CDs here look at them and see if there's something that you could sing along with and so I went through it and found some stuff from the 60s and said oh I've sing this song before and so I said let's this so we put the CD in and he turned it on and I started to sing for him he sat back on the couch and just was enthralled with my voice and the way I ever seen it I guess it just really inspired after the song he clapped his hands and said beautiful you have a great voice I said thank you very much we sat down on the couch and continued to talk I must say I was kind of taken by his very attractive look he must have been in his anywhere from the 50s to about 60 and since 70 I was somewhat attracted to him he was a tall man probably about 6 ft tall with salt and pepper hair and very striking features as we were sitting there talking he kept rubbing my hands and started rubbing my shoulders it felt really good after a little bit when I finished my drink you took the glass and said if I wanted some more I was more than welcome I said just a little bit so if you port a little bit more wine in my glass and gave it to me to continue to talk as we were sitting there he was looking at at me I asked him what are you looking at he said he was admiring how beautiful I was and I said Thank you and kind of moved in and gave me a kiss I was kind of taken back and said oh my he said I've wanted to do that all night with you I find you very attractive and very sexy I said thank you very much continue to rub on my hands and arms and said maybe we should do a little dancing do you like to dance and I said I do but it's getting kind of late you said it's not that late you stood up and pulled me up and we started to slow dance took my right hand in his hand and his left hand on the middle of my back I put my left hand on his shoulder as we slowly danced in the front room to the music I must say he was quite the dancer in a very charming Man every once in awhile he would pull me closer at one point he started to kiss me a little more his mouth and tongue were very soft and very wonderful we stood there slowly kissing I could feel his hands rubbing my back now and I put my arms around his neck and was pulled close to him his hands moving up and down my back and under my hips and my ass I could feel is warm body pressing against me as we continue to kiss is rubbing of my back was very soothing and relaxing and then you stopped and turn me around so that I was no longer facing him and begin to rub my back and my shoulders and my neck which felt really good his hands were strong but gentle I felt them go down my shoulders my neck down to the middle of my back and on my shoulder blades and then down to my waist and it wrapped his arms around my waist and hold me backwards into him his arms wrapped around my waist and I could feel his breath on the back of my neck and he started to nibble and kiss on my ear I let out a small sigh and I could feel him kissing my neck more and more his hands were on my waist moving down under my hips slowly moving up and rubbing my back and down under my ass I felt him slide and further down lower more unto my thighs and then slowly move them towards my crotch area I felt his hand slowly moved onto my crotch and I felt and rubbing me through my dress and panties my hands moved down to pushes hands away but he continued to keep rubbing me there and teasing me after few minutes again this his hands moved way to the sides of my hips and back towards my ass was his hands slowly pulled up my skirt of my dress I can feel his hands rubbing my ass and you continue to pull up my grass higher to the point where now it was above my waist my hands were trying to push it down with no avail continue to nibble on my neck and ear he slowly walk me over towards the couch he was behind me the whole time is hands I've never let go of my waist and my dress was still hyped up around it put me in a position where I was now on my knees and my hands were out in front of me holding myself up on the back of the couch continue to rub around my stomach area and on my ass and slowly sliding my dress up higher soon it was obvious that my grass was not going to stay on and it eventually it came off I was sitting there on his couch in my bra panties and nylons and high heels I was taken back by this I turned and was sitting there looking he started to remove his clothes and shirt came off he had a full chest and there was a little bit of hair there it looks very nice on him and he started to undo his pants and take them off when he got down to his boxers he walked over to me and sat by me on the couch he started to kiss me he took his hands and gently touched my face and brush my hair back and kiss me deeply started to kiss me more more pushing me back onto the couch in the laying down position I felt his hands caressing my shoulders and over my breasts through my bra down to my sides and onto the back of my ass and on my hips I can feel his whole body pressing down on meafter a few minutes of doing this he pulled me back up off the couch and we were standing there in the embrace it was holding me and my arms were around his neck and we were kissing the music was still playing we were swaying side to side his hands now we're caressing all over my back shoulders I felt him slide mice traps to my bra off my shoulders and his hands down the back part of my bra and unhooked it I step back as he gently pulled the front of my bra off and tossed it over on the couch I stood there topless and my panties and nylons my heels he began to fondle and suck on my breasts my nipples were starting to get hard and erect he continued suck on them and make them get you erect and hard and then you would kiss me every once in a while with his amazing tongue then I will go back and work on each one of my breast sucking and teasing them at one point he stopped and turn me around I could feel his crotch pressing up against my ass his hands on my hips and he was kissing my neck and shoulder his hands now we're grasping my breasts and he was gently squeezing them and teasing my nipples we continue to nibble and kiss on my neck and shoulders as he was doing this then this right hand went down onto my stomach and down into my panties I could feel him start to finger me and tease my clit he pulled me back tight and as he did this his fingers went inside me and I side and moaned he could tell I was starting to really get wet and excited his hands slid around the back side and started rubbing my ass and then at one point they slid back behind all the way under and he came up from behind and started fingering me from behind his fingers were gentle yet firm inside my pussy my legs began to shake a little bit at the excitement of what he was doing to mehe eventually stopped and walked me over towards the couch I was still facing away from him his hands on my shoulders now rubbing up and down and then down my back he continued to move me closer and closer to the couch so my knees were touching the cushions I put my arms out and put them on the couch so that I would not fall flat into it I was now positioned on my knees with my hands holding on to the top of the couch his hands were around my waist and he was rubbing my breasts and squeezing them again I felt his hands sliding down onto my panties and into them he started to rub my pussy again teasing me I could feel stings hands inside my panties and his hands were rubbing my pussy both hands now we're on my crotch and he was fingering me with each one of his fingers then they slit out into the side I could feel his thumb running along the edge the top of my panties when he got to the side of my bikini brief his hands stopped at each side I felt his fingers slide inside I grabbed hold of the sides of my panties I felt him pull the outwards until they finally snapped and tore off and pulled them down and threw them over on the floor his hands now we're rubbing my ass and underneath my ass fingering me from behind at one point I could feel his fingers slide inside me and he began to thrust them around as I started to shake more and moan and get much more wetter I don't know when he found time to pull down his boxers and take them off but I could feel his cock pressing up against me from behind it was fully erect he moved back away and let me sit down on the couch at this point I could see that his cock was hard and at full attention he just smiled at me and movehe moved closer to me taking my hands and pulling me up off the couch he led me down the hall to his bedroom once in the bedroom he took me over towards the bed and position me at the bottom of the bed my back was to the bed I was facing him he was looking at me and smiling telling me how sexy beautiful I was that he wanted me he wanted to pleasure me in ways that I've never been pleasure before gently pushed me backwards onto the bed and slip me up words so I was more in the middle I laid there I felt his hands rubbing my feet and up my calf sand to my thighs soon he was fingering me and spreading my lips apart and teasing my clit I began to rub my breasts and start to play with them as he did this open my eyes and looked at him and I could see that he was watching me and then he began to move his head down to my crotch he started to lick me slowly probing me making me wet I could feel the hair on my pussy start to get wet and damp and moist is tongue was exciting and it started to make me shake and I eventually started to climax and moanafter him licking you some more and getting me to have another orgasm he rolled me over onto my stomach he told me backwards so that my legs were kind of hanging off of a bed and I was bent over the bed I could feel his hand rubbing against my wet crotch and pussy I felt his cock slowly pressing into me and I started to moan oh God Steve I said oh God Steve fuck me fuck me hard he begin to pound me I began to moan and cry out is every thrust of his manager went inside me at one point he was all the way in and holding my hips pulling me backwards almost off the bed and onto the floor then he stopped and pushed me back up onto the bed again and continue this for a long timemy body was shaking and I was having multiple orgasms I was starting to get really wet as he continued to fuck me I was calling out his name in softly moaning after get a good 30 minutes or more of this he stopped turn me around and had me laying on my back I was looking at him he crawled up on top of me he started to kiss me I could taste my pussy juices from when he was eating me he began to kiss me more and more passionately and then sucking my breasts making my nipples hard and erectyou took each one of my hands and push them upwards over my head and interlocked fingers in mine his legs pushing my legs apart as far as they would go I can feel him movies cock into position and you begin to rub slowly against my crotch area I can feel it stimulating my clit every once in awhile it would slide in just the head and he would pull it out just enough to start over to tease me some more after a few minutes after eating yes he stopped kissing me and look down at me and he said to me Gina going to fuck you good really good better than you've ever been fucked before I started to smile at him and he gave me one last little kiss and then I felt him push his cock deep into me I gasped and cried out oh God Steve my legs trying to wrap around him as his body was now thrusting hard deep into me continue to pound at me for a very long time I don't know if I could have taken much more I was starting I really moan and scream and cry out I couldn't move my arms because he had me pinned continue to lick and suck and bite on my nipples every once in a while. Give me a kiss and run his tongue over my lips teasing me after a while he would stop and let me catch my breath and then start up again and then at one point he rolled over onto his back and I got on top of him and I started to ride him and I was playing with my breasts teasing them and he would grab them hold my tits and make my nipples hard my hips thrusting against his pelvic area I could feel how deep he was in me I wanted this more than anything in the world to feel his cock deep in me as I continue to ride him I started to climax really hard and he urged me on at one point I finally just started to scream as I was climaxing all over his cock I was soaking him and me the same time I have never had an orgasm like this and many many yearswhen I was finally done I kind of fell on him and just lay there and he was holding me rubbing my back and kissing me my body was sweating and I was soaking wet I could feel how wet I was down there and I know that he had never come yet in me as I lay there he started kissing me and massaging my back little bit with his hands we told me to lay on my stomach and he would start to rub my back I laid there I feel his hands rubbing up and down the back of my thighs calves ass low back middle back and over my shoulders and down my arms around my neck it felt wonderful and relaxing over and over his hands move gently but firmly making sure that he didn't miss a spot of my entire body eventually he started to rub my ass more and more and was kissing I could feel his kisses on each cheek and then I felt his tongue starting to run between the crack I can feel him look and get it wetter and wetter every once in awhile this time would hit down by my pussy and I could feel him licking me and sucking at me and then back up eventually finding my asshole and he begin to look around it every once in a while flicking his tongue inside I was moaning and yet I was shaking Iceman and knew how to make a woman feel after a few minutes I kind of sat there between my legs he grabbed my hips and pulled me upwards I got on my hands and knees and can't I was going to be taken again from behind I could feel him rubbing my pussy from back behind his hands fingering me and teasing me more started to finger me harder and harder and then you stopped I felt some wetness slide down the crack of my ass and it was getting wet and wet he was spitting all over my asshole I felt him move closer and closer I put my head up to look at him to start to say oh God no but it was too late he pushed his cock deep into my ass and was fucking me I cried out I almost fell flat on the bed but he held me there as his cock engorged was fucking me hard and deep each thrust somewhat painful but after awhile it started enjoyable I started to push my body backwards cytus hard cock would go deeper into me my pussy starting to get wetter and wetter and I was breathing hard and heavy I was moaning and calling out his name with each thrust of his cock into my ass with each thrust my body shook excitement and the feeling of what he was doing to me was so pleasurable I didn't want it to end I started to shake a lot harder and I started to get lot wetter and I started to cry out oh God Steve going to come going to come for you I felt this hands pulled back my hair in my head upwards and I heard him say Gina going to feed your ass with a big load I pushed back as hard as I could I felt him push me forward and then it exploded I could feel him convulsion and his cock pushing deep I was gasping swearing and he was calling out my name Gina Gina I was trembling and shaking eventually he pushed me flat on the bed continue to hammer me into my ass I could move his body had been me flat to the bed I could feel as cock deep in me it was getting hard to breathe and then he stopped I felt him pull out how do you turn me over onto my back and started kissing me and sucking on my tits again I could feel is cum dripping all over my legs when he was laying on me and all over my pussy I reach down and gently started to stroke his cock and with it I felt a big wet goo and I pulled it up and put it in my mouth at excited him even more he went down on me started to eat on me again I could feel as mouth just engulf my pussy and he keeps biting my clit my hands pushing his head deep into me I saw three called out his name Steve Steve I wrap my legs around his head and pulled him in tighter and tighter his hand slid under my ass I can feel him squeezing my ass cheeks after about 30 minutes of doing this we just laid they're on the bed holding each other and relaxing and cooling down my body was soaking wet from the sweat and I'll become an orgasm but I had I probably laid there for a good fifteen minutes or so resting catching my breath I rubbed his chest and slowly I was rubbing his chest and then I work my hand down to where his cock was I can't we took it and started to rub it it seemed to respond really fast he was getting hard I looked down at his cock this was the first time I got to see it it was big and thick and a very large head I begin to rub it and with it more and it started to really come to life I went down on him and started to suck him he pushed my head deep onto it and then I can feel and push upwards with his cock into my mouth as I was gagging on it I felt something warm start to shoot into my mouth and I continue to swallow it as I swallowed it seemed like there was endless come coming into my mouth it was coming all over my mouth out of my mouth and down my throatafter what seemed like five minutes worth of sucking on him and accepting his come in my mouth he stopped I moved up and started kissing and sharing his delight with him we lay there in bed naked tell morning when I got up and left to this day I've never seen him again nor did I get his phone number but I do know where he lives and if I want to go back sure that he will treat me the same way you did that night

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That's one hot story! I can't imagine anyone not making an effort to reconnect with you!

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